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For the send me a pairing can you please do Conman/Kleinphy?

hgjasjdhgashjgf kleinphy is such a bad ship name oh my god its perfect for them

  • proposes - it’s jared and he’s super nervous about it but connor says yes literally the second he drops to his knee,, jared is like ‘i mean i had a whole speech prepared…” “tell me later now just shut up and make out with your future husband” “DEAL”  
  • shops for groceries - jared’s problem is over eating and connors problem is undereating so jared usually takes over shopping trips to try and get more of the stuff he knows connor will eat becus if left to himself he’ll just get what jared wants 
  • kills the spiders - connor and then he chases jared around the house with the dead spider 
  • comes home drunk at 3am - jared is for sure the big drinker,, he goes out to drink away his problems a lot more than he should and always comes home to a very sympathetic connor whos been in the same position high too many times to count,,, they take care of each other always and make sure the other knows someone is there for them 
  • remembers to feed the fish - Jared is the one who remembers but its usually after theyve already gone to bed and he just kinda pushes connor and tells him to ‘go feed the fucking fish’,,, connor will either be already awake and get up to feed it or be dead asleep and shove jared out of bed in retaliation 
  • initiates duets - jared loves to sing and he LOVES connors singing voice so he sings one half of a duet constantly to try to get connor to sing along,,, he didnt for a long time becus he doesnt think he can sing well at all but as time went on and he feel more in love and got more comfortable he started joining in every so often (connor: *sings*,  jared: 😍😍😍) 
  • falls asleep first -fully depends on whether connor is manic or not,, if hes manic then always jared but if hes depressive then he probably been sleep for hours long than he shouldve been already
  • plans spontaneous trips - becus connor would stay inside the rest of his life if possible jared takes the initiative to actually
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - jared but he doesnt wake connor up,, his two big stress things are drinking and eating so when hes reallly overwhelmed he’ll wake up in the middle of the night for either a beer or some food. connor almost always notices hes gone and wakes up to go see whats wrong,, jared usually makes enough for two for this reason and they spend an hour or two eating together and talking about whats bugging him 
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes -connor for sure will send like jokey nudes just to fuck with jared (like nothing below the belt with rly silly captions) but unbeknowest to him jared saves every single one becus he honestly thinks its hilarious and he loves his bfs sense of humor (when hes feeling down he’ll scroll through those pics and other texts hes saved from connor that make him laugh) 
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - JARED ADSHKJAKJD he acts like he could kick your ass but no fucking way the boy is a chickenshit!!! connor doesnt know how to fight either but he’ll actually try to back up his shit talk regardless of skill 
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - connor actually hes a big sweets guy when it comes to the munchies and he always tries to get stocked up on the best sweets and treats in town  
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - they both do they almost compete at it and its extremely tiring for everyone else around 
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - connor will constantly joke about straight up murdering somebody and hes just like ‘if i do will u help me hide the body?’ and jareds just like ‘no!!………………okay i mean yeah probably.’ 
  • wears the least clothing around the house - jared but only becus connor refuses not to wear long sleeves most of the time 
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - jared catches himself getting real sappy real quick sometimes,, he tries not to show it but he usually ends up saying something like ‘you know id do anything for you’ and connor gets really overwhelmed by the sincerity in it and swears hed do the same,,,its real nice they love each other a lot 

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