so today is the first day of Important Game Developer Conference Meetings the studio i work at is having

We’re hoping to finally get funding and when we do i can finally get paid and see my fiancee again!! so wish us luck, yeah?


Shadowhunters Season 1 | Season 2

For all your bisexual Lance needs

so here’s a shitty edit I made a little while back for a Voltron crack video I never posted feel free to use if you want idk good night my good fellows

Paris balcony views of @tamingthetides

a slightly older but always fashionable DJwifi for @matchaball I actually read your fic Inking Indigo my first time reading a fic (which might make me biased) but I think it’s so beautifully written poetic and so descriptive I am so inspired by it. I couldn’t do Alya’s tattoo design justice but everyone should read this fic. We’ve never officially spoken I’m sorry ohgosh but I always wait for you to reply or reblog one of my posts because your tags are so expressive and encouraging thank-you so much for your kindness.

Pride is getting mad and defensive when someone makes fun of you for listening to Broadway Musicals too much. 

Confidence is laughing it off and saying, ‘you’re right’ while turning up the volume and singing louder. 

I haven’t really talked about this a lot because I’ve been distracted BUT I’ve now been to two meetings with other young trans people and it has been SO refreshing like. After the whole situation with the T and the Gender Lady I’ve been so frustrated and I felt like everything had just Paused and stopped working, but now I feel like I got a boost like!! I’m ready to move on and become a better version of myself & all that. It’s good and I’m very glad

Barry Loukaitis

‘It’s like I pictured myself doing it or something I never really pictured myself doing anything else.’

Date: February 2, 1996

Age: 14

School: Frontier Junior High School. Moses Lake, WA

Killed: 3

Wounded: 1

Outcome: Held class hostage. Overpowered. In prison.

Mrs Loukaitis confided too much in her son. her marriage had fallen apart, and her husband became involved with another woman. Mrs Loukaitis planned to get revenge against her husband and his girlfriend; she wanted to tie them up, tell them how much they’d hurt her, show them that she had a gun, frighten them into thinking she was going to kill them, and then shoot herself. She said, ‘If he didn’t remember my life, I was going to make him remember my death.’ She shared this plan with her son, on the last weekend of January, told him that she was going to kill herself on February 14 because she knew she could catch her husband with his girlfriend. On February 2, just a few days after she told Loukaitis her plan, he committed his school shooting.

Through his elementary school years he was reportedly outgoing and popular. He served on student council in sixth grade, and numerous friends visited his house. In seventh grade he became more withdrawn. His mother said he had a bad temper and would hit walls in anger.

During middle school Loukaitis was arrogant and intimidating. When he crossed paths with his peers, he would ‘curse them, tell them to shut up or order them out of his way.’ He loved the random violence in the movie Natural Born Killers and liked to quote from it. He talked about his desire to kill someone before he died. He was drawn to the idea of murder, saying ‘It would be cool to kill people…to try and get away with it.’

He also felt superior to his peers and viewed murder as a way of eliminating inferior people. He told a female classmate, ‘Some people don’t deserve to live; some people should just die or be killed.’

On February 2, Loukaitis entered his algebra class and shot Manuel Vela, Mrs Caires and two other students. Having shot 4 people, Loukaitis held the class hostage. During this time Loukaitis was said to be at ease. When the police arrived and wanted to negotiate with him, he reportedly was not afraid but annoyed. Loukaitis was apprehended when a teacher ripped the gun from his hands. Once in custody, a detective commented on how unruffled Loukaitis was: ‘He was acting shockingly calm…I expected to see a look of remorse.’ An officer commented that when he read Loukaitis his rights, ‘He looked up at me and cracked a smile and said ‘I know my rights, man.’ After giving his confession, he curled up in his cell and had a nap. Later that day, Loukaitis’s father described him as ‘Vicious. No emotion. Not crying.’

Adapted from ‘School Shooters’ by Peter Langman

700+ Followers Celebration Script: If the OTPs switched bodies + Gowther & Hawk (Thanks to all the wonderful ppl who follow me, esp to the ones I got to know and talk to!!! This is for you~Hope you like it! ^o^/)
  • Ban(in Elaine's body): (Is flying around) KAHAAA~ I can fly! And it feels so breezy underneath my dress~!
  • Elaine (in Ban's body): *Covers masculinity* I-I feel so vulnerable without a top on... Ban! Give me back my body!
  • Meliodas (in Elizabeth's body): (Playing around with boobs) So this is how it feels like having big breasts.
  • Elizabeth (in Meliodas' body): (Is too embarrassed to speak) .........
  • King (in Diane's body-small form-): This... feels too strange... I'm not used to being this tall... (In his head) OH MY GOD! I'm-I'm in Diane's body!! I-I have no idea what to feel about this!!!
  • Diane (in King's body): Does that mean I can change into King's human form too...? (Tries to change form and does) AH! I actually can?!
  • Hawk (in Gowther's body): (Squeals) WHY AM I IN THIS BODY!? I WON'T BE ABLE TO SMELL LEFTOVERS ANYMORE!! But then again it beats being in that perverted swine's... BUT STILL!!
  • Gowther (in Hawk's body): This pig's sense of smell is indeed incredible... And I have no need to wear any spectacles! *Tries to do the peace sign* Although it is difficult to pose...
  • Escanor (in Merlin's body): Lady Merlin's body feels so elegant, slender, and divine! With this, I can write down great poetry of her beauty with in-depth details!
  • Merlin (in Escanor's body-nighttime form-): Hmmm... To have myself in this odd situation with everyone else, and within this body... is quite interesting. (Starts going on about writing notes)
let’s talk about JJ for a sec

it’s good to see JJ failing tho. i don’t mean like “yes finally that sucker deserves it” but more like “aww i never thought this canadian babe would be relatable” and “It’s good to see him fail because in life, too much confidence will consume you, turning that confidence into anxiety and pressure to succeed for the people you love”

I feel like I never really see commentary on how writing requires that you fundamentally trust yourself and your words to say what you mean, and that what you mean is important, and that you’re capable of saying it well.

Because yeah I don’t trust myself on any of those things and that is why I never get anything written ayyyyy

Rafael has been stressed for several years because of his physical problems. At some point, you can’t deliver with everything you have on the court, you can’t have the ideal attitude in training, you lose self-confidence too much. When your shots depend on the state of your hand, your knee, your foot, at some point having to manage all those pains tires you out. They sap your strength. It’s the head above all. It determines everything, it allows you to develop your game. If it’s not ticking properly up there, everything becomes very difficult. And suddenly, as soon as Rafael could play without pain, he quickly recovered a good level.
—  Toni Nadal
The Signs and Their Six Word Stories

Aries: I was once a tragedy too.

Taurus: My love was not completely fulfilled.

Gemini: I try to speak, no words.

Cancer: I cry because it’s too much. 

Leo: My confidence is just a mask.

Virgo: I tried, but it wasn’t enough.

Libra: ‘Superficial’ doesn’t mean anything to me.

Scorpio: Deny emotions because they bring pain.

Sagittarius: My Wonderland is in my head.

Capricorn: Protecting myself no matter the cost.

Aquarius: Smile, and maybe it will stop. 

Pisces: I’m a grenade, I will explode.

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it kinda makes me sad that there are so many dislikes and hate on the knock knock mv I hope that twice knows that they are super talented and that they don't lose too much confidence...

It makes me really sad to, and what kills me even more is that I know Twice has noticed their hate because they always say “we know we’re lacking” and every time they accept an award or give a speech they usually say something like “we promise to keep improving and show you a better Twice” and that kills me. The hate is so bad that they don’t think they’re good enough, or that they deserve their success, but they are more than deserving of it. But there’s things we can do as Once to make this better, we can flood the comments section on their mvs and other videos with positive comments, and try and drown out the hate. I know the dislikes seem bad, but there are also currently 526,161 likes which is a phenomenal number. We reached nearly 10 Million views in only 24 hours, Knock Knock is topping all of the charts in Korea right now, and Twice currently stand as the most popular girl group in Korea so no matter the hate and the dislikes we always need to remember Twice’s success. We know that they’re talented and amazing girls, so the opinions of stuck up and immature antis don’t matter.

Confidence goals: Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way

“Yeah but everyone is in love with me! Like Snape and Loopin took a video of me naked. Hargrid says he’s in love with me. Vampire likes me and now even Snaketail is in love with me! I just wanna be with you ok Draco! Why couldn’t Satan have made me less beautiful?” I shouted angrily. (an” don’t wory enoby isn’t a snob or anyfing but a lot of ppl hav told her shes pretty) “Im good at too many things! WHY CAN’T I JUST BE NORMAL? IT’S A FUCKING CURSE!” I shouted and then I ran away.