internalised misogyny: *slut shaming girl groups for sexy concepts but celebrating boy groups for sexy concepts*

internalised misogyny: *believing male groups are superior purely because they are male*

internalised misogyny: *attacking girl group members simply just for being in your male bias’s presence*

NOT internalised misogyny: *stanning a boy group*

can we abandon this narrative that all boy group stans hate women?

Don’t question my otp’s

Friend:“I don’t even understand why you ship them they’re not even gay or cannon.You seriously have an obsession.”

Me:“Never fucking speak to me or my 37 opened fanfic tabs ever again.This is why you will never find true love, for fucks sake you would’nt recognize it if it was slaping you across the face with a fucking dildo while twerking to some sappy love song screaming”I FUCKING LOVE YOU”in a motherfucking hot dog costume, you closed minded asshat.”


Sharing old things

This old AMV is one of the only AMVs I am actually happy about the result… its been 3 years damn

Lance telling his s/o (it can be whoever you ship him with) about his family and things they used to do before he went to the garrison and saying how much he misses it, how much he misses his family

Said partner goes to the others and they plan this whole thing for Lance, one of them distracting him while the rest of them get it ready

When he’s finally allowed in whatever room they set it up in, he tears up and hugs them all bc they just make him so happy


His s/o gets extra hugs and more kisses when he puts the pieces together that it was their idea and he just loves them so much and makes sure they know it


so I decided to make a groupchat on ktalk so that we can talk about our faves and cry together and hopefully become friends (i mean i hope we won’t be ending up hating each other) 

What you have to do to join the groupchat:

It would be nice/swaggy if you could reblog this if you’re interested in joining so more people will see this but you don’t have to

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Nicknames: Casper

Star Sign: Gemini 

Height: I’m 5FT 7

Time right now: 6:15pm.

Last thing you googled: The date Gotham comes back on TV

Fave music artist: Slipnot, Thousand Foot Krutch and Hollywood Undead

Song stuck in my head: Heathens the Halestorm cover

Last movie I watched: Resident Evil: Apocalypse 

Last TV show I watched: Merlin

What I’m wearing right now: Black skinny jeans, Black and red flannel

When did I create this blog: No idea maybe june

What kind of stuff I post: Supercorp, Clexa, Shoot and Gotham sometimes some other ships, also political stuff every now and then

Do I get asks regularly: Nope,at least i dont think so cause i dont really have any idea how to use Tumblr properly 

Gender: Female.

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Pokemon team: Valor

Favorite color: Black

Average hours of sleep: 5 or 6 maybe

Lucky number: Don’t have one. 

Favorite characters:  Lena Luthor, Lexa, babs and tabs from gotham and Harley Quinn

Dream job: something to do with making TV shows

Number of blankets I sleep with: Right now i have 5 because my house is freezing and its always cold in England.

Im tagging @danversgay @kara-danvers-lena-luthor and @meggroves 

sorry about the awful messiness of this but i had a bad night and needed to draw something before i vibrated out of my skin :)

will as sally from the nightmare before christmas, i guess?? with a cheerful skeleton dog?? i tried to draw something happy but it ended up spooky bc that is who i am as a person (also i’m too lazy to look at pose refs sorry for the bad anatomy is that what dog skeletons look like ;__;)