….a’dont think it’z possible to be free of error, ever. no matter how insightful, intelligent or “enlightened” you are. to be honest, the more spiritually inclined one becomes, the more “aware” they become. yes, of the world around them. of the trees that breathe when you touch them, or the way the night sky can look like a giant rose… the way the sun feels on your mind. and of course… all around you the sleep walking humans who stare back at you going “huh?…” and so.. i feel at this juncture in an “awoken” human is a choice between either going super arrogant of this super awareness and see monkeys all around. or the other, which is to feel profoundly optimistic and full of grace. trying desperately in vain to convince all that love is all they need. both end up a bit at a loss. the first, nobody likes. turning them into the jerk off who thinks their some “chosen” one… and then the latter… of which nobody can relate too given no matter how dark things get, as you try and connect they simply blow you back with all that hippie “oh, don’t cry. let it all go. life is beautiful. just smile. your magic.” as your tears dry up and you stare back thinking… “are you even aware of me… at all?” #toobrite and so… i think it’s super super… important to keep this hyper “awareness” directed both outwards… and inwards. making for this now “awoken” human a bit in the middle yet healthy line. given… as the world becomes so obvious to them. as does their own truth. their own petty lies. their own perpetual insecurities. or maybe flaws on the inside. flaws… they maybe do not want to face or… even worse, live with. though this would be what’s considered one of the constant “tests” of an “awoken” human. it keeps the awoken balanced… with ego yet… more based on a sense of self vs. feeling supreme or… over enlightened. it’s where the hero and villain i feel part paths. both a bit hyper “aware” of the universe. one able to “see” themselves in the same truth around as the other… a bit horrified by their truth. Especially as a human… given we are vunerlable, always… to error. and so to say sorry… to feel “sorry” and to remember what we are “sorry” for… should never be—