Currently posting from an ice bath. Oh yeah. After an abysmal run I felt I needed a freezing bath to the muscles & me not die from heat exhaustion!!! So bloody hot today I have no idea why I was such an idiot & left my run so late. Right in the peak of a 29 degrees Celsius day here in Adelaide! Running fail.

I love sunsets, I love sunrises, I live cold weather. This heat wave happening here in Arizona is insane. I need cooler climate NOW.
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anonymous asked:

'How would the hyung line fare in the 'too hot' game? Like, who would lose, how long they'd last and what the punishment would be if they won?' For the maknae line please?

Jimin would totally lose. I’m nearly 100% sure that he wouldn’t be able to resist and touch his partner very soon. The game would then last a very short while, but he wouldn’t care that he lost. He would deepen the kiss making it longer and just do his thing.

In V’s case I’m honestly torn. I feel like one time he would win and another lose. It would depend on his mood and the level of frustration he felt at that moment.

Jungkook would be a pretty tough player. Eventhough he goofs around a lot and is the youngest, he’s pretty composed when he wants. He would take advantage out of it and make his partner lose utterly.



can i call my autobiography ‘my hair won’t fucking listen to me’ (although the second pic looks like hobbit hair and i am super down with that ???)

so PHANDOM PROM i obviously snagged the cutest patoot for the event and i wish said pineapple was here rn so we could cuddle and eat too much food and be netflix hoes :( I LOVE YOU 💖 toohot-hotdan


When ppl think 70 f is hot, meanwhile in California Its 112 f.#California #summer #hotweathaaproblems #norCalProblems #toohot