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toofattobehipster replied to your post: cant do this tumblr shit no more i come home and…

seriously! these propositions (and obv the election) are so important, my students are tired of me nagging them to get registered. makes me wanna pull my hair out when i feel like they don’t care.


i feel u. you just need to remind them about how relevant this shit is for their daily lives.

i’m an intern for the faculty union at DA, so i’m doing tons and tons of class presentations and clipboarding and one-on-ones w/ students about the props. it can get tiring, but if prop 30 doesn’t pass, we’re fucked.

i’m assuming you’re voting for measure D, right?! it was created by SJSU students, fuckin brilliant.

Taking a moment

to gush about how thrilled I am to have my dear ladyfriends Eli & Nila on board for this internet-adventure in thrifting. These girls taught me how to thrift. They also taught me how to not be embarrassed when your friends fart on you or explain in detail how they would like to defile your vagina as a way of expressing deep and sincere friendship. We have piled 4-deep into a queen-sized bed, been jealous when the other finds the perfect vintage purse, arrived at parties wearing the same blouse, and driven out of our way to eat the most disgusting plate of chili cheese fries.

What I’m trying to say is ya’ll should keep an eye on us. We’re up to no good. :D -Bailey