Still not pleased to know that a member of a certain “group” on my campus has decided to use my name. I know names get used more than once amongst other groups, but they aren’t a group yet and they refer to ME as “the other Cassiopeia” while they call her “the original Cassiopeia.” They don’t like that I have HER pledge name.

Umm…I was named first, my group is older than yours (which isn’t even officially recognized), MY FAMILY IS OLDER THAN YOURS.

I wouldn’t care if you didn’t try to make me feel shitty about my name. It’s not like I can change it (not that I even want to), but seriously…why try to make it a war?

They get pissy when I post stuff with my name and it’s stupid and petty. I won’t stop wearing my name or posting it…I’m proud of my name. My name is something my momma took the time to choose for me, not something I picked for myself.