Reblog with your ships

Bold for otps, Cursive for ships you are interested in.

1.     sehun/baekhyun

2.     sehun/chanyeol

3.     sehun/kris

4.     sehun/kyungsoo

5.     sehun/lay

6.     sehun/luhan

7.     sehun/suho

8.     sehun/tao

9.     sehun/xiu min

10.   kai/baekhyun

11.   kai/chanyeol

12.   kai/chen

13.   kai/kris

14.   kai/kyungsoo

15.   kai/lay

16.   kai/luhan

17.   kai/sehun

18.   kai/suho

19.   kai/tao

20.   kai/xiu min

21.   tao/baekhyun

22.   tao/chanyeol

23.   tao/chen

24.   tao/kris

25.   tao/kyungsoo

26.   tao/lay

27.   tao/luhan

28.   tao/suho

29.   tao/xiu min

30.   baekhyun/chanyeol

31.   baekhyun/kris

32.   baekhyun/kyungsoo

33.   baekhyun/luhan

34.   baekhyun/xiu min

35.   chanyeol/kris

36.   chanyeol/kyungsoo

37.   chanyeol/luhan,

38.   chanyeol/xiu min

39.   chen/baekhyun

40.   chen/chanyeol

41.   chen/kris

42.   chen/kyungsoo

43.   chen/lay

44.   chen/luhan

45.   chen/sehun

46.   chen/suho,

47.   chen/xiu min

48.   kris/luhan

49.   kyungsoo/kris

50.   kyungsoo/luhan

51.   lay/baekhyun

52.   lay/chanyeol

53.   lay/kris

54.   lay/kyungsoo

55.   lay/luhan

56.   lay/suho

57.   lay/xiu min

58.   suho/baekhyun

59.   suho/chanyeol

60.   suho/kris

61.   suho/kyungsoo

62.   suho/luhan

63.   suho/xiu min

64.   xiu min/kris

65.   xiu min/kyungsoo

66.   xiu min/luhan

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Nicknames: Supreme.
Birthday: 3rd of March.
Gender: King.
Sexual orientation: I have no idea.
Time and date at current moment: 11:58p.m. 09/04/2015.
Average hours of sleep: 0-5. More on holidays (sometimes)
Lucky number: Don’t really have one. I guess, 8.
Last thing I Googled: D-Frag! anime to see what it was about.
First word that comes to mind: Snow.
One place that makes me happy: My bedroom at home.
How many blankets I sleep under: Usually two.
Book: Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.
Animation: Big Hero Six.
TV shows: The Walking Dead, Hannibal, Sherlock BBC, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Dexter (until season five….), House, Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Favourite beverage: Water or Coke.
Favourite food: Double bacon burger.
Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: Chappie (It wasn’t that good.)
Dream holiday: Japan.
Dream wedding: With my true beloved.
Dream job: To become a pirate!
Name: Princess, well it means that in Hebrew anyway.
Favourite colour: Purple.
Favourite fictional character: Too many. I have a real soft spot for Luffy from One Piece though.

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1) Spell your name with movie titles

S: Snow White
A: American Tales
B: Bring It On
R: Remember the Titans (I guess??)
I: iRobot
N: Never Ending Story
A: Annie

2) What is the reason for your username?
Sabrina sunshine is too long so I shortened it?

3) What is your middle name?
Regan (pronounced like Ray-gan)

4) If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet who would choose?
Hmm Falcor a flying cuddly dog/dragon would rule!!

5) What’s the last picture you took with your phone?
A pretty cooking dish I got from goodwill

6) Favorite Song?
I don’t have one right now

7) Do you use a dictionary or a thesaurus more?

8) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
I don’t really know it’s a good time killer and I like pretty girls

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Top 10 TV shows because there’s one for films, so I’d like to do one for TV shows. Write down your top shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same! The order doesn’t matter.

  1. Once upon a time
  2. Supernatural
  3. doctor who
  4. the 100
  5. new girl
  6. family guy
  7. teen wolf
  8. reign
  9. american horror story
  10. orphan black

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so the gorgeous melaniejoyous (and some other people i dont remember) tagged me years ago to do the beautiful people challenge thingy so here’s a decent picture of me :)

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