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it has come to my attention that melissa mcbride has been on the receiving end of some nasty comments regarding her age and sex appeal as a middle-aged woman so i would like to point out a few things:

  • women do not come with an expiration date
  • this stigma around gray hair that makes women feel really old, unwanted and unattractive? needs to go
  • this rampant ageism and sexism that plagues both social media and society in general? also needs to go
  • melissa, as well as her character carol, are only in their 50s – women in their 50s are not “too old” to date, not “too old” to be sexually active if they want to, not “too old” to be seen as sexy or attractive… not old, period (not that there’s anything wrong with being old)
  • in fact, women are never “too old” for anything, except maybe going on the kids’ rides at carnivals (debatable)
  • melissa is an incredibly talented actress, as well as a genuinely good person, and she does not deserve to deal with this petty bullshit
(TW) Hate Comments (2) Masterlist

part one

Bittersweet - nagirci

Summary: Dan hasn’t been himself lately so Phil tickles him into telling him what’s wrong.

Bury Me In Hate And Tell Me That You Love Me (ao3) -  SpacedOut

Summary: Dan keeps his problems buried deep inside himself. Phil is there to save Dan from drowning in it.

Comfort - yaynessdude

Summary: This is a fanfiction about Phil getting hate and Dan comforting him.

Coming Down (ao3) - SonjaBlayde

Summary: When Phil checks Twitter/Tumblr/Youtube comments, all he sees is hate. He can’t take it anymore.

Comments - amys-binder

Summary: Phil is reading through some of his comments when he discovers some hate, he leaves his laptop open on the couch and Dan finds it.

Fix You (ao3) - Phandom4Life

Summary: Dan ends his live show after addressing his viewers about hate comments. They were bullying him saying go an die to stop swearing, tidy his bed and things like that. He has had enough and wants to end his life. Can Phil stop him in time. Or will it lead Phil to do something drastic as well.

Hate Comments (ao3) - MissEms

Summary: Phil has had a bad day and when he sees a lot of hate on Twitter, he breaks down, leaving Dan to comfort him.

It Never Seems To Be Enough - itislacey

Summary: Dan gets hate comments and gets bullied by his subscribers on the internet for not posting the video he said he would, and when he breaks down from it, Phil is there to help him back up.

Stupid Hate Comments - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Phil gets upset and wants to talk to Dan but he’s filming a new video so he doesn’t want to be a bother.. But Phil really needs him so he nervously starts going into his room trying not to ruin his video and Dan tells him it’s okay and that’s he’s more important than a video.

The Boyfriend Tag - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan and Phil finally make a video together after Dan’s viewers bug him about it, ‘The Boyfriend Tag’, and Dan thinks that his viewers will love Phil just like he does. After he uploads the video, they discover that Phil gets a lot of hate so Dan comforts Phil and makes him feel better.

You’ll Always Be Sexy To Me - queen-of-the-otps

Summary: Phil feels sad and a little insecure because he thinks he’s too old to be considered sexy/hot. Dan expresses fondness and jokes with Phil, making him feel better.

Youtube Comments - writingphanfiction

Summary: Dan & Phil are dating & Dan starts being anorexic because people keep commenting on his videos that hes getting fat. But he doesn’t tell Phil about the comments or the anorexia but over a period of time Phil notices that Dan keeps getting smaller & smaller & he doesn’t know what to do so he’s always just like “I love you and you know you’re perfect right?” & Dan is always just like “I love you to.”


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Could you do a Leonard snart x reader where the reader is fairly younger then him and she’s trying to convince him that just because he got reading glasses doesn’t mean he’s too old for her? And that they’re actually sexy on him?

You were 22. He was 45. It was a significant age gap. But nonetheless, Leonard had taken a liking to you, and you took a liking to him. Leonard was getting soft in his old age, you always liked to tease him for it. He recently had gotten glasses. He liked them sometimes, but he had felt like it showed his age. He didn’t like it.

“Lenny, you look really good with your glasses on. I have glasses.”

“But yours don’t make you look old. They make you look smart and sexy.”

“You look sexy with them on too.” You said in a cute voice, with a little giggle.

“No I do not look sexy. I look old.” He pouts, sitting on the couch. You go over and sit on his lap.

“Leonard, you do not look old. You are a timeless artifact in my eyes, the best out there. Your glasses just accentuate your beauty and illuminate your eyes. You make those glasses look incredibly sexy.” You had your arms wrapped around his neck, your eyes looking into his showing how serious you were.

He sighed, still not believing you. “Y/N I just don’t see it.”

“Leonard, you have glasses to help you see. You look the same. I love you. Glasses or not, you will always look sexy to me.” He couldn’t help but smile.

“You make me feel so warm, its weird. You make me soft in my age.” He kisses your cheek.  

“I just bring the best out of you my sexy old man.” He pouts when you say that, but you giggle. “All mine, Leonard Snart.”

“All yours, Y/N Snart.” He tickles your sides. You squeal.

“Lenny no!”

“Lenny yes!” He brings your lips to his. A kiss that shows his love.

Netizens React to girl groups

*pretty group*- “they can’t sing”
*talented group*- “they lack visuals”
*dance group*- “they can’t sing live”
*vocal group*-“they can’t dance live”
*Well rounded group*-“they’re overrated”
*energetic group*- “they’re such attention whores”
*quiet group*- “they’re so stuck up and rude”
*cute group*- “they’re too old to act that way”
*sexy group*-“they have gotten so trashy these days”
*group that does cute and sexy*- “those girls are such sly foxes I hate them”

anonymous asked:

I feels you about the Broadchurch and DW notp, but the reason it pisses me off is because they clearly do not care about the show. They only care about one thing and that is the tall guy with the beard. It's the inherent sexism that comes with it that a well-written woman around the 40 mark is inherently less attractive compared with a less that steller written woman who cannot be aged over 30 or else. And even that is sexist in itself. It's as though they see no value in this woman other than

I try to tell myself “it’s just fiction and it’s not up to me to tell people how to enjoy something, they’re allowed to express themselves creatively” but it still makes me quietly seethe with vitriol. Some anons expressed to me that Olivia/Ellie was too old and therefore “not worthy” of being his love interest and it made me furious that our perceptions have been warped so much that a woman the same age - a few years younger, even - than a man in his forties is too old for him, and not sexy enough or some shit. Honestly fuck right off.

It’s especially disappointing because Chibnall is actively resisting that unfortunate trend in television through the character of Ellie Miller. He really denies that a woman has to be blonde and young and perky to be desirable. Ellie is career-oriented mum of two boys around the 40 mark with no fashion sense and a volcanic temper. Being sexy or dressing for male attention is the last thing on her mind, but she’s still written as hugely desirable and hot as fuck. She’s demisexual (DEMISEXUAL REPRESENTATION AT LAST) and it tackles her sexuality and shows that it is completely okay for her not to want casual sex, and to only want sex from someone she’s deeply in love with. The people who shame her for her sexuality are vilified and explicitly painted as wrong. Ellie can be demisexual and wear baggy clothes and get covered in goop from playing with her toddler and break a man’s rib and dudes are still lining up to ask her out or mumble about how much they want to kiss her.

It also resists that trope of “pure young girl saves an older, ugly, broken or damaged man from himself through her love” (which is the utter worst and I fucking HATE that trope, ladies should not exist to make dudes better and be a sexual prize for them) because Ellie is just as fucked up and broken and damaged as Hardy. She doesn’t exist to heal him, they heal each other. Ellie’s allowed to be messed up and angry. She can lash out and not be this perfect understanding angel because she’s human and she’s allowed to make mistakes and work through her own issues. She doesn’t coddle Hardy, she tells him when he’s wrong and it forces him to re-evaluate his behaviour and make positive change. Ultimately, she does save Hardy through her love, but he saves her too. There’s no power imbalance here, it’s just equals, equals on every level working together and understanding each other and becoming better people for it.

Ellie Miller is such a subversive and powerful character, and so is her relationship with Hardy. I have no idea why you’d want to throw that away to fall back on dull, tired, and frankly toxic tropes instead.

Dating Tips: How to Attract your crush
  • 1: Tell her about your dead falcon
  • 2: Tell her the plot of Star Wars
  • 3: Wear really tight rainbow pants
  • 4: Make sure your belt has the first letter of your name on it or else it’s no good
  • 5: Tell her she seems to like that horse very much
  • 6: Ask her to be a slave and get you a bunch of scones you won’t eat
  • 7: Wait like 20 years
  • 8: Be the best man at her wedding to your best friend that’s a good idea
  • 9: Play the violin if she’s into that stuff Idfk tbh
  • 10: Pretend to hate her chicks dig that
  • 11: Cut to the chase and propose
  • 12: Beat her and turn her into a new species lol
  • 13: Rape her bc why not I guess
  • 14: Be a heartbreaker
  • 15: Fangirl over a book
  • 16: Write her a poem about loins
  • 17: Compare him to a lion
  • 18: Kiss him in front of your best friend
  • 19: Kiss him in front of your homophobic family/species lmao
  • 20: If you’re too old to be sexy, be a really good cook
  • 21: Try and show her how to protective herself and then cuss in Spanish under your breath and make her feel bad
  • 22: Use your demonic powers to turn into her husband and make her have your half demon child lol 23: Make him soup
  • 24: Kidnap him and put him in a cage and put leather pants on him (and you can wear a princess costume) #fashion
  • 25: Wait for her boyfriend to be killed
  • 26: Become her parabatai and make things complicated with forbidden love bc who doesn’t want that
27: Tell her that you are a shark and she is a sharkhunter and that is why your relationship is special
  • 28: Make out while a manor blows up behind you (bonus points if that was your childhood home)
  • 29: Beg her father for her hand in marriage marry her and then be a confused and suckish husband for the first 3 years
  • 30: It’s great if it’s your sister make out with her
  • Courtesy of The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare:
Things that annoy me about the Doctor Who fandom
  • people hating on/bashing those involved in making of Doctor Who
  • people hating on/bashing any Doctor
  • people bashing either RTD or Moffat and then glorifying the other and his era
  • NuWhovians who ignore classic Who
  • Classic Whovians who bash everything NuWho
  • people who got stuck in 2009 and seem to be convinced that the way Ten did things is the only right way for the Doctor to be
  • people claiming that they will stop watching after Smith beause Capaldi is too old and not sexy
  • people hating on episodes just because they weren’t what they envisioned them to be
  • people who seemingly don't  enjoy watching the show but still keep wacthing so they can tell us how dreadful it is
  • people who are convinced that the way one show runner did Who is the only right way to do Who
  • people who claim one Doctor to be more the Doctor than the others
  • people who claim one companion to be more important than the others

That came out as a pretty long list, maybe it’s time I re-evaluated my involvement in this fandom.