Hi friends!

While the new episode (s2e5) has given us a lot of good content, I want to give a gentle reminder about a few things before we move forward.

What we’ve been given of Kagami so far has been a stereotype: she’s from a prestigious Asian (Japanese) family with stakes placed in honor and family name, and has an emphasis on a highly specialized skill. She has a cold demeanor and a design that looks like it’s about 2.5 changes away from Sabine (who is Chinese).

This is a western show with a majority of its audience coming from the west as well. Because of the way that Asian people are often portrayed in western media, it’s easy to fall into the same trap of thinking of stereotyped characters in the same ways.

I am not trying to hate on anyone’s headcanons or dictate the way people want to explore her character, however, I am warning y'all to be more conscious about how you think about her. Look to how you can round Kagami out and try to not let her fall even further into the already-sterotyped box that she has unfortunately been introduced in.

Everyone’s talking about how they want a beach episode for Voltron, but all I really want is an episode where they go to a space theater and see this dramatic, unrealistic space odyssey about their lives and adventures.

And as they leave, grumbling the whole time about inaccuracies, Hunk chimes in with “At least the effects were decent!”