if you ever want to know when a certain interview or keek was all you have to do is look at michael’s hair at the time because trust me

you’ll know

Everyone’s talking about how they want a beach episode for Voltron, but all I really want is an episode where they go to a space theater and see this dramatic, unrealistic space odyssey about their lives and adventures.

And as they leave, grumbling the whole time about inaccuracies, Hunk chimes in with “At least the effects were decent!”



No seriously- Thank you all for all the support over these three years. I wish I could say more but I’m not sure what would be enough.

The package in the comic belongs to Asktheobserver and is a really really really long overdue response. I’d say more but I rushed to start this comic in the last three days so I am frazzled/exhausted. Hopefully this art will suffice instead of me saying more.))


gif request meme » isaac lahey for magnaflourious-nerdity
“for half of my childhood, i was locked i a freezer. so being helpful is kind of a new thing for me.