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Hello mate! So, I want to be honest with you and maybe it will make you uncomfortable but still. You are amazing! So amazing! Talented, cute, funny, extraordinaire and simply devastatingly handsome™! Have a great weekend!

Who are you calling devastatingly handsome? You’re devastatingly handsome! Meet me in the pit, you scoundrel. 

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FUN FACT you're lovely, your art is lovely, and your blog is, generally speaking, one of my favorite blogs that I follow. Thanks for being great!!

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…was a really FUN fact. I had fun reading it. I had fun receiving it. This made my day, aaAAAaahh! Thank you, anon. Thank you so much. I’m glad you like my art and my blog! I promise to get even better at the thing so you can’t ever escape! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! YOU’RE GREAT TOO *finger guns*

And in life,

You will realize

That the nicest people

Are treated like shit.


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my heart beats literally raised and i cannot stop smiling when I saw your blushing MacCready... Thank you so much you've made my day! (others are adorable as well tho, but my heart goes to Mac(●´艸`) Btw looking forward to the more of Elijah and the real sole survivors story!

I love MacCready so much he’s one of my favourite in the game I think! Interesting story and finally the first time someone address your dead spouse. That’s so nice of you to say! thank you so much, I will make sure to draw more of them once I got the time :D