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for the headcanons meme: kent!!!!!

I have never been happier to get an ask in my life

Kent V. Parson

  • he doesn’t actually drink that much????? but he puts in a lot of effort to make it look like he does 
    • the only times he actually gets drunk is when he’s home alone and emotional and it’s not a fun time
  • he visits animal shelters on like every day off
    • he knows he can’t adopt another cat bc Kit would get jealous but he just likes to pet/ hold all the little kittens
    • after a few months he notices that some of the weirder animals aren’t getting adopted as quickly and has to talk himself out of getting a snake like more times than u could count
  • he can braid hair like nobody’s business
    • I have no idea where he learned but french braid? fishtail? waterfall? 7 strand? Kent has u COVERED
    • he’ll weave some flowers in there too bc why not
  • speaking of flowers, his favourites are daisies but if u ask him he’ll say something “more interesting” like fire lilies or juliet roses or st
  • keeps every gift ever given to him by a fan
    • most are in a storage unit (he gets A LOT) but he keeps the weirdest ones in one of his billion guest rooms
  • he also reads every piece of fanmail he gets
    • the first time someone (probably half-kidding) asked him to prom he 100% showed up (it was during their off season and she sounded rlly sincere in her letter ok?)
    • when people found out everyone started asking him and he had to start saying no (which made him rlly sad he loves his fans)
  • raised by a single mom 
    • he loves her SO MUCH it’s stupid and he sends her enough money that she doesn’t need to work to survive
    • she volunteers at like soup kitchens and non-profit organizations though bc she likes to keep busy
  • doesn’t fully dye his hair but DEFINITELY gets highlights/ lowlights done every few months 
  • an absolute slut for Lush
    • his bathtub is constantly covered in glitter
  • has a rose gold iPhone 
  • and a rose gold MacBook
  • gets sucked into sooo many of those online challenges
    • there are still photos of him planking in ridiculous places floating around on the internet 
    • he laughed doing the cinnamon challenge and almost died when he inhaled a lung full of cinnamon
    • did the ice bucket challenge while on the ice at the t-mobile arena
    • ALMOST did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge
    • had to be talked out of it
  • thinks he’s lost his sunglasses when really they’re just on his head
    • this happens like once a day
  • loves panic! at the disco
    • definitely went through an emo phase when he was younger and this is one of the few things that carried over to his adult life
    • his favourite album is Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die
  • was OBSESSED with superheroes growing up 
    • his fave was Captain America bc they have the same birthday 
  • he cuts out and saves every newspaper article about Jack
  • he loves plants but he has the exact opposite of a green thumb and kills everything he touches 
    • one year for his birthday someone got him a succulent 
    • he actually managed to keep it alive
    • he’s now obsessed 
    • like every windowsill in the place is covered in cute lil succulents
  • prefers tim hortons coffee over starbucks
The Signs As "Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die"

Aries// Casual Affair
Taurus// Girl That You Love
Gemini// The End Of All Things
Cancer// Nicotine
Leo// Girls/Girls/Boys
Virgo// Far Too Young To Die
Libra// All The Boys
Scorpio// Miss Jackson
Sagittarius// Can’t Fight Against The Youth
Capricorn// This Is Gospel
Aquarius// Vegas Lights
Pisces// Collar Full