For once in her life Camden was trying to be early, mainly, because she wanted to spend as much time with Atlas as possible. The reason why Cammie was always so late to everything was, because she didn’t drive. Since her accident she had never sat in a car. There were too many terrible memories and flashbacks to put herself through. She slipped on a pair of black leggings with an old over sized hoodie that perfectly covered her scars. More clothes, less problems. At least that’s what always seemed to go through Cammie’s mind. 

After a long walk, Cammie checked the time on her phone. Five minutes after midnight. In Cammie time, she was early. The walk however caused the injury in her knee to become sore, causing a slight limp that Cammie tried to desperately hide as the lighthouse came into distance. The familiar heated feeling began boiling in her stomach at the thought of seeing Atlas again. She didn’t know if she could contain her emotions. Soon enough, she was close enough to see Atlas. A wide smile instantly formed as she sent her a quick wave. 

more ideas for the kylux space pirate au

  • the underworld gives them sinister yet enormously cheesy epithets-stuff like “The Red Blade” and “The Phantom”
  • hux is a walking armory-he always carries a sniper rifle and 2 holdout blasters and like 10 knives
  • meanwhile there’s kylo with a lightsaber and a blaster he forgets half the time
  • kylo likes to collect their wanted posters and hang them up in the ship
  • non scarred kylo wears goggles and a bandana because he’s spent 15 years wearing a mask and now feels weird without one
  • han sees his son for the first time in 20 years when kylo comes to break his husband out of a jail cell (a jail cell han is also in)
  • hux sends his father a package containing one wanted poster and a picture from their wedding and then hacks the terminals so he can laugh at brendol’s rage
  • kylo doesn’t bother to hide his emotions in the force anymore, so luke and leia can feel his happiness and excitement and love halfway across the galaxy

Can’t help but listen to the classics of this show, especially from one of my favorite games. <3

I have to be honest, I felt for Laurel in the beginning, I really did. But now? First she doesn’t want help and then she passes killing her husbands dog off as “oh this is a good thing! This needed to happen!”. That is a LIFE you have just taken! And stating that you are going to get help just to keep your husband after robbing him of something he held dear is horrible. If you don’t want to help yourself after taking a LIFE away, then …

I’m so angry right now.