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Team Japan (figure skating) || Winter Universiad2017

Imagine a nervous Yoongi fretting over Jin’s (already totally packed) bags, worrying about him leaving for the Jungle…. 

“You sure you have enough socks Jinnie, how many socks did you take, I only see 20 pairs here, you’ve gotta keep your feet dry remember that - that’s the most important part…” 

“Yoongi, you silly, I have another few stuffed in the corners there, It’ll be fine…”

“Ok, I know, but …how about sunscreen and medicine, that stuff you take for your stomach when you eat something that doesn’t agree with you, and you have headache medicine right, and - do you think you have room for this little first aid kit…”

“Gigi,…you know the crew will have first aid kits, I’m sure everything will be ok…”

“I’m just gonna miss you, Jinnie, gonna have to go cuddle with Namjoon if I get cold - get my head snored off..”

“I’m not gone yet gigi…you can cuddle with me now..”

And so he does.  

Credit to the artist. <3
Writing by me.
“You know..I’ve never really gotten to know how truly lovely those ruby hued optics are.
Zen, why do you look so nervous? Does me being this close make you afraid? Or does it make you too excited to move and give me a worried like facade..? Tch. I could remove that silly little frown right off your face now if I wanted, but I won’t. Someone as beautiful as you deserves a proper greeting by someone as truly handsome as me.
I can’t say that I hate this cute face of yours anymore, even if you do insult my precious Eliza..but I suppose I’ll let that slide right now. What are you thinking about?
You’re so cute when you’re shy, Hyun..”
Jumin leaned forward, kissing the other tenderly. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, especially to the person who’s been his enemy from the start, but he just didn’t care any longer.

i think you all know what this means by now! hitting that heart gives me permission to:
come to you whenever to talk about plots/headcanons/dad jokes / send you memes whenever i see them / write you random starters if and when inspiration strikes etc etc.

i get anxious sometimes that i can come across as too much, so this is as much to waylay some of those fears as it is for my own sanity — you liking this means you’re willing to put up with my slow ass, and awful puns whenever, wherever ( we’re meant to be together ♪ )

Today i played a game with a small girl, i think she was maybe 11 or 12?
She talked about so many cool map tricks and ways to use the characters, and was really, REALLY good at Phara.

After I complimented her on a nice play, she invited me to a group- and then her dad showed up too and said hello! We ended up all playing together. Eventually friends (and a couple that were just friendly teammates that she invited because they were cool) kept glomming onto our group til we had a full team and we Wrecked. Shop. I had no idea what I was in for.

In our last match together (she and her dad had to leave for dinner) she got play of the game by knocking four of the enemy team off the bridge at lijang tower in a tie breaker round. 

AND she had gold in eliminations.

((Also, I’m sorry for accidentally cursing on mic that one time, I know your dad said it was ok but I still feel a little guilty! I don’t want to get anyone I play with in trouble. You and your dad were super nice, and I liked talking about all the cool stuff you knew about Overwatch. ))

Keep flyin’ high Phara. ovo)7

Telling Mom

This idea came to me a few hours before I saw a promo pic that said Eliza would be in the upcoming episode, so consider this ironic timing. Thanks to @a-tardis-at-downton for beta-ing this for me!

Telling Mom

Alex had never before brought home a girlfriend. Or rather, a partner since this was her first girlfriend. Eliza had met some of the boys she dated in high school but that was because the town was relatively small and they often played video games at her house, but there was never a big deal made out of it like an adult child bringing home their significant other. She had kept the message simple when she texted Eliza. Stating she was coming for the weekend to introduce her to someone important, Alex had refrained from using gender identifiers while insisting she was too busy for a phone call. If she heard the worry or excitement in her mother’s voice, she knew she would chicken out at the last minute and keep her relationship under her wraps. May never regain the nerve to come out to her mother.

They were standing on the deck of the two story farm house like building, the awning Kara frequently insisted on flying off from above their heads to shield from the light patter of rain. Her Ducati was parked by her mother’s Mercury under a cover, helmets in hand as Alex wished she had the foresight to beg Kara to join them. A squeeze of her hand and a soft smile full of dimples reassured Alex and she pushed open the door. Placing their helmets down by the front door and loosening their jackets, Alex led the way to the kitchen, certain by the delicious scent in the air her mother was finishing up dinner.

Eliza turned when she heard a usual floorboard creak with the presence of her guests, the smile sliding on her face easy.

“Hi,” Alex said awkwardly, hands shoved into her pockets as she endeavored to maintain eye contact. “Mom…I’d like you to m-m-meet my…girlfriend, Maggie,” she barely managed to state, eyes wide and nervous, breath shallow as she glanced at Maggie.

“Hello, Dr. Danvers,” Maggie greeted, stepping forward to shake hands.

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SNSD Reaction to: You Winning Your First Match/Game

Taeyeon: cheers you on; “c’mon, c’mon, you got this - AAAH DID YOU SEE THAT GOAL? THE GOAL THAT WON THE MATCH, YEAH, THAT’S MY JAGI!”

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Jessica: your eyes scan the crowd after winning, only wanting to see one person. and when you see her, she starts waving and smiling, mouthing; “good job, baby!”

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Sunny: runs onto the ring, too excited that you won to worry about your injuries … yet

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Tiffany: flashes some aegyo, to show how happy she is for you

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Hyoyeon: is happy for you but don’t think she didn’t notice your slip up, tripping over the ball earlier in the game. and don’t think she won’t tease you for it either

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Yuri: as someone rather athletic as well, she knows what that feeling of victory after training hard feels like so she’s genuinely really happy for you

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Sooyoung: shoots you a wink, to let you know she’s proud but while also not making a big scene. that would be saved for later

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Yoona: knows it’s rude to brag but can’t help herself, turning to the stranger next to her & saying “that’s my jagi, you know. isn’t s/he talented?”

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Seohyun: coyly calls you over after the fight, while your wounds are being tended to. you think she’s going to kiss you so you rush to her only to get smacked; “yah, look at you, you’re bleeding! do you know how hard it was to watch that?!”

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ROSY ROSY ROSY CHECK THE EXTENDED PROMO. Bellamy is captured by the grounders!! definite separation and i cannot WAIT to see how Clarke reacts!!

Is this why I hadn’t seen that tidbit? I didn’t see the extended promo. I thought I just wasn’t paying attention.

I’m so glad to hear you excited about it.

I’ve been getting a few gloomy gusses in my inbox and I’m trying not to spread too much gloom. (so if you guys are ranting at me and i don’t publish it, that might  be why. no problem, just moderating what i’m putting out into the fandom.)


no actually, what will Clarke do when Bellamy is in danger? How will she react? 

What has she done in the past? She wasn’t there when Bellamy was being hanged by Murphy. She nearly lost it when Bellamy was being beaten by Tristan at the drop ship. She refused to let him go into the mountain, then went cold and sent him in and then blew up a village to protect him. 

What the heck would Wanheda do if Bellamy was endangered?

Baby - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: “You’re my girl.” + “There’s another me inside mommy?” Jason Todd x Reader (requested by anon)

“Hey Jay? I think we should tell Harper about the baby.” You said gently rubbing your growing baby bump. He smiled warmly at you and placed his larger hand on top of yours.

“You sure?” He asked absently rubbing your slightly protruding stomach.

“Yeah … I mean we should right? How do you think she’s going to react?” You asked with uncertainty. Jason grabbed your hands and looked into your eyes.

“[Y/N] you’re worrying too much. Harper is going to be beyond excited that she’s going to be a big sister.” Jason reassured you.

“You really think so?” You asked.

“Absolutely.” He affirmed leaning in to capture your lips in a soft kiss. As the old saying goes speak of the devil …

“Ewww Daddy! Stop kissing Mommy!” Your daughter, Harper cried barreling into the room with Lian following hot on her heels. Roy wasn’t far behind the two rambunctious girls.

“Yeah Uncle Jay! It’s gross!” She cried.

“Keep it in your pants Jaybird.” Roy tagged on after the girls.

“Thank you, Roy.” Jason replied sarcastically.

“I trust Harper wasn’t too troublesome.” You prompted. It was Roy’s turn to take the girls for a sleepover and you knew from first hand experience how difficult the two little imps could be when combined. You couldn’t imagine what adding a third little devil to the mix was going to do to the balance of power.

“Well they didn’t hurt themselves or anything in my apartment so I think we can count this one as a success.” Roy said.

“Good enough for me.” You said with a smile.

“Alright Lian, say goodbye.” Roy instructed.

“Bye Uncle Jay! Bye Aunt [Y/N]! Bye Harper!” Lian said running around the room hugging each of the Todds in succession. Roy led her towards the door saying his own goodbyes.

“Text me later, Jay. I found a job that’s right up our alley.” Roy mentioned casually. Jason gave him a thumbs up and soon enough Roy and Lian left leaving the three of you alone. Harper wasted no time in launching into all that she and Lian had done while she was at Roy’s. As soon as you could get a word in edgewise you put a hand on Harper’s shoulder and gave her a serious look.

“Harper, sweetie. Your Mommy and I have something to tell you.” Jason started, You glanced over at Jason. He slipped his hand into yours and gave you an encouraging squeeze.

“What is it Daddy?” Harper asked expectantly.

“Harper you’re my girl and you’ll always be my baby girl, but in a couple of months Mommy is going to have a baby and you’re going to become a big sister.” Jason explained resting a hand against your stomach.

“Mommy’s having a baby?” She asked with a confused face that wrinkled her nose in the most adorable way. Jason scooped her up into his arms and kissed the tip of her cute little button nose.

“Yup, and you’re going to have a little baby brother or sister soon.” He responded. “I need you to do me a favor, Harper. When the baby comes I need you to welcome him or her into our family with open arms. They’re going to need you to show them how to be a Todd.” Jason explained gently. Harper nodded with a serious look on her face, already taking her mission to heart.

“Where’s the baby now?” She asked innocently.

“The baby’s inside Mommy right now.” Jason explained. You took Harper’s little hands and placed them on top of your slightly rounded stomach to show her where her future sibling was. She looked down at your stomach in wonder. “They won’t be ready to be born for a few months so for now your baby brother or sister is going to grow in Mommy.” Jason continued to explain. Harper was struck speechless which was rare for her.

“So … There’s another me inside Mommy?” She asked, her little fingers spreading across the expanse of your stomach. You and Jason laughed slightly at her assumption.

“Sort of, kiddo.” Jason said ruffling her hair. She pouted, resembling her father in her face of annoyance. “But you’re a one of a kind, sweetie.” Jason said pulling his daughter into an engulfing embrace.

“Daddy?” Harper asked against his chest.

“Yeah baby?”

“How did the baby get inside Mommy?” Jason stiffened and shot you a panicked look. You choked slightly and you would have broken out into hysterical laughs if you weren’t preoccupied with how you were going to sufficiently answer her question. God knows that child wouldn’t give up until her curiosity was sated.

“Oh boy, you are just full of questions tonight aren’t you?” You said taking over the conversation from Jason who looked absolutely terrified to answer her question. “Well you see, when Daddies love Mommies very much, the Daddies will put babies into Mommies. Mommies will then hold onto the babies that Daddies give them in their bellies until the babies are ready to come out.” You gave her the censored version. Harper nodded but you could see she was still a bit confused but she otherwise dropped it. Harper leaned down and pressed her hands on either side of your stomach and rested her face right above your skin.

“Hi baby! I’m your big sister! I can’t wait to meet you baby so hurry up in there!” She commanded. You heart swelled at the scene and you started to tear up.

“Alright!” Jason said standing up and scooping Harper into his arms. She squealed at the sudden movement and laughed at the feeling of being air born. “The baby’s not coming tonight so there’s no reason for big sisters to stay up past their bedtime. Time to get ready for bed, you little imp.” Jason said carrying her into the other room to start her nightly routine. You sat on the couch a little while longer dabbing the happy tears from your eyes.

You eventually rejoined Jason as he was tucking your daughter into bed. She was already out like a light and the two of you just stood there watching your daughter peacefully sleep.

“She handled it well, I think.” You whispered, careful not to wake Harper.

“Told you so.” Jason quietly bragged wrapping his arms around you from behind and resting his hands on top of your stomach.

“You know I might be biased but I think our family has to be the most adorable to ever exist.” You bragged. Jason scoffed quietly in your ear.

“Without a doubt, babe. There’s not even a competition and with our genes how could there be? Face it we’re pretty fucking amazing.” Jason said. You lightly slapped his arm at his profanity.

“Language.” You reprimanded. You could practically feel Jason roll his eyes.

“Please, I’m like 93% sure Roy’s used much worse around the girls. Our kids will be swearing like motherfucking sailors before they hit puberty.” He argued.

“Yes well, I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t be encouraging that language though. Responsible parenting and all that.” You reminded him with an arched eyebrow.

“We’ve made it this far haven’t we?” He shrugged. You turned around in his arms and stood up on the tips of your toes to place a slow kiss to his lips, your baby bump softly pressing against his abdomen. His hand moved to rest against your bump as the two of you moved your lips against one another.

“We’re the be best fucking parents.” You whispered as you pulled away.

“The best.” He agreed with a broad grin.

oh shit tomorrow in my creative writing class we’re gonna workshop the poem that I wrote about my journey of “wtf even is my gender”


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Link feels uncomfortable when the doctor checks him up the duff, but it's necessary to know if he's pregnant!

AJKFSDKSJA yes … ….. link is like, o umMMmm couldn’t we just …. do an ultrasound or something … hehhhh ….
and the doctor’s like well if you are pregnant it’s too early to be able to see anything with an ultrasound
and rhett’s just like, wow link you’re totally chill with showing your butt off to our millions of subscribers but when it’s one doctor it’s weird…?

then it turns out it’s not so bad and over soon …… and link is just too excited about being pregnant to worry about anyone examining him up the duff anyway :3c



august cant get here fast enough



Soooooo I mentioned wanting to take a couple of comic pages and make them 1) gay and 2) MCU compatible and, okay ya Bucky fighting a robot spider is probably not MCU compatible but that’s probably why Sam is all WTF?!

Either way this is originally a really cute scene from Captain America Red Menace, originally Staron, but given that Sam was the one to go, looking for Bucky with Steve in the movies it’s only logical that this scene happened between them instead right? Right?!

So enjoy some semi-crappy edits to make the comic pages into my headcanon for how this went down in the MCU (also this was definitely their first kiss, Steve being 1) too nervous and 2) too worried and freaked out about Bucky to really think about perusing Sam. The excitement of finding out Bucky was still alive after dragging him out of the Potomac was finally enough to get him to kiss Sam)

Yep, okay, story over. Enjoy!

America: He’d be serious for the first few moments after you popped the news. Before you could worry too much America would bound at you like an excited puppy, rapid fire questions about every detail, talking to your belly, hugging and kissing you. Most likely one of the more memorable days of his life.

England: If he was drinking tea, he’d spew it out. He’d ask you to repeat yourself, stuttering through his question. His heart beat so loud you both could hear it probably. He’d gently embrace you, and put on a brave face. On the inside he’d start worrying that he may not be a good enough father.

China: China would take all in stride. He’d make you sit down and ask how long you’ve known, how far along, little things. He would try to be calm for your sake, not wanting to excite you too much, but he was beyond overjoyed and it was no use in hiding it. He’d start listing off all the things the baby needed to have in their room, and possibly start collecting stuffed animals.

France: There’d be tears with this one. A family of his own? He’d cry and hold you tight, whispering about how happy he was and how you both would be the greatest parents. He would exclaim that your child would be the most beautiful creation in the universe. From that moment you were no longer his partner, but a goddess in his eyes.

Russia: His entire frame would freeze up. No words could form on his lips although his thoughts would be frantically bouncing from wall to wall in his head. He’d quietly excuse himself so that he could think things through. His greatest fear was that his child would fear him or hate him. And he confronted you about it, but he became more happy once you assured him that his own child would love him as much as you did.

Canada: Time would stop, his mouth in an ‘oh’ shape. He’d grasp your hands and ask if you were totally sure. His joy was difficult to contain. At last, a family who would never forget he was there. He promised you he’d be the greatest father ever to father. Canada would make sure that his child would never feel ignored or forgotten as long as he lived.

- Mod Rico

Holy shit, Amethyst is waaaaay too excited. I’m really starting to worry now.

This would be my face right now if I didn’t have that horrible feeling that something’s gonna go wrong really fast.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Fusion of two personalities isn’t always the best idea. Opal is a good fusion, strangely enough Pearl and Amethyst complement each other surprisingly well.

Garnet and Amethyst on the other hand… well, we know Amethyst and we also know that Garnet is not as smart and all knowing as she pretends she is.



Jimin x reader First Day of school

Summary: Sending your daughter to school for the first day.

Genre: Fluff, family

You were nudged awake by your 7 years old daughter. It was her first day in primary school. She was too excited but Jimin was worried that boys would be all over her and his princess would forget about him. He kept on saying that he should keep his princess in the house forever so she couldn’t meet any guys. You spent nearly an hour to tell him he couldn’t do that and his princess would not forget her favorite daddy, her protector. 

You were still lying on your bed avoiding the fact that you needed to wake up half an hour earlier than your alarm. You felt Jimin giving you a kiss on your forehead before sitting up.

“Good morning Zoe. Do you have a good night sleep?” Jimin asked as he picked her up and settle her on his lap.

“It was great. I can go to school today, I am very excited.” Your baby girl looked up at Jimin with her large caramel brown eyes. 

“Then you better go and prepare yourself. But mommy is still not awake yet, should we tickle her until she wakes up?”

Zoe and Jimin came near you and started to tickle you. You squirmed around and you couldn’t hold it anymore. “Ok, I’m up, I’m up.” You were out of breathe since you laughed too much, you sat up to take a breather. 

“Darling go and brush your teeth first or you would be late for school.” You said while kissing her cheeks.

“Alright, mommy.” She jumped off your bed, out of Jimin’s lap and dashed to the bathroom.

“Good morning baby.” Jimin encircled his arms around your waist and placed a kiss on your lips.

“Good morning to you too.” You wanted to stay in his embrace for a longer time but you knew you would not have enough time to prepare Zoe’s lunch and breakfast. You pulled away Jimin arms and walked to the bathroom. “You should get ready too. I’m sure Zoe doesn’t want her daddy to miss her first day of school.”

“I didn’t even want her to go to school.” He whispered under his breathe.

“What did you say?” You asked with a toothbrush in hand.

“Nothing.” As he walked into the bathroom with all smiles.

You were done with packing Zoe’s lunch and about to make her favorite chocolate pancakes as her breakfast. Your daughter rushed down the stairs with her uniform on.

“Daddy! Daddy!” 

“Yes princess?” Jimin was sitting on the couch checking Zoe’s schoolbag if she had everything she needed.

“Can you please do my hair?” She held up rubber bands and bobby pins in her small hands.

“Of course. Come here.” He let Zoe sat in between his legs. He took the hair accessories and started braiding her hair.

Jimin was in charge of Zoe’s hair since the first day of preschool. He did her hair surprisingly well and Zoe being a daddy’s girl, loves to have her dad to do her hair. You watched them from the kitchen and it put a smile on your face. Their interaction just warm your heart up. Seeing your daughter and husband’s smile and laughter is the most heartwarming scene.

The pancakes were ready and was served with chocolate syrup with strawberries on the side. 

“Breakfast is ready.”

Zoe turned her head as Jimin was adding finishing touches on her hair. “Ok, your good to go now.” Zoe dashed to the breakfast table and shoved the pancakes in her mouth.

“Eat slowly, Zoe. Or else you’ll choke.” You warned.

Jimin, Zoe and you were in the front porch, waiting for the school bus which would be here any minute.

“Are you sure you took everything?” Jimin asked Zoe for a dozen times.

“Yes, daddy.” Zoe was getting bored of aswering her annoying father.

“You remember what to do if boys are too close to you?”

“Kick them between their legs.” Zoe immediately demonstrated right on the spot.

Jimin had a look of a proud father but you weren’t impressed of her actions.

“No, Zoe. You should talk to them and make friends. It would be fun.” You said kindly, trying to change your daughter’s mindset.

“Will I meet a lot of new friends there?” She asked.

“Of course you will.” The school bus arrived just as you finished your sentence. Jimin glared at you while giving Zoe her school bag. “The bus is here. Bye, have fun.”

“Bye princess.” Jimin kissed her forehead.

Zoe gave you and Jimin a kiss on the cheek and went to the school bus. She waved you guys good bye on the bus.

“Park Jimin, if Zoe really kicked people in school, you’re going to be dead meat.” You death glared at him.

“But they might get their hands on her.” He held your hand as you two walked back to the house.

“They’re just kids. And I’m sure Jacob would protect her.”

“I don’t trust that kid. He definitely like her.”

“Are you forbidding her from getting married then? Do you want her to be forever alone?” You raised your eyebrows.

“If I could, I wish she can.” He replied. “She’s my princess no one is going to replace me.”

“No one is going to replace you. She’ll just have two knights in shining armor.”

“She will forget me then.”He said in a devastated voice.

“You are ridiculous.” You rolled your eyes at him.

“But you love me.” Jimin smirked.

You did’t answer him because you knew he knew that deep down in your heart you love him. 

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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