Part 1 of some fun captura moments with @kuva-panacea! Saif and Glow do some Business and chill on Earth, Tehsat reaches for a piece of dat ass Gabriel’s Covenant, and Saif and Tehsat fail at a Void-magical high-five while Gabriel and Glow look on and Judge.

Then we clipped right outta Inaros’ Tomb scene and did some meditation on a cliff. Sort of looks like it might have doubled as a sermon courtesy Gabriel, tbh.

Self Sacrifice

(Based on this little headcanon I dropped in parvill’s askbox a while back. warnings for all the usual blood magic stuff - blood, cutting, character peril ect.)

Parvis goes too far with his blood magic one too many times, and Will steps in to teach him a lesson in the hopes of actually keeping him alive. It turns out self-sacrifice is only easy when you’re the one doing it.


Parvis is disorientated for a long second after he wakes up. For a start, he’s actually in a bed, something that doesn’t happen often – not because of any dislike for sleep, but simply because he’s so busy. Blood magic is intensive, demanding of attention and effort, and he just doesn’t have time more often than not.

(The fact he’s found it hard to sleep ever since leaving Will, since the brilliant nightlight green of Will’s eyes no longer filled the gloom of whatever room he’s trying to sleep in, is entirely coincidental. He’s sure of it.)

“This needs to stop.”

He blinks slowly at the voice, turns his head without moving the rest of himself, and finds Will Strife sat in a chair next to his bed. Will looks – well, terrible is probably being generous. He looks dishevelled, dark bags under his eyes and crimson blood that Parvis suspects might once have belonged to him stuck in the creases of his knuckles where he’s evidently not scrubbed hard enough.

“Do you know how many healing potions it took to keep you alive this time?” asks Will, and there’s fear in his voice, poorly hidden beneath the frustrated anger. “Three, Parvis. Three potions of minor healing. I’m no witch, I can’t brew them myself. Do you know how many favours I owe Lomadia and Nilesy now?”

It’s a rhetorical question, but Parvis answers it anyways, on the basis he’s not even been given the chance to say hello yet. “A lot?” he hazards, winces a little when Will’s expression darkens.

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