how do people “not know” if someone is flirting with them. i can smell that shit a mile away. you just fucking know. everything in that person’s body language and face is broadcasting the fact they’re hitting on you. you know that feeling of awful dread when they start leaning on objects and staring at you too intensely? that’s the realization. right there. that’s how you know. the dread.

some-c0ld-tea asked:

Your sketches are so lovely! DragonAge is not my fandom AT ALL, and yet the love & intimacy by your hand totally enchanted me. (Thank you for your work)

Oh gosh, what a beautiful compliment… Thank you so much, you perfect sweetcake. ♡♡

Here’s a muffin sketch for now–

But if there’s something else you’d rather see, just let me know, and I’m willing to try.

“When I’m stressed out from work or people I will ask for advice from my easily irritable friend. I usually try to live my life by the convictions I believe in, but since my friend is occasionally right, he completely changes my beliefs. When he’s right, he’s really right; it’s annoying.”
“What sort of advice does he sometimes give you?”
“Being kind isn’t the only answer.”

“일과 사람이 절 힘들게 할 때가 있는데, 그럴 때 제 까칠한 친구에게 조언을 구해요. 그 까칠한 친구 말이 종종 맞기도 하거든요, 전 제 신념을 믿고 살아온 편인데 그 친구는 제 신념을 송두리채 뒤바꿔놓아요. 근데 반박할 말이 없어서 짜증나요.”
“그 친구가 뭐라고 종종 조언하나요?”
“착한 것만이 답이 아니래요.”