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Norwegians: “Hey, check it out, I met Tarjei on the street today!”

 “Look, Henrik made my coffee!” 

“David’s so nice! Great meeting him!”

“Omg, Ulrikke is just as pretty in perseon!”

Literally anyone who watches Skam but does not live in Norway: 

  • Hunk: Hey, Keith, do you have any hobbies?
  • Keith: Swimming..
  • Hunk: Really? That's cool. I never expected you to-
  • Keith: In a pool of self hatred and regret.

i spent too much time on this– so I’ve been toying with the idea of an RPG!AU! Despite the fact that I know next to nothing about D&D or fantasy/RPG settings… (fhkdjs blame my nerris muse for this…) The colours are in no way final, either. Preston gave me a hell of a time…

They’re all older as well! Anywhere from mid-late teens/early-20s. I have most of the cast’s classes and alignments sorted out; I would’ve started out with the main 3, but Max and Nikki are harder for me to nail a design for.  Hit me up if you’ve got some thoughts on this or would like to know about the other characters before I draw them!

I’ll put all my current headcanons for these 3 under the cut ↓ ↓ ↓ (Classes are loosely based on the many from D&D, but I wanted to keep things flexible so m(_ _)m) 

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Untranslatable Word Prompts

Hey kiddos, I know I haven’t posted anything new in a while and i sorta took a hiatus from writing but I wanna get back into it again, because I miss it dearly, and so I thought I’d start by doing drabbles (though knowing me they’re not guaranteed to be short…)

Anyway, send me a number and a character and I’ll write something inspired by the word!

1.) L'appel du vide (French) -  'The call of the void’, or the instinctive urge to jump from high places or jerk the car a little to the left into on coming traffic.
2.) Tingo (Pascuence) - The act of taking objects that one desires from the house of a friend by gradually borrowing all of them.
3.) Schadenfreude (German) - The feeling of pleasure that derives from other’s misfortune.
4.) Shlimazl (Yiddish) - A chronically unlucky person.
5.) Duende (Spanish) - The magical power that a work of art has to physically/emotionally effect someone.
6.) Gurfa (Arabic) - The amount of water that can be scooped up in one hand.
7.) Cafuné (Portuguese) - The act of tenderly running fingers through someone’s hair.
8.) Torschlusspanik (German) - The fear of diminishing opportunities as your life goes on.
9.) Fernweh (German) - A strong longing to go away, or a homesickness for a place you have never been.
10.) Komorebi (Japanese) - The scattered, dappled light effect of sunlight shining through trees.
11.) Pochemuchka (Russian) - A person who is always asking questions.
12.) Gökotta (Swedish) - The act of waking up early in the morning to go outside and hear the first birds sing.
13.) Backpfeifengeschicht (German) - a face badly in need of a fist.
14.) Waldeinsamkeit (German) - The feeling of being alone in the woods.
15.) Hanyauku (Rukwangali) - The act of walking on tiptoes across warm sand.
16.) Iktsuarpok (Inuit) - The feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming.
17.) Culaccino (Italian) - The mark left on a table by a wet glass.
18.) Sobremesa (Spanish) - The time spent after lunch or dinner talking to the people you shared the meal with.
19.) Jayus (Indonesian) - A joke told so poorly and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh.
20.) Pana po’o (Hawaian) - The act of scratching your head in order to help you remember something you’ve forgotten.
21.) Dépaysement (French) - The feeling of not being in one’s home country.
22.) Goya (Urdu) - the transporting disbelief that can occur during, for example, good storytelling.
23.) Mangata (Swedish) - the road-like reflection of the moon on water.
24.) Friolero (Spanish) - A person who is especially sensitive to cold weather or temperatures.
25.) Won (Korean) - reluctance on a person’s part to let go of an illusion
26.) Philotimo (Greek) - a philosophy of personal conduct involving personal pride, dignity, courage, duty, sacrifice and above all else, respect and deep personal freedom
27.) Abbiocco (Italian) - the feeling of pleasant sleepiness you have after particularly heavy and fulfilling meals, mainly lunch
28. Saudades (Portugueses) -feeling that people have when they miss someone or something

(I just wanna add in that I may not get around to writing all of these, it depends on how inspired I am by the prompt or how tired I am after work etc etc etc. If I don’t write it, please don’t be offended! I’m just a piece of shit writer that’s hella lazy, so it’s nothing against you guys ♥)