Lmao yay another tag

Thank you 21falloutpilotss for tagging me :)

Name: Aaiza

Nicknames: (literally too many) Aaizi, Az, Aai, Mitchie, Icy Cube, Donkey Ass and Charles.

Birthday: 4th December

Sign: ♐ Sagittarius

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Graysexual

Height: 5 foot 4 (163cm)

Favorite colors: Black, mint green, purple and white.

Hours of sleep: Around 4-9 hours, usually 6. (I don’t sleep well oops)

Lucky #: I don’t believe in lucky numbers.

Last thing I googled: ptxofficial (wow big surprise)

Happy place: the internet

I tag: blacktarbitch nailovesmavi robinlovesmavi elsalovespentatonix spoonmehuman all-of-me-uncharted sold-my-soul-to-the-internet miss-ruiz myfcuteharto

LF friends at UCF

Hi my name is Robert and I am looking for some friends on/around the UCF campus. I’m 19, a biomedical major, and just a really chill and relaxed guy. I’m up to do anything from going to the beach, going to a mall, hanging in a coffee shop all day, or just sitting around playing games. I’m a geek at heart, I love books like Harry Potter, LOTR, etc, video games are wonderful, I watch anime from time to time, and I love astrology and zodiac signs. (I’m a Sagittarius) besides my geekiness I love to swim, basketball has always been fun to me, and I will never turn down a good walk especially if it is in a beautiful place (I’m a nature person). 420 friendly and a casual drinker. All in all I just hope to find some people to hang out with, I’m tired of sitting in my dorm all day haha. PS: Praise the Sun!!! (If you get the reference you are amazing times infinity) 😂

PSS: don’t be afraid to message me on here I won’t bite, I love talking to people :)

“I think wrestlers who are best friends off-camera have the best rivalries on-camera. Triple H and Shawn Michaels (and Ric Flair), Trish Stratus and Lita, John Cena and Randy Orton, Kaitlyn and AJ Lee, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and so on. Friendship rivalries are practically guaranteed to be something special, which is why I look forward to them.”


ひなた記念日 by たまご屋

Hinata’s birthday has come and gone a long ass time ago, but I want to share this cute doujinshi with you guys. :D In this book, it’s the day of Hinata’s birthday and we find out what presents the different characters from different schools have for him. Everyone in that illustration shows up yo!  

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