Meeting Satan

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Title: Meeting Satan

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Lucifer

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 814

Warnings: Cursing and Fluff

A/N: Here it is ladies and gents! I am nervous, because this is my first Lucifer fan fiction piece.  So feedback is always welcome!  I also ENJOYED writing this, you have no idea haha! Anyway, I hope you all love this as much as I do! Request anything you’d like <3

There was a chill in the air as you closely followed the Winchester brothers into the abandoned building.  They wanted you to stay back, but you assured them that you had to come.  You wanted to make sure they were safe.  It was dusk, but you remembered to bring your flashlight.  You could at least prepared for the dark, along with the monsters that lived there.  However, you couldn’t have been prepared for what happened next.

Dean and Sam were pushed by a force, against the wall that was to your right.  You gasped, “Sam, Dean, are you guys okay,” you rushed over to them, but their eyes looked past you, growing wide.  You turned around, you grabbed your knife from your side, ready to fight.  You walked forward a few inches, looking around.

“That little piece of metal in your hand isn’t going to hurt me, [Y/N],” Lucifer spoke as he came out of the shadows from the other room.  He smirked as his face became illuminated from the light that was coming in from the window.  “However those good looks certainly could.”

“Lucifer,” Dean grunted from behind you.  “Don’t let him sweet talk you.  He’s a dirty son of a bitch,” Dean said.

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Alt. Names for the Bye Bye Man
  • The Dasvidaniya Dude
  • The Bye Bye Guy
  • The God-Be-With-Ye Feller
  • The Farewell Friend
  • The Adios Daddio
  • Mr. Sexy Salad Fingers
  • The Toodleloo Tooter
  • Mr. Noodle Doodles
  • Choo Choo Man
  • The Later Gator
  • The Au Revoir Emo
  • The Cheerio Choo Choo 
  • The Sayonara Sir
  • The Arrivederci Bloke
  • The Aufwiedersehen Gentleman
  • Bye Bye Salad Hands
  • The Goodbye Boy
  • The Aloha Dude
  • The So Long Gentleman
  • The Boo Boo Man
  • The Toot Toot Man
  • The Bad-Touch Bastard
  • The Bobo Man
  • The See Ya Son
  • The Bonobo Man
  • The Pooter Man
  • Chiquita Dave
  • The Pooter Express
  • The A’bientot Auditor
  • The Evil Finger Demon 
  • Bad Finger Boy
  • Taco Bell Employee 
  • El Adios Hombre
  • The Ta-ta Lad
  • Yaoi Train Man
  • The Bye Daddy
  • The Snaffle Man
  • Train Furry