The Alternative Comedy Experience: Series 2

anonymous asked:

hello kim! i've had this problem going on with photoshop for some time and idk why it happens, but everytime i try to gif, ps freezes and it won't load the frames nor will it let me close photoshop, which forces me to restart my laptop everytime. it happens when trying to open a selected portion of the video, sometimes even /trying/ to select it or close the pop-up window. i dont select too many frames, always under 100, most of the time under 50 frames, do u have an idea as to why this happens?

do you have enough storage space on your laptop? photoshop takes up a lot so that could be why ;;; i’ve kinda answered something similar here: but if that doesn’t help then i’m not sure ;;;

for the longest goddamn time i thought your queue tag said hairqueue!! and i could not stop wondering why you were so enthusiastic about hair

lmao omg???

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