The year is basically over (and it’s blackout) so I’m gonna start that 6 selfie thing So yeah, looks of the year I’m gonna tag @latinxkanan @sapphic-jean-grey @sarellathesphinx @spookymangoes @ballisticducks @saintapathis and @combonight (as well as anyone else who wants to do it, I’m tagging you too!)

My college aesthetic: Feeling comfortable enough with my teacher to voluntarily ask them a curious question (that isn’t required to complete my work) related to the subject without my anxiety hecking me up

But you know for as much as I’ve been complaining, it hasn’t been all bad

I’m getting along really well with this other lady in class. Her name’s Sharonda and we’re always hanging out during breaks

Today she was asking me questions but we sit behind Susan so I was like :/;;; I’ll tell you later

She was so confused cus she already knows I’m not shy and I’m real upfront so she’s like r u mad at me

I just admitted that SOME PEOPLE in class get uncomfortable with me even mentioning my transition at all (even though I literally never bring it up lol wtf surrounded by morbidly curious cishets). She’s like WHO!!! WHO!!!

Me: you’re an Aries I can’t tell you
Me: youre gonna want to fight her and I don’t want to start problems at work is all
Sharonda: come ON!!

So I finally tell her and she was literally like shaking in anger on my behalf??? And we’re still new to knowing each other. I keep trying to tell her that it’s alright it’s resolved our training manager sorted it out and honestly I’ve gotten worse from my own damn family so it’s whatever I just want the job to go smoothly.


Sharonda: why did you tell me, Bobby
Me: I tried to warn you

I lost it oh my god

Some say I forgot to take any pictures recently. Luckily I was messing around in a new dress on Monday took this photo which I really adore. Good job too, as this is actually my 100th post. Quick splendid really. 

Y’all after seeing aphobiakills’ response I’m gonna delete my reblogs of her post. She explained that it was a vent post and that she later went on to make a more cohesive one, and acknowledged that her wording wasn’t too good. She wasn’t expecting that post to be reblogged a bunch, and can see why people are upset. The whole situation is pretty much a misunderstanding bc of bad wording so I’d appreciate it if you guys would avoid spreading it around!!

Skam S01E03
  • “H” 
  • Eva after explaining to Noora that she meant to write “Hi” not just H, and the face of shame she makes after. 
  • Noora. Just Noora. 
  • Girl-Chris checking Isak out.
  • Girl-Chris obviously having a type.
  • Vilde’s baffled expression when Noora says no to joining the bus.
  • “Vi møttes på Rhamadan programmet i Mosque’en” (We met on the Rhamadan program in the Mosque) - Sana. 
  • -uncontrollable giggling- “Hun kødder vi har tysk sammen,” (She’s kidding we have German together) - Girl-Chris.
  • Vilde’s ignorance.
  • Sana. (I could quote more, but I’ll just say Sana.)
  • “Hør nå Hilde,” (Hear me out Hilde,” - Sana referring to Vilde with the wrong name. (Sorry I lied, but Sana is just too good). 
  • “Dump han,” - Sana (this will be a post with a lot of Sana quotes)..

anonymous asked:

I don't really get it. in 2014 ariana was all like wearing less clothes as possible, being all sexy and now she covers her body (wearing big ass jackets, hoodies etc.) why does she cover her beautiful body and preach about being confident in it. (1)

This whole thing was too long to post in good conscience on the dash. Under the cut contains the other 3 asks from this person, and my thoughts on their messages.

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No, the Great Barrier Reef is Not Dead

You might have seen an obituary for the Great Barrier Reef floating around over the past few days. Published by Outside Magazine, the supposedly satirical article declared that the Great Barrier Reef had “passed away after a long illness” at 25 million years of age, and that “no effort” was ever made to save the reef.

This is not true.

It’s really, really, really not true.

Yes, the Great Barrier Reef recently underwent a massive bleaching event that affected 93% of its coral. That bleaching event resulted in the death of 22% of its coral.

22% dead is not the same as 100% dead.

So why did author Rowan Jacobsen write the obituary? Some are saying it was satire, a deliberate exaggeration meant to raise awareness of the Great Barrier Reef’s plight. If this was the case, the plot backfired spectacularly. Many people took to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other public mourning venues to declare their sadness and outrage over the death of the world’s largest living structure.

This is a dangerous reaction, but not an uncommon one. And it’s a reaction that Dr. “Rusty” Brainard, chief of the Coral Reef Ecosystem Program at NOAA’s Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, worries will hinder efforts to save the very-very-very-not-dead reef. As he told the Huffington Post, people may begin to think that “if there’s nothing that can be done,” we should “not do anything and move onto other issues.”

In the interests of preserving the Great Barrier Reef’s not-dead state, let’s not do that. While the Reef is arguably dying, it can still be saved, and we should be doing what we can to save it.

So what can we do?

If the news of the Great Barrier Reef’s “death” upset you, please read on.

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we were like gods at the dawning of the world