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internalised misogyny: *slut shaming girl groups for sexy concepts but celebrating boy groups for sexy concepts*

internalised misogyny: *believing male groups are superior purely because they are male*

internalised misogyny: *attacking girl group members simply just for being in your male bias’s presence*

NOT internalised misogyny: *stanning a boy group*

can we abandon this narrative that all boy group stans hate women?

Don’t question my otp’s

Friend:“I don’t even understand why you ship them they’re not even gay or cannon.You seriously have an obsession.”

Me:“Never fucking speak to me or my 37 opened fanfic tabs ever again.This is why you will never find true love, for fucks sake you would’nt recognize it if it was slaping you across the face with a fucking dildo while twerking to some sappy love song screaming”I FUCKING LOVE YOU”in a motherfucking hot dog costume, you closed minded asshat.”