too tired to hide being a perv

EXO Reaction: when they let you sleep over in their bed and they have to go get something out of their room and they see you sleeping.

Baekhyun: *Damn she’s fucking hot*

Chanyeol: *control yourself Channie. Don’t do anything stupid*

Chen: “Yah scoot over. I want to sleep in my bed too. It looks comfortable and warm with you in it.”

D.O.: “Oh did I wake you? I’m sorry sweetheart. I just needed to get something … Did I scare you? I could stay here if you are scared. I promise no one will harm you while I’m here.”

Kai: *sees you in your underwear and his animal instincts kick in*

Kris: *bends down and kisses you on the forehead*

Lay: *Aishh she is so precious! I just want to cuddle her so hard right now*

Luhan: *wow she is so … breathtaking. How can she be this way even as she sleeps?*

Sehun: *I can smell her shampoo from here. Her beautiful scent will be on my bed for days*

Suho: “Oh did I wake you? Sorry, I was too busy taken in your beauty”

Tao: *he tires to not look at you but you being to mumble which makes me turn his head. He can’t stop smiling*

Xiumin: *he doesn’t want you to see he in the room so when you stir he jumps down and hides just in case you woke up. He doesn’t want to seem like a perv.*