i lost my voice for a week & nobody noticed because i never freaking talk

Okay so

let me explain the earlier post now that I’ve calmed.

I have to take P.E. with the Freshmen and a few people in my class (because I never took it and need the credit to graduate).
Well, I had asked the teacher and was given permission to draw.
I sat in the bleachers, somewhere that’s the farthest away from people that I could have been.
But there’s this kid in the senior class that just… picks on people because he can. He’s popular and pretty much gets away with everything.
My friends and I were sitting in the bleachers, and the kid kept kicking a dodgeball. The thing is, it was pretty close to where we were sitting. 
We didn’t exactly have anywhere else to go (the stage and weight room were closed off and we weren’t allowed to leave the gym), so we told him to stop.
When he didn’t we told the teacher, and the teacher kinda shrugged it off. “Eh, just… stop it, k?”
We had about five minutes left in class…
he kicked the ball
And it smacked right into my laptop.
It made my laptop practically fly off the table and it bent the cord for my tablet.
Like… the part that plugs into the tablet quite literally snapped.

It’s not that it’s broken that caused me to lash out, it’s the fact that  was the one who got punished and not him.
I’ll admit, I didn’t HAVE to have my laptop and tablet out, but I had permission and was somewhere that really shouldn’t have been aimed at.
It clearly wasn’t an accident, because he almost hit the table we sat at multiple times before. 

But I got mad and yelled and swore at him, and I was given detention, which I have to serve tomorrow. 
He literally aimed and kicked the ball at my friends and I, hit my school laptop, broke my tablet, and all he did was be told: “just… don’t let it happen again, k?”

I’ve talked to the I.T. guy, and he says he’s going to take the tablet and try to find a way to fix the problem. I hope he does.

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you were not kidding, the tsar is eeeeeeevil! this last chapter revealed a little bit of his motivations, but i cant stop being curious about his past now and how was the relationship between him and pitch before this all. can you tell us anything about the tsarina or their son? i have a habit of wondering about people that are only mentioned in stories, and im loving your worldbuilding in this one x_x

The Tsar is definitely not being all that nice to Jack at the moment (he’s evil as all get out). :D We’ll definitely find out more re: his motivations too, and the relationship he used to have with Pitch.

We’ll find out more about Mihail (the Man in the Moon / son) and Agnessa (the Tsarina) as the story progresses. But…maybe not a ton more.

Agnessa is a grounded, good-hearted person. She’s under no illusions re: her husband and has made several strategic decisions to protect Mihail - she doesn’t think the Tsar would abuse him, she just also doesn’t think Mihail should spend too much time around him. Which is why we sometimes see Mihail with Seraphina, or why Eva talks about how she has helped out with Mihail a great deal. (Eva and Agnessa are close friends -> as are Agnessa and Toothiana).

Mihail is neuroatypical, and bright and observant. He sees far more than he lets on (I mean most kids do, honestly, but given he is selectively mute, he doesn’t often convey how much he knows. He speaks in the sign language of the Lune pictogram alphabet, but he doesn’t speak to everyone with that, and Seraphina is one of the few people he’ll actually converse with. Sandy’s another).

They both live quite separate lives to the Tsar. The Tsarina turns up for public appearances with him, but otherwise they don’t spend much time together. And Mihail doesn’t actually come out for public appearances due to fears of assassination attempts (something the Tsar had to deal with as a child - he’s very protective of Mihail in this sense, even as he’s kind of…aware that Mihail can’t necessarily inherit the throne either). Agnessa is also pretty adept with a stiletto knife.

Agnessa is kind of mercurial. She’s secretive, she tends to stay out of what her husband is doing, which is why we never see her around the Tsar within the Palace. She is fiercely protective/loving of Mihail, but also lets him roam, because she knows he enjoys that and doesn’t believe in smothering her child. She’s garnered some criticism for this (esp. from people who think that because Mihail doesn’t talk/doesn’t make eye contact, he couldn’t be smart enough to be let to go roam through the Palace on his own), but she defends his intelligence readily, though she does encourage him to preferably hang out with Seraphina, mostly because she knows they get along. (Seraphina kind of considers him the younger brother she never wanted but loves anyway, lol).

testing up my “rusty” skills on MMD feat. effects.

im having a wild life

Model was made by GrossREDInk on DeviantART!

(I edited the skin since it looked too dark to my taste. Be wary this model doesn’t seem affected by the changes of hue, so you’ll have to use effects/edits/filters to do so.)

“Please don’t question my sympathies, Seira, Regis,” Frankenstein says with a smile, a smile they recognise. “I know not what it’s like to not fight to teeth and bone.” He steels himself to face Raizel’s face and smiles once more, genuinely, to the children. “You ask it of me; I cannot refuse.”

Remember Six Worlds Down? From the noblesse december event that I never finished? Time to suck it up and Finish It. 

If monbebes turn rude and disgrace the fandom I’m leaving like if newer monbebes try to give us a bad name try to tell them to chill monbebe to monebebe


A fan spotted Jungkook and Jimin sitting together, just the two of them, on a train heading back to Seoul from Busan. She couldn’t comment on their hair colors and stuff (because it could potentially spoil things for their comeback) but she did mention that they looked healthy and were given space by the public.