Tuck whispers softly in her ear, his breath tickling her neck. 

Tuck: It’s not too late. It’s never too late.

He bends down and kisses her. There was no resistance, but he knew there wouldn’t be. The moment his arms wrapped around her waist, and his lips touched her…she was his again. He held her even tighter when she sighed softly against his mouth.

But all kisses have to end and as soon as theirs did…

Slap! Her hand connected with his face. He’d been expecting the slap too. It still stung though.

Junie angry: You jerk! How DARE you? How dare you kiss me like that?

Tuck quiet: It’s what you wanted.

Junie furious: No the hell it ain’t! You have no boundaries, no respect-

Tuck: I heard you say it.I wish things were how they used to be. That I could be kissing him here on this porch instead of arguing with him.” That’s what you said.

Junie stares at him, in shock. She must have said the words out loud.

Tuck gentle: You didn’t. You didn’t say them out loud. I can read your mind now, Juniper. That night…the night the aliens took me and Channing…when they abducted us? They did something to me, Junie. They changed me and now I can read-

Junie softly: I see Stormy playing out by the grass over yonder. Go on and play with him since you came all this way to see him. Then go on home, Tuck.

Birthday Present

Brandon looked at his body in the mirror. The added flab was really starting to get to him. He’d gone out to celebrate his birthday with a couple of friends the night before and struck out every time. The only person who still seemed interested in his aging body was his gay friend. Sean was the only one who still looked at him like he was the same star wrestler he was in college.

But as time went on it just was harder to keep the trim athletic physique he had in his early twenties. He’d work out on the occasion but nowhere near as hard as he did in college. Besides he barely had time for that in his life right now. “Just part of life,” he gripped the extra fat and gyrated it; adding extra sounds as he played with the fat. It brought a little smile to his face. He wasn’t going to let it get him down too much. “Just have to start making time,” he said to his reflection.

“Starting with breakfast,” he walked into the kitchen to see a present left for him on the counter. ‘Happy birthday, love Sean.’ “Dork…” he grinned tearing at the brightly colored wrapping paper. His face dropped as he realized what it was. The smile on his face only faded for a second as he pulled out a white jockstrap, “kinky little fucker.” It was something he hadn’t worn for a long time. Not since his college days and that was only for sports. “Always thinking about himself…” he quipped.

He tossed it on the table and went to the refrigerator. His belly grumbled looking for something to eat. There was almost nothing in his fridge. He closed the door wondering if he should go pick something up.

But his mind went back to the jock strap. “Wouldn’t hurt to try it…” He picked it up. “Just like old times…” Brandon dropped his pajama bottoms and underwear. “I mean it is kind of nice…” One of his legs was already in one of the straps and he was pulling it up over his nude body. He walked over to the mirror to check himself out. Even with his belly he could see the faint muscle he’d had back then. It was like they never went away, just got covered up. He gave his reflection a little flex.

“Still got it,” he complimented his pudgy body. A thought of the previous night went through his head. “Well Sean will still like it,” his mind drifted back to his gay friend. He’d known he was gay for a long time. Didn’t really bother him all that much. He pulled out his phone and opened the camera. “What am I doing?” he laughed fighting the urge to send Sean a photo.

He glanced at the mirror again. For some reason he couldn’t shake that his body looked a little different. Giving himself another flex, the muscle looked bigger. He gave himself a skeptical look but his hand brushed up against his crotch. Something about the jock got him horny. His mind drifted back to his wrestling partners. His hand rubbed against his crotch again. He kept thinking about them changing in the locker room. A wave of pleasure shot through his body.

“Oh fuck…” he leaned his body against the door. His penis was throbbing at the sensation. “Shit…” he groaned feeling the intense pleasure wash over the rest of his body. The fat he’d gained over the years disappearing. Muscle replaced the size. His large belly flattened out into firm abs hidden underneath muscular pecs. He growled at the pain as his fingers curled into the door frame.

Every part of his body was filling out with muscle. Like he’d been working out since he’d graduated. Not just for sport but actual size and definition. His frame was huge and bulky. His arms big and round, shoulders wide, chest large, back defined and legs thick. “Ooooooo,” he moaned. His cock leaked into the jock strap. He could feel an intense pleasure building up inside him. He leaned forward against the door letting out another moan.

“Oh fuck,” he uttered. He needed something wrapped around his dick. It was throbbing in the jock. Forcing his eyes open he could see it developing into something larger. The small bulge ballooned out completely filling the small cloth. “Oh God,” he just wanted to touch it. His pre was leaking through the fabric and dripping on the floor. His large toes curled into the floor as he tried to reposition the extra weight. He needed his hand to touch his dick. The large mitt that could easily lift just about any weight or hold Sean’s head against him. The thought of his doughy eyed friend staring up at him while his dick plunged all the way in his mouth… “Fuck!” he shouted as the vibration went through his system.

Brandon’s entire body shook as the orgasm overcame his senses. Down to his core he could feel the pleasure. After several pulses he finally relaxed. He was actually panting. “Fuck…” he breathed. “That was one hell of a trip…” His eyes finally opened and saw the giant standing in the mirror. “Is that…” he couldn’t finish the sentence as he stared at his immaculate body. The oversized muscles were too much too handle. “God damn,” he cursed again.

He heard the jingle of his phone in the other room. ‘Like your present?’ Sean had texted him.

‘Why don’t you come over and find out. I might not have much use for it.’

I Got You - Victor Zsasz x Female Reader

Requested by @messybitch802: A mix of angst, smut and fluff. The reader just found out she has a terminal illness and instead of dealing with it in a healthy way, she has just been hitting all the bars and that’s where she runs into Victor.

A/N: I don’t know if it is as you requested but I hope you like it. 

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Fluff, TW: Terminal illness, TW: Mentions of Death. 

Six months.

That’s what the doctor said you had left to live. It’s funny really; how you start thinking about your life choices at the end. Pondering about them in your head over and over until you can’t see anything but your mistakes and regrets. At that point, you should have made a different choice for once, but your mind was drowning too far down in the darkness to grasp or even care what was good for you. You just wanted to push away the pain and fear, so you did that the only way you knew how.

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courtonidu  asked:

Hmmm ladybug!Adrien and chat!Felix with brotherly bonding?

You can read more swaps here


Felix paused when piano music filled the halls, echoing off the walls of the manor, lovely and loud. Plagg cracked one eye open at the sound before huffing, well aware what it meant. Felix did too, staring down at his homework, almost done.

With a sigh, Felix set his pencil down and got up. When Plagg didn’t move to follow, Felix plucked him up and pocketed the grumbling kwami, heading for his brother’s room.

No surprise, it was empty, his phone set on a little speaker on top of the piano, playing the music aloud. It was Adrien’s little spiteful rebellion to their father who never showed to his piano recitals. If he was never going to show, Adrien deemed it wasn’t worth continuing to learn. He now played piano music from his phone when he wanted to be alone.

Or sneak out.

And he was gone now, window open while his room filled the room. Felix wondered if Tikki went with it or if the kwami was huffing at Adrien’s quiet rebellion. He’s overheard the ladybug god push Adrien a lot to talk to their father but if there was something Adrien didn’t want to hear, it often went over his head.

Tikki was up for the challenge to get past, often much to Adrien’s irritation; but there are times Felix is really starting to wonder if he and Adrien had chosen wrong when they found the twin boxes in the room.

Going to the window, Felix peered out, seeing Ladybug rushing away, even faster and more reckless than usual (Tikki must be going up the wall in the earring).

“We should leave him be,” Plagg said, seating himself on Felix’s shoulder. “Sometimes you just gotta angst it out.”

“I can’t think of what cause this,” Felix said, crossing his arms as he watched his brother disappear.

“It’s either his infatuation with the mystery hero or your dad. It’s always one of those,” Plagg jabbed, shrugging when Felix turned and gave him a look. “It’s the truth.”

“Claws out,” Felix ordered, transforming into Chat Noir and jumping out the window. He would agree with Plagg, for once, that he should probably leave Adrien alone to angst it out. But he had been in such a happy mood earlier. He had been practically dancing down the hall, Tikki twirling around him, enjoying the air of levity as well.

What caused that to change?

When he found the spotted hero sitting on a roof alone, staring at the Eiffel Tower, Chat didn’t breath a word. He walked down a few steps and sat down, keeping close in case he wanted to talk but allowing enough distance to leave him be.

Ladybug spared him a fast glance, his green eyes shining with angry tears only to slowly relax, turning to face the tower once more. He just focused on his breathing, slowly calming down, soaking in the silence.

The twins sat well into the evening, enveloped by the comforting blanket of silence.

anonymous asked:

I’ve read a number of the OL books and although I love the story and the many characters I have trouble with DGs writing. For me it’s, meh. Not all of it. She’s written a few good scenes. I wonder how one can have a great story to tell with compelling characters and still be a meh writer? I find DG gets too bogged down in details that aren’t needed to tell the story. I wonder if reading her side books help with these details that seemingly go nowhere.

I adore the storylines of Outlander through Voyager (I am one of the odd birds who loved DIA), and of course our beloved characters mean a great deal to me. I do find they do not flow at times, and tend get off track like you said. I find myself having to go back through the pages because I get confused at certain points. All in all I think they are great, but I am stuck (like your anon) in the middle of DOA. My heart doesn’t seem to be in it. I really want it to be!

I’ve never liked Josephine being the person to set up unwanted arranged marriage talks or unwanted arranged marriage AUs and @banalvhen and I were talking about our mutual dislike tonight. I would like to submit for your approval Josephine discreetly threatening unwanted suitors with Bull sitting on them.

Coincidentally taking them by the training grounds where him and Cassandra are whaling on each other, meaningfully mentioning that sometimes she gets the better of him and how it would be a shame if that misfortune would befall you. 

Bull purposely throwing himself at their feet and slapping their back a little too hard, clamping down on their shoulder like “AHAHA, GOT ME AGAIN SEEKER, GLAD THIS ONE DIDN’T GET HURT, HE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO TAKE IT.” He maybe suggests that they give it a shot if they feel he’s wrong, set an example for the others. 

He likes hitting things. He likes charging into things. Let him use his natural talents, @ambassadorjosie.

Character List

Short little blurbs about my OCs

Dadai Buduga - A uncommonly chubby xaela fisherman from the village of Reunion in the Azim Steppe. He hails from the Qestir tribe but has since forcely became a Buduga. Due to him just learning how to speak he speaks oddly as he will pause often between words and say the wrong words or not know alot of foreign words. Sadly his speech and appearance cause him to be bullied by other Buduga members which led him to become depressed and slighty reserved but doesnt let it hold him down too long as he does love being around people. He is a very clumsy man due to his size usually having old to fresh scars and bruises on his body from accidents. You will see them quite often given that he hardly covers his body and is often seen in small cloths and leathers outfits he probably made himself or nude. He is a skilled fisher with specialties in hand and spear fishing. He is also a decent conjurer when he isnt using his staff as a fishing rod or asleep half submerged in water. He is a kind open-minded soul that seek friendship and love quite often plus he is a submissive man often being told what to do but is loyal to his friends and tribemates so he does whatever they say no matter the pain.

Bora Torioi - A retired play actress and courtesan from the Torioi teahouse in Kugane. She is quite the rare sight to see due to her being transgender. Many old residents of Kugane are so used to her they never bring up her past. New citizens and travelers however still pester the questions to her when they see her but she is used to it. She often is seen dressed in yukatas and other hingan attire with her long white hair braided or in a bun. Music,Dance,and Poetry are her daily things she loves going about the city doing. Due to her years as a courtesan she has a few sexual addiction problems that she currently sees a doctor about and strives to keep them at bay but are hard to resist at times. She has a few skills with a katana as she was taught them for self defense purposes and is currently studying as a pasty chef. She is a super sweetheart who loves to be motherly to everyone and is always smiling. A few of the children who see her around call her “Mama Bora” and happily go up to her for kisses or free sweets she made for them. She typically feels like she is getting too old despite just turning 30 and dreams to settle down in a small home with a husband/wife and adopt a child. Being a housewife has been one of her dreams since forever. She is respectful and loves to help others but at times is very stubborn. She has a habit of being very flirty towards any man or woman showing her attention.

Moving update

When Wolf was home we emptied the book/knickknack shelves in our room and I took those down. I took down my chicken stuff in the kitchen and the stuff I home-canned from the shelf above the sink, boxed all that and then took the shelf down there too.

Yesterday I went to the Knoxville area. Allen went to answer the middle kids’ door a week ago and their dogs ran out. He tried to catch them but couldn’t with his broken arm. So yesterday we made flyers for the lost dogs, had them printed, and put them up around a several block radius. Then drove home 2 hours in the snow.

I boxed up everything in our closet this morning except hanging clothes & helmets. Took the extra shelves I had put up for shoes, etc down. Boxed up all my cookbooks in the kitchen, made muffins and brownies. I threw some spicy sweet & sour meatballs to serve over rice, in the crockpot, to have for dinner.

But I’m exhausted today. I’m having kidney colic really bad.. I was going to take a nap but when I fell asleep, I jerked back awake and haven’t been able to fall back asleep.

Our loan is at the underwriters. All we can do now is wait and hope (and by faith, pack).

I had an incredibly vivid, realistic dream this morning, complete with multiple false awakenings. I think six, I lost count.

I was working with the same people I do in reality, and for a reason I forget my boss wanted to split off and start a school for generalist heroic professions (like firefighters, astronauts, and the navy. Why the navy? IDK but it was in there). And I checked that I’d get paid the same if I went with him so I said sure.

After some skipping through laying down (far too much) foundation in the water (for Reasons), I start to have doubts. Time passes. There are, like, trading cards with personalized fancy steampunk things for people who got onboard. (With numbers. Which I read multiple times. I thought you couldn’t do that in dreams?) I get cold feet.

Also I then wake up. And have some stuff with remembering working for a cleaning company as a kid owned by some family friends (they don’t exist), and break into tears. And talk with my dad. And then wake up.

And then fall back asleep, but straight back into the original dream.

And then wake up again.

It was incredibly disturbing.

I had a HYYH Trilogy theories day today, so have some partying Run!Jimin :>

I didn’t realize there were a lot of confirmed facts about the Trilogy that I missed?

That the boys knew each other from school. The fact that Jimin is sick and constantly has to be hospitalized and ended up lying to his doctor (his WINGS short film suddenly makes a lot more sense now, with him being in a hospital bed or being asking about different images and he just shakes his head as if saying, no, I don’t remember?). That Jimin had a seizure in Hoseok’s presence and had to be rushed to the emergency room, which is how Hoseok first learned about his sickness. Or that Yoongi’s mother died in the fire of his house, and his first piano burned down too. That Yoongi was a little bit of a delinquent and expelled from school as he protected Jungkook. That Jungkook was actually the one breaking into the instrumental shop and playing the piano and Yoongi found him there as Jungkook was trying to play the tune he had always loved hearing Yoongi play. Only that he played it poorly. (Wasn’t the tune of Begin playing in Yoongi’s WINGS short film?). That Yoongi is afraid of letting anyone close to him, because he fears he isn’t able to protect them or stay by their side, that he will hurt them or they will end up hurting him (remember that love yourself poster with the caption “Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy”? Yeah.), but he tries comforting Jungkook anyway. That Hoseok had been abandoned at age 7 and grew up in an orphanage for ten years. That he is depressed, always putting on a smile even if he doesn’t feel like it. That he’s afraid of being just like his mother (maybe this is where the term ‘placebo’ comes into play). Hoseok’s great passion for dancing, and Jimin’s jealousy for his talent, so he filmes their practise during the day and practises by himself at night. That Jimin and Hoseok’s dance partner did crash when they were training together and Hoseok brought her to the hospital even though Jimin got hurt too. That Taehyung’s father was an abusive alcoholic and Taehyung grew more and more afraid that he would take on his violent behaviour, with Namjoon getting him out of prison and all. And much more. So much stuff to get emotional over.

If you’re like me and didn’t know about these facts: click here to read them for yourself~ I think there’ll be more in the next album, so maybe we’ll get to know the big picture after all :>


billy hargrove x reader

summary: before you, love and caring, just weren’t words his vocabulary.

word count: 6.3k

request: can i get a fic where billy is reader’s best friend and he’s really protective of her? like he loves her but then he realizes that he LOVES her

a/n: i hope this is okay! i sort of combined this request with the comforting!billy request so i hope you don’t mind. this is also the first real fic request i’ve written so i’m pretty nervous. feedback is appreciated.

It had been one thing after another today. It wasn’t that anything had went monumentally wrong, but all the small problems had accumulated up so much that you were seconds away from breaking. And when you walked out the double doors of Hawkins High and saw Billy leaning up against his Camaro waiting for you, you felt the damn holding back your tears break.

You hurried your way across the parking lot and buried your head into his chest, barely giving him enough time to react. When he realized what was going on, he threw his cigarette to the side and wrapped his arms around you securely as you quietly cried into him.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” Billy asked concerned, trying to tear you away from him with no luck.

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