Okay, once my stupid range is fixed I will be golden as far as the apartment goes.

Meanwhile, things on my To Do List right now:

  • QC for Yaz
  • finish translating a couple stories for Yaz
  • work more on the Kizakura drama CD
  • actually do my special Halloween-themed project
  • have Skype calls with my girlfriend and parents
  • finish my pokemon team for Saturday’s tourney
  • prep for tomorrow’s lessons
  • finish the secret project for Wilder
  • translate the character profiles for Zetsubou-hen
  • upload the soundtrack to YouTube
  • Halloween stream
  • find a way to get the Monokuma’s Mirai Zap onto my computer so I can subtitle and upload it
  • look for some merch for people
  • begin work on updated summary for DRK Vol. II
  • prep stuff for Pathfinder on Sunday
  • finish a few stories I’m in the middle of writing
  • various side things like doing a DR1 and SDR2 How Stupid Are the Names? post, watch a few anime series I wanted to check out, stuff like that

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SINCE ITS ACE AWARENESS WEEK. Dex comes out to the team during AAW, and Bitty helps him bake pride flag cookies.

hi urm yes yes yes please yes

he’s so so nervous when he tells them. honestly deep down he knows it’ll be okay. the team are great and accepting and pretty lgbt+ as it is but there’s always the niggling reminder in the back of dex’s mind of ransom and holster loudly discussing winter screw and nursey relaying his sexcapades to the group at team breakfast and for the love of god he knows too much about chowder and farmer’s sex life. so he’s pretty terrified

but he calls a brunch meeting. yup he knows it’s bitty’s thing but all the important stuff seems to get discussed at brunch (see: jack and bitty; chowder telling them he was going to propose to farmer before they graduated; lardo selling her first big art piece etc)

so they sit down in jerry’s and they’re all talking loudly and dex is sitting on the outside of the booth (ready to run if things go wrong his mind unhelpfully supplies). eventually they calm tf down enough for ransom to ask dex why he called the meeting. everyone turns to look at dex and you know he’s blushing up a storm and his hands are shaking and nursey (god bless him) notices and subtly takes dex’s hands in his under the table (they are Not together at this point dex would like to remind u) but it gives dex the boost he needs

“so it’s asexual awareness week”


“shut up shitty” (shitty u don’t even go here why aren’t u at harvard?)

“anyway, yeah so me too. uh i mean i am… ace that is” (imagine zuko saying ‘hello, zuko here’ in atla, that’s how awkward he is, it’s great)

dex’s mind stretches out the silence for waaaay longer than it actually goes on but there he is building up all these rejections in his head when the smh all start cheering (too loudly for brunch but what are you gonna do?)

nursey kisses him on the forehead

so does chowder and ransom (bc dex looks up to ransom goddamnit)

bitty declares he’s gotta make ace cookies immediately (they’re the cutest)

dex is crying, they’re happy tears

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The thing is though Riley doesn't see it as wrong -- because she's seen Cory do it. As I've learned in my parenting class, what your parents do affects your idea of things. So, if your parents swear in front of you, you will start to swear too and get the idea that it is not a bad thing to do. Now, not blaming it all on Cory, but that is a big part of it; she doesn't think it's bad because she hasn't learned otherwise. No one has taught her it's wrong, as Cory did the same thing.

That’s basically what I’m saying.

Riley is heavily influenced by her father (maybe too much). Cory made fun of Shawn’s life quite a bit. Cory makes fun of Maya’s life. Riley is “supposed to be Cory,” Maya is “supposed to be Shawn.” Ergo, Riley is “supposed to” take digs at Maya’s “messy” life. That’s just part of her role!

To me, it’s bigger than “should Riley really be saying that kind of stuff to Maya?” because on a meta level I think it’s ultimately about Riley (and a lot of the audience) pigeonholing Maya into a particular role (“Maya can never be happy!” just like Shawn!)…largely thanks to the influence of Cory and the fact that Riley’s basically still insisting upon living in a crappy gender-bent version of HIS world instead of looking around and realizing how truly different her OWN world is.

Seems to me it’s not just “Riley hasn’t learned it’s not nice to take digs at somebody’s life.” It’s rather “Riley hasn’t learned that her world is NOT in fact a crappy copycat gender-bent version of her dad’s world, and until she stops acting that way ‘the world’ is never gonna truly be her own.”

For reference:

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How do I fight apathy?

i have no idea

chase what gives you feelings, colors. 

write/make art over situations and think about how it makes you feel, or could make someone feel. pull your shoulders back. read fiction. read nonfiction. find a cause and learn about it. talk.
you gotta remember that life is in balance. there’s a song i’d love to quote, if i were allowed, but it’s somewhere along the lines that if you fall too much to one side, you will start to find more attraction in life when it hurts. you need a little bit of apathy to get through life- apathy for the right things. try to care less what “people” think of you, but continue to choose your relationships (i mean all kinds) selectively, and cultivate those relationships. remember that they are people. i find it so easy to forget this  (half from apathy and half from assuming people are out to get me/are faking whatever positive feelings they have towards me) and this is a fatal mistake.
on the other hand, care too much and it hurts too much, care too little and you die (“if no one knows you’re alive, you aren’t. if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, it does make a sound, but then that sound is gone.”) tyler raps “try. to. think.” and i guess that’s it.
try to think.

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so i'm in a discord server with a few friends and i scream about wicked thing s o much (too much probably; this fic has consumed my Life) that the owner of the server just made a separate channel specifically so i could lose my shit there and i'm laughing really hard?? thank you ok goodnight

sjdfhghj this is the best message i got recently i’m laughing my ass off. a whole separate channel… how much yelling do you do my dude omg this is amazing thank you so much

triangle-junon-fan  asked:

Hey, thank you very much for doing my requests. I'm very happy. Could you do a headcanon with Solomon (again xD) where he meets his s/o in soulmate-style, where you see just black and white and when you meet your soulmate everything gains colours? I'm very curios of his reactions xD Thank you very much :)

> To be honest: Solomon didn’t mind it too much. Not knowing about colors and all he was pretty happy with his life

> Eventually he found out that not everything black was bad and everything white was good, but just the little difference in brightness would help him find his way through

> When the people around him mention things like different colors he would get curious and ask them, gaining some pitiful glances and hearing them say, that one day he would understand

> Solomon would go and find Ugo, asking him what he knows about this colorful world, but his friend would just shrug his shoulder, telling him that he will respond to this question when he finds out

> Walking through the streets and trying to replace his thoughts of the nonsense, about this different kind of viewing the world, with something which was actually important, but not really being successful with his tries, he would snap out of his thinking when hearing a splash

> Rushing down to the small washing river which winds throughout the city he finds someone sitting inside the water, wet all over and clothes sticking to their skin

> Asking if everything was alright he would give them a hand to get up, pulling them out of the reservoir, before they’d sheepishly take of the washing basket of their head and with a small smile thank him

> Everything would start to take a turn once their eyes met

> Starting with iris and going down their nose, rising up and painting their hair, before laying a soft color onto their skin and changing the white piece of clothes they were wearing into red ones before picking up the speed and coloring all his surroundings, turning the water into a blue fluid and the houses into yellow stone and the trees green

> He could hear his name from behind and even though he didn’t saw him he knew it was Ugo, yelling something about having found out about what they were talking about earlier

> But as much as Solomon wanted a confirmation for what he saw right at this point, he couldn’t bring himself to look away from the rescued persons eyes. The magician could have sworn that never has he seen something so beautiful as these eyes ever

> Their face having changed into a surprised look too, they would asking him quietly if he could see this things too

> Nodding Solomon would realize that they were standing pretty close and now for the first time, in what seems to be endless seconds, move and let go of their hand, bringing a light shade of pink to their cheeks

> He still wouldn’t be able to comprehend the whole situation but he realized that he didn’t want to look away from them anymore, saying the first thing which came to his mind and asking them out for dinner that night

> The blue-haired man would watch them as they gathered their stuff, agree with his proposal, turning around and wave at him before walking back to their house, he’d clutch his chest and turn around to walk up the path, reuniting with his friend

> And Ugo? Ugo knew. So now he would tell Solomon everything he learned about the thing called “Love”

I tried. I hope I was able to bring through his reactions enough to clarify them (・・;)

More Changes

An update to my changes in life. Too much has happened and I’m too tired to write it all out so it’s going in a bullet format.

  • The oldest child has gone into the custody of her father. Everybody was in favor of this because she was displaying a lot of attention seeking behavior and almost constantly fighting with her brother, who I’ll touch up more on in a bit. Since then, she’s been a lot happier and easier to get along with. We still have to see her on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays because the other members of her father’s household need to pass background checks before they can be legally left alone with her. (Mondays and Wednesdays are exceptions because the children visit their mother on those days. Weekends are also exempt because her father has them off.)
  • The youngest still lives with us and is taking a huge toll on us. While he is an easy going kid for the most part he has some very difficult behavioral problems we cannot properly deal with. One of his biggest issues is communicating - he simply does not. If you tell him not to do something, like throw his toys, he’ll shut down; You try to talk to him about what he needs/wants he’ll shut down. The best we can get out of him is incomprehensible mumbles and when we ask him to speak up or nod/shake his head he just continues to mumble at us.
  • Lately he has also been creeping around the corners, staring at us. He will literally just stand around the corner of a room and peak around the door frame to watch us and when we turn around and catch him in the act he’ll duck away to hide.
  • Just now a social worker came by to observe and speak with him. I stayed out of the room for the most part but when I swung by I noticed that he had “fallen asleep” - at 10:30 in the morning (this is not a normal nap time for him at all). My mom and the social worker explained that he went to throw a toy earlier so my mom told him “No, we do not throw toys.” and he just stared at them. Then, when the social worker tried to speak with him he completely ignored her and eventually laid down on the floor mattress and “went to sleep”. When my mom and the social worker went into his bedroom to discuss how he’s been creeping around in there during the morning, the child proceeded to “wake up” right away and resumed playing. In other words, he was never asleep; He literally just pretended to be asleep, hoping that it would get them to go away, and when they did leave he went back to what he was doing.
  • My mom is finally in agreement with me - we cannot do this long term and it’s already been too long. This child needs attention and care that we simply cannot provide because we have neither the time or the education to do so. The social worker seems to be in agreement. However, we have no idea on when anything is going to change. We’re still waiting for the oldest’s father’s family background checks to come back and it’s been three weeks, if not more, since those were submitted. We know that the mother’s parents were trying to get custody of the youngest but my mother and I have doubts they’ll get custody; As I said before, this child needs attention and care no ordinary person can provide. He needs specialized care.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the individual who was arrested for possessing child pornography is now also being charged with rape of a child.

skinny person who eats literally 4 bites per meal: LOL i eat WAY TOO MUCH :P pizza is life my stomach is BOTTOMLESS lel my inner fat girl is so wild!!


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are you still a larrie? you blog about them but you never talk about it so i wondered

i mean i will always ship them and reblog pics/gifs of them but I don’t think they’re together anymore right now? like for me personally it’s just too much and it doesn’t make sense anymore. there comes a moment where it’s just too much for me. it’s not my life so i’m not supposed to be as invested as i was. whatever they identify as i’m supportive and whoever they date i support. i think freddie is louis’ kid because that’s what i got from the last year and it feels wrong not to believe it. and everything makes sense like that for me. i definitely think larry were together at one point and i have no idea when or why that stopped but that’s just what i think. 


What is real life


Miraculous doodle dump pt 2: Volpina edition! 

The thing about this fandom is that the show moves so dang fast, I thought I’d better throw all my headcanons about Volpina out there before the episode about her airs and proves me utterly and completely wrong. 

I made a previous post about her here, but my headcanons in a nutshell:

  • She’s Adrien’s cousin on his mother’s side
  • She’s a little older than Adrien, around 17 - 18, studying music (flute) at university) 
  • She’s sharp as a whip and has zero time for the whole ‘can’t recognise faces under masks’ syndrome that erryone in this show has
  • She also has zero patience for her Uncle Agreste 
  • Gabriel… is not fond of her, mostly because their tastes in fashion clash
  • Volpina (I named her civilian identity Bianca) thinks her Uncle Agreste is ridiculous and is not fond of how he tries to control Adrien 
  • So whenever they get together it’s this ridiculous passive-aggressive shitshow of them dissing each other’s fashion sense and trying to wrest Adrien away from the other 
  • Like. Gabriel would metaphorically throttle her if he could but he has to show her some semblance of civility because her dad is one of the biggest names in Italian fashion rn so. in the interests of business. he tries not to alienate her completely
  • he fails 

anyway this is all going to be very very wrong in about a week’s time but let me have this while it lasts. I want Adrien to have at least oNE NONPROBLEMATIC FAMILY MEMBER RN. PLEASE. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE JUST LOVE THIS BOY. 


okay this is the second time i’ve met a cat on a walk. call me crazy, but i think i may or may not be a cat whisperer