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1. Favorite book read to you as a child? 

Maybe Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder? That’s one of the few I can remember. It started my love of that entire series. 

2. Bookstores or libraries?

Both are soooo important, but since I like to own my books, I’ll say bookstores. 

3. What book do you hate admitting you enjoyed?

I really don’t think there are any. I’m always happy to enjoy books!

4. Longest book you ever read?

Outlander? That book kicked the crap out of me.

5. What time of day do you typically read?

Break time (10 am.), Lunch time (noon), and before bed typically

6. Can you read with noise in the background or do you need complete silence?

I prefer silence, but I can read with ambient noise. 

7. Favorite reading drink?

Coke, tea, or coffee

8. Favorite graphic novel?

This is such a hard question!! I love too many and I refuse to try and pick!

10. Last book you checked out from the library?

This was probably a couple years ago when I was living in Phoenix, AZ and unemployed, but the book was Falling Together by Marisa De Los Santos. 

11. Can you recommend a great audiobook?

I recently listened to David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell and loved it. It helps to listen to books read by the author I think. 

toobusytoread asked:

Dude. I totally own that Aqua album on CD still. I know ALL THE WORDS to that song. #embarrassednotembarrassed

Excellent. This pleases me. Never forget the beautiful weirdness of Aqua.

That album was the first cassette I ever owned and I’m pretty sure I could still find if it I dug through my things at my parents’ house.