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  1. im a nice person at heart! i genuinely mean well and i try to learn from my mistakes
  2. im good at writing. maybe i dont practise enough but i love that i can. write words? im glad i have some sort of creative outlet. i think i have the potential to be pretty damn good at it too!
  3. uhhh wee snaw hee haw
When lesson planning genius strikes at 5am

Wake up like:

Working like:

Running into period 1 late like:

Feeling at the end of the day like:

Another case of the dumb-dumbs

I age already estabilshed that my dog isnt the sharpest tool in the shed and today isn’t an exception.
I had to wake up early and take my husband to work so I figured in the save time and bring my dogs with me.
My little dumby was already a cranky old lady. I woke her at six that’s 3-4 hours sooner than I have been waking in the last couple of weeks. She groaned and grumbled, sounds I’ve only heard my Nana make. Then she ran into the closet door because she is mostly blind due to cataracts and a pre-existing vision problem.
She’s old. She’s blind. She’s cranky.
Car ride went without a hitch but for whatever reason she decided to cop an attitude on our way to the elevator to reach out floor.
She went nuts. Too much for an early morning. Her barks and protests were her warning sounds that she usually makes in the presence of another dog.
There wasn’t another dog except my husband’s dog walking beside her. He’s a chill dog, well except is he’s excited or sees another dog himself. He’s a social animal with a high energy level. I joke that he’s the dog version of Robin Williams with his over excitability and goofy antics.
Well, Lou wasnt responding to my Meka’s sudden aggression so I know it wasn’t another dog.
It wasn’t until we were near the reflective surface of the elevator did I find out she was freaking out at her blurry reflection on the door.
She barked at it then tried to bite the door.


Extremly early but I didn’t know what to do so I already made a chirstmas version XDD I think I made some more when christmas is really near and not just like…now totaly too early XD Hope nobody minds~