Too Much Too Soon
  • Too Much Too Soon
  • Green Day
  • American Idiot [Single]

I bought another Green Day EP today. It had two songs. One of them I already own, and the other I’ve heard only once before. Now I can’t stop listening to that one song just because it’s something “new” to me. They need to put out their new album as soon as possible, or I’m gonna crack.


american idiot b-sides (2/5)
too much too soon

there are two versions of this song: the snotty, straightforward studio version (which sounds basically like an awesome 90s demo) from the american idiot single CD and the bold broadway cast version from the musical soundtrack with those great 50s harmonies. before that album, I didn’t even know that this song existed.

Human Being
  • Human Being
  • New York Dolls
  • Too Much Too Soon

New York Dolls - Human Being

Well, if you don’t like it,
Well go ‘head now, find yourself a saint,
Go 'head now try to find a boy who’s gonna be what I ain’t
Now what you need is a plastic doll with a fresh coat of paint
Who’s gonna sit through the madness
And always act so quaint

Too Much, Too Soon || MerDer

“Derek, I’m assuming your sister’s going to cut back significantly. She’s not working now since Peterson’s accident, and if this continues…we need you back soon, Derek.”

Derek sighs, moving his phone from one ear to the other. “I understand, Richard, but you need to understand my situation. You told me years ago not to hurt her, and now you want me to leave Meredith alone with our kids only six weeks later?” He asks, aggravated. Richard sighs. “I’m sorry, Derek, but you’re the head of the department. They’re six weeks old now, you’ve been out for eight weeks, that’s two months without a head of neuro.” Sighing again, he says, “Yea. Well, I’ll talk to Meredith. But know that I’m not happy about this, and I’m not promising anything, Richard. I gotta go, goodnight,” Derek says, hanging up the phone. He leans back in his office chair, running his hands through his hair when he hears his door open. “Dada, dada,” Derek hears, and smiling, he turns around. Zola toddles over to him, her bottle in hand, and he gets up, leaning down and lifting her up. “Hey Zozo,” He says, settling her on his hip as he heads out of the office, down the hall to the living room.