too too big

someones looking a little bit………. distraught 👀❓

  • Me: (very excitedly opens packages of hat pin bases--the actual pins--once they arrive in the mail because I'm going to make ALL the hat pins) Whoa!
  • the BH: "whoa?"
  • Me: yeah...uh...that's big.
  • the BH: (laughs)
  • Me: no, I'm serious. (very serious stomping) Clearly I do not have a good grasp of seven inches.
  • the BH: (expires) (garbled gasps of "grasp" and "inches" and more dying)

The point I’m making is this:

I know how an obsessive behaves because I am one. And I know how much it takes to knock an obsessive off their tracks because I’ve been there. If you remember ending up as editor a few months ago you’ll know what I’m talking about.

 Whatever you’re going through, it’s got to be pretty bad. And I think I’m the only person who’s likely to know that. Which kind of places me under an obligation, doesn’t it. Us obsessives have got to stick together, right?

Problems of dating me

-strange unprompted laughter coming from the bathroom bc I thought of a meme in the shower
-I’m actually too nice and good and have too much money and too big of a dick and I’m too good at bangin

Request: Guilicho Headcanons

For the wonderful ladyjericho ♥♥♥

- They would really enjoy stargazing. Like, Guila would show off her knowledge about constellations, and Jericho, who wants to impress her smart gf, is like, “Yeah, well, ever heard of *cue ridiculous fake constellation name* ?” And Guila just smiles and says “No, I haven’t. Please tell me more.” And Jericho would internally cheer because she thinks she tricked Guila

- Guila oftens buys cute matching outfits for the both of them, and sometimes Jericho wants to do the same. However, she ends up getting clothes that are too small or too big. Luckily, Guila can sew, and she makes entirely new, and even cuter, matching outfits

- Jericho pouts if Guila isn’t paying attention to her. Say Guila’s reading a book, and Jericho wants to cuddle. She’d sit next to her quietly, wait a bit, then scoot closer and repeat that process until she’s practically on Guila’s lap and Guila has no choice but to acknowledge her. In reality, Guila knew the whole time, but she thinks it’s cute when Jericho pouts

- In a modern au, Jericho would enjoy playing video games with Zeal, but Guila is conflicted because she doesn’t know who to cheer for

- They would often play with each other’s hair, but for the most part, it’s Jericho idly messing with Guila’s hair. Guila really enjoys it and often falls asleep because it’s so relaxing

- Guila does most of the chores like laundry and dishes, but she makes Jericho take out the trash

- 98% of their training sessions end up with them making out behind a tree

- Guila enjoys PDA, but not too much of it. She likes making Jericho blush by taking her hand or looping her arm through Jericho’s

- It would take a while for PDA to actually take place, because Jericho would be scared of coming out for fear of judgement or harassment, and she’s also just not that sure of herself. Guila understands and is patient, loving, and helps Jericho with whatever she can.

- You know that “I got yo flower baby you kick their ass” meme? That’s them. 100%. Everyone thinks Jericho’s the tough one in the relationship, but really, she’s a noob who cheers on her badass girlfriend

- And for all my Steven Universe fans out there, you know Ruby and Sapphire? Also them, 100%.


He’s an amazing character, come on! I have it like this big– the one that I have, he’s always there looking at me. It’s lovely! And the texture…the texture! I’m very curious to actually touch the texture.

Meanwhile, Felicity: