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WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! how are you this perfect. it can't be. something is wrong.. I know it..

Please take in the glory of last night’s makeup smeared into the bags underneath my eyes, greasy hair, eyes too swollen for contacts, and my boyfriend’s sweatshirt which I may or may not have wiped snot on.

I may be suffering from the worst head cold I’ve had in years, so when I got this message I wheezed with laughter in a way that was pretty uncomfortable for my already-aching lungs.

I am a real person.. Who currently has eyeliner smeared on my hand from how forcefully I just wiped my swollen eyes. And is sweating so badly from my fever that if my nose was functional right now, I’d probably knock myself out from the stench.

All is not perfect hair, writers’ room crack, and KCWG up in here. 


To all the world he was the man of violence, half animal and half demon; but to her he always remained the little wilful boy of her own girlhood, the child who had clung to her hand.

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It had been a week of fear for The Batter
Zone four had stopped.
An entire Zone, dedicated to years of nightmares and torture.
-Suddenly just..  stopped.

Needless to say; It didn’t sit well with The King at all. The overwhelming anxiety and terror were enough to keep him up at night. He loved Michael and Batiste, to no end, but spending time in the study would be more useful and sleeping in a bed with the two of them right now. But getting up would most likely wake one of them. . It wasn’t worth the risk he supposed.

With a sigh, Prowler forced his eyes closed.
Sleep is what he really needed, not another restless night.

For some reason Batter found himself sitting up. Though he wasn’t entirely sure why.
Nor was he even awake.

The man stared down at the two beside him in a daze, watching as they slept for what must of been ages. White eyes then shifted to glance at the door before finally he got up and left the bed.
He knew where she wanted him to go.

I have this friend who’s like a major cockles shipper and she’s always talking about it and earlier she asked me who I thought might hypothetically top in that relationship anD INSTEAD OF JUST ASKING THAT SHE SAID “WHO WOULD PUT THE COCK IN COCKLES” I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT I FUCKING CRI Ed

Title: Man in the Mirror
Series: Yowamushi Pedal
Characters/Pairing: Tadomaki
Rating: PG13 +? heavy implications for sex but nothing explicit 
Notes: I just wanted some tadomaki body worship with maki showing some love to Tado’s glorious body. Edit: forgot to mention it has Tado dealing with some weight/body image issues.

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I love you so much <3 your face is a gift keep up the good work ;)

I love you too, my friend! I might post the selfie I took today, I’m feeling sort of brave now. Thank you for your kind words, sweet pea