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i used that cute toonator site last night that @doodleboi mentioned and i made some other little simple animations to get a feel for it, and then did this one of @markiplier which i am v proud of!!  it took me like 2-3 hours rip me BUT!! it is good!! at least i think so for being a simple 14 frame animation :D and for being my first proper animation lol

maybe once i get better at animation i will be able to make a markiplier animated video >:3c maybe someday!!


im jus gonna do thsi real quick before i go to bed lmao i got tagged by my beauty qween w the beautiful ears @jenowhat to do like….what is thsi even called…..jus look at the pics n ull kno what this is jduhsha anyway i never experienced somethign like a ‘glo up’ but hopefully i will soon :/ smh idek who to tag ill just tag my binches @jooheonsbbygirl @tenyonce @taeyongstinygf @tenseouls @ten-twerks @woofwoofbyshineemp3 gbye😛😛😋