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Tagged by @muspellssynir you’re supposed to shift your Playlist and say the first 10 songs but,,,,

I did this in December but now I’m doing it again and guess what?? I still don’t have more than 6 songs on my ‘new’ phone. So,,,,, instead of going to my tablet we’re going to look at the last 10 songs I listened to on YouTube. Because I suck.

1- Tag, You’re It and Closer (Melanie Martinez and The Chainsmokers) this is a mashup. There will be a lot of these aagahah
2- Good Time and Dollhouse (you know who it is and Melanie Martinez, yet again) another mashup now stop looking at me like that
3- does this count?? It is music so Dragon Trainer Tristana (League of Legends) stop okay it’s really good
4- my fav,,,,,,,, Arcade Ahri (League of Legends) *chants* CHIPTUNE CHIPTUNE CHIPTUNE
5- Burning Bright (League of Legends, last one I swear) we are the meant to be,,, the star,, guardians,,,, GONE IN A FLASH BEFORE OUR TIME, UP IN THE SKIES TOGETHER
6- Tag, You’re It and Control (Melanie and Halsey) there are two versions of this mashup, this is my fav, it’s called Tag Control ((Control It is good too tho))
7- Applause and Carousel (Lady Gaga and Melanie) mashup, under the name Applausel. the beginning slams you in the face it’s great
8- Bad Apple!! (cover by JudyPhonic) edgy af and Jesus Christ do I switch between octaves all the time
9- In the Name of Love (Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha)
10- Here’s to Never Growing Up and Milk and Cookies (Avril Lavigne and Melanie) mashup,,, another fav, under the name Here’s to Milk and Cookies
AND I’M GONNA REC THIS SONG BECAUSE ITS THE BEST SHIT EVER,,,, the lyrics are so deep like who thinks of this stuff?? not me it seems but yall need to listen to this

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