🌿 Halloween 🌿
    Trick or Treat❓
  fr. dominationkid

i’m releasing the set a lot earlier than i planned cuz everything’s done!! lol… and i’ve just decided to make a second part of halloween stuff. xDD (which will be releasing around mid-October) cuz i still wanna enjoy the real halloween atmosphere(it’s too early now i know…lol) 👻

Here is a list of what you’ll get in this set (also marked on the photos).

🍂 evil & happy pumpkins (small and large) * 3 colors
(recommended to use with omorfi-mera‘s glass candles✨)
🍂 halloween silhouettes * 12 patterns
🍂 happy halloween signs * 2 styles 
🍂 candy bucket (for Kiru’s children poses) * 4 colors
🍂 candy bucket with scattering candy (deco)
🍂 random candy (m&m’s, reese’s…etc.)
🍂 old well (for Kiru’s upcoming halloween adult pose set)
🍂 spiders * 3 colors / wall + floor
🍂 spooky web * 4 colors (which i can’t really tell the differences lol)
🍂 witch hat * 4 colors
🍂 candy on hands (for Kiru’s children pose)

👌 It would be easier to find above CCs by searching “ [domi] ” in game.

Please click HERE for kiruluvnst​‘s Halloween children pose set. 🎃

enjoy!! and please feel free to ask wcif in the photos!! 


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