that awkward moment when bts are all adults yet people are still worried about the song jimin and jungkook were dancing to saying it was “too sexy and explicit for them” even though they’re adults??¿ jimin and jungkook knew exactly what Drake was saying in that song and they don’t give a shit because THEY ARE ADULTS AND THEY’RE NOT INNOCENT CHILDREN AND THEY CAN LISTEN TO CURSE WORDS IF THEY WANT TO!!! honestly I’m just laughing because if their new album is going to be focusing more on adult themes…. all these 12 year old fans are gonna be shitting themselves 😂😂😂😂😂

Hamilton characters at Halloween

Alex: likes buying outrageous decorations, plays scary pranks on people (especially Jefferson and Burr)

Burr: not super into it, thought it was fun as a kid but kinda grew out of it and doesn’t really like to dress up/ go to parties

Eliza: makes all those really cute pinterest crafts and treats for all her friends, hosts adorable parties with decorations that are the opposite of scary

Angelica: gets super into dressing up, but refuses to wear any costume that had “sexy” in the title bc she has standards

Peggy: still kinda wants to go trick-or-treating even if she seems too old for it, precious bean

John: doesn’t get super into dressing up or going to parties, but really likes the monster movies that are always on TV and makes Alex watch them with him

Lafayette: literally his favorite holiday of all time, way too into it, needs to bring it down a couple of notches (once he almost got the cops called on him when he tried to have a celebrational “Halloween fireworks show” even tho all of his friends told him that’s not a thing that exists)

Herc: likes to make his own costumes, they usually turn out better than everybody else’s (if there’s a costume contest you already know who’s gonna win it)

Dad™Washington: is super protective of everyone at parties, offers to drive people home if they’re drunk, but doesn’t really like the actual holiday

Jefferson: is that guy™ that sits outside his house in a costume that you know is not an actual scarecrow but you walk up to the door anyway and he jumps out at you

Madison: doesn’t like to go out that much, but watches The Nightmare Before Christmas religiously and can quote almost the entire movie

King™George: says he doesn’t like Halloween bc he’s more into Christmas but really he just doesn’t like it bc he gets scared easily

Maria: is literally that group of people from mean girls who wear normal clothes and some form of animal ears (”What are you supposed to be?” “I’m a mouse, duh”)

Phillip: likes going to haunted houses/ cornmazes/ etc, sometimes he goes part of the way in and then pretends he’s one of the scarers bc he thinks people’s reactions are funny

  • What she says:I love Clizzy
  • What she means:Clary and Izzy are in their own ways underappreciated. Clary is hated by the entirety of the fandom for being "too whiny" and even hated for things such as her hair. She's the protagonist of the show but everyone hates her. Izzy is only regarded as the sexy one or the pretty one even though she is the best forensic pathologist in new york, meaning there are literal doctors that are not as good as this young 18-20 year old woman. She is constantly slut shamed by the book fandom for her outfits and her open relationship with Meliorn, even though she is protective and compassionate and kind and so much more than her outfits and her sexuality. Clary and Izzy's bond shows that they care deeply for each other, unlike the books where they hated each other, and even if they aren't involved romantically, they have a strong alliance between women that wasn't there in the books. They're so tender and they hold hands and they're good to each other. I love Clizzy.

im driving my family insane bc they keep asking me what i want for my birthday and my answer of “sheets and pillows” isnt sexy enough for them. being old sucks. nothings fun anymore. i need toilet paper too

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Burp canon for attack on Titan's Eren and Armin?

Alright Anon, I’ll give this a shot. Crap, because of Attack on Titan: Junior High does that mean I have cover that too? ….I’ll just skip that for now unless specifically asked. 

First Armin:

Originally posted by babyyakuza

(Armin just let out a soft burp on accident) 

For me, Armin is much more likely to have just soft suppressed burps that he only lets out occasionally but most of the time he just does in a closed mouth so no one would hear him. He probably gets a little more burpy when he’s nervous so he has to try to make sure that he doesn’t have any before he makes his speeches or gives his plans. 

When Armin is drinking, he can also easily get the hiccups and may end up having a combination of burps and hiccups at the same time that will just rack his body. (Also side note: I get these more often then I care to admit.) They hurt and his body doesn’t know what to do with them so makes his whole body jerk. Then he ends up having them near at the same time and gets really embarrassed if anyone hears. I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t have anything carbonated so I don’t think soda would be an issue, but if there was beer or something involved, that would just exacerbate the problem (but then again, I don’t picture Armin being much of a drinker anyway)

Armin also can get the soft airy burps when he’s really hungry and it can almost be a signal that he needs to eat soon. 

Though Armin is also probably the type that would be the dark horse burp champion that like Eren would slap him on the back or he’d thump his chest and an epic burp would come out. It doesn’t happen often, and if he tried to force it, he’d throw up. (Please don’t force him)

Originally posted by tsuyuake

(Armin just let out an epic burp) I’m so sorry for the jokes

Originally posted by shiseiken

(He’s shocked at what came out of his mouth)

Eren on the other hand is a much a more free burper. Because of his lack of manners and liking to joke around, he’d be easily prodded into burping and showing off. He’d burp after an epic meal and rub his stuffed belly, and he’d make sure that he formed the burps in such a way that they would echo and be VERY loud and wet. Eren may even have it as a source of pride with how loud he can get. 

He’d prefer to do after a large (and I always like to think of epic) meals and the belches would be much louder and wetter when he’s sufficiently stuffed, grinning after he shocks everyone with how loud they are. But when joking around with the others from the corps I think Eren would totally be the type that would swallow massive gulps of air to be able to let out loud airy burps on command. Those that like burps on the corps definitely have a love/hate relationship with his burping. *looks at Jean*

After bigger meals, he’d let out burps large enough that it silences the whole mess hall and everyone just kind of stops, stares, and goes silent until Eren lets out another one. Mikasa probably always chastises him about it afterwards and tells him it’s bad manners, but he doesn’t ever really change. 

The biggest change would probably be when he’s REALLY overeaten. Like majorly stuffed. This is the kind of state of when he’s eaten so much that it’s hard to breathe and its uncomfortable to move. In those cases, he may let out big wet belches but that’s rare since he wouldn’t have much room. It would be light airy small ones, just trying to make any more room in his belly that he could. Especially because he’d be the type that would burp often and wiggle back and forth in his chair as he ate to try to make sure he got in as much in him as possible. 

There’s a fine line with him where he would be proud of himself and burp loud and pat his belly or chest and smirk after being done and being stuffed to the point of being sick and he’s desperately trying to burp out what he can without throwing up and keeping it all down. It would just be a matter of how much he ate and how far he pushed himself. He OFTEN crosses that line. One minute he’s cocky, the next he’s sickly rubbing his belly trying to get out any excess gas he can to let his indigestion pass. 

Originally posted by fadingfaye

(He just let out an epic burp and feeling the relief from it, and Mikasa is in awe) 

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I'm tired of all these damn horny-pedophile-judgmental-bitches hating on NCT Dream. They say that "They are too old for this concept" "They look dumb in those childish outfits" "This song sounds cancerous" LIKE WTF BITCH?! They are literally UNDERAGE MINORS! Wtf are they expecting them to do? A ~sexy and dark~ concept?! No! They are still at a young age and I'm sure as hell it would make them so uncomfortable to do a sexy concept for all these damn bitches who call themselves "pedonoona XD" -pt1

Anonymous said to chokemewinwin:Pt 2- OH and here they go again! These hoes be saying that Mark is “a little too old for this” like bitch what? Have you ever seen Mark? He’s like the most precious thing and the world and is still a little baby! I know this has been long, but I’m just so damn dumb with these ass wipes who are only in it for the “cool” “sexy” “dark” “hip hop” concepts. If they don’t like it then they don’t have to fucking hate on boys who are just trying to do what they love, it’s called fucking respect 🙄🖕

its so disgusting to see people say these about nct dream bc its giving this fandom a bad reputation, even though the majority of us support the boys no matter what and dont say disgusting things the ones that do just have to ruin everything for us. honestly mark isnt too old for this concept maybe they think that just because hes been in nct u and nct 127 but hes perfect for this concept and i think he has it tough being the leader of children hes got to show them what’s right and wrong and guide them into becoming better idols that people look up too. i hate how people dont appreciate him for that or just appreciate him in general bc hes working his ass of just to make everyone proud. and the sexualizing thing is getting out hand… when will people stop not only is it disgusting its illegal, sexualizing minors isnt okay, no excuses. honestly if they dont have anything good to say they shouldnt say anything at all no one wants to hear their negative thoughts and the boys sure as hell dont deserve any negativity. they worked so hard for their debut and no one is going to ruin it for us and for them

That “Landy is so sexist and inconsiderate” stuff that’s currently on my dashboard is so weird?
He said it’s his theory, that ppl get more adventurous w their sexuality after 400 yrs of living.
He said THEORY
Why are you complaining?
Everyone has their theories about some stuff.
He didn’t say every actual person is bi bc they chose to?
Everyone gets bored of old things, behaviors and likings every now and then and no one can tell what happens after 400 years, so wtf why do you really have to be angry about everything, people of Tumblr?

Also @xxschattenschmerzxx please explain that sexism thing? 
Because the actual canon gay thing in Sp were the Zombies and they were MEN
Are you talking about Amber and Kelly?
Because that wasn’t fanservice, but actual representation.
Like, it was build up and all, not just for the “sexies” 
And it was awkward too, so what do you even mean?

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What what the guys do if they came home and walked in on their old lady dancing (Hips shaking etc) to Sugar by Maroon 5! I love this song and Adam Levine is Sexy!

I guess they would smile, it’s a simple thing they don’t have the chance to enjoy much. Tig’s hands would be all over her in seconds, same for Juice and Kozik. Chibs, Happy, Jax and Opie would just lean against the wall and enjoy the show until she notice them. 

I love this song too and yes, Adam is hot!

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“you’re too sexy to be selling bread!”

And I am… OPENLY unimpressed by him, and he drives off saying
“You should take it as a compliment, bitch!”

And I just… BURST out laughing

That was such a textbook example of a brainless 50 year old creeper

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NEW URL. NEW ME. STILL TAG ME IN TAE (and also Hobi). OPENLY DOUBLE BIAS. I NEED BOTH IN MY LIFE. + the rest of bangtan aka my bias wreckers. Hobi is too good to be a bias wrecker


YES OMG YESSS. this is a life-changing moment lmao. i need to remember to tag your new url and not the old one. GURL  I GOTCHA COVERED DW

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there are so many sexy hope gifs out there…

Originally posted by dibidibidismynameisjhope

but dw i won’t forget about:

Originally posted by pastelcandyy

Figure I might as well take part in the introductions…can’t very well make friends if no one knows anything about you, right? lol

I don’t have any pix of myself really…so, instead, here are 3 pix of my kiddos in some of their favorite mercy ;) :P Aiden, in the Stardust gear (we have the purple set too lol), is 8. Adhamh in his Seth Rollins shirt & as Finn Balor, is 4.

Basics? My name is Jessica. I’m a 28yr old mother of 2. Been a wrestling fan for 28 years (literally…long story short..was born during a Jake the Snake match, watched wrestling with my dad from that moment on). I don’t just watch it for the sexy men (though they are a HUGE bonus LOL), but I love watching the stories unfold in the ring. I love the story telling, the business aspect, the back stage stuff, the real workings of the business not just watching it “cuz it looks fun” or anything. My kids watch it with me, almost religiously lol and both say they want to be WWE superstars when they grow up. They are already practicing :P HAHA!
We currently live in Kansas, though I’m originally from Minnesota. Aiden was born in Minnesota, Adhamh was born in Georgia, and I can definitely tell they are from different regions! LOL We are a proud Army family, so we move around a bit.
Favorite wrestler? There’s so many! From Jake the Snake & Roddy Piper, all the way to Finn Balor & Dean Ambrose. I love ‘em all! I don’t honestly think I ‘hate’ any performer.
Been to a live show? Main roster, no. But I’ve taken my boys to NXT a couple times. And we’ve gone to local promotion shows around the country.
Smackdown or RAW? Both! Is that an option? o.O lol
Do you watch Lucha Underground, TNA, New Japan? We watch it all! Lol NJPW, TNA, LU, ROH, and everything in between! We flip through youtube too to watch some of the even smaller promotions, and old matches of favorites (like Finn vs Daniel Bryan, etc.). 
Are you a writer? Umm…Kinda? Maybe? Idk? Lol I started a couple months ago, or at least am attempting to start again. Before then, the last time I wrote anything outside a college paper was around 10 years ago. So, I kinda write, but it’s not real good…lol I post my writings on my other blog, @imnoaingealwritings

Anyone can be sexy we can wear clothes and make up and be beautiful. But, will you still love him or her when the youth is gone? Cause my friend, your going to grow old too. Life is too short not too find real love.

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Peri (oh my god i’m scared)

please burn it / muted / ehh / ok / good / is it me or am I getting hot? / haha what are shirts in fact what is clothing hah

A pile of trash looks better than them / oh god / um / ok / mhm / oh no she’s hot / OH FUCK SHE’S SEXY

blannndddd / nope / fine / ok / I can dig it / i’m marrying them ok / wow damn they’re on fire

As good as a oc written by a five year old / not a good / why / ok / Here have my ice-cream / mmrr / oh god let me give them a hug


wow what a dick / stop please the children are not ok / dude no / ok / good job / you keep at it my friend / Cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure

Send me a character and I’ll (tomorow if I don’t have to sit in a parking lot for two hours like today) rate them

Omg guys so me and the gang went rollerskating today and i accidentally ran over some old lady named oprah and i had no idea who she was but she ended up getting all thr way to bribing me with a million dollars to take her to the hospital but i was too lazy and eventually she died. It was so funny lol! At the moment im waiting for moe the hoe to get out of the shower so we can have some nice kinky sex. Deedee is out trying to find one of the coke dealers that works for her that owes her money and retreiving it. She needs some new liposuction! Anyway im suprr looking forward to getting moe the hoe’s no-no carrot in my ass tonight. His o ipn juice mixed with mine…yum


It’s been six years since I first discovered The Lightning Thief, and I’ve decided it’s time for me to finally publish a Percy Jackson fic! The problem is I have wayyy too many ideas and I don’t know which one to publish first, so I’m asking for your guys’ opinions :) You can reblog or DM me! (Or, if you have a FFN account, you could PM me @ KatieK102.)

Demons and Dogtags

AU. When Clarisse volunteers at the local rehabilitation asylum as a favor for her friend, she didn’t expect to form an attachment with any of the patients. But that all changes when she meets boy she is meant to assist - a sexy, standoffish eighteen year old named Chris, who was dispatched from war. Chrisse.

Chasing Hurricanes

Everyone thought Annabeth Chase’s life was perfect. Heck, so did she, until that boy in her Greek Mythology class had to go and make himself interesting. Highschool AU. Percabeth. 


Annabeth was once a raising surfer with a bright future, but after an accident she gave it up for good. Three years later she’s visiting her best friend at her beach house, and then she meets their neighbor, champion surfer, Percy Jackson. Will Annabeth be able to let go of her own personal demons, or will she close everyone out again? Percabeth. AU.

The Art of Falling in Love With a Criminal

New identity. New city. New Goal. A determined girl. They warned her that going undercover to bust a group of criminals was going to be difficult. They didn’t tell her that trying to not fall in love with their leader would be even harder. Percabeth.

Dance Class

Annabeth has always been the top student at her dance school, and has won all kinds of awards. But at huge competition, right after Annabeth does her best dance yet, the unthinkable happens - she comes in second. The boy who beats her is Percy Jackson, a self-taught hip-hop specialist who walks with two left feet but dances with electricity. Annabeth is furious and doesn’t think it can get any worse… that is, until he switches to her dance school, and they’re forced to work together. AU. Percabeth. 

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Chillby X Gaster

Put a ship in my ask and I’ll tell you what I think of it

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

(( this is my jam. i feel like they go together since they’re older; they have that relaxed ‘i’m too old for this shit’ vibe ))

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what u mean ur mum doesn't believe bigger ladies look sexy in corsets? the whole point of a corset in to accentuate curves! u gotta have curves for them to be accentuated. that's just science, yo. (SOURCE: me, a humble lesbian, who, by working backstage in the costume department for several different theatres, has seen all kinds of women in corsets. i know what I'm talking about)

u r right, all power to chubby ladies

my mom just doesn’t believe in herself, that’s all. it’s very sad. she keeps telling me she’s too old to unlearn all the ugly shit she’s been told abt people of her body type

Upcoming Events

I will be planning another camping trip in the next couple of weeks. It will be just me, alone, so I will be able to get video of me setting up my campsite, building my fires, etc. A rare look at how I manage to do things that most able-bodied people don’t think I can!

I will also be taking another trip with my family in September and camping again then, too. I will do my best to get as many pics and maybe even a video or two as I can, but it’s a lot harder when the family is around. Besides, I like to spend my time relaxing and avoiding electronic devices – that’s kind of the whole point ;)

Here’s a throwback for you:

My old house in FL and my old chair. I’m so excited to begin making lots and lots of sexy new videos with my new chair! :)  I will be getting to the SLC sometime this week, also.

Sexy Para

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Pearl, shells, turquoise, waves, storm

Thanks bae 💖

Pearl: I would love to visit Japan, the culture and the fashion (mainly visual kei) intrigue me

Shells: I would be a vampire cause they are uber sexy and fangs are a turn on lol 😜

Turquoise: lol weirdest dream I ever had…I was a vampire that preyed on dogs lol random I know

Waves: My favortie season is probably fall, it’s Halloween…also it’s not too hot not too cold

Storm: I love tattoos and piercings…I have many of my own…I think it serves as a form of self expression even though I’m old as hell now and I still have gauges