Didn't I Give You Everything You Ever Wanted?

Running a hand through his shaggy brown hair, Drew’s ice blue eyes glanced at the clock, biting his lip as he realized that Bianca would be arriving in five minutes. His heart fluttered at the thought of the girl who had captured his heart, and he smiled at as he remembered his talk with her the night before, especially the ending. The night before, Drew had won a victory he wouldn’t trade for the world. After months of waiting, Drew had finally gotten what he wanted, the girl of his dreams back in his arms. If only he could find a way to tell his mother, who wasn’t exactly Bianca’s biggest fan, without setting her off, then things would be alright. But somehow, Drew knew that wasn’t going to happen, his mom accepting Bianca as his girlfriend, or at least anytime soon. 

Biting his lip as he spared one last glance in the mirror, Drew glanced at his phone, and  sighed, before shoving it back in his pocket. He didn’t understand why he was so nervous, why chills were racing up his spine at the thought of the upcoming dinner - he knew it was completely irrational for him to feel this way, as everything would go fine. Hesitating, Drew glanced in the mirror one last time, before walking out of his room, his footsteps padding on the carpet as he walked through the hallway, and down the staircase. His hand sliding on the banister as Drew walked to down the carpeted stairs, Drew’s heart raced at the sound of the doorbell ringing, knowing who stood on the other side of the door. Biting his lip, Drew crept towards the door, his palms growing slick with anticipation as he reached for the metal door handle, pulling it open to expose the girl he’d been waiting for. His voice was dry, choked back by nerves as he spoke, his eyes on her,“ Hey, Bianca. I wasn’t sure you’d show up.”


One of the few good things FF X-2 brought to the world.  Still haven’t 100% it.  Probably never will.

I keep torturing myself with all the sad and angsty AkuRoku goodness, it makes my heart bleed and cry bloody tears.
Still sad AkuRoku is my favourite kind of it.

I’m pretty sure that this ultimate OTP of mine doesn’t make my mental condition any better BUT I CAN’T HELP IT, it’s making me feel things.
At the same time I really wish they had a happy ending in the games, though. I make no sense.

I just get a weird, hurting feeling every time, that’s all.
They are so perfect just why how can I love them together so much oh gosh what is this feeling I don’t even know I should stop writing now why did I even write this in the first place?

@skepticalhunt @askmaus

Thanks to these two, I now have my own team now. Took me 14 hours to finish this.

Thank for watching me stream this. And see my struggle in drawing pokemon. Also thanks for listening to me whine the whole time about how hard this was LOL

Also EFF backgrounds. EFF anatomy. I just dunno how to do this. Forgive me.