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why haven't will smith and margot robbie done a photoshoot? huh? strange.

well, according to people, will is not ‘sexy’ and ‘too agressive’ so I guess it would look weird and uncomfortable on photoshoots? Also it’s ‘weird’ because Will is 48 and he’s ‘too old’ and frankly I don’t know what else to write lmfao

  • aries:oh my god, do not be an arse
  • taurus:[cock screams] [cock screams intensify]
  • gemini:god can’t help you your to far gone
  • cancer:i’m not crying right now, i just have so much adrenaline
  • leo:yeah i’m 18, old enough to be a porn star (and sexy enough too)
  • virgo:i am eating a slice of cold pizza and if you don’t get here by the time i’m done eating it i’m locking the doors and going to bed
  • libra:ily omg why were you up at 4 in the morning
  • scorpio:just had an amazing convo about hot dads
  • sagittarius:so i fell asleep in my 10 am class and woke up at 2 […] with a different professor in a different lecture
  • capricorn:it’s a good video i got 102 likes on instagram for it
  • aquarius:when you’re not drunk i’ll tell you all about it. i try not to impart life lessons upon ye who are most ingloriously hammered.
  • pisces:*twirls away from rejection*

Since everyone else does these things. Selfies. I will too. You will not see a sexy hot dancer or pretty guy here. Just a 73 year old man peering into a camera on his hospital bed in a re habitation center. Ugly as maybe sin. Winkles. Open chest surgery is no fun, even for the smaller kind! (at Westminister Oaks Continuing Care)

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10 Things About Comics Bucky That I'd Love to See in the Movies

1.  BuckyNat / Winter Widow

Who doesn’t love a super-spy power couple? Or the idea that two damaged people can work past their darkness and have a healthy, relatively normal relationship? In the comics, Bucky credits Natasha with helping him find his humanity and we get to see the romantic side that she often keeps hidden. Bonus points for: girl saves boy, first one to blow their cover buys dinner, sexy sparring, motorcycle rides and snuggly teasing (knowing MCU Nat, probably involving old man jokes). They’re adorable. And if Marvel decides they want to make the audience cry… well, that’s in there too.


2. Taking the shield… and struggling with it

Obviously, Buckycap would be awesome. But the best part is how hard it was for him. He doesn’t have Steve’s moral certainty. He makes poor choices and runs off half-cocked. He’s not great at rousing speeches. Then there’s the sheer enormity of not only living up to a larger-than-life symbol, but of honoring the memory of your best friend. Let us see the Avengers’ reactions. Let some of them take issue with it. But, in the end, there stands Captain America, refusing to back down. And that’s what it’s all about.



3. Potty mouth

It’s a running joke in the comics at this point. And while it might be hard to pull off in a $%!*& family friendly blockbuster, they could throw in a few more “hell"s, maybe some "dammit"s or even a Brubakery "friggin’.” Let the man get his sass back, rough edges and all!


4. History of violence

The MCU has already done away with the troubled army brat origin, but I’d like to see more flashbacks showing that Bucky’s always been a badass, naturally gifted at combat. There’s also the idea that in the War he was there to get his hands dirty, to handle the darker aspects of the mission that Captain America should be above. He was protecting the symbol, sure, but they could also play up the idea that he was still protecting Steve, getting the blood on his own hands, bearing the weight so that skinny kid from Brooklyn wouldn’t have to.


5. Bar fights

He’s started quite a few in the comics and they’re always a good time. Bonus points if afterwards he calmly pays for his drink and/or sits there eating pie while a bunch of deserving douchebags lay groaning on the floor.


6. Glutton for punishment

When things get bad, Bucky has a habit of going looking for trouble, of losing himself in violence. It got to a point in the comics where other characters grew concerned, realized that he was punishing himself, that he thought he deserved it. Aww, Buck.


7. Friendship with Sam

After Steve’s death, Falcon played a big part in helping Bucky pick up the pieces and figure out what the hell he was doing. Sam’s a stabilizing force and there’s a great moment in the comics where Bucky realizes that he cares what this guy thinks. It felt like a turning point. Plus, the actors already have a really fitting chemistry. Just let them hang out and do their thing in costume.


8. Broody workouts

Sure, Steve already did this in The Avengers, but they both make a habit of it in the comics. And Marvel’s always looking for a way to slip in a shirtless scene so - boom! - there you go. Maybe they could even frame it as a sequel to that epic punching bag butt shot. Because symmetry in storytelling is very important.


9. On trial

If they do a version of Civil War, they’ll probably touch on some of these themes, but I really like how this storyline went into the question of superhero accountability. It’s the reckoning that’s always been coming, but when the Winter Soldier’s actions catch up to him, Bucky faces it head-on. (I mean, he does escape in the middle of the trial to go save the day, but y'know.) It’s interesting stuff.


10. Shirtless bear wrestling

Does this really need explaining?

My ocs (*゚ー゚)ゞ

Au where Jean, Marco, Connie, Armin, Bertholdt, Reiner, and Eren go shopping. The song ‘I’m too sexy’ by Right Said Fred starts to play and they start to put on sunglasses doing the catwalk and sexy dances in every aisle because they’re all sexy dorks and they know they’re too sexy.

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If you don’t think Mark Sheppard is the cutest little shit ever

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Netizens React to girl groups

*pretty group*- “they can’t sing”
*talented group*- “they lack visuals”
*dance group*- “they can’t sing live”
*vocal group*-“they can’t dance live”
*Well rounded group*-“they’re overrated”
*energetic group*- “they’re such attention whores”
*quiet group*- “they’re so stuck up and rude”
*cute group*- “they’re too old to act that way”
*sexy group*-“they have gotten so trashy these days”
*group that does cute and sexy*- “those girls are such sly foxes I hate them”


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“Come on, Dean,” you smiled, “It wasn’t that bad. I even kind of miss the mohawk.” The statement sounded false, even to your own ears, probably because you couldn’t stop the giggles from escaping while you spoke.

“Really?” he asked incredulously. It was obvious he saw his old style as a stain on his memory, and probably his reputation too.

“No,” you admitted, “but at the time I thought it was pretty sexy.”

He glanced up, surprised, and that cocky grin you were so familiar with took over his features. “And what do you think of me now?”

Everyone seems to be having a collective set of kittens over the Raf and Robbie **kisses**. I’m over here much more concerned about Serena Campbell sobbing in her car. Like WHO IS MAKING MY PRECIOUS BBY CRY!?! Over what? And why? I stg I don’t care how fantastic her mop of golden unicorn curls are, if that BMAM is at the root of it she and I are going to have words.

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Signs as things my brilliant 15 year old brother said/done.

Aries: "No one eat my almond joy or else I will slit their throats.“
Gemini:  “Putting salt on watermelon makes it tastier, so have a lovely day my sweetheart.” *kissy noises*
Cancer: *brother doing study guide questions* ”‘What happened when the old man first tried to pull in the bill fish?’ The fish was too thicc and the boat tipped because it was so uncomfortable.“ 
Leo:  "I need to read my book. Let me find an intensity workout playlist on Spotify.”
Virgo:  “Oh, I need something sexy so I can do my study guide.”
Libra: *attempts to make milk tea by himself* *I hear hammer noises and lots of screaming*
Scorpio: *I pick up coconut water from store shelf* “If you say you like coconut water, you are lying to yourself.”
Sagittarius:  *someone announces that its his birthday* *brother whispers under breath* No one cares, I’m trying to read. Gosh!”
Capricorn: “Gurl, that’s a bootyHOLE.”
Aquarius: “It’s called sand because its between sea and land.”
Pisces:  *whips and nae nae’s when really angry*