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Nightmare Prevention Masterpost

Here’s a masterpost to help prevent nightmares, how to interpret them and how to deal with them.


Crystals: Agate, Amethyst, Angel Phantom Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Chrysoprase, Dream Quartz, Emerald, Fluorite, Lepidolite, Malachite, Smoky Quartz, any crystals that are black

Herbs: Anise, Ash, Bracken, Cayenne, Cedar, Flax, Garlic, *Hyacinth, *Kanna, Lady’s Slipper, Lemon Balm, *Mistletoe, *Morning Glory, Mullein, Mustard Seed, Purslane, Rosemary, Sage, Salt, Siberian Ginseng, *Skullcap, *Tobacco, Vervain, Wood Betony

*Herbs that can be or are toxic to ingest or burn, do research before handling these herbs

Incense: Cedar, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage

Animals: Spiders (spiderwebs)

Metals: Silver

Simple Tips:

  • Make chamomile tea with moon water/gem elixir and drink before bed
  • Keep your bedding and pillows washed and clean
  • Cleanse your room before going to sleep
  • Take a bath or shower before bed to relax and cleanse yourself
  • Keep a bowl of salt near your bed
  • Sleep with crystals beneath your pillow or near your bed
  • Fill a bag or sachet with herbs to keep under your pillow or hang above your bed
  • Sleep with a stuffed animal or blanket that you feel comforted by
  • Try not to snack too close to bed time, indigestion can lead to nightmares
  • Stretch before bed
  • Do breathing exercises or meditate before bedtime
  • Crack your window slightly to bring in fresh air while you sleep
  • Avoid nicotine, alcohol or caffeine too close to bed
  • Listening to calming ambient sounds can help

Dealing with Nightmares

Nightmares can be very stressful and terrifying. Everyone has them and sometimes they are caused by your own subconscious thoughts and worries. 

  • Keep a notebook or dream journal with a pen near your bed. When you wake up from a nightmare, even if you are distressed, try to write down your emotions, thoughts and what you can remember about the nightmare down.
  • Come morning research the symbolism of the things that happened and appeared in your nightmare. Also consider what they may mean personally to you. Do you have any memories or experiences that relate to what happened in your dream?
  • Look it all over after you finished your research. What picture does it paint? Is something from your waking life affecting you? Stresses? Arguments? Relationship problems? If so perhaps it is time you try to resolve these problems.

After waking up from a nightmare you can still feel rather distressed. 

  • Take deep breaths, as scary and distressing as it is, it is still just a dream
  • Get some water
  • Stretch or walk around if you can, get the jitters and shakes out 
  • Cleanse your room if you can, spray some moon water about or bring in some salt, help remove the negativity you just felt
  • Read a book, it can help relax you again and make you feel sleepy, especially after such a stressful experience
  • After you wrote down what you remember from your nightmare, don’t dwell on it right now. You can worry about it later, for now find other things to do if you are not interested in going back to sleep
  • Listen to calming music or sounds
  • Watch calming images or videos if needed such as rain falling, ocean waves, changing clouds, looping gifs, etc
  • If someone is around and there to listen, you can talk it out with them. It can really help calm you
  • Drink some chamomile tea, it really helps
  • Wash your face
  • Cuddle, pet or speak with a pet
  • Hold your favorite stuffed animal or blanket for comfort
  • Make a crystal grid of calming stones and negativity removal stones 
  • If you do not plan on going back to sleep or if it is already morning, take a shower or bath
  • If you do not plan on going back to sleep, light some white and black candles to cleanse yourself and space of the negative energy brought by the nightmare. Do this with caution, make sure you are not too tired to do this. Fires are not fun or safe 

Calming Crystals: Amber, Amethyst, Astrophyllite, Blue Lace Agate, Calcite, Celestite, Danburite, Desert Rose, Dioptase, Dolomite, Dravite, Fire Agate, Fluorite, Galena, Goldstone, Hematite, Howlite, Infinite Stone, Magnesite, Milky Quartz, Pietersite, Rhodonite, Sodalite, Sugilite, Tiger’s Eye, Vauxite

Cleansing Crystals: Amber, Ametrine, Aquamarine, Calcite, Chlorite, Fluorite, Gyrolite, Blue Tourmaline, Milky Quartz, Salt, Serpentine, Sunstone, and Turquoise

Calming Herbs: Basil, Chamomile, Hops, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower, Rosemary, Siberian Ginseng, St. John’s Wort

Cleansing Herbs: Anise, Bay, Birch, Boodroot, Cedar, Chamomile, Fennel, Horseradish, Hyssop, Iris, Lavender, Lemon, Lemon Verbena, Mimosa, Parsley, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, Sagebrush, Shallot, Thyme, Tobacco, Turmeric, Vervain, Yucca

Research herbs to ensure they are safe before using them

Nightmare Prevention Spells:

*Spells that are not mine

Hey, so...


yeah sorry i tried to give some breakdancing, and i think i gave a lot of extra work, so i’m going to leave miraculous moves where it is. 


1. It’s an old project that i forced myself to continue

2. I no longer care for the source material nor the characters ( for a while now, actually;; ) so forcing myself to draw them is very draining for me.

3. I’ve got school and work, leaving me with little time for personal projects. I don’t want to put my (now rare) free drawing time towards this

4. i’m not proud of it, and actually a bit embarrassed that i’ve put so much time and effort into a lame fan story ( i want to work on original stories, and even other fan projects)

5. i’ve got the right

not that this story is important to anyone, nor that it was good, but for those that enjoyed it i thank you for your kindness and support, and hope you won’t hate me too much for officially closing it! 

(Sorry if i sound petty at the moment, not in the best mood recently)

Please forgive me, ML fandom. you’ve helped me get to where i am today, and i probably wouldn’t be here without you. But honestly you won’t catch anymore ml fanart from me ( after the relief zine, which i only agreed to do because the cause is so important to me) for reasons stated previously. 

but yeah! Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully i didn’t just shoot myself in the foot lol. I’d rather work on projects i’m passionate about, not one’s i’ve pushed myself to work on. Thanks again! 


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"You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?"

A/M: This was a really cute prompt, so I hope I did this right. Thanks for sending it!:). [this is from a post of writing prompts I reblogged yesterday]

“You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?”

“Yeah”, he said simply, “Is that so weird?”

You raised an eyebrow, “Nope. I just wanted to make sure I heard that right.“ 

Too tired to question further you walked back to your room, leaving the door open for him to come in.

You fell onto your bed quickly wrapping yourself in the warmth of your blanket, feeling happy to be back in bed.

You weren’t even questioning the fact that your new boyfriend had just shown up to your home at one in the morning with only the intention to cuddle with you.

You felt the bed shift and didn’t think anything of it, and when you felt him wrap his arms around you, you felt yourself smile and get cozy. You nuzzled yourself closer into him, and as you did so you felt him hold you tighter.


“Yeah?” You answered groggily.

“How are you so cool with this?” You felt yourself smile and laugh, but you kept your eyes closed.

“Because it’s you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

You smiled, and you rolled over in your spot in his arms. You looked up at him as his face was only inches away from yours.

“It means that it’s you. We know each other, you’re my boyfriend, I don’t feel the need for you to justify you being here. Just let me sleep okay?”

He smiled back at you and breathed a chuckle. “You’re great you know that?”

You shrugged, “I try my best.” You giggled before lying back on your side. 

However seconds later he called you out again.


You sighed and rolled over again, “Yeah?”


You smiled and breathed a chuckle, “Goodnight baby.” And you wrapped your arms around him as he continued to hold you close.

He didn’t bother you anymore as he watched you slowly fall asleep in his arms. Afraid to move at the risk of waking you, he just looked at you and thought of how great you were and how great things were going in your relationship.

I think I’m falling in love with you. He thought to himself. He looked at you as he thought about when he would be able to say it to you, instead of choking like he had tonight.

Further Observations
  • There are more than 3000 floors to Kane Co Tower, if the number behind Kane when he walks into his office are to be believed. The current tallest building the WORLD is only a couple-hundred.  WE GET IT DUDE YOURS IS BIGGER.
  • Casual reminder Texas punches the inside of his car to make it do things instead of pressing buttons
  • also he appears to have two gas pedals so he can just slAM BOTH FEET ON THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE
  • We see exactly one (1) female Kane Co. executive (excluding Julie) and she appears to be a very curvy middle-aged black lady who I have immediately decided is Claire’s mom
  • OKAY BUT IT WOULD MAKE SO MUCH SENSE THAT’S HOW CLAIRE AND JULIE ENDED UP FRIENDS!  Kane wouldn’t let just anybody be his precious Julie-Bear’s friend!  Claire’s mom is part of Kane’s Board of Directors!  YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME
  • Almost every time we catch a brief glimpse of Chuck’s eyes he’s making a face like >8C  like this boy is scared but also he is ready to Throw Down
  • Jacob has canonically created AIs that can feel loyalty, fear and kinship, and that can be moved by speeches/emotionally engaged.  
  • So honestly, we’re a go for any android headcanon anybody wants to throw around, lbr.
  • The face Mike makes when Chuck is like “I’d have to save you life and let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen” literally breaks my heart EVERY TIME he’s so sad that Chuck’s sad oh my god.
  • related: the face Chuck makes when Mike pins the crown pin on his chest makes me UNBELIEVABLY GODDAMN EMOTIONAL holy crap he’s so happy
  • Rayon could literally punch me in the face and I would be like HAHA WOW
  • The Duke is REALLY PISSED about Mike accidentally wrecking one half-built car-frame, but literally fires fully-built limos out of a cannon at people.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH
  • Listening to Chuck babbling while trying to drive in Blonde Thunder like AT LEAST LET HIM SWEAR HE OBVIOUSLY WANTS TO HE IS DYING

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Hi hi, I was wondering with the adoption brother AU, what if you added on the Galra!Kieth to that? How would Shiro be affected knowing his own family had actual bloodline connections to the enemy that tortured him for years?

I actually had something like that in my drafts! Basically it was something like lil Shiro on his way with his fam to adopt Keith and he was under the assumption that his new brother was going to be an actual “alien” because apparently Keith literally came outta nowhere. he was disappointed to find that his lil brother was in fact not purple or green thus calling him ugly

Later though when Galra Keith became a thing he was shook for a while and then starts laughing hysterically and says something like “i can’t believe my brother’s a fucking alien furry” and he was alright with it because 1) thats his brother that he loves to hell and back and 2) his childhood wish came true

headcanon that jesse is the type to just leave a tea bag in the cup while drinking and it causes hanzo to full-body shudder when he sees it

Double Shot

Characters - Steve x Reader, OFC Tesla (@bovaria ), Phil Coulson

Word Count - 1034

Warnings - Language

AU - Coffee Shop

A/N - I only have a few parts of this done. So far, it’s a slow burn and will have some twists and turns. There are OFCs, but it’s people that ya’ll should know by now.

Double Shot Masterlist

Originally posted by butteryplanet

5:30 am wasn’t your friend. In fact, 5:30 am was the mortal enemy that you rose from the dead to fight on almost a daily basis. With your alarm blaring throughout your room, you rolled over in your bed with a heavily annoyed groan. Normal people would just push themselves up, go have a cup of coffee, and start getting ready for their day. You weren’t one of those people, considering that coffee was basically your life’s work by now.

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Huntress- Part 13: Trust

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E13 so warning: SPOILERS

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five

Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve

Your feet padded quietly on the floorboards of the Bunker as you neared the voices. Dad had his back to you, typing away on his laptop, Uncle Dean was leaning over him, staring at whatever was on the screen. 

You had a cup of tea in hands as you wandered up behind them.

“Found a case?” You asked, making Uncle Dean jump. 
“The hell did you come from?” He looked at you with a frown.
“Europe.”You mumbled, reading the screen.

Dad chuckled before saying “Yeah, a Museum not too far away. Someone had their tongue ripped out…”
“Ouch.” You grimaced.
“…Yeah, but that didn’t kill them.” 
You tilted your head questioningly.
“Having their internal organs crushed did.”


“Sure is.” Uncle Dean huffed, his eyes squinting as he read over the article. You took a sip, the warmth of the mug spreading through to the palms of your hands.

“I take it you’re coming, Kid.” Uncle Dean looked at you expectantly. You nodded, grabbing a hair-tie from your wrist and tying your hair up into a bunche. 

Dad sighed, but didn’t say anything. He knew you’d probably end up finding a way, it was safer if you all stayed together.

“I’ll call Mom,” Uncle Dean broke the slight tension before it grew to too much “See if she wants to help out.”

“Okay.” Dad nodded, closing his laptop slightly and adjusting himself so he was facing you.
“Sleep well?” He asked in such a way you felt obliged to answer truthfully.
“Kinda.” You shrugged.
Dad nodded, thankful you didn’t outright lie, he could tell you trusted him more than you initially did.

“If you can’t sleep, it’s okay to tell me. I’m not going to be angry at you.”

“I know…thanks.” You didn’t want to offend him, but there was really nothing he could have done to help.

“Offering a tight smile, he looked up when Uncle Dean re-entered the room. “Okay, looks like it’s just gonna be the three of us,” He bitterly declared. Before you could question why he added: “Let’s go.”

You enjoyed car journeys. There was so much more land in America so the roads weren’t too busy and it gave you lots of time to listen to music or play dumb games. It was the simple things, but they made a difference.

You took out an earphone whenever they seemed to be talking about anything interesting.
“Wait, you said Mom was…”too tired” right?” Dad asked his brother, making sure he had his facts straight.
“Yep” Uncle Dean snapped. He was obviously not buying the “tired” excuse. To be fair, it was an excuse you’d often find yourself losing.

“What?” Dad frowned.
“I don’t know..I just feel like something’s going on and she doesn’t wanna talk about it.” Uncle Dean admitted his suspicions.
“She’s back into Hunting, she just needs time. We can’t expect her to be perfectly okay.”
“Yeah. I guess…”

You sighed, watching them go back and forth. Of course Mary had every right to hunt on her own, to have any secrets she wants to keep, to be away from her family and still love them. But Uncle Dean appeared to have different ideas, he was family driven and couldn’t get his head around the fact that she didn’t want to be with them all of the time.

From what Mary had told you, it sounded like she’d spent the earlier years of her life running from the Hunting life, to be dragged back in…it couldn’t have been easy.

You wouldn’t be able to cope if Dad hadn’t wanted you to stay, if you’d have to go back to live in The Chapter House…

After a solid fifteen minutes of waiting in the car, you’d just about had enough of not being able to know what’s going on. No, you couldn’t pretend to be an FBI agent, but you didn’t have to.

Instead of waiting for Dad and Uncle Dean to arrive back from the Museum, you got out of the car and marched in. You held your head high and walked straight past a few people, acting like you were meant to be there.
No one questioned you or stopped you from walking in. When you spotted the “FBI” you strode over and leaned over Uncle Dean’s shoulder: “Sup.”

He jumped, staring at you with wide eyes soon turning to a disapproved frown. You giggled, having managed to scare him for the second time that day.
“Y/N?” Dad walked over to where you were, looking confused “How did you get in here?”

“Walked through the door.” You explained, looking at the cabinets filled with antiques and relics. “Anything interesting?”
“People don’t question you if you look like you know what you’re doing.” You shrugged, earning a small smile from the pair of them. 

“Okay I’m changing my vote to a ghost, this place is full of EMF.” Uncle Dean looked down at the small machine in his hand.
“That’s actually pretty normal for a Museum, all these antiques everywhere. there’s bound to be a few pissed of spirits.” Dad gently argued.

“Hey, check this out.” Dad pointed to the front of some sort of ship, forcing you and Uncle Dean to move closer to get a better look.
“The Star.” You read, picking up an information booklet, “Sunk in 1723…”

“Wait, I know something about something,” Uncle Dean held a finger up, making you pause “Gavin McLeod.”

You scrunched your face up “Who?”

“Crowley’s kid?!” Dad looked half impressed an half confused.

“Crowley’s got a kid?” You wonder aloud.

“Yeah, uh, long story.” Uncle Dean quickly dismissed the chance to recite it for you; you were beginning to think everything was a long story. “But, this is Gavin’s ship.”

Speaking of the King Of Hell, his caller ID appeared on Uncle Dean’s phone.
“Hey Crowley.” He sighed, putting it on loud speaker.
“I can’t believe you! You idiots let Lucifer’s lovechild live?!”
“How do you know about that?” Dad interrogated.
“I don’t owe you an explanation!”
“Oh great- that’s reassuring.” You rolled your eyes.
“I guess this is a bad time to ask you if you can ask Gavin to come over?”
“Why on Earth would I want to do that?!”
“We don’t owe you an explanation.” You echoed his excuse, making him scoff.
“Look, Crowley. When we let Gavin live in our world, possibly screwing up the rest of history and time, we didn’t hunt him down. So yeah, you do owe us something.” Uncle Dean explained, unfortunately, Crowley didn’t seem convinced.
“I can’t believe you three!” He hissed before hanging up.

“That’s a fascinating story,” Rowena smiled sickly, her Scottish accent filling the room “But you said there was something in it for me?” 
Rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms and leaned back.
“We’re gonna need your help to-

“I said for me.” She sighed, collecting her things and standing up to leave. Your Dad rose from his chair, grabbing her arm and holding her in position: “Sit down.” 

She hesitated, deciding whether to do so or not.Swallowing, she sat back down. Glaring at your Dad. Her eyes fluttered back to normal as she adjusted her position, getting comfortable.

“When we discover this eye witness, we can get our valuable information and you, well, you’ll want to meet them.” Uncle Dean promised.

“Who is this eye witness?” Rowena asked, her curiosity taking over her as she waited for someone to speak.

Your Dad smirked, looking between you and his brother. 

Sandwiched between your Dad and your Uncle, the three of you watched as the coach pulled up. It was large and silver, with one of those compartments for luggage.
“Gavin!” They called as a younger man walked off of the steps. He had dark brown hair, a navy trench coat and a satchel with his belongings. He strode over to you all, his eyes falling on yours. “Gavin, this is my daughter, Y/N.”
Dad shook hands with him, gesturing to you slightly.
“Y/N,” Gavin echoed “Hello.”
“Hey.” You greeted, noting his accent was much like Rowenas.

“You’re English!” He seemed more excited about this than you’d thought he’d be.
“Sure am.” You chuckled.

“So uh….how’s my Father?” He seemed to be asking you, making you back up slightly.

“About that,” Dad cleared his throat “We may have exaggerated…a little.”
“We lied.” Uncle Dean admitted “We lied.”
“We need your help-”
“Help!” He called, frightening one of the travelers as they walked past. You giggled as Uncle Dean tried to usher him away, assuring him no help was actually needed.
“We wanted to ask you about this.” You got your phone out and held up a picture of the ship.
“That’s the Star!” He grinned, squinting his eyes to see “That’s my ship!”

“Yeah it should have been.” Dad nodded, looking up as a car sounded.
A taxi parked and a certain Witch got out. Gavin looked up, confused. “You look just like my father when he was young” She grinned.
He frowned.
“Gavin, this is Rowena, you’re Grandmother.”
“My Grandmother…She can’t be alive.”
“Neither can you, mate.” You huffed “Don’t question it.”

“I would have thought all the wreckage would still be at the bottom of the Atlantic!” Gavin grinned as he studied the front of his ship back in the Museum. He walked around it a few dozen times, looking it up and down in fascination.

“Here’s a folder of what they recovered, recognise anything?” You handed him the folder, hoping to speed things up a little without sounding too rude. People’s lives were at stake.

“Amazing.” He said, eagerly taking it from your hands.

You chuckled, rolling your eyes at him and leaning on the table behind.

“Nope…Nope…Nope” He flicked through the pages, glancing at the photos. You shared a look with your Dad, making him smirk.

“My God,” Gavin placed the folder on the table open on the page “That’s the locket.”
“The locket?” Dad questioned.

You leaned in, examining the picture and scanning the paragraph of information for anything useful or interesting.
“It’s the locket I bought…for my Fiona”
“Darlin’, you had a we girlfriend!” Rowena squealed.
“Fiona Dunken.” He said proudly.

“Hey.” Uncle Dean called you over to where he and your Dad were stood. You backed up to where they were, looking up expectantly.
“It’s missing.” He said, pointing at a stand.
“Maybe the ghost of this Fiona took it.” Dad suggested.

“My Fiona’s a ghost?!” Gavin butted in, looking insulted anyone would suggest such a thing.
“She’s vengeful, she wants clarity…She’s also very dangerous.” You sighed, knowing full well he wouldn’t want to hear this. His eyes said it all, they were shocked and barely managing to process the information you were telling him.

You stood behind your Dad and Uncle as they stormed in, shotguns armed with salt-bullets. Dad took a shot at the ghost-who must have been Fiona- she disintegrated through smoke. There was no doubt she’d be back soon.
 As she did so, you had to physically hold Gavin back so he didn’t run in to see if it truly was her. He struggled in your grip, making you press your thumb into one of the pressure points along the arm. He stopped struggling “Ow!”
“Don’t move then!” You hissed, letting him go since the ghost was gone.
Rowena watched with disapproval “Hush!”.

Holding his arm, he pouted “Okay…now what?”

“We need you to speak with her. We need to be sure it is her.” Dad explained. He lowered his gun fully and offered Gavin an encouraging smile.

“Oh restless spirit, make thy presence known to me…”

You waited on the other side of the door with Rowena, Uncle Dean and Dad. The ghost would be more likely to show if he was on his own. However, you had fully loaded firearms on the table to your right in case things got messy.

“…Fiona…’tis I: Gavin…”

You all waited in silence, straining to hear for cries of help. You had to prepare for the worst case scenario- just in case. As they spoke their voices became more and more louder and it appeared to be becoming an argument more than a conversation.
You noticed your Dad looking over to the shotguns, as if contemplating reaching for one. He licked his lips in thought before looking away. The room fell silent and you looked up at Dad.

He opened the door slowly, Uncle Dean holding a weapon just in case.

The three of you peered in to see Gavin stood in the middle of the room, watching an empty space with sorry eyes which was probably where Fiona had stood.

“Was it her?” Rowena asked, moving towards where he stood.
“Aye, it was Fiona.” He nodded slowly, his face hardened and he added “But not my Fiona.”

“So…we’re all agreed she needs to be stopped?” Dad spoke. Every nodded in response. “How? We can’t burn her bones if she’s at the bottom of the ocean?” You weren’t trying to be a pessimist, but you hadn’t any other ideas.
“Well,” Uncle Dean cleared his throat, eyeing Gavin “There might be a way to fix everything.”
“No.” Rowena snapped, meanwhile you were let to catch on. “We’re not sending him to his death. That’s not a solution.”
“Actually, I was thinking the same thing. If I go back in time and board the ship, time would go as it was supposed to.” Gavin agreed.

“You can send someone back in time?” You asked, intrigued,
“Aye, that’s how I arrived in the twenty first century. It’s a long story.” Gavin nodded.
“Isn’t everything…” You mumbled.

“Never gonna happen.” A certain King Of Hell decided to show his face. “Just because your family’s a mess doesn’t mean you get to mess with mine!” He shouted at the three of you. You frowned at the word “mess”.
“Let him go Fergus!” Rowena hissed.
“If you want to go so badly then why did you call me?!” Crowley ignored his Mother.
“You called him?” Uncle Dean said.
“Yes…I called you,” Gavin hesitated “I called you to say goodbye.”
Crowley stiffened and his head rose with realisation. 

Standing up to leave, Crowley reached out to stop his son. However Rowena held up her hand and chanted a sharp spell, making Crowley freeze. “…Mother…” He hummed, raising an eyebrow at her.

You watched with anticipation, unsure as to whether you could really have a valuable opinion on someone else’s situation. 
Gavin waled past, turning round to his Dad and saying “I’m sorry, Father…”

You watched as Dad prepared the last of the spell. Standing next to Uncle Dean, Gavin wondered over to join you both and sighed. “You ready?” You asked, glancing at his pale face.

He swallowed. “Yes.”

Dad held a blade up to his palm and sliced through, Gavin winced but didn’t say anything as he squeezed his blood into the bowl of ingredients.
“Are you sure this’ll work?” He asked.
“We’ve never actually done it before,” Uncle Dean admitted “But other family members have.”
You added “Plus Rowena tweaked the spell.”

“Hey, uh, Gavin,” Dad gently caught his attention “You’re a good guy. Thank you.”

Gavin nodded ad moved so he was stood in front of the three of you. He nodded “Hopefully, this is all for the best.” 

As Dad read the spell Fiona appeared at his side, her body translucent with a murky yellow tinge. The pair of them turned to face each other, both smiling and hands reaching for each others. Their bodies began to change so they both had a middle-ground between being see through and tangible. Then, as softly as she had appeared, they were whisked away back in time. 

You kept your eyes on the empty space. Gavin was nice. It was hard to believe Crowley was his father, although, something told you the King Of Hell had more of a heart than he let on.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket, making you roll off of your bed to get into a position where you could answer it. You looked down at the caller ID and scowled. It was him again.
Why couldn’t that bastard just leave you alone?!
You’d had it.

“What?” You snapped, finally answering.



“Finally, why are you suddenly ignoring me?” He questioned.

“Why are you always calling me?” You were trying to keep your volume to a minimum. At this point, you didn’t want your Dad getting involved.

“Look, I get that you belong with your…Dad.” He had a hard time getting the word out “But you can still work with us. The idea was that you got us into the Winchester’s good books.”

“I never agreed to the bleeding idea in the first place!” You protested.

Sam Winchester stood outside your bedroom door, leaning against the wall and straining to hear. He listened curiously.

“Y/N, you trust us don’t you?” The man asked.
You didn’t answer.
“You trust me don’t you?” He altered the question a little in hopes for a response.
“I don’t know anymore…”
“Who do you trust?” He asked in such a way you could almost hear the cogs whirring in his brain as he calculated a plan to re-earn your trust.
“I trusted Max…” You whispered.
“I know you did.”
“Your Dad?” He suggested.
My Dad?” You echoed, realising you didn’t know if you did or not. Sam lifted his head at the mention of himself. “I think I trust him…but I trusted you and look where that got me.”
“Y/N, I didn’t want to do that to you either. I’ve changed. Your Mum changed me.”
“My Mum’s dead.” You retorted “Change yourself.” 

As you approach your Dad and Uncle, they seemed to be talking about the case and how Cas still hasn’t found out much on Kelly. You silently agree before sitting down next to your Dad. 
He shoots you a frown, but doesn’t question what you’d been doing. “You okay?” He asked, perhaps hoping you’d explain.
“Mmmhmm.” You smiled.

He could have wanted to push you to say more, but Mary walking down the steps turned all attention away from you. 
“It’s been a while,” Uncle Dean expresses “A long long long while.” You kicked your Uncle’s shin from under the table, making him flinch “Ow!”
You stuck your tongue out at him, making Mary roll her eyes.

“I brought beers and burgers.” She declared. Mary placed the bags down on the table, smiling at you. You smiled back, thinking she had more to say.
“Forgiven.” Uncle Dean grinned, ripping open the case of beers.

“So, uh, what’ve you been up to?” Dad asked her, leaning back in his chair.

“Oh you know, chasing vampires, shooting werewolves, melting rugaru brains.”
Your head shot up at the mention and you squinted your eyes at her suspiciously. “What?” Uncle Dean questioned her.

She looked down and suddenly the happy family atmosphere was gone.

Realisation hit you: “You’ve been working with them…haven’t you?” She directy looked at you, guilty eyes and a tired stance. “There’s no easy way to say it…”

“I just did.” You snapped “You’re welcome.”


“Mom…” Dad sighed “We have a history with them.”

“I know, Sam. But what they’re doing, it’s incredible. We’ve saved so many lives-”

We? So you’re a we now?” Uncle Dean interrogated. The betrayal in his voice was harsh and thick. 

You watched as they went back and forth. You knew the most about The British Men Of Letters, they weren’t necessarily bad people… It was complicated and you thought you’d finally gotten out.
Truth was, you did miss parts of it. The Hunting they’d prepared you for was certainly easier and more effective. They’d practically wiped out every Supernatural species in the UK. 
It wasn’t all bad…you just wished they hadn’t kept your Dad from you for so long. And what they did to Mum… you couldn’t just forgive them for that.

“Don’t give me the face.” Mary folded her arms across her chest at her eldest.
“What face?”
The face.”
“There is no face.”
“That face!” She pointed at your Uncle, her voice loud.

“Mom…we don’t trust the Brits.” Your Dad trailed off when he spoke, noticing you becoming more and more awkward between the three of them.

“So where does that leave us?” Uncle Dean stood tall.

“Same as always. Family. Please, just hear me out.”

Part Fourteen- Pick A Side


I do not won these gifs

A/N: I’ve kinda worked my butt off all day to get this finished *phew*. Time to start planning for the next part I guess \_(-_-)_/

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19 and 41 with Yondu

19: How are you feeling today?
41: Don’t be afraid

You stared down at the two day old baby in your arms. You never would have imagined this. A family of your own had seemed out of the picture the day you had joined the Ravagers. You’d lost most of your family the day you left Stakar’s crew to go with Yondu. Then you seemed to lose your adopted child the day Peter took off on his own. Finally having your own family with Yondu was a dream come true.

You gently ran a finger over your baby’s blue cheek. You’d had a moment of panic the day he was born. On Terra a blue baby meant something was wrong. You’d had that brief panic until you looked over at the father of your child and it clicked that it was all okay.

As you thought about that moment your bedroom door opened slowly. Yondu stepped in quietly trying not to wake you or the baby. When he saw that both of you were awake he made his way over to you. He’d been taking care of you the best he could. He sat next to you on the bed looking down at the baby. He had a content smile on his face as he held a finger out to the baby. When he grabbed Yondu’s finger he gave a small chuckle. He turned his attention to you taking in your tired eyes and messy hair.

“How ya feelin today?” He asked moving to brush your hair back out of your face as the baby let go of his finger.

“Better. I’m tired. Would you mind taking him for a while so I can take a nap?” You asked as he cupped your cheek.

“I don’t know… I ain’t good with soft stuff.” He looked down at the baby furrowing his brow.

“Don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine. Just hold him and rock him and stuff. If he cries and it’s not for a diaper change or for you to hold him just wake me up and I’ll feed him.” You moved to hand him the baby.

“I don’t know (y/n). What if I do somethin wrong? I ain’t ever had anythin ta do with a baby.” He didn’t take the baby from you hesitating.

“Yondu Udonta. I haven’t slept for more than twenty minutes in three days. Take him.” Your voice had lost all sweetness.

He took the baby from you at your sudden change in mood. He held him uncomfortably at first before letting himself get used to it. He paced the room trying to get him to sleep. You had immediately crawled into bed burying yourself in the blankets and sleeping. Yondu rocked him gently letting you sleep as he whispered to the baby about you.

“Yer momma, she’s the best. Ya gotta make sure ya don’t tire her out too much. She ain’t gonna no time fer me if ya make such a big fuss.” He whispered.

Things went well for a while and Yondu was sitting in a chair as the baby laid in his arms contently. Then the crying started. Yondu didn’t know what to do as he rocked him. He checked his diaper seeing that he didn’t need a change. Yondu glanced over at you scared to wake you up for a minute. He shook his head after a second. He was a Ravager Captain dammit, he shouldn’t be afraid of you. He woke you up gently. You turned to look at him glaring a little until the crying snapped you out of it.

“I think he’s hungry.” Yondu huffed handing you the baby quickly.

“Yeah yeah. I hear him.” You sighed softly.

Yondu had never imagined this is what having a baby would be like. He knew was parenting was like. He had raised Peter after all. He rubbed his face in exasperation. This would be a lot easier once the baby was the same age Peter had been. At least that’s what Yondu was hoping.

Captain’s Vigilante (6/?)

Word Count: 4800ish 

Warnings: Wordiness is a curse. We get to see progress yay. I’m all up for a slow burn. Thank you for reading.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to so you play with it. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10  | Part 11 | Part 12


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Steve woke up to the sound of soft snores and quiet knocking. He instinctively glanced to [Y/N] to find her sleeping soundly in a bundle of blankets, making him smile at her. He was worried for her wellbeing a few hours ago but looking at her now, with her hair in a mess and limbs tangled with the sheets. 

His attention was taken back to the knocking in the distance. Steve immediately checked for weapons around the room and all he saw was multiple gadgets he absolutely had no idea how to use. A gun was the only thing he knew how to use but he decided on not taking it. 

He silently strode towards the door, a little bit confused by the miscellaneous locks on the door accompanied with dim red lights. It resembled what a bomb squad would deactivate and that made him nervous and the patient knocking was pressuring him too. The corner of his eye caught the keys he left by the door and quickly took it. He inserted the key with shaky hands in the lock and as he turned, every blinking light turned off and he released a sigh in relief. He should’ve known all those things were just for show like it’s maker. He thought, chuckling to himself. 

He hid behind the door as he slowly opened it, going into a fighting stance which quickly melted away when he was greeted by a rather innocent looking old lady sporting thick glasses with a smile and carrying a steamy bowl of soup. 

“Uh, hello.” Steve greeted meekly, not knowing how to reply. He didn’t know if [Y/N] was in a different persona here or if he’ll be recognized or anything. 

“Good morning.” The old woman greeted back, showing off a welcoming smile. She handed the bow of soup towards Steve, confusing him slightly but he took it anyways. “I just wanted to give [Y/N] some chicken soup.”

“Thank you very much, ma'am.”

“Is she okay? I saw that she was a little tired last night.” The woman sounded genuinely concerned and she was. She actually did see Steve carrying [Y/N] to her apartment while she was unconscious. She just needed to know if she was alright by the goodness of her heart. Steve sensed this and felt like she had the right to be at ease. 

“Yes, she’s getting better. She has been overworking herself,” Steve reasoned, quickly thinking of an excuse for what the woman saw. 

“Oh, how unfortunate. I know she’s a workaholic; always leaving early then going back in the middle of the night. I just get so worried sometimes.” The woman shook her head, remembering the very few times she saw [Y/N] go back home and [Y/N] always seemed too tired to be bothered. 

“Yes, well, I’ll make sure she eats all of this.” Steve bantered, gesturing to the bowl and making the mood a little brighter. The old woman chuckled at the young man in front of her. 

“She’s so lucky to have such a nice boy to look after her.” The old woman cooed as she placed a comforting hand on Steve’s arm. “Be good to her, okay?”

Steve’s brows furrowed in shock. Is this woman saying what he thinks she’s saying? “Uh-”

“Of course he will.” A voice giggled as Steve felt a hand snake around his arm. 

[Y/N] woke up to the sound of Steve trying to be slick a moment ago. She would peek out and silently chuckle at him maneuvering himself from all the stuff she had on her floor. She couldn’t forget that frustrated look on his face when he had to open the door. She ought to tease him about it later.

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fifty sentences on Lup and Barry, and a love that defined and redeemed them.

#01 - Comfort

It is Barry’s one solace in the face of failure - holding memories of Lup close, letting them fuel the fire to try again.

#02 - Kiss

Telling her he wants to kiss her might just be the bravest thing he’s ever done, and the best.

#03 - Soft

He’s not - he’s never been an athlete, something he’s abruptly glad of when he sees Lup wrinkling her nose at Magnus lifting pretty much anything that comes to hand.

#04 - Pain

The first time Taako dies, it’s like having her soul torn in half (and there’s Barry, not trying to stitch her back together again, just cupping the pieces of her in his hands until she’s ready to do something with them).

#05 - Potatoes

“Sit your butt down, Bluejeans, you have not had some damn fantasy French fries until you’ve had Lup’s fantasy French fries, understand?”

#06 - Rain

He takes her outside when it’s raining, cups her jaw and kisses her (Lup loves the romance of it, and Barry Bluejeans is very occasionally smooth as hell).

#07 - Chocolate

“Barry, oh my god, Barry - I love you, but please never do this to a ganache again.”

#08 - Happiness

It’s not noble, or even particularly sane, but he knows he could fail at everything else and still be happy if he could just hold her again.

#09 - Telephone

There’s a world where she takes a thousand photographs of herself, and you can bet he’d help her pick out her best angles if he didn’t think they were all wonderful.

#10 - Ears

The longer they’re together, the more confident he gets (and the more likely he is to take advantage of things like the sensitivity of her ears, murmuring to her over breakfast and stifling a grin as she very abruptly stills).

#11 - Name

There’s a coin in his hand telling him about a girl, and Barry has never heard the name Lup before, but his heart is carving out a space in his chest for it with every passing beat.

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since I found out how Class B is seated I made more headcanons

  • Monoma’s student life is hard because he can’t take notes because Bondo is too damn big and he’s too prideful to ask anyone else for their notes
  • that’s why he failed his exams
  • most part of the time Manga knows the answer to the teacher’s questions but since he’s so far away they can’t read it
  • Tetsutetsu plays with Pony’s hair when he’s bored
  • Awase hates sitting in the first row because he can’t play with his phone there
  • Setsuna is the type to not stay still in her seat so Shishida just puts his hand on her head to stop her
  • is like a gentle pat and she just stops for a few minutes then starts again
  • Sen likes to poke Kinoko’s cheek when he’s bored because he thinks it’s cute
  • she lets him because she thinks he’s cute
  • Manga draws on Rin’s arm because they both find it relaxing
  • Monoma always whispers “hey Tsuburaba” a couple times and when he finally turns around pretends he didn’t say anything
  • Honenuki can’t understand why Tsuburaba keeps turning around
  • Sen asked Honenuki once who did he think the prettiest girl of the class was and Honenuki just said “ha! that’s a trick question, they are all really pretty” and that’s the day the boys found out that Honenuki was their leader
  • from time to time, if she’s too tired, Kendou falls asleep in her seat
  • Kurorio makes sure that the teacher doesn’t find out
  • since she’s in the first row Kodai has mastered the art of pretending that she’s paying attention when in reality she’s replaying Zabuza’s death in your mind

anonymous asked:

sorry about what happened to the og blog :( i hope you feel better. if you're up for it can we get some sexting hcs for Dazai, Chuuya, Aku, + Atsushi? if you've done these before, i apologize and you can delete the request.

Thanks nonnie~ I’m feeling better as I write more tbh ^^;;


• If you’re away from Dazai longer than two hours most of the texts that pop up on your phone have a dirty innuendo. They range from five sentence scenarios to five text bubbles of all the deliciously dirty things he wants to do to your body. His silver tongue is not limited to manipulating for his own gain—this man puts the kinkiest erotic novel to shame tenfold. His goal is to get you squirming and wet just with words and he’s not afraid to ask for a picture of his handiwork to tide him over until he can get his hands on you.

• Dazai does not like to be ignored especially if he’s trying to pull you somewhere slightly secluded for a little public playtime. If you’re blissfully stuck in your work and not responding the way Dazai wants he sends a few top notch favorites that get you noticeably flustered. He’ll watch quietly from the side or behind the couch, peeking every time hears that ‘ping’ of your phone until you’re riled up enough for him to slide his arm around your waist and guide you to the nearest private corner.

• When Dazai’s bored out of his mind in the office he’ll start a naughty little RP with you, and he gets extra hot and bothered if you’re both in the same room. Even if you’re not the best at sexting him back he’ll play off whatever you say to him and manage to turn your exchanges into an R rated novella that leaves you flustered and craving his touch.


• Isn’t too shy to snap a quick pick of himself shirtless holding his cock if he’s away on business and missing you. He’ll attach a very detailed text describing all the dirty things he thinks about doing to you while he’s stroking his cock. If he’s feeling extra dirty he’ll record a short video of him pleasuring himself. Of course he asks you to send him a naughty picture or two to tide him over until he gets home.

• If Chuuya has a few minutes to himself he’d rather hear your voice or see you over a mere jumble of dirty words. A steamy five minute skype or facetime session isn’t out of the ordinary when Chuuya is away for an extended period of time. He’s skilled at talking you through the naughty things he wants to see, especially if it involves you touching yourself. His velvety voice guides you to a quick orgasm and prompts him to finish his work faster so he can get home and touch you himself.

• Chuuya doesn’t have time to wax poetic about sex, and he’s going to tell you exactly what he wants to do to you. His words aren’t vulgar per say, but they aren’t in the lease bit romantic. He saves the soft, sweet love-making vernacular for sensual nights between the sheets. If he’s just relaying a dirty message through text then he’s taking it down to the core and saying exactly where he’s going to put his tongue. If you demand he come home right this instant and pound you into the mattress he’ll say he’s not free yet—in truth he’s being a shit and wants to tease you—and continue to blow up your phone with dirty texts until he’s losing his own will to wait and rushes home to you.


• Akutagawa, surprisingly, has a way with words that’ll make your jaw drop. Akutagawa has to be in a certain mood to respond to your naughty texts, or even look at his phone tbh, but if he’s in that rare state of mind he’ll quickly reply with a simple sentence or two. Most of his responses are demands rather than naughty innuendoes, and he’s often reminding you how bruised your hips and thighs are going to be in the morning if you keep bothering him while he’s trying to work.

• Sending Akutagawa dirty picture is tempting fate with a hot poker. He’ll either refuse to respond until he gets home or he’ll send a very blunt warning about sending pictures like that to his phone. He swiftly reminds you that only his eyes are allowed to see that treasure between your legs and if you keep baiting him with pictures he’s going to make sure you’re too tired to even hold up your phone.

• Pulling Akutagawa away from work is a hard and dangerous mission, but if you’re so inclined to rile up your dedicated boyfriend with multiple texts begging him to come and fuck you he’ll make his way home just to put you in check. As much as Akutagawa pretends to be annoyed he secretly loves the kinky things you send his way and gets off knowing you crave him enough to bother him while he’s busy.


• The first time you ever sent this boy anything remotely naughty he all but dropped his phone in the street. Thankfully he was alone when this happened (Dazai would never let him hear the end of it if he saw) but he was utterly perplexed about the entire situation. Despite the growing bulge in his pants Atsushi’s response was only him stating he’d be home soon with a few typos.

• Atsushi hardly ever gets the courage to start a naughty in-text triste, but when he does they’re more on the sweet side than the naughty. He mentions soft kisses and warm embraces over the down and dirty, but there are bold occurrences where he slips in a little more like his dick.

• If you’re the one mentioning things that makes all the blood rush south Atsushi is fumbling for a reply just as steamy. Often he resorts to typing something he remembers seeing in porn or reading in a dirty magazine and hitting send before he can freak out about it and delete it. He’s extremely embarrassed when he gets home but if you continue to reassure him that he does in fact get you hot under the collar he’ll be more inclined to experiment with dirty little texts when he’s got some down time at the agency. 

Kitten (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WARNINGS: heavy heavy smut. Is fluffy-smut a thing? Because that’s what this is. Also swearing and gross jokes. Established relationship

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, I’m here to eat you out.” The words cut through the silence of the night at 11pm from outside your window. You pulled back the curtains to see Jared Kleinman with his usual shit-eating grin. You opened the window and leaned out, “shut the fuck up and get inside.” He cocked his head in an over-exadurated confusion: “the house or you?” You clench your jaw and run your hands through your hair, “I swear to god.” You slam the window and watch him walk around to the front door.

You swing the door open as he’s leaning against the frame, looking over his glasses with his arms crossed. You drag him in by the collar, “if my neighbours heard that…”

“They’ll know you’re getting it- hard.” He was standing in your living room looking smug as all hell. You shove him a little, “When I told you my parents were staying out over night that doesn’t mean it’s an open invitation.” He stepped a little closer, “did you want me to go?” You look up at him and narrow your eyes and just barely hiding a smile, “you’re such an asshole.” He tucked his hand under your jaw and pulled you closer. He pressed his forehead against yours and winked, “yeah but you’re so hot for me.”

You absentmindedly lick your lips; looking down, “shut up.” He wrapped his other arm around your waste and grinned, “you’re horny for me, kitten.”

You’re eyes shoot up, “that is not a nickname that we’re sticking with.” You glower and he presses a kiss on your lips, you lazily wrap your arms around his neck and deepen it slowly. Letting your mouth open and his tongue slip in. You graze your teeth against his bottom lip and allow yourself moan quietly into him. You feel him smile against you.

You slowly pull yourself away and notice he’s blushing. His cheeks and nose are pink and his ears have turned completely red, “you talk a big game, Kleinman- but you still blush when I kiss back.” You whisper. He smiles. It’s not his cocky, grin you’re used to. It’s an actual smile. He looks warm, with dilated pupils and pink lips. Seeing Jared happy was rare. He was usually too self-conscious or defensive. He very rarely allowed himself to just be. But when he did it was everything.

“You’re staring.” He caught you off guard and you looked away, “shut up.” You feel yourself flush and he pulls you closer so that you’re pressed tight against each other. You kiss him lightly and run your hand through his hair, “I believe I was promised something at the window.” You raise an eyebrow and he smirks, shedding his jacket in the hallway..

You pull your t-shirt off revealing a lilac bra and run up the stairs. He watched up run up, eyes fixed on your body. He audibly gulps and you feel yourself take control of some power, “I’m not fucking you in my parents living room.” You shout over your shoulder and hear him running at your heels.

You both crash into your bedroom, his hands on your waist as he throws you gently onto the bed and starts pulling down your jeans. You watch as he rips his shirt off and almost dives on top of you, kissing down your neck and chest. You can’t help but smile as you feel him bite and lick affectionately. Jesus when you were alone with him he got so excitable. His hands run up your thighs as you twist your legs around him.

You can feel his hard dick pressing into you, “Jesus baby, you’re thirsty as shit.” You chuckle and as he looks up he shrugs, “I shouted that I wanted to fuck you from outside and you dragged me in- but I’m thirsty?” He was grinning as he moved up and kissed your neck and push his hands up to your back as it arched, unclasping your bra.

You let in fall a little as he motions down you, spreading your legs and letting his tongue flick ever so slightly against your clit. His hand moves up as his thumb rubs your nipple and you let out a small gasp. He moves his tongue quickly against you, vibrating it slightly as you grab onto the edge of your pillow, “f-uck.” You stutter as he starts to move in slower circles. You try and contain your hips from thrusting into him but your twitching and tensing heavily.

You’re toes curl and uncurl as you throw your head back and let out a deep, loud sigh. You can feel yourself building as you unwilling stretch your legs and bite your lip. He gains momentum and you squeeze your eyes shut, “Jar-ahh.” Is all you manage to get it become you cum, body pulsing and rising as he drags his short fingernails down your ribs.

You rest your eyes and lean back as his attention shifts up, seeming very proud of himself. He crawls back up and pulls out a condom and rolls it down himself, “fuck me.” You command. He smirks, “what was that?” He looks so smug and you tighten your grip around him with your thighs, “you heard me, kitten.” You don’t realise how broad your smile is until it vanishes with anticipation as he eases himself into you. He lets out a quiet moan into your neck as he slowly begins thrusting his hips.

You grip into his hair as he starts slow, and you breath out into his ear and send shivers down his spine. His hands are at either side of your head as he steadies himself. Honestly watching him try and fail to keep himself together is the hottest thing for you. He looks flustered and already way too frustrated.

As he picks up rhythm he starts brushing against your g-spot, and you groan louder than you mean to, before covering your hand with your mouth. Almost as if it’s a language he replies by lightly moaning, whispering your name to himself. You reach your hands up and loop your arms around his shoulders, pulling yourself up slightly and pressing your forehead into his neck, “yes.” You hiss unintentionally and he starts going harder and faster than before, slamming against your g-spot until you’re almost humming.

You lose your grip around his shoulders and he pins your hands to the mattress. He’s pushing deeper into you as he pressing your hands down and you feel your vision going white-

“Yes! Oh god Jared.” You gasp out as he moved a hand down to your hip bone and angles you up. Going faster and rougher than before. The hand that isn’t pinned grabs frantically at the bedsheets as you try to hold back your whines.

His thrusts starts to lose its beat as he starts groaning upward, “God I’m gonna- I’m gonna cum.” He shouts so loud that your pretty sure even the house a few blocks down knows exactly what you’re doing. You gasp as the words force you into orgasm, you tighten around him and he spasms into you, howling your name as he does so. The hand on your hips grip tightens hard as he cums inside you.

He’s panting and sweating as his hair sticks up at all ends and you watch as he falls; out of breath, beside you.

He pushes the hair out of your eyes and you give him a tired, lazy kiss on he lips- too busy smiling to make sure it’s actually good. He pulls you into a hug and rests his chin on the top of your head, “your parents need to spend the night out more often, kitten.”

when you want to have a good time but there’s ship hate in the tags of your otp:

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anonymous asked:

May I ask headcanons about Iwaizumi Oikawa or Bokuto with a lazy s/o? Thanks!

Hi dear! I WAS WAITING FOR AN ASK FOR THEM! SWEET BABIES! Sorry for the wait, but I’m studying a lot! You didn’t really specify what you meant for “lazy” so I…uhm…made up random things? I hope you like them!

Have a good day!

Iwaizumi Hajime

-This guy is a black or white person. Or he wants to chill out at home with you, or he decides he wants to go damn camping in the wild for a week. And you always hope he’s in the first mood when you’re on holiday or you’re screwed, because he can be very persuasive.

-Hiking and go trekking are his favorite activities. Fortunately, when he realizes you’re practically dying, limping behind him, he immediately stops to let you rest or, if the path allows it, he picks you up on his shoulders and carries you like that for a bit.

-He usually doesn’t mind you being lazy, he secretly finds you cute like a human sized cat, but not when it comes to house chores. He hates them and he’s not gonna do them alone. He use dirty tricks to make you get up from the couch, like covering you in clothes (that have to be washed) or using the hoover exactly under your feet. Without breaks. For more than half an hour.

-He’s the only one who can make you play some sports, volleyball usually, because he teaches you well and makes that small proud smile when he sees you’re learning that spurs you to try harder.

-When he wants to go out and you’re whining (or he just wants to play around) he picks you up in his arms and brings you outside without efforts.

-Even if he scolds you easily and frequently, he can’t resist the urge to spoil you. Especially if you pout and look at him with doe eyes. He’s weak to you, poor boy.

-He makes sure, however, that you remain healthy and capable human interactions.

-When he’s in for chilling, he’s the best. Calm, cuddling and comforting. He’s a soothing hugger that makes you feel at home, like in a warm, soft bubble.

Oikawa Tooru

-He relaxes only during the weekends. Maybe. He’s the type of diligent and active guy who hardly stops himself from doing things, not strictly hard things, but it’s difficult for him to switch off. Too much. That’s why you teach him how to be lazy. He needs it.

-You bribe him using his weaknesses, like downloading his favorites or the latest aliens films or buying him milk bread or offering to watch a volleyball match…everything to make him sit down on the couch, wrapping him in a blanket and let him recharge his batteries.

-He’s better that an housewife. Your apartment is always spotless. Amazing, really. Until he tries to cook: a tragedy. He makes food explode. You didn’t even know that it was possible. That’s why you have decided to divide your roles. You cook the meals for both and he takes care of the house chores.

-Usually, he lets you be and adapts to your mood. He doesn’t like forcing you out if you don’t feel it and if you ask directly he spends his afternoons enjoying his time alone with you (he’s actually a sweet cuddler).

-Sometimes, however, he gets crazy. If he comes up with an absurd adventure or idea, there’s nothing to do. You have to follow him, he won’t accept negative replies. He can repetitively ask you to go with him without taking a breath for more than an hour, whining annoyingly. And if you don’t surrender, he can pout for days. That’s why, could it be a sudden 3 A.M trip to the park to see the stars or a weekend at the onsen or a festival in a total different and far away city, you have to be ready and up for it.

-He spoils you less than what people could imagine. He likes to tease you more. If you want something, for example some ice cream, he’s not going to bring it to you when you call him and ask for it. Oh no, he’s going to eat the delicious ice cream you wanted, looking at you with a smirk from the kitchen until you stand from the couch and reach him grumbling.

-Don’t worry, he never crosses the line: he does love your smile when you’re happy and satisfied. For example, one of the things he likes to do for you is bringing the breakfast to bed. (Obviously, only some milk with cereals or coffee with toasts and jam since he can’t cook anything else)

-He’s your personal living agenda and doesn’t let you slack off, especially with school/university/work related things. Somehow, he doesn’t do this in a pushy or mom like way, but in a caring and cheering manner that makes you feel like you want to do your best.

-He tries to plan dates or other activities to do together that are funny, interesting, sweet and relaxing at the same time. He doesn’t want to make you feel stressed when you’re with him and puts a lot of thoughts about what to do with you.

Bokuto Koutarou

-This sunshine is a ball of hyperactivity and always manages to drag you everywhere. However, he has learnt to understand when you need your lazy time and knows how to respect it.

-He loves cuddling and chilling with you, so afternoons at home are fantastic for him. He just needs your attention. And a lot of attentions.

-When he knows you want to relax in peace, but he’s in Hyperactive Mode, he starts jumping around in silent or doing random things to calm himself down. Like baking, he’s fantastic at baking.

-When he wants you to go out with him or do something together, he tickles you to death. He’s a sly tickler, who knows all your weak spots.

-He loves when you go watching his matches and, if you try to be lazy, saying you don’t feel like going, he falls in dejected mood immediately. (On these occasions, Akaashi personally calls you on the phone and begs/threatens you to come)

-He spoils you like there’s no tomorrow, he’ll do nearly everything you ask him. To a point that you actually feel guilty every time because he’s too pure and caring, selfless even, for you to take advantage of it. Absurdly, the more he spoils you, lesser lazy you are because you don’t want to use him.

-Even if he drags you everywhere, he minds that you don’t get too tired or annoyed. He makes sure you have time to be lazy together.

-Good for you, he likes to sleep in at morning. Less in the night (damn owl), but in the morning he can’t function properly before ten and this allows you to sleep as much as you want.