Hey guys! I thought I’d share with you my morning routine for school today! (cuz I was bored and I haven’t seen this post on studyblr b4 so why not)

  6:00 - I wake up 

  6:05 - actually get out of bed after talking to my mom and stretch 

  6:10 - I wash my face and brush my teeth. (I don’t take showers at this time bc im too lazy but I do take one when I come back from school!) 

  6:15 - drink a glass of cold water bc im always so thirsty in the mornings (which is normal) and listen to some music for 10 minutes 

  6:25 - start getting dressed (I have to wear uniforms so its easy) 

  6:40 - eat breakast (usually a toast w orange juice or a fruit w milk)

  6:50 - check if i have everything that I needed for school in my backpack that i packed the night before

  6:55 to 7:20 - check social media and wait for my bus driver (who annoys me sm cuz he comes late sometimes and I hate being late for school) 

  7:20 - hop on the bus and ride to school :) (which starts at 8am but my bus driver picks up a lot more students so get in early)

Band camp is tomorrow and I’m sosososo excited! We start with our group picture and I finally get to put on my “sexy” drum major uniform and cape omfg it literally makes my life hoLY sHIt

even though it’s gonna be a 7:30am-8pm week I’m still so excited because also we finally get to find out who’s center DM and I have a small chance it might actually be me holy crap

The point of this post is to say that I’ll barely be posting this week and I’m too lazy to queue so yeah