Extremly early but I didn’t know what to do so I already made a chirstmas version XDD I think I made some more when christmas is really near and not just like…now totaly too early XD Hope nobody minds~



icons for u n the #DANKMEMESQUAD feel free to use, i signed each icon w fancy text so u kno this is a designer juskla meme, no knock off memes here on my blog. -juskla

(no need to credit me if u use it, but if u want u can lol, i’d love to see these floating around as u guy’s icons XD)

VOTE: who else from voltron should i make a dankmemesquad icon for? i was thinking of doing another set of icons, so, reblog w who u wanna see next!!!

When lesson planning genius strikes at 5am

Wake up like:

Working like:

Running into period 1 late like:

Feeling at the end of the day like: