I’m seeing an awful lot of weeping and fists raised skyward, shaking disapprovingly at the heavens over the fact that Rei did not, in fact, hug Nagisa. I think everyone needs a real quick reminder that in Japan, hugging and general PDA is kinda sorta frowned upon in their culture, and usually doesn’t happen, even if someone is upset or crying. Patting on the head is usually as far as it goes, but please keep in mind that usually not even parents hug their children! (Too often, at least.) Characters like Rin get away with stuff like leaning on people and hugging in public places because they ‘lived abroad’ for a while, a popular anime troupe, usually a foreigner *COUGHandusuallyfromAmericaCOUGH* who isn’t acclimated to Japan’s culture and is therefore more touchy-feely.

Hugging in public/in front of others, even between lovers, is a little bit weird. But you know what’s also weird?




Holding each other close, making lots of bodily contact, all of this is indicative of a very close relationship, and depending on how you look at it, possibly even a romantic relationship. We already know that Nagisa doesn’t have a lot of consideration/respect for the traditional, (he habitually calls everyone -chan, even if they aren’t good friends, even if they are his seniors, and he’s loud and bubbly opposed to reserved and polite) so this isn’t a HUGE surprise coming from him, but for Rei to continually touch Nagisa/allow touching is HUGE, considering how achingly formal he tends to be in every other aspect of life.

We don’t need a full-on hug, guys. Reigisa is as canon as a non-canon pairing can possibly be.

she is totally wild and untamed, disinterested in conforming to what has already been and done. her love is impossible to bottle, it must be released into the ether like a potion from heaven. she stirs the waves of transfiguration and transformation through others, and she is much too complex to understand with language and the mind. she can make you feel sad for days on end, but she can also lift you higher than the sun, and roll on the waves of the milky way with you. pluto’s child is celestially stunning

scorpio is totally wild and untamed, disinterested in conforming to what has already been said and done. her love is impossible to bottle. it must be released into the ether like a potion from heaven. she stirs the waves on transfiguration and transformation through others, and she is much too complex to understand with language and mind. she can make you feel sad for days on end, but she can lift you higher than the sun and roll on the waves of the milky way with you. pluto’s child is celestially stunning

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While we’re on the subject:

  • A Lily Evans who isn’t Hermione 2.0, who enjoys breaking the rules as much as she does making sure everyone else follows them
  • A Lily who has always had a massive crush on James but never acted on it and snogged other boys after hours instead
  • A Lily who got detention every other week for sneaking around the castle after hours with her friends
  • A Lily whose idea of heaven is a sunny afternoon, a pack of Marlboro and Blondie playing on the stereo
  • A Lily who made the first move on James because Merlin, he was talking too much and she had other things on her mind
  • A Lily who was passionate about flying and Quidditch and God help you if you say anything she dislikes about her team because she will crush you
  • A Lily who always enjoyed the Marauders’ pranks and just so happened to lose her temper once and yell at James Potter
  • A Lily who is the reason why James is late for practice because she isn’t about to let him just leave the bed like that, not without some lazy morning sex
  • A Lily who is actually a teenager with hormones and an active libido and not a 40 year old in an eighteen year old body
Kyo Happiness of nothing, the assembled and neck Haiiro no ginka Vol65

Recently I’ve often been thinking “I’m gonna give up” “I give up” “I can only give up”
It’s not that I’m giving in to myself, rather I’ve been thinking so towards other people.
Have I become colder towards other people?
No, I think that’s normal for me.
Have I minded things too much?
But whatever, stupid should do as stupid does, if the person himself doesn’t notice then it’s heaven for them so I’ll just leave them be.
I’ll put up with the few troubles they cause.

Of course, to coexist well with other people a certain amount of compromise and patience is necessary. Is that being an adult?

What people think is the right way for them to live well and whether its right to stick to how you are etc is different for everyone depending on how they’ve lived their life up till now.

What’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for everyone else.

But if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

No matter what anyone says to me I won’t get in anyone’s way and I’ll stay true to myself.

To cheer myself up after learning about Robbie leaving, I wanna focus a little bit on my second favorite SPN writer, Andrew Dabb. I’ll list just some of his highlights. (This is also for those who are worried about the future of Destiel. Just look what a Cas- and Destiel-centric writer he is, even more so than Robbie…!)

  • Brokeback Purgatory: ‘I need you’, hug and peach fuzz
  • “Too much heart”
  • Cas interrogating a cat
  • Cas shopping for Dean
  • “A trusting couple” + all the married supportiveness of 9x10
  • David and Violet aka Dean and Cas: “I was there… Where were you?”
  • Cas’ heaven full of naked Deans
  • THE BURGER DATE with extra hearteyes
  • Mind-reader: *reads Cas’ mind* - colors! <3
  • Reverse crypt scene (it hurts so good…!)
  • “Let me take your temperature”
  • Dean’s fanboy crush on Gunner Lawless

Hmm. Not a bad second favorite to have :)

Request Scenario: police Jungkook. What else do I need to say.

Genre: smut of course

Word Count: 1685

A/N: seeing Jungkook as an officer now has awoken something inside me that I will no longer be able to keep under control. I’m weak guys… This is too much. Also, if you are a reader of my Teacher!Jimin thing, *wink wink* keep in mind Part II at the end.


Although driving in the country side can be a bore for some, blasting out music with your windows down, having the wind dance through your hair, and speeding down the road with no one in sight for miles was the very definition of heaven for you.

A smile was plastered on your face as you screamed the lyrics to your favorite songs, remembering the visit with your loving grandparents clearly in your mind.

Nothing could ruin today, absolutely nothing. As soon as your mind formed that thought the universally known blue and red lights glared behind you, followed by the cringe-worthy sirens.

“Shit shit shit shit…” You kept mumbling, pulling over to the grassy field, banging your head not too gently on your steering wheel.

“That is not going to help you ma'am.” A guttural voice made you gulp before rotating your head to see who you were caught by.

“Ah…. Ahem. Officer.” You almost choked on your own spit, his eyebrows were furled as his eyes looked down at you with a slight tint of annoyance. The angle the sun was hitting his face was highlighting his sharp jawline and all you could think of was how they would look in between your legs. Unconsciously squeezing your legs together, you were in disbelief that an officer who is about to charge you a shit load of money was turning you on. Your throat was dry and a small whimper slipped through before you had any chance to even stop it.

“I will need to see your ID and insurance card please.” Jungkook saw every squirm you made in your seat, he knew what effect he had you, but he also knew what effect you had him because there was an undeniable rock hard reminder rising up begging for your sweet pouty lips.

You grunted, leaning over to your glovebox and trying to retrieve the documents he asked for. You suddenly felt a chill spread from your lower back from your shirt lifting up. Snatching the stuff you needed, you slammed back into your seat, hoping the damn good-looking officer didn’t see your bare back. No such luck because the regrettable high school tattoo was quickly noticed by Jungkook’s wandering eyes.

“Why a lightbulb?” You could have cried right there, but instead you forced a smile on your face and explained, “My friend said I was the light of her life on a very drunken night.”

Jungkook chuckled, but bit his lips to stop. It was almost impossible to keep up his strict cop act in front of this adorably attractive girl. He’s had his fair share of stopping speeding girls who were under the category of attractive, but none were like you. They were usually drunk, slurred in speech, and thought they could flirt their way out of a ticket— flirting was a very relative term when it came to those situation. You, on the other hand, seemed like you’ve never had a ticket in your life and he felt a twinge of guilt for imagining you in such salacious positions, but when he tried harder to stop, it only amplified.

“Hmm are you aware that your license plate expired last month?” Jungkook cocked up his eyebrows, trying to look a little more inferior.

Another group of swears flooded your mind as you mentally scolded yourself for putting that off.

“I’m so sorry…” You whispered, you were not ready for the total of this dreaded ticket. The hormones within your body wasn’t much help either, bouncing all over the place making you want to just rip his ironed uniform from his chest.

“I’m going to need you step out of the vehicle.” He commanded, stepping out of the way, waiting for you to get out.

Wait what? Is this actually happening? You are getting arrested for an expired license plate?!

Your shaking hands unlocked the handle of your door, stepping out of the car, you were suddenly pressed up against the side of your car.

“What the fuck?!” You screamed, face harshly agitated by the rubber window frame.

“Dirty mouth on such pretty lips.” Jungkook tsk-ed, tightening his hold on your wrists that were tightly bonded on the small of your back. It hurt every time you tried to move your shoulders, what the hell is this freak doing? And the worst thing was that you were getting more and more wet. You could have sworn that you felt the stickiness glide down your right thigh, this was the pinnacle of humiliation.

“Swearing an officer of the law out, speeding, and driving a car with an expired license plate.” He jerked your arms once more, leaning next to your ears, he growled dominantly, “Someone’s been a real bad girl.”

You couldn’t have stopped the pathetic moan that rose from the back of your throat even if you tried, oh god, you were dizzy from the sensation he was giving you and he hasn’t even touched you. Flipping you to face him, you were finally seeing him eye to eye, and you could his strong jaw tense up at the new distance between you two. Admiring his face, you could also see the small silver loops that decorated his bitable earlobes.

“Hi.” You whispered simply, his chest was rising steadily, but his eyes were wild.

“Hi.” He responded, he was actually going to go through with this…

Shutting the door behind him, you were sprawled out at the back of the police car. It was a lot bigger than you would have imagined, but your thoughts were cut short when Jungkook tugged away your shirt. His kisses were rough and needy, sucking onto the veins of your neck, all the while his hands clutched onto yours, holding them up against the cool glass window. Chucking away his belt containing the dangerous weapon, you assisted his uniform with ripping it away from his chest.

“That shouldn’t have been that easy to rip.” Jungkook smirked at your desperate actions, his pale chest was finally in view, his muscles clearly defined along with his abdomen. Running your fingers down his body, you traced his stomach before palming his hard-on, making a groan rumble from his lips. Reaching up to grab his face, you planted a passionate kiss as he grounded against your working hands. He felt so big, you were almost afraid to see him.

Gently pushing you back onto the leather seat, he unbuttoned your jeans, exposing your white laced panties that were soaked to the core. He couldn’t control himself, lifting your hips to his mouth, he tore off the delicate fabric hiding his prize. Taking a good solid lick from your wet heat, he groaned deeply over how delicious you tasted. You cried out, knuckles white from gripping onto the barred divider in the car. You could feel his warm tongue encircling your pleasure-swollen clit, your eyes seemed to roll to the back of your head as his fingers drilled into your core, repeatedly, making you gasp every time. Your shouts have diminished into soft weak whines, trying to take control of the wave of the growing tension inside you, but it was useless. His fingers curled tightly against your sweet spot and he began sucking onto your mound for extra pleasure, your legs pushed against the side of the car, trying to do everything you could from shattering into a million pieces. Bucking yourself into his tongue for one last time, you were greeted with the officer smiling with you dripping from his chin. You’ve never came so hard in your entire life and there he was, sitting calmly, wiping away your cum like it was whipped cream on his face and sucked it all off his fingers.

“Are you ready to be a good girl and suck me off?” His voice was so low and demanding, you felt compelled to do whatever he wanted. His eyes watched your every move, crawling towards his crotch, staring up at him with all the innocence you could muster, “Yes, officer.”

You released him from his confinement, hungry for the pre-cum that slowly leaked from the reddening head. Running your thumb on the tip, he groaned at your simply actions, as you began stroking him. Sticking your tongue and tasting his saltiness, your felt your hair being held back before you dove in for your treat. You could feel him hitting the back of your throat, but you continued on because of the sweet sounds he was making that motivated to you go on. Your eyes were beginning to water, he was so incredible huge and thick, you couldn’t find it within yourself to stop. The tender tugs from your skull was pushing you to go faster and so that was what you did. Hollowing out your cheeks, you flattened your tongue before leaving him with a good pop. Your hands were stroking him faster now as ran your tongue around his tip, “Agh fucking hell, Y/N.” A cocky smirk formed from your lips as you both realized that poor Jungkook was the first to break the entire scene. His eyes snapped shut when you felt his cum fill up your mouth and you took it all down.

“Look who lost it.” You smiled at your flustered boyfriend, who sat there in silence, trying to get a hold of himself.

“Whatever.” He waved you off, ruffling his hair.

“That was pretty great though…” You couldn’t help but acknowledged that your late night fantasy resulted in amazing sex.

“Good thing you are dating a policeman huh?” Jungkook looked at you, lust still swirling in his eyes as much as the mischievous grin he still held onto.

“How about them handcuffs tonight then…” You suggested, tangling the metal cuffs in front of him and taking his uniform off the car floor and wrapping it around your bare body.

“I’ll get my friend to tow your car then.” Jungkook lifted his legs and moved into the driver seat, not before he motioned you to give back his shirt.

You could only imagine what people will say and think if they found a sexy as fuck officer driving topless…


Little shit needs to stay in his lane and just stay the fuck away from me. STOP MAKING ME SOME SORT OF WAY.

I need water… Hope you enjoyed it anon and I’m sorry it took a while ;(

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bleeding out a dramione fanmix 

i. bad blood by bastille | all this bad blood here, won’t you let it dry?  it’s been cold for years, won’t you let it lie?

ii. love love love by of monsters and men | you love, love, love when you know i can’t love you

iii. let her go by passenger | only know you love her when you let her go, and you let her go

iv. landfill by daughter | i want you so much, but i hate your guts

v. place for us by mikky ekko | through all the walls i fought in my mind and your eyes are the only refuge i find

vi. the cave by mumford & sons | but i have seen the same i know the shame in your defeat

vii. fix you by coldplay | when you love someone, but it goes to waste, could it be worse?

viii. locked out of heaven (cover) by bastille | ‘cause you make me feel like i’ve been locked out of heaven for too long

ix. love’s to blame by joel & luke | our last memory, she had water in her eyes, she cried “stay with me!” and asked “how can this be love if you’re leaving me?” but darling, love’s to blame

x. bleeding out by imagine dragons | so i bare my skin and i count my sins and i close my eyes and i take it in and i’m bleeding out, i’m bleeding out for you, for you

xi. spectrum (acoustic) by matthew koma | breathing you in when i want you out, finding our truth in a hope of doubt, lying inside our quiet drama

xii. king and lionheart by of monsters and men | howling ghosts - they reappear in mountains that are stacked with fear but you’re a king and i’m a lionheart

xiii. never let me go by florence + the machine | and it’s over and i’m going under but i’m not giving up, i’m just giving in


I think Damon believed - in that moment, as his life was ending - that he had lived the life that he wanted and gotten what he wanted. Without explaining too much about the mystery of where he is, he didn’t end up where he thought he was going to be - whether that was, in his mind, hell, heaven, or some like warped dimension of Damon doppelgangers. Where he ended up is so surprising and so strange and mysterious, even to Damon himself that it becomes about 1) figuring out where they are, and 2) how do they get out of it? And those drives triggered by, “Hey, if there’s a chance I can get back home and get back to my girl, then that’s what I want. Get back to my girl and get back to my brother.”
—  source (x)
Answered Prayers {Closed}

may-it-never-change-us (again :D )

/Post-‘execution’ Maria/

For years, Maria’s mind has been trapped in a shocked state. After everything that had happened, and the announcement of her husband and sons’ deaths, it had all been too much for her.

She had kept the same routine of Claudia helping her dress, prayer, eating, prayer, writing for a few moments, looking out of her window, prayer and then sleep. All of these were carried out in a numb state -except for prayer. Prayer was the one thing that she did with all of her force. It ensured the safety of her family in heaven.

Dean sits in his chair casually, humanly. If he doesn’t draw attention to himself, maybe they’ll just leave before any real trouble starts. At least, that’s the hope.

The soldiers can’t see underneath his skin, though if he moves too much they might ask about the full-sleeve of Enochian sigil work covering his right arm. Heaven forbid they see down his back at all from under his shirt collar. He could pretend to be a witch, if that didn’t make them more likely to smite him. Fuck, he needs to call Sam and Adam. He needs backup.

One of them looks right at him and Dean can’t help tensing, fingers tight around his bottle. It’s all he can do to keep from reaching for his blade first. Angels are all too quick to respond to threats like that.

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There’s a lump forming on my throat, and I’m sucking in anger that begs to be known. Times like this, breathing takes too much effort. It’s like trying to compose yourself when all you want to do is shake and let your hands claw into fists and pray to the heavens above it doesn’t leave permanent marks on your skin. To be this tired, and angry, and frustrated at the world takes too much energy out of a person, that sometimes all I can do is cry myself to sleep and hope it gets better by morning.

I am not a sad person, neither do I consider myself unhappy. But I have a habit of suppressing and denying the bad thoughts when it’s there. I have a habit of pushing aside bits and pieces of a problem and piling it up into small stacks in the farthest corner of my mind. Mostly it just sits there and it remains forgotten. But then there are days when all the stress builds up, and everything just overflows. The mind may hold things into infinity, but the heart doesn’t. One way or another pain demands to be felt. And when everything I’ve pushed aside for so long suddenly resurface, it takes its toll all at once, and I am left with nothing but my heart to cope with through the turmoil.

People like me…
We kiss every sea with chapped lips & hope the universe will still claim us…
We fall for a cloud we can never touch & long for romantic walks on the moon…
We lead someone to heaven then turn around because they don’t take our kind…
We act like we don’t mind
Because it hurts too much…
But our slightly-broken-but-still-beating heart teaches us to hold ourselves gently…
& people like me…
Of course we’re okay…
We’re okay because we need to be…
There comes a time when happiness no longer wants to lock eyes… & everything you fear creeps through the crack of your window during a quiet snore…
& when happiness leaves, she takes all the pieces of people like me & make wishes from them…
But I don’t know…
I think that’s a beautiful way for her to go…
—  People like me || Adunni