What I Want from QoAaD (LoS spoilers below)

•Julian releasing his anger and sadness and frustration (i.e. throwing and breaking things) and Emma finding him and calming him down (He breaks down in her arms and just sobs for hours)
•Julian not shutting anyone out, but taking time alone to channel his emotions into painting
•Everyone to realize Livvy died a freaking hero. She saved Julian and who knows who else that saved in the end too.
•None of the Blackthorns fall into a serious state of depression after Livvy’s death (especially Ty)
•Kit *really* being there for Ty.
•I want what happened to bring the Blackthorns closer, especially in Dru’s case.
•Badass Blackthorns™+Emma and Cristina and Diana (and Kieran?) avenging Livvy. And for them to realize how much of this is Zara and her Cohort’s fault, and like, destroying them.
•Zara to be ended one way or another (death, imprisonment, something beyond exile bc she’s not worthy of it)
•The Cohort’s failure. The Registry not to be passed. CC stated that The Wicked Powers is going to be set to resolve some problems from TDA that left some people short of their rights.
•Cristina to end the Cold Peace
•More Cristina x Mark
•More Kit x Ty
•Dru being the real badass we all know she is
•Diana to become head of the LA Institute (Mortal Sword is gone). Or Helen with Diana as the tutor like before. I can’t choose
•No more Blackthorn deaths. None.
•Cristina and Diana can’t die either
•Clace engagement (or even wedding)
•The Lightwoods take time to grieve but Simon and Izzy still get married
•Magnus is okay! Tessa is okay! All the warlocks are okay! (except for Malcolm. He can rot in hell)
•So much of Emma’s sass and sarcasm
•Helen’s exile to be lifted. Helen should run the LA Institute with Aline and be close to her family, but if she can’t, Diana should definitely get the job.
•Malec exploring the idea of marriage???
•Kit really showing off his Herondale™
•Ty to be the one to avenge Livvy (killing Annabel? idk)
•The r u i n a t i o n of Julian and Emma’s parabatai bond if it means they can be together. Can’t Cortana cut through anything? Cut the runes with it idk
•If they can remain parabatai and be together, that would also be splendid. Even better. FIND A WAY.
•More Jem and Tessa. They were absent during like all of Lord of Shadows
•More Sherlock and Watson moments between Ty and Kit
•THE EXPLANATION OF HOW BRIDGET IS ALIVE SHES A N C I E N T (is it in the last hours? or the bane chronicles? i’m planning on reading tbc next so i guess i’ll see)
•More Wise™ Cristina
•Okay who tf is Ash? Is he really Sebastian’s son? Please make him not-bad. He’s a child. He can be good
•Dru to have a major storyline with the thingy Jaime left (for her)?
•Go, Diego, go!


first art in like? weeks? it feels like? so a bunch of boring headshots while i remember how to use my tablet/hand lmaooo and also to feel out face design bc i’m currently back in Iliad Hell and that’ll prob be the subject of my next few art dumps :^) ages on a few bc me and @nuricurry are also writing these dudes and have been jumpin’ around a lot on the timeline

Lord of the Rings dreamcast

So I saw this comment on how Channing Tatum or Jason Mamoa would have made a better Legolas. Both would have been too young (they’re even younger than Orlando, and he was 19) when LOTR was made, but that gave me the idea of imagining what a perfect LOTR cast would look like today if the series was remade.  

So here goes my dreamcast for a new LOTR - a bit more diverse than the powers-that-be would like - and hopelessly expensive, but a girl can dream!

Bilbo: Martin Freeman. Well, can’t be anyone else.  

Frodo: Jon Stewart. Frodo was middle-aged you guys! And Jon has Frodo’s philosophical, inward looking persona.

Sam: Oscar Isaac. Cause he can do stoicism.  And cause he’s pretty.

Merry: Felicity Jones. She has both cheekiness and gravitas. Watch Northanger Abbey if you don’t believe me.

Pippin: John Boyega. Pippin is wayyyy younger than Sam and Merry. And Boyega does the “lost” look quite well.

Hamfast Gamgee - Rita Moreno. Remember West Side Story? Totally believable mom for Sam.

Rosie Cotton - Yuki Kato - Cause she’s pretty, and cute, and does this adorable thing with her eyebrows.  

Sauron: Benedict Cumberbatch.
Witch-king: Benedict Cumberbatch.
The Voice.

Gollum: Andy Serkis. Some things are eternal.

Aragorn: Richard Armitage. Cause he’d bring a tragic humanity to the role. And cause I love him.

Theoden: Amitabh Bachchan. Right age, and he’d have the role hogtied before he even stepped on the set.

Eowyn: Zoe Saldana. Nuff said.

Eomer: Hrithik Roshan. Action star. Looks fabulous. Would face down Jason Mamoa’s arrow with suitable menace.

Wormtongue: Nana Patekar. An expert at looking creepy. And I mean that in the very best way. Hugely respected actor. 

Boromir: Aaron Kwok. Action star. Can do repressed and angry beautifully. Will make millions cry in the death scene.

Faramir: Maggie Cheung. Same age as Aaron, but what the heck. And Eowyn deserves a strong, beautiful wife.

Denethor: Lucy Liu. Cause nobody chews the scenery quite like her. 

Gandalf: Morgan Freeman. Who else?

Saruman: Michelle Yeoh. Saruman is the epitome of restrained power. So is Michelle.  

Radagast - Whoopi Goldberg. Cause she’s zany perfection.  

Gimli: Benicio Del Toro. Cause I want to see him as Gimli that’s why.

Gloin - Peter Hambleton.  Cause he’s so beautifully grumbly. 

Dain Ironfoot - Olu Jacobs. Cause we don’t want no CGI no more, and Olu Jacobs has played the king in roughly two million Nollywood movies.  And cause they better include the Erebor battle or I’ll be very cross.

King Brand of Dale - Oded Fehr. I mean, look at him. He’s even more gorgeous now with the gray hair.  

Galadriel: Ana María Orozco. She was gorgeous as “Betty la Fea” and is even more beautiful now. And she took home all the awards for that role.

Legolas: Jason Mamoa. Cause Legolas is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the elves. Not my own idea… from this post on Tumblr that started me down this train of thought. Heh.

Celeborn: Denzel Washington. He’s hot, he has gravitas.

Haldir: Rosario Dawson. Can she do action? I dunno, but  she has the figure for it.

Isildur: Hugh Jackman, cause we need someone with a family resemblance to our Aragorn.

Arwen: Anushka Shetty. The Bahubali girl. She can act, she can fight. And she looks flawless.

Elrond: Tabu. Serious acting chops, plenty of gravitas, really long hair, and she can rock the gold lame look. Maybe too young to play Anushka’s mom, but hey, they’re elves. 

Diversity numbers: 

White 9
Black 5
East Asian 5
South Asian 5
Latino 6
Other 2

Men 17
Women 12

US: 10
UK: 6
India: 5
Hong Kong: 2
Indonesia: 1
Malaysia: 1
Puerto Rico: 1
Columbia: 1
New Zealand: 1
Australia: 1
Nigeria: 1
Israel: 1

Trans/Other: 0

LGBTQ characters: 2
LGBTQ actors: Not sure, tbh. 

Not perfectly diverse, as you can see, cause it’s a personal list - only actors I have watched and liked. But a bit more diverse than the original LOTR, yeah?

What do you think, people? Do you like my choices? Which ones would you change? Which characters have I left out? 

I would say “Leave your comments below”, but this isn’t Youtube, so… please reblog with your comments?

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I just hit 500 followers, woo! This is the list of all my follow forevers, and a thank you to everyone whether you’re on this list or not! 

The placement of your name on the list doesn’t dictate how much I love your blog by the way! It’s pretty much random. If you’re not on this list then I’m s o sorry, I might have forgotten or maybe we just don’t interact enough  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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things i love (spoilers):

•magnus calling clary “biscuit”
•alec and clary’s developed relationship as shown in lady midnight and a long conversation
•jace & simon brotp
•the fact that you can ship literally anyone with anyone in this fandom and nobody gives half a shit as long as neither alec nor magnus aren’t shipped w anyone but each other (like, the clalec shippers? do they still exist? go away?)
•tessa and jems subtle references to their previous experiences with will in tmi, tda, etc etc
•magnus. bane.
•isabelle. lightwood.
•emma carstairs is bi? is she not? thought she was…
•catarina loss taking no shit from students during her time at the Academy
•ty blackthorn! autistic, i think? nephilim don’t really use the words to describe bc they don’t know them but i think cc confirmed it
•emma carstairs? like she’s actually a younger emma swan come at me??i love her
•did i mention magnus bane?
•charlotte. like A+ character rep bc she’s an actual role model for being who she is
•will herondale and jem carstairs parabatainess over everything else ever in existence leave me alone
•julian blackthorn father figure poor ruthless bby what’ve they done to you
•julian’s private room in his studio…honestly
•the great blessing that is isabelle lightwood
•drusilla blackthorn bc yes not all shadowhunters are thin or muscular but that doesn’t make her any less of a shadowhunter
•emma and clary’s friendship
•will and tessa named their daughter after a book character like actually yes
•the carstairs will forever be indebted to the herondales oh my god
•"blackthorn eyes"
•"lightworm" why didn’t this come up again
•will is a fanboy
•you remember that scene where tessa held a poker because of that convo w will i don’t love that she hurt herself but i love how powerful it made the scene
•sophie collins/lightwood!!!!
•magnus and alec have kids
•"in sephora?“