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Hello! I wanted to drop by and say that I love your OC's! Noah is definitely my favorite and I look forward to seeing more of him. Hope you have a wonderful day.

knowing that you like him already made my day very wonderful i’m so happy 🌷

(here he is, trying hard to hide his crush… but obviously failing)


so I went to an Overwatch themed gaming bar last night and these are some awesome cosplayers I got to dance with n chat to it was a Truly Amazing experience

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LMAOOOO ummmm i think i can remember most of the cc… good luck me 8D


  • Suit/Mask: 1 - 2 [also has links to some ears, tail, bell etc but not sure it’s all the same stuff i got, cos i scavenged everything else up over time lol]
  • Claws 
  • Hair [i don’t think it’s the best hair for him but i am too lazy to look for anything better (it’s the same hair i use for kou lol)]
  • Boots [there’s a texture conflict on these with the suit but i kinda like it lol.]
  • he’s wearing a turtleneck undershirt but i can’t remember where i got it ;0;
  • wait i am a liar, here’s the turtleneck thing
  • [i also put some default bracelets on him]


  • Basically everything is from this video … you want to grab the original and the recolour from both “Diario 2″ [which will be her suit] and “Máscara” [which will be her mask]. I just put her in red socks and gloves from the default game, since the suit doesn’t cover those.
  • Earrings from this post [i didn’t have them yet in those screenshots but they are really nice xD i just pulled them out of the zip and deleted the rest tbh. the earring mesh is a default EA thing.]
  • Hair

Ummm i think i covered everything… 

As for Mari and Adrien, the only non-default things they have on are makeup and Marinette’s top, but I don’t remember where I got that top. [it’s just a retexture of a default jacket tho] most of the makeup i have is natural colour sets i collected, but i know i have some stuff from praline and kijiko if that helps 8D;

I haven’t drawn AT in forever and I haven’t been as caught up in it lately but I feel obligated to say how much it’s affected my life and how dear it is to me. It’s been six years and I fell in love with it at ten years old. It taught me to draw and brought me so many friends!

So here’s a quick doodle of my oldest oc, Sara with my main man Finn QwQ


In September 1996 a Frenchman, so little known in English football that fans asked “Arsène Who?”, walked into Arsenal. In the subsequent twenty years as manager he transformed the club. A total renovation of the training, stadium, style, economics of the team and the attraction of a global audience has taken place under Wenger’s instruction.

2,086 goals. 1,129 games. 655 wins. 6 FA Cups. 3 Premier Leagues. Only one Arsène Wenger.  Thank you. 


Practicing how fabric folds and introducing a Sapph headcanon in one go!  I like to think she fiddles with her dress/fabric in general when she’s stressed.  It was probably fairly prominent after she first formed but was discouraged because it didn’t match her ‘status,’ so she started clasping her hands for the pressure and to discourage fiddling in general (Possibly why she wears gloves too?  To have fabric discreetly at her disposal?)

So after The Answer she slowly began fabric fiddling again, since there wasn’t anyone to tell her not to, but the hand clasping is still pretty ingrained too so she alternates.