‘’What will do you, now you became a part of what you despise the most ? You have to live with the consequences of your mistakes from now on. Reflect on that, Jamison. Your life is not meaningless. This is why we saved you.’’

‘’Your chest and neck has been damaged, in this battle. We had no choice to do this surgery an–’’


‘’Then ya’ could have left me die on the battlefield. This ain’t a life I want!’’



Breath of the Wild Has Actual Logic???

Gameplay tips and info but no story spoilers.

I’ve been playing games since I was a little girl and I’ve played a fair number of open world games. But one thing that always keeps surprising me in Breath of the Wild is the physics and chemistry.

Like…I’m used to “oh there’s a wall so there must be a door or a Specific Place to climb over” or characters who can’t get over knee high fences because of invisible walls. But here its “no just climb any part of the wall and keep going.”

I’m used to weather that looks pretty and makes for great screenshots. But in BotW it actually affects your gameplay. Rain makes rocks slippery and harder to climb. Lightning will strike you if you wear too much metal during a storm. Walking through snow actually hurts if you aren’t wearing good clothing or have a meal buff.

Arrows arc and drop off when you fire them. Square bombs fly differently then round ones. If you drop your weapon enemies will pick it up and use it. Horses can be tamed but will ignore your commands if you don’t feed and reward them. You can cut down trees for firewood or use them as bridges. Fire not only spreads realistically but will get blown in the direction of the wind.

There are so many small details and great touches its an amazing game and a refreshing new open world to explore.

I’m sorry, how have I read JK’s Sirius and James prequel so many times and never noticed this?? are you telling me that the Order had t-shirts? this is canon?? they were a secret organization created to fight the most powerful dark wizard of all time and they hAD T-SHIRTS? this?? is?? canon????
and if this was the case then there was no way that it wasn’t James and Sirius’ idea. and you better believe that Peter and Lily have some that they wear around the house. and they forced one on Remus and he refuses to wear it at meetings but he takes it on overnight missions with him to remind him of the boys. and James accidentally gets Lily one that’s about four sizes too big but she wears it anyway because “whatever, it’s maternity”.
tbh they probably gave one to Dumbledore too so just stop for a minute and imagine Albus Dumbledore wearing a rock band looking t-shirt to an Order of the Phoenix meeting and just nodding at James and Sirius and their matching shirts like “potter. black. lovely choice of wardrobe today”

Geralt has breaking points built into his witcher medallion’s chain.

The last thing he needs is for his medallion to catch on something or be grabbed and then the chain cuts into his neck. If there is enough pressure, a few designated links will snap.

He risks losing the wolf’s head when that happens, but he won’t lose his life to strangulation.

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Rules: you can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs

1. BTS-Spring Day

2. Periphery-Alpha

3. BABYMETAL-Karate 

4. Monsta X-Stuck

5. Ling Tosite Sigure-Abnormalize

6. Zico- Bermuda Triangle 

7. BTS-Fire

8. Flow- Steppin’ Out

9. Asking Alexandria- Reckless & Relentless 

10. Stereo Dive Foundation-Genesis 

My music is pretty much K-Pop XD

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Donna looking at Gordon v Donna looking at Cameron:

Fig. 1: “Gordon the girls are hungry, stop being a jerk”

Fig. 2: “I insulted this overwhelmingly pretty girl but now she’s offering to help look after my restless hungry children…? Omg TY DOG”

Fig. 3: “Gordon I NEED HER. I mean, we, WE need her, to watch the girls, while we salvage data that she apparently didn’t back up”

Fig. 4: *inner monologue replaced/drowned out by “I Only Have Eyes for You” by The Flamingos*

Fucking awesome german metal bands besides Rammstein

Yeah, Rammstein are awesome and everything, but did you ever thought about the fact, that there could be a lot more Metal bands in Germany which are really awesome too ? Yes ? Well, then here you go ! Feel free to add Bands you know ! The bands who actually sing in german are marked with*

Heaven Shall Burn (Metalcore)*

The Intersphere (Progressive Rock/Metal)

Callejon (Metalcore)*

Van Canto (A-Capella-Heavy-Metal) (Yes,that’s a thing)

Dust Bolt (Thrash Metal)

Masterplan (Power Metal)

Toxic Smile (Progressive Metal)

Oomph! (I don’t even know. Crossover I guess.)*

Annisokay (Post Hardcore)