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[place for a desperate comment about me trying to escape drarry hell and failing miserably]

about the 3rd pic: so jkr says that “harry lost his ability to speak parseltongue, about which he was glad and relieved” and sorry but I STRONGLY DISAGREE i want him to get a pet snake and have long conversations with it much to everyone’s annoyance

i keep forgetting that kravitz was a villain during crystal kingdom. the concept is so fucking funny to me. he’s too gay for this? he’s so incredibly gay that he lost the biggest bounty he’s ever hunted? like. this boy has a shitty accent. he’s a fucking nerd. his fatal flaw is literally that he’s too gay. he falls in love with the elf he’s supposed to be hunting. and he’s the most lawful good character on the show! it’s so easy to forget that at one point he chased the boys around with a scythe. i’m sorry, krav, you were never cut out for villiany, you’re just too fucking gay.


Cat Person / Dog Person

After a hundred year’s, Lucretia is immune to pranks.

Taako brings cupcakes to the B.O.B. cafeteria one day that he had purposely made awful and tries to hand them out. No one has taken him up on the offer yet because, excuse me, all three re-claimers are giggling into their hands and saying things like “oh these are soo delicious, and definitely made using a real cupcake recipe!’’ and none of them are honestly that stupid. (Also, with the memory of the hot chocolate fiasco from a few months ago still fresh in their minds there is a general sense of fear over what evil those cupcakes could wreak if consumed.) While this is happening the Director walks by and taako starts trying to persuade her to take one; everyone is a bit surprised he would try to pull such an obvious trick on the Actual Boss until Lucretia turns around, grabs the cupcake from taako’s hand and is like “wow taako, for me? you shouldn’t have!” before taking a giant bite out of it, staring into taako’s eyes the entire time. The room is silent. Everyone is afraid. Tres horny boys are watching their lives flash before their eyes (specifically the part where Merle upended an entire bottle of Worcestershire sauce into the cake batter.) Lucretia swallows, thanks the boys, and walks back out of the cafeteria eating the rest of the cupcake. All eyes go to taako who is standing there visibly shook. 

After a moments hesitation Magnus pops a cupcake into his mouth to test it and immediately has to be rushed to the emergency room. 


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