too tired to think but it's ok i guess

I finished this in one sitting surprisingly. However it’s nearly 4 AM. Welp.


Ok so I saw this post a few weeks ago and instantly knew I was gonna recreate it… with hoennshipping CUZ THAT WOULD SO BE BRENDAN LMAO. Or I guess it could be May too but I really wanted to draw Brendan doing it lol

So ye X’D

Sorry I can’t write a better description I’m very tired rn hnnnnn

@rainbow-lives its kinda complex to explain why my mom thinks its ok to misgender me even when i came out to her and she said she accepts me.

so, she has some ppl she’s friends with that are trans. she likes to use these friends for bragging rights. like the time she told me, and i quote. “Hey,, (birth name) i just wanted to tell you… im friends with 3 transgenders on facebook so of course id accept you”

and yes she called her “friends” “transgenders”. 

so her friend who is a trans man is ok with being called “she” (i think) until they transition. Im not too sure about this its just what my mom said. so i guess my mom thinks all trans ppl are like this. and i just… dont have the energy to explain to her why thats not true and why i dont want to be called a girl. im tired of being told to educate my family and explain everything to them. if they really cared they’d go and educate themselves. 

Okz, I finished him faster than I expected hehe….and it didn’t take two hours….maybe 45 minutes or whatever. Anyways it still looks like crap cause I can’t draw good what-so-ever….so…yeah. welp…I think I’m going to sleep….it’s way too late for me…and I can hardly keep my eyes open. G’ night peepz.
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