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Where… my Campstuck AU?

And I don’t mean making the kids into predetermined trolls (Max as Karkat, Neil as Sollux etc) although that’s pretty awesome too. I mean starting this shit ALL OVER AGAIN AND MAKING THEM INTO TROLLS JUST AS THEY ARE

So far I’m thinking:

Max, Neil, Nikki: The Kids™

David: Troll, Rust

He knows he’ll be the first to die but that won’t stop him from being the best darn troll he can be! Decent psychic abilities, but rarely if ever uses them. Has pale feelings for Daniel

Gwen: Troll, Bronze

The next one up…she knows she’s gonna die soon and doesn’t bother fighting it. Annoyed. Depressed. Just leave her alone. Has pale feelings for David, but won’t admit it

Harrison: Troll, Gold

Awesome psychic abilities, but no one takes them seriously because he’s so low on the hemospectrum. Lives alone because he made his lusus vanish by accident. In a kismessisitude with Nerris

Space Kid: Troll, Olive

Completely clueless. Everyone lower than him is annoyed that he’ll live longer than them, everyone higher is annoyed he’s not lower. Probably needs a moirail to keep him from accidentally dying, but no one is willing to volunteer– except Nurf??

Jasper: Troll, Jade

He hangs out with David the most, not much is known about him

Preston: Troll, Teal

Not too high on the hemospectrum, but not too low either. Used to be Nurf’s matesprit, but eventually found the courage to break it off. Now is the auspistice for Nerris and Harrison. Very overdramatic, longs for revolution, has gotten warnings before to shut up

Nerris: Troll, Cobalt

Her psychic powers are not as good as Harrison’s, and she resents that. Loves to FLARP, usually with Harrison and Preston, and roleplay. It was her idea to mess with the humans

Nurf: Troll, Indigo

Has no control over his own strength, usually found bullying lowerbloods. When Preston broke off their red relationship, he nearly murdered someone. May or may not have pale feelings for Space Kid–SHUT UP HE NEVER SAID THAT. Despite being an asshole, he tries to keep himself in check

Daniel: Troll, Purple

Do I even have to explain? Can’t decide if he likes David as red, pale, or black.

Dolph: Troll, Violet

He likes drawing a lot, but wouldn’t mind murdering a bunch of land-dwellers if the chance came up. Has red feelings for Ered that she knows about but doesn’t care.

Ered: Troll, Fuchsia

Being the next heiress should be cool. Doesn’t care much about blood caste one way or another–she’s too cool for that. Everyone respects her


Imagine what a session for them would be like.

Imagine Nikki introducing them to Sburb and being super excited because ‘guys this will be great!!’

Imagine Max finding his house being torn up by a way too enthusiastic Nikki– 'sorry, I just really wanted to see what your bathtub would look like on your bed!’

Imagine Neil rolling his eyes at first but okay time out what the hell is that a meteorite.

Imagine each troll taking over a kid to mess around with, just like in the comic. (Harrison tries to troll Nikki, but Nerris does too, so most of Nikki’s trolling is the two of them just trying to outdo each other. Ered also joins in at some point, but very briefly)

(Space Kid reaches out to Neil at first but Neil just blocks him–after eight more tries, Neil unblocks him, but refuses to fall for this shit, and Harrison eventually takes over.)

(Max is forced to deal with Preston giving him the most dramatic, overexaggerated guide-through ('and here, you must off your physical form to achieve godhood! ah, such is the fate of us mortals–’ 'wait hold up are you telling me to fucking KILL myself’) as well as David’s failed trolling attempts.)

Imagine Daniel starting to kill everyone off in a fit of religious purpleblood madness–he starts with Space Kid, and everyone realizes too late that when they said they wanted Space Kid dead, they didn’t mean it like this. Nurf is horrified when he finds out, and probably ends up giving himself to Daniel (not on purpose). Jasper is the next to go, and Daniel nearly reaches Gwen too before David leaps into shoosh-pap action. Gwen doesn’t know how to feel about this (He saved her?? But now he’s with Daniel??? And she liked him?????)

Imagine Max being first to reach godtier because 'wow, all I have to do is kill myself? I wanted to do that a LONG time now’.

Imagine who else would make godtier. And what classpect would they be? I’m sure Nikki and Neil would join on after Max, as well as maybe Nerris and Gwen (hell yeah, immortality)

Imagine them all meeting up with the trolls at last, and huh, Max didn’t know that the ridiculous drama queen trolling him was this cute. And weird, Neil hadn’t expected the idiot claiming he was psychic to be so charming.

Imagine Max being stunned to see David because 'you look like my dad…only younger…and greyer…and stuff’, and being met with a blank look because 'what’s a dad?’


Slay me with those Campstuck-fueled headcanons



Atsushi: DAZAI-SAN THERE IS A CANDLE are you trying to MURDER HIM

Kunikida: what is it now, Dazai– OH MY GOD WHAT THE HECK

Happy birthday ADA mom!!! lol (explanation for all the random stuff in the tags)


Kunikida caught the candle and is now about to torch Dazai

Haikyuu Fic Recommendations List Pt.2

Hey it’s been a while but here have a part 2 of the fic rec list. All of the fics are complete.


Moonstruck - Kawanishi x Yamagata - Rated G - 2,439 words

Touch - Kyoutani x Yahaba - Rated T - 1,188 words

Isolated Parts - Kyoutani x Yahaba - Rated T - 3,340 words

Of Lame Pick Up Lines And Barely Coherent Texts - Konoha x Inuoka - Rated G - 1,793 words

Tarot And Tea Leaves - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated G - 3,716 words

Here Comes Your Man - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated T - 8,801 words

Stray Arrows - Kyoutani x Yahaba - Rated T - 3,801 words

Our Hearts Still Beat The Same - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated M - 11,804 words

(more under the cut) 

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There is a special spot in heaven for those of you who stan NCT and are also multi-fandom.




Yoonmin Tinder AU


When Taehyung and Jungkook sign Jimin up for Tinder as a joke, they never thought they’d find the Agust D’s account. Jimin is not as impressed. He’s been through enough heartbreaks in the past to know it’s too good to be true. There’s no way his idol likes him, especially with that profile picture. Will Jimin’s messy relationship history get in the way of his happiness?

But why does it matter? He’s not actually talking to Min Yoongi.


S got his puppy as promised :)


Nightshade + screenshots of despair [part 1/?]


Ennosuke is planning a murder

yaelgrobglas Here we go again!!!!!! With the family :) (missing @jaimecamil in the pic of course but he was most definitely there and @ivonnecollofficial is not in it either but was very much there!!!!!). #season5 !!! #janethevirgin @justinbaldoni@bridgetregan @yaritafrita@andreanavedo @brettdier@anthonymendezvo @hereisgina