They can’t be gay

The other day I was playing Overwatch with a straight couple that added me from a previous game. When I picked Ana they started talking about how Soldier76 was Pharah’s father because they had seen some facebook post about it (if you don’t know, there was a facebook screenshot with incorrect information saying they were father and daughter but blizzard later confirmed Pharah and Soldier76 were not related at all).

Of course I told them that the screenshot was false/blizzard confirmed it to be untrue, but they insisted they were romantically involved because in Ana’s origin trailer she and Jack Morrison (76) were standing next to each other:

I told them they were just standing next to each other, but they insisted there was something romantic on the way they stood next to one another and that they couldn’t be just friends. 

So I told them that didn’t make much sense and that to me Jack and Gabriel were the ones that had a romantic relationship in the past. I don’t know why I said that, or yet why I expected them not to react the way they did. They started to laugh, like I had just told them the funniest joke they ever heard. because they can’t be gay. I asked them why not, and the guy just said “You know… they’re main characters”, “They’re manly” and “They can’t be gay”.

I found myself somewhat agreeing with them on something: I can’t really remember a videogame making main characters gay and in a relationship with each other, except perhaps bioware games? And I think that’s really sad.

i keep seeing this person on my dash who has me hardblocked and it makes me feel awful because i dont know what i did to have them block me?

like i followed them before apparently bc i had liked their “like if u read my pages” post but boom? gone? idk what i did and it bothers me so much when ppl just block me without explanation

if its softblock then cool whatever but what did i do to get hardblocked like that

my bros been talking abt gay stuff a lot lately & idk what to make of this