Zodiac facts I

Aries are always of valuable help when someone is in a bad mood or is not feeling well.

The Taurus love small gestures of love that mean everything.

Gemini don’t follow fashion, they create it.

The biggest fear of Cancer is to be ignored.

Behind their independence, the Leo hide their romantic side.

The Virgo may seem silent, but when you know them, they love to discuss.

The Libra are very nice with everyone, except with themselves.

In all situations, the Scorpio always have a good frame of mind. They don’t let anger or sadness obscure their judgment.

Sagittarius can sometimes be hated by others because they exude their confidence too much.

Capricorn are attracted by those who often return to the charge. They love their determination.

If an Aquarius surprise you lying, they will not stop harassing you until they know the whole truth.

The Pisces will not always approve what you do, but they will never judge you.



sorry for my english, if there’s a nonsense :’)

Diana & Akko - Confidence VS Believing

Welp it’s still not the day I will shut up about episode 20, NOT YET.

Because I just want to talk about Diana a little more. How, up until now, she has always been nothing but confident and certain of what she is doing/saying.

Complete confidence in answering questions in class:

Complete confidence in her magic:

Complete confidence in her broom-riding skills:

Complete confidence in her negotiating skills:

In all of these instances (and others like them) we see the same image of Diana. Back straight, chin high, eyes closed. Of course maintaining proper posture is second nature to someone as serious as Diana, but the fact that she always has her eyes closed speaks volumes to just HOW confident she is in her own abilities. She doesn’t even need to look

Not even when she is WRITING:

Not even when she is WALKING:

Now you’d think she’d at LEAST need to open her eyes to walk and write.

Not Diana Cavendish. She emits an air of confidence and pride and surety all throughout the series, in everything she does (excluding the times when Akko flusters her), which is often misinterpreted by fans and characters alike as a “high-and-mighty” or “snobbish” attitude.

She conducts herself in a very strict, professional, and surefire manner.

That is until-

Yes, Akko strikes again! So passionate, so enthusiastic. 

Diana’s always been confident in herself, but right now - in the face of losing all she and her mother and ancestors have ever worked for - she doesn’t have the spirit for it. Her stance is reclusive, not straight. She’s taken aback. 

Diana is not confident in herself at all at this point. 

But Akko is.

Rather, Akko isn’t exactly confident in Diana. She BELIEVES in her. 

She believes in her enough to proclaim Diana would be able to go to school and be the family head. That’s an immense amount of responsibility all at once, but it’s something she knows Diana would proudly be able to handle. 

Diana just can’t see it for herself right now - that of COURSE she could be family head and attend school. She doesn’t realize it, but Akko does.

So to be in the face of Akko’s complete and utter belief in her, Diana doesn’t know HOW to react for once. She’s always been confident in herself, but now Akko is the one believing in her when Diana can’t do it herself.

Akko has SO MUCH FAITH in her. When Diana can’t be confident in herself, Akko does it for her. Akko believes in her.

And for a girl who always has enough confidence to have her eyes closed, Diana’s eyes have never gone wider than in this scene.

Essentially, Diana has always been confident in herself. But not quite in the same way Akko believes in her.

After all, being confident in your own abilities and knowing that someone else believes in you with all their heart and soul are two entirely different things. 

Being confident means there is some solidarity in what you’re doing. You have done this before. You know exactly what you are doing. You are confident you can do it again. You know you will succeed.

But believing is so much more abstract. “Belief” is based off something that isn’t necessarily concrete or tangible. “Belief” is much riskier. Believing you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you will succeed.

That is the difference between being confident and believing. Diana has always been confident in herself, and confidence is based in solidarity and surety. 

But now, thanks to Akko, she’s learning to believe in herself. Which is a little less clear, a little shakier, a little less concrete. 

That’s why “believing” is so difficult for some people (like Diana). There are no guidelines. There is no surefire answer.

But that’s what makes believing so exciting to others (like Akko). (doki doki no waku waku!)

Final notes: Confidence matches Diana’s personality and upbringing just as perfectly as believing matches Akko’s. 

But now, Akko is finally allowing Diana to believe.

Day Two | Part 2

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,533

A/N: ANOTHER ONE! Thank you all for the feedback on Day One! I can’t believe how many of you guys are excited for this series. Anyways, enjoy, and don’t kill me. Part 1 can be found here.

When you got home yesterday, a nap turned into a full night’s sleep. When you woke up, you had about a dozen text messages from Peter. You didn’t bother opening them, instead you got up and went to shower. You looked at yourself in the mirror and had puffy eyes. You could only hope they would be gone by the time you got to school because you didn’t want anyone asking what was wrong. As soon as you thought of it, you remembered that you had to help Peter today. You were scared for him that he would be rejected, but who would reject a sweet person like Peter?

You sighed and started your shower, and your mind was running through every scenario that could possibly happen today. You had to think of what would happen if Liz said yes or if Liz said no, and ways to congratulate or comfort Peter. You just knew today wasn’t going to be easy at all. When you got out of the shower, you walked to your closet and pulled out denim jeans and a floral Hawaiian shirt, it was a simple outfit, but it got the job done for today’s theme. You didn’t bother with your appearance today, you just combed your hair and went to the kitchen where you grabbed a granola bar and a banana, and that was your breakfast. You hoped as you walked down the stairs that you wouldn’t run into Peter. It was too early to deal with him right now.

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Paris balcony views of @tamingthetides

Imagine saving Steve Rogers from an awkward situation

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For the prompt thingy: zimbits sick fic, I'd like to see how Jack would respond to Bitty being sick. (Maybe with a healthy dose of whum too?)

ooooh ok

  • i think jack would low-key panic if bitty (or any of his People) got sick but would be determined not to show it
  • he’d probably buy too much medicine and heating pads and ice packs and like 12 cans of chicken noodle soup that he’d end up having to donate to the food bank at the end of everything
  • and i imagine Bitty being a super pitiful sick person who just really wants his mama to rub his back and stroke his hair so jack is SUPER freaked out the first time bitty turns into a sick lump of Sadness
  • jack has Far Too Much Confidence in his own immune system and lets bitty hang all over him no matter how contagious he is
  • it’s a given that jack gets sick when Bitty gets sick. some couples can navigate illness without spreading it. zimbits is Not one of these couples.
  • by their first anniversary, jack has totally gotten the hang of taking care of sick Bitty. he has mama Bittle’s chicken n dumplings recipe on his computer. they have a special sick person heated blanket. jack knows exactly how to scratch at Bitty’s scalp to make him less grumpy.
The Odds of Winning (M)

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,529

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Description: After making a two week long bet with Jimin, you come home and catch him breaking the bet.

Warnings: Sub!Jimin, Voyeurism, Sex toy, Profanity, Masturbation, Teasing, a little bit of over stimulation

A/N: Firstly, @avveh came up with the idea but @metaland-dust polluted my brain with so many filthy ideas. This is just the start of what we’ve talked about. Feedback is always appreciated.

You stuck your hand out in front of Jimin and waited for him to agree with you, “You’re on, ___!” he softly chuckled while staring into your eyes and shaking your hand.

You shook your head and walked away, “Good Luck Jimin! You’re going to need it,” you exclaimed while walking out of the room you shared with your boyfriend of three years.

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Ego - Jefferson x Reader

Prompt: “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.” x Jefferson

TW: “Uptight bitch” is something that’s said but that’s about it.

Notes: Cliffhanger!! Part 2 if it’s wanted.

A/N: I’m actually updating when I need to wow. For future reference, and I’ll post an official post in a bit of the schedule. I update on Thursdays and Sundays. The rest of the days are my writing days. Look out for a collab on a Wednesday of every month. I’ll post more in depth but that’s the gist.

Word Count: 696

“-Political parties weren’t even supposed to last… -They just made the president’s job harder…”

At this point your eyes were rolled so far back into your head, you wondered if they’d ever come back out. This man was insufferable.

“Jefferson, do us all a favor and shut up” You snapped. He only rolled his eyes and continued talking, irritating you even more.

You leaned to your best friend, Alex, “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow,“ you whispered. Alex snorted in response and choked back a laugh when he caught a glimpse of something. Alex nodded his head toward what caught his eye. You followed his eyes and there it was. In all its glory.

You snickered, “His ego isn’t the only thing I can see growing.”

“(Y/L/N), is there something you’d like to say to me?” Thomas hissed.

“Look down, Jefferson. I see speaking your unwanted and unasked for opinion really gets you going.”

You watched his eyebrows knit together as he looked down, his confidence faltering for a second before his infamous smirk rose from his lips to hide his embarrassment.

“You know you want me, Darlin’.”

At that remark you burst out laughing. After the very anticipated ring of the bell, class was over. Thomas hadn’t shut up and even the teacher’s patience was wearing thin, but you needed his help for class, so you weren’t quite done with him yet.

“Jefferson- I need to talk to you,” you called to him. His cocky smirk spread across his face as he made his way toward you.

“You called? It’s nice to see me, the pleasure is yours. How may I assist you?” He asked much too confidently. God, the arrogant ass he was.

“Shut up for a second, will ya?” You said exasperatedly, “ As much as I’d rather not ask this, you’re probably the best in this class and I need help studying.”

“What’s in it for me?” He bit his lip, looking you up and down.

“Quality time with me, myself, and I. Come on, the test is in three days and I can’t waste any time,” you responded, grabbing his wrist and dragging him along.

He chuckled, “Eager.”

A few hours later, you still hadn’t gotten much done. Thomas was on his phone and not really offering much advice while you were pouring over your notes, trying to figure out what the important parts.

“Off my bed, Jefferson, I don’t know where you’ve been. If you’re going to sit on your phone not even being useful to me right now, why’d you agree to come?” You started to rant, frustrated and stressed.

“(Y/N), chill out for one second will you? You asked me to help you study for the government final.”

“I did ask you. You agreed and you’re not even helping like you said you would!”

You felt anger bubble inside of you when you heard him mumble something about you being an ‘uptight bitch’.

“What’d you just call me?”

“An uptight bitch,” he said all too nonchalantly, “loosen up a li-.” Before he could finish, you had cut him off by roughly attaching your lips to his. You could feel him smirk before his arm snaked around your waist, pulling you even closer. He was a good kisser, you’ll give him that.

You pulled away, panting a little because damn did that boy know how to take a girl’s breath away.

“Why do you hate me so much?” He questioned, looking almost vulnerable, a hint of hurt evident in his eyes.

“I don’t hate you. You just annoy the hell out of me. With your hard, loud, open opinions and your stupid gorgeous face, and hair, and your body, and-” you stopped with a sigh, “I don’t hate you. If I’m honest I actually find you extremely attractive.” You let the words tumble from your lips, silently wishing you knew how to shut up.

“Give me a chance, (Y/N). I may be an arrogant dick in school but I know how to treat a lady such as yourself. You’re beautiful and you deserve to be treated like a queen. Please,” he almost whispered the word ‘please’ which made your gaze soften.

Pride is getting mad and defensive when someone makes fun of you for listening to Broadway Musicals too much. 

Confidence is laughing it off and saying, ‘you’re right’ while turning up the volume and singing louder. 

Barry Loukaitis

‘It’s like I pictured myself doing it or something I never really pictured myself doing anything else.’

Date: February 2, 1996

Age: 14

School: Frontier Junior High School. Moses Lake, WA

Killed: 3

Wounded: 1

Outcome: Held class hostage. Overpowered. In prison.

Mrs Loukaitis confided too much in her son. her marriage had fallen apart, and her husband became involved with another woman. Mrs Loukaitis planned to get revenge against her husband and his girlfriend; she wanted to tie them up, tell them how much they’d hurt her, show them that she had a gun, frighten them into thinking she was going to kill them, and then shoot herself. She said, ‘If he didn’t remember my life, I was going to make him remember my death.’ She shared this plan with her son, on the last weekend of January, told him that she was going to kill herself on February 14 because she knew she could catch her husband with his girlfriend. On February 2, just a few days after she told Loukaitis her plan, he committed his school shooting.

Through his elementary school years he was reportedly outgoing and popular. He served on student council in sixth grade, and numerous friends visited his house. In seventh grade he became more withdrawn. His mother said he had a bad temper and would hit walls in anger.

During middle school Loukaitis was arrogant and intimidating. When he crossed paths with his peers, he would ‘curse them, tell them to shut up or order them out of his way.’ He loved the random violence in the movie Natural Born Killers and liked to quote from it. He talked about his desire to kill someone before he died. He was drawn to the idea of murder, saying ‘It would be cool to kill people…to try and get away with it.’

He also felt superior to his peers and viewed murder as a way of eliminating inferior people. He told a female classmate, ‘Some people don’t deserve to live; some people should just die or be killed.’

On February 2, Loukaitis entered his algebra class and shot Manuel Vela, Mrs Caires and two other students. Having shot 4 people, Loukaitis held the class hostage. During this time Loukaitis was said to be at ease. When the police arrived and wanted to negotiate with him, he reportedly was not afraid but annoyed. Loukaitis was apprehended when a teacher ripped the gun from his hands. Once in custody, a detective commented on how unruffled Loukaitis was: ‘He was acting shockingly calm…I expected to see a look of remorse.’ An officer commented that when he read Loukaitis his rights, ‘He looked up at me and cracked a smile and said ‘I know my rights, man.’ After giving his confession, he curled up in his cell and had a nap. Later that day, Loukaitis’s father described him as ‘Vicious. No emotion. Not crying.’

Adapted from ‘School Shooters’ by Peter Langman

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 78: The Note

Whoa, this chapter is such a goldmine for analysis. I take great care and pleasure looking at every single panel. It’s very revealing and enlightening.

While the cover is good (Kawakami is in it!), admittedly the chapter title is better.

Two of our best first year pitchers, with determined look on their faces and ominous accompanying words. We’re counting down the days, everyone! For better or worse.

Now, let’s start analyzing. *cracks fingers*

Seidou players in class.

Second years: Toujou, Haruichi and Kariba are in the same class, and they seem like the chillest group of second years.Eijun has his own groupie *snorts*. Fortunately good and sane kind, which also happens to be Haruno’s closest friends in class (and Eijun’s shoujou manga fellow readers). Kanemaru is jealous. (Is it just me or Kanemaru and Haruno have potential together?) …Furuya is alone, despite being in class with three others… ●︿●

Third years: Kawakami is alone (but not lonely?). Shirasu is in the same class with Yui and Sachiko. Ono and Seki are in the same class with Maezono who are fighting with Asou… when the usual suspects, are surprisingly, is grinning at each other in amiable exchange. OMG, look how genuine the look on their faces.

The ship has sailed for Kuramiyu~! (whatever ship you choose, platonic, queerplatonic, romantic, the potential is rightthere) O(≧▽≦)O

First years: Yui and Yuuki are in the same class. They even sit close to each other. Yuuki has quick metabolism that his stomach already rumbles in second period. Okumura… has quite a mood swing that his classmates have come to get used to and pay attention to (which I find hilarious).

Character Development.

Haruno. Being a senpai really does wonders. This is the same Haruno who trips on air. She is able to encourage her kouhai and becomes a reliable manager in the absence of other managers. Looking at the reaction of the boys right there, she looks like on her way following Takako’s example (idol manager).

Okumura. He starts to treat Eijun with less hostility and in exchange, Eijun feels more comfortable to talk with him. Eijun deal well with criticism, so Okumura’s blunt style is not really a problem, but it’s the hostility that he cannot deal well with. Although he still holds unfavorable image of Miyuki hahaha, honestly, I can imagine Miyuki genuinely complimenting Okumura, only for Okumura to take it wrong, as it is noted above. It’s just he seems to put Miyuki in so much regard that he kinda forgets that Seidou has amazing pitchers to offer and to learn from. Though it’s not wrong for him to focus on improving himself first, like what he’s currently doing. It’s a similar approach with Eijun actually.


The notes deserves its own section. It’s really deep and insightful from Coach Kataoka.

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Donald trump is such a good example of the shadow sides of jupiter like being phony, making HUGE promises, exaggeration, haughty, ego that is easily wounded, just overall TOO MUCH confidence, too much everything to the point of being ridiculous. HOWEVER his jupiter only makes “easy” aspects, it trines his sun and sextiles his moon (which is in sagittarius, the sign ruled by jupiter). So maybe the easy aspects really are very prone towards exhibiting a lot of the destructive sides of planets? After all they show the path of least resistance and are too lazy to develop and evolve.

The Luthier (Part 1)

Summary: You’re a Luthier in the cold Laketown and a breathless Bard runs into your shop after escaping from the guards.

Word Count: 3325

Pairing: Bard x Reader

Rating: It’s fluff pals, just happy fluff.

A/N: First story ever in this fandom and it happens to be a Bard one eheh. Before reading it…I suck at titling and english is not my first language, that’s why I have to thank the wonderful @bettythedwarfqueen for checking it before posting!!<3 Hope you’ll like it, comments and general feedbacks are very much welcome. <3

Originally posted by roseberrythomas

You didn’t choose to be a luthier, it happened one day, when both your father and mother got sick with a terrible and incurable disease that corrupted their lungs and took them away in a few days. You had found yourself alone, facing the cruel and uncaring Laketown, forced to continue the family business, your small musical instrument shop. Between grief and mourning, facing new difficulties everyday, you had fall in love with the job: crafting original instrument with pretty carvings, playing and tuning them, searching the perfect shape of the lute’s bodies to make the sound reverberate in the best way. You just wished your fellow citizens would share your same enthusiasm. But once again Braga was at your door asking for the payment of the taxes and you had found yourself out of money.

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Broadway 2.0

Write A Thon Day 5
(Reverse POV)
Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 979

for reverse pov day, i wanted to do anthony’s point of view in the broadway series. i’m not sure how well i did it, but i really enjoyed writing this. i feel like i’m a lot less behind in the write-a-thon now  :)

i think all the stress for now is over. i had my performance on wednesday and it went really well. well, as well as it could’ve gone. i still had some things i was really mad with myself (and our asshole conductor) but hey, it should be okay.

i took the day off yesterday and now i’m a lot less tired. the only thing i haven’t done yet is read my book for english (well, finished), so at the moment, that is the only thing that’s stressing me.

well, there’s my rant over. 

requests are open as usual and my ask box / messages are always open. love you all xx



Two show days were always the hardest for Anthony. Of course, he enjoyed spending time with his show family and performing, but he always struggled to keep his energy up for the second show. Sometimes after the first show, he found himself so tired and dazed that he felt as though he could pass out on that table in Stay Alive Reprise.

So one sunny Saturday where Anthony found himself barely awake, he headed out of the theatre and towards the nearest café. He, of course, had been given orders from the rest of the cast, but he was fine with that. As long as he could get some air and caffeine, he would be fine.

As he entered the café, he chuckled slightly as he heard himself singing on the Hamilton soundtrack. It was hard to go around New York and stay unrecognised, but you seemed to take no notice of him. Your eyes were cast down as you smiled and twirled to the song, blushing when you turned around and noticed him looking at you.

“Hi! How are you?”

Your voice was like heaven to his ears. It was so musical, and full of life, but you didn’t seem to recognise him at all. Your eyes didn’t light up at all. Anthony looked you up and down, pulling out his phone and scrolling through the orders he had been given.

He was worried that it would be too many for your soft looking hands… but he had to talk to you. He had to start some kind of relationship, even if it would seem insane. After all, he was so intrigued by the person that didn’t look at him like some insane fan.

“I’m good, how are you?” He replied, gulping slightly. C’mon Anthony. It’s time to man up…

“Good, how can I help you today?” You replied, flashing him a small smile.

“I was just wanting to get a few coffees, but I’ve been refused at the last few cafes I went to…” Stupid Anthony, you haven’t been anywhere else… “How quickly can you make twenty coffees?”

He knew he sounded stupid, and awkward, but he wanted to seem as cool and collected as possible. He tried his hardest, but for once all of his confidence had vanished.

“Do you have five minutes?” You asked, grabbing your notepad from next to the coffee machine and passing it to him.

Your hands brushed against each other and he felt weak at the knees. He nodded slowly.

“Yeah, easy,” He replied, beginning to write down the massive order for himself and his colleagues.

“Just like, get your order down and then let me know when you’re ready,” You said, taking the notepad back when he was done.

Anthony shifted awkwardly from foot to foot as he watched you making the coffees. He tried his best to start a conversation, but he had no idea what he wanted to say.

Sure, he had only seen you for a few moments and he had barely spoken, but in those moments he felt like he had known you his whole life. He took a deep breath, deciding speaking would be better than staying silent.

“Is this your music?” He asked softly, leaning against the bench. You took a moment to process what he said, being stuck behind the coffee machine.

“Yeah. Well, usually my manager chooses what we play, but today she’s away, so I get control of the speakers,” You replied, placing the first few coffees on the counter.

Silence fell between the two of you again and Anthony shifted slightly again. He checked the time on his phone, sighing in relief as he realised he had all the time in the world.

“Do you work here often?” He asked, breaking the silence again. He wasn’t sure when he would see you again, and he wanted to learn all that he could before he was due back at the Richard Rodgers.

“Yeah, I have daily shifts. Pays the bills, you know?” You replied, folding the cup holders and placing the coffee in them.

The silence fell once again, and Anthony finally felt that he knew what to talk about.

“So Hamilton, huh?”

A more sincere smile spread across your face than before and your eyes lit up. Anthony smiled as well, seeing how happy you were.

“It’s a work of art. I’ve never heard anything like it before, and I’ve listened to a lot of Broadway shows,” You stated.

Anthony smirked slightly. “You should come see it sometime,” He suggested, tilting his head to the side when you rolled your eyes and chuckled. His face fell slightly when you shook your head.

“I don’t have that kind of money,’ You replied, placing the other cups in the cardboard holders and pushing them towards him.

Anthony took a deep breath, smirking confidently as he replied to you. “My name’s Anthony by the way, you probably know me better as Jon Laurens and Philip. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Alright, maybe that was a bit too much confidence. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.


Definitely too much confidence. He thought for a second, toning down his confidence as much as possible.

“C-Come by the Richard Rodgers sometime soon? Good coffee, by the way,” He stated, smiling. He pulled out a few dollars from his pocket and putting them in the tip jar. He picked up the coffees, heading out of the café and sighing in relief.

He had done it. He spoke to you for the first time, that would hopefully be one of many. He had conquered his nerves and overcome his fears, a smile on his face as he returned to his work place.

For once, he felt as though he didn’t need coffee. He had you, and that made him feel all the energy in the world.

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Hello! I love you're Sherlock sketches (that pin is amazing) and i really love your thoughts on him. I'm a big fan of the original books. While I'm also a fan of the BBC show, Disney movie, and Rathbone movies, I'll admit that they have their flaws. In your opinion, what do you think is the main thing that people misinterpret about his character? Why is it that no one gets seems to get Sherlock Holmes right? (Sorry if that makes no sense) Thanks!

Ah thank you so much! Ahh…so preface: I am no Sherlock Holmes expert! I just really loved the books (read ‘em a lot as a kid). I’m aware that there are a lot of different exegesis/analysis of the character–particularly who inspired him (Dr. Bell, Doyle Himself, etc). But these is just my general thoughts/understanding? also: LONG POST AHOY!

 Confidence vs. Arrogance: Ok, so this I feel is a pretty big one that people get wrong! Sherlock Holmes possesses an enormous confidence in his brain and in his work–and it is described as “bordering on arrogance” but not actual arrogance itself (at least most of the time, he does get on Watson’s nerves if he presumes too much, hah). When Holmes’ confidence is misplaced, he is quick to criticize himself, apologize to whomever, and move the heck on, so that he can fix things…which…the more arrogant portrayals of Holmes struggle to do. Also, Holmes is “eager” (probably the most used description in all the books) not because he is compensating, but because he just loves his job. Thusly, he isn’t as concerned with “getting his man” as he is with solving the crime/protecting innocents. You’d be surprised how many villains get away at the end of these books (Holmes believes they get their just desserts eventually).

  • “‘No, it is not selfishness or conceit,’ said he, answering, as was his won’t, my thoughts rather than my words. ‘If I claim full justice for my art, it is because it is an impersonal thing–a thing beyond myself. Crime is common. Logic is rare.’” (Mystery of the Copper Beeches)

Misunderstanding “The Machine”: In modern interpretation, Watson’s comparison of Sherlock to a “machine” gets lost in translation, I think. In modern sensibilities, we see machines as cold, clinical, incapable of feeling (ie. robots). It is a common critique of Holme’s character in many modern adaptations. However, Watson’s comparison is…more specifically related to the arena of sexuality and romance. “Holmes is as inhuman as a Babbage’s calculating machine and just about as likely to fall in love.” This “inhumanity” is less a commentary of Holmes’ emotional spectrum, and more a bemused observation that Holmes has like 0 interest in having The Sex with anyone. Leading to my next point…

Sherlock Holmes doesn’t hate people: I don’t know what the modern obsession is with having smart/clever character be these sardonic butt-holes with a disdain for the human race and how their brilliance is an excuse for any sardonic butt-holery they do. It is boring and lame, and Sherlock’s character falls prey to this A LOT. But here’s the thing, this guy does not hate people–he just doesn’t always exist to please them (at least in a Proper Victorian sensibility). Holmes does get emotionally involved all the time! He sympathetically listens to people’s stories, he comforts clients when he feels they need it. He is enraged at a man who flagrantly insults his wife, a step-father who abuses his daughters, he talks a woman down from suicide, defends another woman’s perceived infidelity, he even talks to a baby, and yes, it is the purest thing. He also keeps another companion when Watson moves on. Also, he and Mycroft get along? There’s literally a whole couple pages of them goofing off together and complimenting each-other. 

  • “Finally he shook one of the dimpled fists which waved in front of him. ‘Good-bye, little man.’” (The Sussex Vampire)
  • “‘You must not fear,” said he soothingly, bending forward and patting her forearm. “We shall soon set matters right, I have no doubt.’” (The Adventure of the Speckled Band)

Holmes doesn’t hate women???: Eyyrgh, ok so no bones about it, Sherlock Holmes is a product of his time. He says a lot of socially accepted “truths” about ladies–how they can’t be trusted, how they are silly, hair pins, etc. And that is annoying and wrong and we all can agree on that, I think. However, he is always civil to women, and rarely talks over or belittles them–ESPECIALLY when he knows they are being abused or in distress. Also, Irene Adler humbled him Quite A Bit–and a lot of his previous overtures on women change through his experience with her and the other rad ladies he works with. I think he partly senses how systematically misused women are–and he is pretty quick to defend them (See: The Copper Beeches, The Lone Cyclist, The Veiled Lodger, The Speckled Band, The Greek Interpreter, The Dancing Men, Charles Augustus Milverton, The Yellow Face, The Sussex Vampire, among others). Maybe not, but he takes their side 9 times out of 10. Of course, he’s not interested in boinking any of them, so modern (male) writers get confused by this and mistake sexual disinterest for misogyny. :/ 

Also a big pain with me and the modern adaptations is that they change the narrative of the stories to make some of the lady characters awful/justify some shoe-horned in remark against womankind. I got particularly riled by the Brett version of The Greek Interpreter, where the girl (abused in the original book) is secretly in on the whole plot and Holmes sneers at her for heartlessly enabling the death of her faithful brother. Where the heck did this come from???? The book has a great ending (where the girl literally Stabs Her Abusers to death, and escapes the heck outta there), I just don’t get it. >:[ (They did this in the Hound of the Baskerville movie too. akjhfddk) 

Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough! Thanks for asking!