The Importance of Time Travel in Gravity Falls

We get some bits of time travel here and there in the show. First we got those little background “easter eggs” in the first three episodes of the series, then in Time Traveler’s Pig we discover Blendin time traveled to clean anomalies. In that same episode, we get a peak at what I assume is a distant future?

(It looks like a rather futuristic city that’s in ruins and futuristic weapon wielders run by in the scene, so I’m not 100% sure how it could be the near future or apocalypse like some have theorized? Is there more evidence to back either? Also, those two moons for this “future of earth” are strange. I wrote about that before.)

Could it also be an alternate timeline? Who knows?

For a while, it seemed we weren’t getting more time travel shinanigans yet. Then Blendin is spotted in Gideon Rises, and makes a non-background reappearance in Blendin’s Game: an episode that was heavily focused on the distant future that Time Baby reigns. We also see “Blendin was here” written on some wood boards that little Stanley punched through in AToTS.

Speaking of Time Baby, he’s worried about Bill. Why could that be?

While time travel thus far has been rather subtle and minimally presented compared to other scenes and themes of the show, I believe it’ll be of less subtle importance very soon in this season. How?

Well… First I want to get into some time travel that’s seen in the Gravity Falls book: Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun.

What I read there before didn’t make much sense. I couldn’t stop thinking and wondering about it since then! However, tonight I gave the pages another read. Looking into it, I think I’ve got some interpretations on it!

What even happened here? All I know is that Blendin sure is kept busy with his job.

Sooo… Let’s look back at the first two pages before this, shall we? And consider some timeline stuff which hopefully won’t confuse me and give me a headache later. (Or do the same to you guys…)

Examination and analysis time! One paragraph at a time.

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92 Questions

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Last Drink: Water
Last Phone Call: My grandfather
Last Text: ❤️
Last Song You Listened To: All Too Well
Last Time You Cried: 1 week ago, I think

Dated someone twice: No
Been Cheated On: No
Kissed Someone And Regretted It: No
Lost Someone Special: Yes
Been Depressed: Yes
Been Drunk And Thrown Up: No
Three Favorite Colors: Red, Light Blue, Black

Made A New Friend: Yes
Fallen Out of Love: No
Laughed Until You Cried: Yes
Met Someone Who Changed You: Yes
Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: No, I have known it before
Found Out Someone Was Talking Behind Your Back: Yes, but just some very useless boys
Kissed Anyone On Your Facebook Friend List: No, I don’t have Facebook

# Of People On Your Facebook Friends List You Actually Know: I don’t have Facebook
Any Pets: 1 cat
Do You Want To Change Your Name: No
What Did You Do For Your Last Party: Eating out
What Time Did You Wake Up Today: 8:30 AM
What Were You Doing At 12 Last Night: I was on tumblr
Something You Can’t Wait For: Trip to Norway and England
Last Time You Saw Your Mother: 15 minutes ago
What Are You Listening To Right Now: Bad Blood
Have You Ever Talked To A Person Named Tom: Yes
What’s On Your Nerves Right Now: HOLIDAYS
Blood Type: I don’t know
Relationship Status: Single
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Pronouns: She/Her
Favorite TV Show: There are a few. “Law & Order: SVU”, “Castle” and “How to get away with murder”
Tattoos: None
Righty or lefty: Righty
First surgery: I never had one
First piercing: Helix
First best friend: Katrin
First sport you joined: I did gymnastics
First Vacation: Mallorca, but I can’t remember that
First Pair of Sneakers: I don’t remember.

Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Water
I’m About To: Go down to my grandparents
Listening To: Cup Song
Waiting for: Nothingä
Want Kids: Maybe
Get Married: Maybe
Dream Career: I want to be an actress, but I think it is just in my wildest dreams. I would love to become a doctor too.

Lips Or Eyes: Eyes
Hugs Or Kisses: Hugs
Shorter Or Taller: Taller
Older Or Younger: Older
Romantic Or Spontaneous: Both
Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: Nice stomach
Sensitive Or Loud: Sensitive
Hook Up or Relationship: Relationship
Trouble-Maker Or Hesitant: A mix of both

Kissed A Stranger: No
Drank Hard Liquor: No.
Sex On The First Date: No
Broke Someone’s Heart: Yes
Had Your Heart Broken: No
Been Arrested: No
Cried When Someone Died: Yes
Fallen For A Friend: No

Yourself: Sometimes
Miracles: Yes
Love At First Sight: Yes
Santa Claus: No
Kiss On The First: Yes
Angels: Yes

tswiftbecky tinaakatiny glass-and-crystal-roses notaprincessimyourqueen ner-dy swifternet swiftieonwildestdreams swift-ease vanishedswift bubblyswiftie13 finallyc13an thisloveisuntouchable shadows-inthe-faded-lights tsizzle13 all-too-well-13 allaroundtaylor allyyouhadtodowassstaystaystay notcomingundoneanymore youarecleaninnocent longlivedreamer22 foreverwithtswift forever-wondering-wonderstruck speaknowtaylor sarahwearsamask messofadreamr13

Yeah, so, instead of finishing the Assassin quotes post I started months back of course, OF COURSE I’m going to be distracted by making another edit with stars in it. ._.

This is like my spin on those colour palette things that were a thing on Tumblr. It’s really tough to nail a nebula that has a similar colour palette with a character, so in the end I had to either 1) Limit the colours to a very basic three, or 2) Do conservative adjustments on the original nebula image. I mentioned that I really didn’t want to do this, but well… it’s tough T_T Like the Eagle Nebula image you see above? The original had a more pinkish hue. I really wanted to use this for Altair because it has that bright centre and, well, it’s the Eagle nebula. I had to use it. XD; Disappointing that I had to adjust the colours and levels in the end, but honestly? Even the official images differ. Just do an image search on Eagle nebula and you’ll see what I mean.


mary loumanizer + becca moonstone side by side! i think moonstone was just a tad too light for me

anonymous asked:

What brand of cars would they drive?

Lucky for you we already talked this one out so we just jotted down the ideas -Admin Yunicon

Noctis: A Dark Grey 2015 Lamborghini Aventador. A really nice sports car that can go fast and looks really cool when he rolls up to a stop light. Too bad he’s a nervous driver and never goes more than 5 miles over the speed limit.  

Prompto: A beat up four door sedan with some funny bumper stickers to boot. The front bumper is dented and the door has a lot of paint chipped off from ‘accidents that aren’t his fault’. However, he does have a nice yamaha motorcycle which could fool anyone it hadn’t been ridden with its pristine appearance if Prompto didn’t drive it every day possible in the spring and summer.

Gladio: Gladio has a 2002 Harley Davidson Chopper that he refuses to get rid of just because of age. The ride is smooth and nothing feels better than feeling the wind on your face then when he goes down the highway. It still works perfectly well thanks to all the time and dedication he puts into making it run like new. Sometimes Prompto will help him fix his bike for fun when issues do arise. 

Ignis: Ignis has a 2013 Phantom Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe. He especially likes to drive it around on summer days because he can keep the top down and let the warm breeze go through his hair. The seats are very comfy and the turning is very smooth. It’s an enjoyable car overall.

Name: Hex
Why is that your name?: Because it means to bewitch, curse or cast a spell on, and I look like voodoo magic.
Species: Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Morph (if any): None, I’m just a very pretty normal c:
Age: One year and two months old.
Height (at thickest place of snek chunk): Uhh… tiny still…? Half inch, roughly.
Length: about three feet, give or take. I’m very wiggly.
Weight: Too light for mom’s crappy people scale :(
Favorite marking: That one on the very bottom portion of her body in the picture, where it looks like her spots got confused~
Favorite food: Anything mommy puts in front of my face, I’m not picky.
What day do you eat?: every Tuesday, but I would happily eat more often.
Favorite hide: Why use those silly things made and bought for me when there’s burrow-able substrate?? I thought they were there just to look pretty.
Favorite activity: Swimming!
Least favorite activity: Being woken up when I fall asleep in my water bowl…
Favorite object: My water bowl.
Least favorite object: The feeding tub… I hate it and it’s boring, until there’s food it, anyway.
How awesome is your parent? Rate them 1-10: 10! She’s building me a huge new adult enclosure and she’s very careful with my humidity and temperatures so I stay as happy and healthy as a snake can be.
A little bit about me: I am the opposite of my older roommate (room, not tank-mate). I’m active and outgoing and I tend to greet you at the front of my tank when I think I’m going to be allowed out. I love to explore, and one of my favorite things to do is go to work with mom and hang out with her coworkers for a while. There’s so many things to smell there!

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What's your opinion on Vespucci bridles? They look lovely in the tack store and I've heard people say they're great, but I've also seen reviews saying the glue leaks/they break/they're crap. What has your experience been with them, if you have one? I'm thinking of getting one for my large pony, but I've also heard they run large- would a pony size fit better? And I'm looking at the oakbark colour (for a medium/liver chestnut), would that be too light on him? Are they easy to oil darker? Thanks!

I really like them! I’ve never had any problems with mine. The leather is very supple and dark and it was quite easy get it to that point. 

Having said that, my best friend bought the exact same Vespucci as me, oiled it like crazy to darken it (it’s a two-tone bridle and the lighter tone looked very orange) and the thing would not darken. She used the same oil and method as me but hers just would not take. 

They definitely do run large. Tucker fit in the mid range of a full sized bridle and I had to do my full sized Vespucci up on the tightest holes for him. The bridle fits Uno and he’s a 16.3 Warmblood with a fairly large head, so if I were you I would go with a pony size for sure. 

Personally I would steer clear of the oakbark colour and opt for the dark brown instead. Vespucci bridles tend to be lighter than most others so I think you may find the oakbark quite orange. The accent tone on my bridle was oakbark and I darkened it to match the brown. 

I have never had a problem with mine and would definitely say it’s worth the money! I’ve attached a photo so you can see how mine looked after oiling. 

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You said you fell in love with a drug store foundation, what was it?

I was gonna make a post about it but I’m a procrastinator and I’ve gotten like 5 messages about it since I mentioned it. It’s the Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation! I bought a bottle of it a year or so ago and it was way too light for me and I went to Target looking for a cheap foundation that I could wear on days that I was only wearing makeup for a couple hours so that I wasn’t wasting my expensive foundations and I remembered that I liked the formula. So I got my proper color this time around and holy baloney it seriously gives you such a flawless finish 😍 So flawless, in fact, that my MUFE HD foundation is going back to Sephora tomorrow. Why have a $43 foundation when a $9 foundation blows it out of the water?

Porthos and Aramis looked at each other again, and the color mounted to their faces.
“I am too light for the gallows,” replied Aramis; “people like me are not hung.”
“And I am too heavy,” said Porthos; “people like me break the cord.”
“I am sure,” said the prisoner, gallantly, “that we could have guaranteed you the exact kind of death you preferred.”
“A thousand thanks!” said Aramis, seriously. Porthos bowed.

The Vicomte de Bragelonne

Legit hanging proplems.
Between Aramis, Porthos and their prisoner, I don’t know who is more sassy in this scene

also I’ve always find somehow funny how Porthos is so big while Aramis is so thin, even then they’re talking about hanging at this point of the story……..ok, I think I’ve a problem