EXO’s Reaction to your curvy body



*He loves your body and has no problem staring at it. He knows you know he’s looking. Sometimes, he does it on purpose to make you blush. He loves everything about you, honestly. Minseok cannot get more perfect.*

So, are you going to twirl for me? Please?? I have a great dinner, a great girlfriend, now I need a great show. You told me you’d spoil me tonight..”

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*He loves your body but unlike Minseok, he doesn’t want you to know, even if he makes it so obvious. He’d stare but when you look at him, he quickly looks away.*

No, I wasn’t staring, whhaatt??”

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*Always hugging you because he loves you and your body so much. He’s always showing you how much he appreciates you when he returns from work because you deserve it.*

I haven’t seen you in so long. Let me cook for you, no wait, let me give you a massage, no, let me run you a bath…”

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“He loves the h*ck out of your curvy body and is always teasing you. Not in a mean way of course. Harmless, ridiculous voices and looks only for you.*

Daaammnnn girl, you got a boyfriend?? Darn right you do, its me, this lucky boy.”

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*Shows you he loves everything about you in any way he can.*

Hey babe, babe look. No you have to look, not nod your head to tell me you’re listening. Look at me darling~”

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*Just as cheesy as Jongdae is but extra. It’s everywhere with you. In public when you’re at a table and he’s ordering. He’d get your attention from the counter and so something to make you laugh in embarrassment.*

Someone: “Hey, um. Is that guy your boyfriend? Him, over there, holding up the heart fingers…”

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*When you were standing in front of the mirror, looking over your body, he’d give you a look. When you asked him if you were fat, he’d burst out laughing before looking at your face. It slowly became serious when he realized that that was a real question. Can’t decipher why on earth you would ask that because he thought you were perfect.*

Oh..Oh! You were being serious? In that case, I will be serious too. No, you’re not fat. You’re perfect. I love it and you.”

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*He asked you to be his girlfriend for a reason. He loves your body no matter how many changes it makes or how many flaws you see because all he sees is perfection. Besides, he isn’t focused on your body, he’s too busy fangirling over you being his girlfriend than anything.*

Yes, darling! You toss that bag in the garbage can! A bottle fell out but that’s okay, you did perfect! That’s my baby.”


*Absolutely loves it when you asked what he thought about your body because he uses that opportunity to make you blush. He loves your body and there should be no reason for you to hate it.*

“No sweetie, your body is perfect the way it is. As long as I can still hug and cuddle with it, you’re still beautiful.”


Oh holy f*ck, I haven’t been on in months. I ain’t even got shit to say because I am also disappointed in myself. Why are you guys still here? It’s been so long I expected my followers count to go down.


SHINee in Toronto

Okay so I wasn’t gonna submit a story cuz I was like maybe some fans were gonna bless me with their SHINee experiences and make mines look LAME but all I see is BTS and EXO and GOT7 so let me tell yall about my main kpop group, SHINee! I present to you this extremely long post about my SHINee in Toronto experinece!

Okay so first off, I live in Virginia in the US. My older cousin actually surprised me with SHINee tickets for my 21st birthday which was earlier this month. I broke down crying when she told me we were going because I thought I’d never see my ultimate kpop group since the US tour consisted of Dallas and LA. I tried to get over it cuz I had BTS tickets (which I gave up to travel to Canada… sad but worth it). So anyways, I traveled to the magnificent country of Canada the day before the concert and saw the Niagara Falls and all that fun, touristy things. 

Alright so the day of the concert, I’m hella lit. I was going to the concert with my cousin, her best friend, and her best friend’s husband (They’re such goals. She sucked him into the Kpop world and now he’s a Kpop fanboy). So my cousin’s best friend and I are on stalker mode. We lit walked around Toronto from 9am - 3pm looking for SHINee cuz… ya know. We didn’t find them but I did go up the CN Tower (Which is the tallest building on the Western Hemisphere. I’ll add the picture I took from the top!) and I experienced the greatness that is Tim Hortons. Amazing place, honestly. So like I said we didn’t find SHINee. However, as we were walking past the venue, girls who were handing out lighsticks told us they were at the Niagara Falls and we were just like oh great… we missed them by a day!

So we go back to our hotel and start to get ready for the concert. I spend like an hour on my makeup which my cousin nor her best friend could understand but like… it’s SHINee… my ultimate bias Kim Kibum is in SHINee? Like? What did they want from me? So I went what I consider, “all out” on my makeup. I was pretty cute, if I say so myself. So after getting ready, we head back to the venue (all in walking distance) and the line is getting long cuz it’s like 5pm and doors open at 6:30. There were super long lines at the park across the street for stuff we didn’t know so walked over there instead cuz who’s gonna wait in that long line for the venue? I told them we should’ve waited as I’ve experienced five kpop events before but no no, we get out of line and go to the park. I didn’t complain too much though because I got like three SHINee light sticks, a photo card, a banner, fan chant sheets, etc. So after that we head back to the line at the venue cuz it’s about 6pm but again, they don’t wanna stand in line because it was getting too cold for them. So we head to a coffee shop across the street and stay there until like 6:20. 

Here’s where I wanted to tell them I told them so because when we got back to the venue, the line was wrapped around the building and they were pissed and I’m just like… I told yall but okay. So we stand in line for an hour and a half. Yes, we stood out in the cold until 7:30 when they let us in. Mind you, the concert was supposed to start at 7:30 but I guess they were still setting up? So we get inside, I’m super hype now but my cousin and her friend have to use the bathroom and I’m just like cool okay because once they let us inside the venue the doors to the auditorium were still shut so (: 

So the bathrooms were like downstairs and we go there and since I didn’t have to use the bathroom, I walked off a little to check out the venue and stood beside a friendly security guard. Idk if she was friendly or not but she didn’t tell me to go away cuz she was blocking this door or whatever. So I’m standing there and this other girl who I remember seeing outside is standing with me and suddenly we hear singing? And it’s one of SHINee’s songs and it’s Jonghyun’s voice… COMING FROM THE BLOCKED DOOR! So I turn to the girl and I’m like… “Do you hear that? Does… does that sound live to you?” and she must’ve thought the same thing cuz she’s freaking out and the security guard is SMIRKING AT US and so to confirm my suspicious, we hear Onew’s voice break at one part of the song and now I’m freaking out. I recorded some of it but you can barely hear it because the girl and I were too busy fangirling. So after it’s over, I go back to where the restrooms are and tell my cousin and her friend what happened and they’re mad and I’m just like :) sucks for yall.

SO FINALLY!! We get inside the venue AND PLEASE tell me why I have the best cousin in the entire world?! I was FRONT AND CENTER at the stage. I was within the first five rows from the stage. I literally cried at how close I was and because… SHINee. So I couldn’t take any pictures or anything cuz this one rude security guard threatened to confiscate our phones like we’re in fucking high school or something. And they actually did remove people from the audience who got caught taking pictures or recording and I won’t about to lose my possible only chance and witnessing Kings so nah. No recording or pictures from me.

Okay so here’s the actual good stuff. I mentioned Key was my bias right? I never thought Key would be interested in me cuz idk… he doesn’t give me that vibe he likes black girls so I threw all hope of our imaginary relationship out the window. Until that night that is… So at the beginning, they were introducing themselves and Key is talking and the venue is dead ass quiet except for Key. So my rude American self, I literally scream out, “KIBUM I LOVE YOU!” And lit EVERYONE turned around to look at me. Like EVERYONE, my cousin, her friend, her friend’s husband, the security guards, the people in front of me, SHINEE! Like everyone looked at me. And I’m shocked cuz I’m usually a quiet person. When I yell, people tell me it’s like I’m talking normally lmao. So KIBUM abrubtly stops talking and LOOKS AT ME for like a whole three seconds and looks like he forgot what he was gonna say but he remembered and continued his speech so I’m still shookt cuz he ACTUALLY HEARD ME! 

So the concert goes on, I’m jamming out, and Minho makes his way over to my side of the stage and he’s looking at me and he nods his head at me as if to say, “what’s up?” and I thought I imagined this but apparently not cuz my cousin turned to me and was like, “Did Choi Minho just nod at you?” and these two girls in front of me actually turned around and GLARED at me and I’m just in my head like chill, I don’t want Minho. Key is my man. Speaking of Key, he comes over to my side of the stage every now and then and at one point our eyes lock and he SMILES AT ME and I’m shookt cuz Kibum you don’t know what you do to me holy shit. And this happened during a majority of the concert and my cousin is eyeing me and I’m just like, “Nah he’s not smiling and looking at me. Leave me alone.”

SO during the times he smiled at me, I’m oblivious and don’t smile back so I’m under the impression he’s smiling at the girls in front of me. So at the end of the concert, when Jonghyun was talking, my eyes were like glued to Key as if I’m trying to take as much of him in as I can before I won’t see him in person for another 1,000 years. SO please tell me why he turns his head and boom, our eyes LOCK AGAIN!! And he’s not smiling at me this time, he’s just staring with this blank stare at me and I’m giving him the same facial expression back. So then I decide to test if he’s really looking at me (though it was obvious but stuff like this doesn’t happen to nobodies like me. I’ve met Jackson twice and he still doesn’t love me.) and I smile the biggest smile I can at him and HE IMMEDIATELY SMILED BACK AT ME! Like holy shit, it was the brightest smile and the same smile that made me fall in love with him five years ago! And my cousin is nudging me and pointing at Key and the girl in front of me, whew, IF LOOKS COULD KILL!! And I’m just in a trance cuz, Kim Kibum of SHINee noticed me and now I can die happily.

So besides Kibum and Minho, Onew got really close to us at one point that if I stretched out my hand, he could’ve literally grabbed it. My cousin’s friend caught a ball that Onew personally signed (I’m still jealous), Jonghyun winked at the two girls in front of me and I swear one of them almost fainted, and Taemin is literally so shy and a sweetie. He’s adorable. I had a fun time and now I just gotta find a way to get Key my number and we’re good. Lmao.

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Oh God, I was randomly watching Bellarke scenes and the music in the Day Trip scene when C + B have a talk by the tree is so amazing?? I was too busy fangirling over that conversation to realize before.

I swear im the most un-musical person ever???? I have to force myself to even ever notice the background music. I’m too busy going “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD-” I always have to go back and rewatch :/ 

You Go to the Store, and Instead of Getting What You Were Supposed to, You Bring Home a Bunch of Soya Milk (GOT7)

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*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Vita

JAEBUM 재범: Jaebum wouldn’t even bat an eyelash towards it considering he likely won’t even notice. Although when he opens the fridge to see it invaded with soya milk he’d be confused for a second, before shrugging and rolling with it

JINYOUNG 진영:  ok yeah he’d be a little put off at first and he might even scold you for wasting time/money. After arguing and agreeing to only return half of it, Jinyoung goes with you shopping this time to keep you focused but not forgetting to tease you about the soya milk

YOUNGJAE 영재: poor sunshine would be so confused to the point of being speechless, but confusion quickly turns to amusement and results in him bursting out in laughter because he never expected this. At all. 

JACKSON 잭슨:  Jackson would wonder why you didn’t get what you were supposed to until he saw what you got instead, forgetting all about original plans because of his excitement over you buying something “different but healthier” like he’s always trying to get you to

MARK 마크: Mark would be pretty calm about it, but still lost on why you bought all that soya milk instead of what you originally went to get. After giggling at you for a minute he’d make a fun trip out of going back to get what you were supposed to

BAMBAM 뱀뱀: he’d be one to insist you’re pulling a prank or “hidden camera” on him, but really shocked when he finds out it’s not. Be prepared for tons of teasing for a long while

YUGYEOM 유겸:  this soft maknae would be having a heart attack thinking you’re so cute! He’d be too busy fangirling over you to remember what was needed in the first place

Number One Fan (JB Fluff)

Request: Hi. Love the stories. Can you do a scenario of JB to getting jealous when his girl friend is fan girling to a diffrent music group?- @karougirl123

Summary: Jaebum isn’t all that happy that you accidentally stopped being GOT7′s number one fan.

Genre: Fluff, Jealous!JB

Word Count: 1K

Note: Thank you so much for enjoying, I’m sorry this is a little short ):  Please don’t hate me and I hope you enjoy! (If you would like a rewrite, just tell me and i wouldn’t’ mind but give me some time okay (:) 

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You didn’t mean for it to happen the way it did. It started out slow and casual, and suddenly you were in too deep. You accidentally face planted into the Diamond Life. It finally happened, you were a Carat, a fan of Seventeen.

The first time you heard about Seventeen was during October of 2015, Jaebum had randomly called you up to tell you that GOT7 was going to be on Running Man for a special.

“Jagi, you’ll never guess what just happened!” Jaebum exclaimed as you were having a casual day off.

“What is it? Is it good news? Did you guys win another award? But the next live award show is tomorrow night, I checked.” You said.

You were GOT7’s number one fan, how could you not be when your precious boyfriend was the leader of the group. You were slightly confused at what got him so excited since he hadn’t told you anything exciting about his schedule.

“Y/N… We’re gonna be on Running Man! Jongkook sunbaenim just invited us to be on the special episode and we’re heading there now. We’re all super excited!” He informed you, and you could just imagine the cute little smile on his face.

“Oh my god, that’s crazy. Have fun okay! Don’t get hurt! Tell my babies to take care too.” You told him, expecting him to pass the message over to the boys.

You heard a chorus of ‘yes eomma’ flow through the receiver before you were satisfied.

“Tell me all about it later okay!”

That’s how it happened, that was the first time you heard about Seventeen since they were also guests on that same episode of Running Man. Jaebum had told you all about the games they played that day as the both of you were snuggling on your couch.

“There was also this new group I’ve not really seen around. Seventeen. I’ve met them once or twice at the Idol Star Athletics Championships. They were pretty good too.” Jaebum mumbled as he played with your hair.

“Tell me more.” You replied, mindlessly tracing the veins on his toned arms.

And so Jaebum did, he talked to you about the games and the guests until you fell asleep in his arms.

The days following that, you had gone to check out Seventeen, downloading a few of their singles and nothing more. As the days turned into weeks and into months, it snowballed into you having every single song of theirs on your phone, completed with lyrics.

You also had binged watched all the shows they stared on, which included that one episode of Running Man, and for once you hadn’t paid much attention to your boys, occasionally squealing at how cute Jaebum or Youngjae was being, but most of your attention was drawn to the thirteen new people.

Flash forward and it’s been almost a solid year and you were a major Carat, the GOT7 boys had heard enough of their songs and had seen their choreography tons of times, you were a hundred percent sure that they could perform a Seventeen song with no problem.

“Oppa, did you see the choreography, oh my god I’m going to faint.” You squeal, shaking Jaebum’s arm as you showed him the new video for Aju Nice while walking back to the dorm.

“Look oh my god it’s Seungcheol.” You didn’t mean to shriek that loudly, but you couldn’t handle your excitement. You just had a thing for leaders.

Speaking of which, your leader was sulking as he watched you scream other guys’ names. It hadn’t been getting on his nerves, or so he had claimed. The boys clearly knew he was jealous, you were too busy fangirling to see him turn green, and well, Jaebum was in denial.

“I’m not jealous.” Jaebum huffed after Jinyoung cast him a knowing look.

Jaebum had his arm around you as you casually watched a Seventeen Vlive, so you weren’t paying attention to the conversation the boys were having.

“Well, if you’re not jealous, is it weird if I am? Y/N hardly pays attention to us anymore.” Yugyeom pouted as Youngjae nodded in agreement.

“Hyung, please, just face it. You’re jealous.” Jackson stated.

“For the last time, I’m not jealous.”  Jaebum muttered, irritated.

As you all made your way into the dorm, you finally shut off your phone, only to notice that Jaebum wasn’t looking too happy. Had you missed something?

“Jaebum, are you okay?” You asked, concerned.

You could hear the rest of the boys holding back their laughter as Jaebum sighed and nodded before he left to his room. You were worried, that’s for sure. It wasn’t like Jaebum to be so down like that.

“He’s jealous.” Jinyoung informed you as you stood dazed in the living room.

“Jealous? Of what?” You questioned, confused.

“You should go ask him that.” Jinyoung mumbled, pushing you towards his room.

As you entered the room, you spotted Jaebum lying on his bed on his phone.

“Jaebum…” You called out, slowly walking over to him.

He wordlessly makes space for you on his bed as you cuddle up to him.

“What are you jealous of?” You asked, looking up at him as he avoided your gaze.

“I’m not jealous of anything.” He answered simply.

You grabbed onto his cheeks, tilting his head to make him look you in the eye, “Are you sure?”

His stare faltered and he shifted his gaze elsewhere.

“Nope, Jaebum, look at me. What are you jealous of?” You asked again.

He sighed deeply before mumbled something you couldn’t catch.

“What was that?”

“I said I was jealous of Seventeen.”

You were beyond confused as you cast him a look of bewilderment, “What?”

“It’s just that you suddenly stopped becoming GOT7’s number one fan and you seem to always be talking about them. I can’t help but feel that you lost interest in us… And me.”

“Jaebum are you kidding me? I’ll always be GOT7’s number one fan. I’ll never lose interest in you guys? How can I? I’m around all of you so much. Don’t even think for one second I’ll lose interest in you. I love you okay? It’s different when I say it to you than when I’m fangirling.” You tell him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you play with his hair.

“Are you sure?” He questioned, pulling you closer to him.

“Yes I’m sure you idiot, now let me kiss you.” You answered closing the space between the both of you.

“I love you Y/N.”

Reasons putting me in AC: S is an awful idea

1. cannot parkour do not even try not even once
2. Eternal references everywhere
3. Will constantly make bad jokes at Jacob
4. Too busy fangirling to actually assassinate anyone
5. Stealthfail
6. Constantly distracted by stray cats/dogs
7. Only knows how to do TV London and BadIrish accents so lol disguise what
8. Strategy for everything is “punch them in the dick”
9. Yes, even if they don’t have one
10. 90000000% likely to attempt to punch Crawford Starrick in the dick
11. If dick punching fails, run and scream
12. Probably knock over everyone in path while running and screaming
13. Only girl in Victorian London who can crawl out of bed, shower, and put on the same ragged ass clothes as long as there’s no visible stains on them, run a comb through her wet hair and go outside
14. Coffee creamer does not exist yet
15. For that natter INSTANT COFFEE has not yet been invented
16. Domino’s pizza has also not been invented yet
17. So. Much. Fangirling of the Frye twins.
18. Will hum the “Ooooweeeeeeoooooooo” part of the Dr. Who theme, completely unprompted, whenever mysterious happenings happen
19. Uncoordinated as fuck, so will probably fall just to the side of hay bales/hedges/whatnot and die or at least be seriously injured (see #1)

 Female pronouns used

  • He first noticed her during lunch break
  • Oikawa was too busy with his fangirls while Iwaizumi picked at his food, waiting for his friend to be free
  • Since most of the girls in the general area were fawning over the setter, the ace was surprised to see a single girl sitting alone, leisurely eating her lunch with a book propped open next to her
  • He only knew her name and that they shared a few classes but she was rather quiet and kept to herself
  • As Oikawa was probably going to be preoccupied the rest of the break, Iwaizumi took it upon himself to gather up his things and move over to talk to her
  • Their relationship started from there as they spent more time together
  • It was relatively easy for Iwaizumi to pick up on his girlfriend’s shy tendencies
  • Iwaizumi can seem tough and stony but he has his gentle and soft side as well
  • He’s very patient with her, never pushing her out of her comfort zone
  • He always lends his hand to hold if his girlfriend ever needs
  • He’s very respectful of her wishes. She wants to spend a day in? He’s down. She wants to head home early from a party? No problem, he’ll go grab her coat.
  • Of course, Oikawa would be curious of Iwa-chan’s girlfriend but Iwaizumi knows full well that he can get a bit overbearing so he drills it into his friend’s head that he needs to behave when meeting her

Let this be a lesson to you 4 year old Korra, never go against the wise words of BEST UNCLE IROH.

I don’t really have anything to comment about Iroh’s words I just wanted to remind all of you about how wise BEST UNCLE IROH is.

I was too busy fangirling over Iroh I completely forgot about him… Shit.



NETFLIX BLURB: After global success, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hugely popular musical drama is captured on film in a lavish production staged at the Royal Albert Hall.

WARNINGS: Mild violence, heavy themes, ugly dude, memes. 


OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: All reviews are done solely for humor and should not be taken seriously ever. If you cannot handle cursing, crude humor and probably some offensive things, pls do not read this.

                    ********************NOW WITH GIFS! ********************

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of all dogs, it had to be yours (kim jongin/kai x reader)

“JUST LET ME TOUCH HIM!!” you screamed, trying to break free from Chanyeol’s grasp on your shirt collar.

“(y/n)…I don’t even know why I should be apologizing but, I’m so fucking sorry. Please stop embarrassing yourself further.”

“Noooo!! I can’t get owned like this, Chanyeol! Avenge me!” you wailed as another untouched puppy sailed past your feet along with its obviously befuddled owner. Another dog that you couldn’t pet. The list was getting longer day by day.

It all started when you were 4, the first time you tried to touch your neighbor’s white kitty, you had to be taken to the hospital because the cute thing had jumped onto your face, leaving scratches that wouldn’t heal for months. All of this because you just tried to pet its fluffy head. You reached out your hand to the fluffball’s unsuspecting head and ended up learning a dark lesson.

This didn’t apply to dogs and cats only. Even birds, reptiles, fish, fucking rabbits even, and sometimes, even people had a natural aversion to you and ended up hurting you. (read: Tao, Jongdae and Baekhyun. Assholes who loved pranking you for no reason whatsoever.)

Animals had a natural aversion to you, but all you wanted was to pet them a little, was that too much to ask?


“I know, but I can’t have the pup’s owner bite my ass just because my dumbfuck best friend wants to pet his dog. You made the last pet owner pass out because their rabbit went rabid. Geddit?! RABID? GEDDIT??” Chanyeol proceeded to slap his right knee and chuckle as you wallowed in your misery.

Praying, peace offerings, pet toys, none of this shit ever worked with them.You understood this the hard way after trying it with Junmyeon’s puppy Byun and Baekhyun’s pet fish bacon. Even Tao, whose dog Candy, which loved being touched, had given you a brutal reminder.

If people thought you were lying, you even had the scars for proof. But a dark history of mean pets and several visits to the ER has never stopped you from trying to pet every puppy that came your way.

“CHANYEOL!!! I SPOT A PUPPY!!” you shouted, looking at Chanyeol, who was busy sexting Baekhyun on a Sunday morning.

“Ugh, when are you going to stop?”

“WHEN I CAN FINALLY PET A DOG WITHOUT HAVING TO SACRIFICE MY LIFE! FOLLOW ME!” you screamed, finally getting a clear view of the puppy you had just mentioned.

Oh shit, you stopped abruptly, knocking into a currently “in the process of getting horny” Chanyeol who was typing furiously into his phone, glasses almost slipping off the bridge of his twitchy nose.


“What?! I’m trying to get some here………Oh. Oooh. Wow. That is definitely some boyfriend material,” Chanyeol whistled, shoving his phone into his pocket.

What he was referring to was, most definitely, not the dog, but its obviously very hot owner.

“Wow, daddy material even.” Chanyeol whistled louder, mischievously stepping on your shoelaces, untying them successfully as you bounded cluelessly towards the fluffy brown puppy which was beckoning for you to pet it. It was time for Chanyeol “Da hottest wingman!” to shine. Baekhyun would tell you hastily that it was a self proclaimed title but you knew that it was a load of bull because only Baekhyun could come up with something as lame as that.

“HEY THERE BOY!!!” you beamed, reaching out a hand to pet the puppy, completely ignoring the owner who had politely stopped to let you do the deed. What enfolded in the next three seconds changed your life entirely. You were trying your best to not look at the puppy’s owner.

You tripped on your shoelaces, which had somehow “magically come off”, according to a very suspiciously laughing Chanyeol. After which you had, obviously, sailed forward.

You’d preferred either,

Falling on top on him, ending the scene with a very necessary albeit clichéd kiss.


Falling onto the road and disappearing forever.

But you fell onto the poor puppy, missing crushing it by a centimeter, but still getting two of its paws nicely cushioned beneath you as a groan escaped you lips. You were currently staring into the hot puppy owner’s warm, worried brown eyes.

“Oh my god, are you alright?” puppy owner questioned, offering a hand for you to take.

You froze, remembering the puppy that was so close to being sandwiched between you and the floor, blind to puppy owner’s actions.

“PUPPY!” you screamed, scrambling back worriedly to inspect the damage that you had caused to another precious lifeform. You grabbed the poor thing and shook it slightly, cuddling it close to your chest while asking it whether it was okay and if it was hurt anywhere.

The puppy responded with a tiny bark, seemingly not upset by the entire sandwiching incident, and rewarded you with a nuzzle and a nose lick. You grinned, contented that you hadn’t killed anyone today.

Chanyeol froze, his plan had backfired big time and what he needed right now was either a bottle of vodka, or some nice time with Baekhyun. He would undoubtedly choose the latter, but right now, he seemed to be conflicted. Then, he realized something.

“(y/n)…you did it.”

“What?” you asked him, trying to get the puppy away from your face, which it was intent on licking off.

“YOU PET A PUPPY WITHOUT SACRIFICING YOUR LIFE!” Chanyeol screamed, waving his gigantic hands around excitedly.

“Oh…..OH!” lighting struck you and you internally rejoiced.


You finally looked up to see puppy owner looking at you while smiling.

“I’m so sorry for trying to kill your dog!” you smiled sheepishly, reluctantly putting the dog back down.

“Nah, it’s fine. You were having a moment there.” He responded, chuckling into his hand.

Ugh, his smile could light up Kyungsoo’s dark heart and save millions of withered flowers.

“Can I…can I pet your puppy some more? Please? I’ve never actually pet a puppy properly before.” You pleaded, hands already itching to pick up the fluffy thing and kiss it.

“No.” his eyes narrowed into condescending crescents.

You gasped, frowning at him.

“Just kidding! Knock yourself out! I’m Jongin by the way,” he laughed

You didn’t even wait to say thank you before picking up the puppy and rubbing its head affectionately. While you were having the time of your life, Chanyeol had pulled Jongin aside, telling him about your sad life. Jongin chuckled, clearly amused by how animals could hate someone like you.

“Hey, do you mind if I ask her out for like….a coffee or something? She’s really cute, are you perhaps, her boyfriend?” Jongin whispered to Chanyeol, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. He honestly thought you were pretty cute.

Chanyeol almost screamed while he exchanged numbers with Jongin and secretly gave him yours. Jongin walked happily back to you. You’d thank Chanyeol later for everything he’s done for you. This is what Chanyeol thought though.

“I’m so happy for you. Monggu loves you now.” Jongin smiled, melting some more of your heart in the process.

“YEAH, I FEEL LIKE CRYING,” you sniffled.

“What would you feel like If I told you that I have two more puppies?” he squatted own next to you, putting his hand over yours, which was on top of Monngu’s soft head.

“You’re kidding!”

“Nah, wanna see some pics over coffee, then…maybe we could go over to my house to play with them?”

“YES. GOD IS REAL. YESSSSSSS, GOODBYE CHANYEOL, I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE BETTER TO SPEND MY TIME WITH, HAVE FUN FUCKING BAEKHYUN,” you flipped Chanyeol the finger and picked Monggu up, walking away with a laughing Jongin.

Chanyeol didn’t know whether he was angry or happy at your comment.



on group chat ‘exo’:






This is why (y/n) did a good thing by breaking up with Chanyeol three years ago.


^ pour cold water over burned area, chanyeol.

not high im lay:

(y/n) is so lucky, he looks like he would treat her well! 




piece of bacon:

come fuck me chanyeol, ugh!

piece of bacon:



You didn’t say that last night, Chen ;)


baekhyun, your dick is probs small enough for you to hold it and type properly, you can do atleast that much. I need some acid for my eyes, Xiumin help.


you’re on your own, im sry, gtg. (y/n), gl, he cute af.


im a minor


nobody cares sehun, im too busy fangirling over how Jongin just accidentally kissed (y/n)’s cheek while he tripped on his puppy. I’m surely not spying on them. UGH BAEKHYUN WHY.


you guys are getting your asses BEAT when we meet next time. chan baby, be prepared to get your skin peeled off slowly :-) :-) :-)




gg chanyeol, rip mate.