14 Days of Borrowed Toothpaste Part. 1

Day 1

Michonne walks up to Rick’s bedroom door, in a tank top and sweat pants, and leans against the door frame. Rick is sitting on the edge of his bed, tugging his boots on. “Hey, I ran out of toothpaste, can I use some of yours?” Michonne asks. Rick looks up from his boots, and raising his brows he replies, “I got half a tube, use sparingly”. Michonne grins at him, knowing what he’s thinking. “Don’t worry, I will measure out a pea sized amount”.

Day 2

Michonne walks into Rick’s open bedroom door, and exclaiming gently, “I’m taking your toothpaste!” Grabs it from atop his dresser and casually walks out. Rick nods his head and replies back, “OK”.

Day 3

Rick walks up to Michonne’s bedroom door, knocking it a few times. He hears from the other side, “Yeah?”

“Got my toothpaste?”

The door opens swiftly, and she appears holding the tube, smiling. “Sorry, forgot other people in this house brushed their teeth too”. She taps the tube at his chest, as he chuckles and pulls it out of her hands. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” he replies back.

Day 4

Michonne walks up to his bedroom door, in her blue robe, her locks wrapped in a towel atop her head. “Good morning”, she murmurs. Rick has positioned himself on his hands and knees, looking under the bed for his shoes, that Judith has undoubtedly crawled off with.

“Mornin’…. suppose your not here to hang out with me.”

Michonne crosses her arms and blushes while smirking back at him. “You know what I want, besides, hang out time is after hours on the couch, remember?”


hot rod is one of my favorite movies so why not animate a scene from it at 3am amirite ladies

I woke up wanting to feel you next to me, my head on your chest, my hair matted because of previous activities. To feel your skin that was once hot under my touch now cooler, and a little less damp. I wanted to be able to kiss you good morning and then kiss you again just because…I woke up wanting my bed to be a little less more empty and a little more filled with you.