For the anon who asked about Sakamaki's and Kou's type

Generally i don’t believe they would give much fuck about the women/man they are with…but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have some preferences.

Shuu: Weirdly i think he would prefer more lively people other than too lazy people. It would cheer him up and remind him of old happy times. A person who he could tease and make blush would pe a plus too, kind of a small person to hug and cuddle. An animal loving person would make him feel lucky too.

Reiji: Well we all know this guy is looking for a lady/gentleman with manners. A person who would act kind and cute with others, freaky and submissive in bed. Her/Him being clever and interested in science would be hella YUS to him too.

Laito: A teasing and daring girl/boy who is not afraid to show off their feminine side…that would get his interest. Actually any kind of girl/boy would get his interest to be honest but the type of girl/boy who would give their love and care about him would be the locking point. At first he would be scared but as he learns to love by her/his lingering touches he would get addicted.

Kanato: A sweet, timid and gentle girl/boy would be his fav. The one that obeys him and also is really caring. He would be mesmerized by someone who would hug him with full love when he is screaming and angry. He would stop shouting and push her/him off to mock them but secretly his hearth would beat in full speed.

Ayato: A boy/girl that can be his friend too. A brave person who would have fun with him would be his motto. Kind of a cute and clumsy person who he could pat in the head with a soft smile. A girl/boy with a shit-eating grin and the softest hugs when affection is needed.

Subaru: The type of person who has a strong personality. He would be highly amused if she/he was a person who wouldn’t let others push her/him down. Strong and cool yet so loving and positive. The person who would caress his hair and get dorky with him while being badass to the other brothers.

KOU: This trash idols first rule is honesty. The person to speak their mind. He would be really drawn to a person who keeps smiling and being strong no matter what bad situation happens. An energetic and cheerful person would be his motto. He would expect them to be able to hug him when he is down and always motivate him. The person who would see through his fake faces and love the real person inside him.

Basically all these dorks secretly wants attention and care. No matter what they say, they had pretty broken pasts and they all need love