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Tumblr translations I've encountered through the past six months...

- “Do you have any proof?”
- “LMAO GOOGLE IT! I’m too tired to educate you 😴😴😴”

Translation: “No, I don’t have any proof, and the fact that you’ve made me realize I have come to this conclusion without any evidence bothers me.”

- “How are you being an activist?”
- “Have you not seen my posts!?!”

Translation: “I either am not able to actually be an activist or haven’t realized that participating in a hashtag isn’t activism.”

- “__________ is a Nazi and a fascist.”

Translation: “This person disagreed with me and I can’t define fascism.”

- “The right to free speech doesn’t prevent you from consequences!”

Translation: “What I’m saying is completely factual but don’t you dare make ME face consequences for what I say.”

- “Go back to Reddit!”

Translation: “I’ve blocked you for making me question my beliefs.”

- “Okay, I might have been wrong here but you are only proving my point…”

Translation: “You might have proven me wrong, but I’m in denial.”

- “That’s (insert prejudice of choice here).”

Translation: “You’ve drawn a character I like in a different shade of color / you disagreed with a minority or a woman / you shipped a character ‘incorrectly’ / I’ve been shown to be uneducated on the topic at hand, but I’m in denial / you listened to someone I disagree with.”

- “Reverse oppression isn’t real.”

Translation: “It’s okay when WE do it.”

- “Listen to minorities!”
- “This minority disagrees with you. Shouldn’t I listen to them?”
- “You have to realize your opinion isn’t the only one.”

Translation: “You’ve made me realize that people of a certain trait do not think the same and I don’t understand how that can be. I also didn’t realize 'listen’ doesn’t mean 'agree’ so I’m trying to block out this dissenting opinion of someone who I believe should agree with me based solely on the fact they are a minority.”

- “Bad post OP. Yikes.”

Translation: “Bad post OP. Yikes.”

Liberty and Justice (NSFW)

Eggsy Unwin x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary: Kingsman/Avengers AU - The Avengers are a branch of the Statesmen located in New York, Eggsy and Merlin have come to the states in search of Harry and you have been assigned to work with Eggsy to help find the man who may have kidnapped him causing Bucky (Sergeant) to get a little jealous.

Warnings: Smut

A/N: DONE! If there are any glaring grammatical errors just let me know and I’ll fix it in the morning. I’m too tired right now. I pulled these images off google to make this gif so I don’t know who the original artists are. If you do let me know and I’ll credit them. Glad I finally managed to write this because I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to do it at first but I’m (sort of) pleased with the result. Also, this is still a reader fic but because everyone in Kingsmen and Statesmen going by code names the reader and the Avengers go by code names. Just trust me on this.

“Are you fucking serious? I have to go back there?” Eggsy groaned, throwing a small tantrum.

“Yes Eggsy, you and I have to go back to see the Statesmen, they are the only ones who can help us find Harry.” Merlin sighed. “But don’t worry, we are going to see the New Yorkers this time, not the mid-westerners.”

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im still slightly drunk so before i go to bed im going to categorize what kind of drunks different ds9 characters would be

Sisko: philosophical/giggly drunk. Will go off on a tangent about some idea he’s been thinking on, which you WILL get lost halfway through, ending with a very serious look before dissolving into laughter.

Kira: a danger to herself and others drunk. will become convinced she is invulnerable and capable of anything, managing to rope others into her poorly thought out ideas.

Jadzia: happy go lucky drunk. just glad to be there. smiling all the time. will go along with whatever Kira is up to.

Julian: weepy, emotional drunk. every little thing starts him reminiscing over stuff from years ago. feels the need to tell everyone how important they are to him. huggy.

O’Brien: argumentative/fun drunk. can go either way. get him worked up over something and he won’t let go of it, but is otherwise just there for a good time.

Odo: you’ll never notice drunk. even if he could somehow get drunk he’d be so focused on not appearing to be so that no one can tell. the kind that would blackout before you’d guess he’d had anything to drink.

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olá amo sua arte <3 será que consegues adivinhar que língua é essa? :p



(I’m too tired to guess lol and I really want to understand what everyone is sending me <3)

I was indirectly tagged by @heytheresunflower! yay

Last movie you watched: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

Last song you listened to: The Google Translate Sings version of I’ll Make A Man Out Of You

Last show you watched: Family Guy

Last book you read: Something to Do With Death

Last thing you ate: Sausage pasta

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Somewhere fucking cooler

First thing you would do with lottery money: Pay off shit that needed to be paid off

Character you would hang out with for a day: April Ludgate

Time right now: 8:56pm 

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what are some examples of kpop appropriating black culture?

one glaringly obvious example is yg entertainment as a whole except for a handful of artists. google the rest, im sorry im too tired to get into this again.

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

I present the first half of NicoMaki the Hallmark movie, clocking in at 11.5K. All ye traditional pairings gather around the Christmas tree and Eli returns to her villainous Presidential mode. Enjoy! Ah, almost forgot the playlist.




Doctor Maki Nishikino had bought her house in Cherry Blossom Heights in the summer. It was a nice little development, full of professional couples and a few singles like herself. People pretty much kept to themselves, the atmosphere was generally calm and the Cherry Blossom Heights Neighborhood Association kept a close eye on everyone to make sure that nothing really ever got untidy. Maki’s neighbor, Eli Ayase, was a lawyer and the president of the Neighborhood Association. She and her wife, Nozomi, had a little girl, Michaela, 4 years old, who was very quiet and reserved and obviously spoiled. Maki felt comfortable there.

The house next to hers had been empty since Maki moved in, the ‘For Sale’ sign discreet. But today, there was a battered station wagon in the driveway, full of boxes. The car had to be at least 10 years old and was definitely showing hard use. Maki wondered if someone had bought the house and if that was actually their car because surely anyone who drove a car like that couldn’t afford a house even Maki had thought pricy.

A teenager came out of the house, pulled a couple of boxes out of the car and caught sight of Maki as they turned toward the house. The boxes got dropped back into the car. Instead the teen, a small, impish looking girl with black hair and twinkling red eyes waved at Maki while approaching.

“Hi! I’m Nico. Are you the neighbor?”

The teen was dressed in jeans, a red turtleneck and a flannel shirt in holiday colors.

Maki nodded, trying not to clutch her purse too tightly, “Yes. I’m Dr. Nishikino. Are your parents moving in?”

The girl cocked her head at her, eyes very serious, eyebrows lowered. When Maki continued to only look politely quizzical, Nico doubled over, slapped the side of her legs and started laughing.

“Oh, you’re going to be fun.”

Maki took a step backwards and decided to clutch her purse as hard as she liked, politeness be damned.

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Am I in an alternate universe or did I imagine a fic written for Nate/Jo in which Jo gets traded to MTL then Nate does? I feel like this may be a figment of my imagination

I’m……..pretty sure I read that too? This fic!

Also a mildly fucked up thing lol is that. I wrote about the Habs at some point.

When news of Jo’s trade request breaks, he tells himself he’s too tired to google which is the furthest team from Denver.

(It’s Boston, he finds out after a being crushed 6-1 by the Sharks in late January. Boston and Florida and Montreal. He finds a new and sudden hatred for the Bruins and Panthers and Habs. They don’t deserve Jo anyway.)

Can you imagine. I wrote this in early November, rip

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When you posted the confession about how "South Korea doesnt deserve BIGBANG", can I ask why did cropped T.O.P out of the picture? He's still a part of BIGBANG.

Easy, It was super late (around 23:45) and I had to get up early, so I told myself to make at least some confessions knowing it would storm the day-after-tomorrow (yesterday) and I probably wouldn’t have internet access or only lagging one, because I live rather on the countryside despite my small village still being called city for “unknown” reason (well i know but you didn’t ask about that), also I don’t risk my equipment getting damaged by working in the middle of a thunderstorm. So I searched for a picture I hopefully haven’t used before, found one, put it in, and darn not all five had probably enough space without making it super tiny or break out of my usual norm size. I was tired as said and simply too lazy to google a new picture or changed the size I just let it the way I copy pasted it because Top isn’t actively promoting in Big Bang right now ( not because of his scandal) but because he is supposed to be enlisted and working in the military. Also, I wanted to piss off that anon who sent me death threats because I felt that would trigger that person because I’m petty like that. And I was kind of curious if someone would really bother because it actually happens a lot that I have to search a new picture, especially for Ikon because they don’t fit all in.  So there you have it.

Decrease, that’s Dr. R. alright…

-a nurse at a mental institution I was in

Dr. R. knew what it was like to have to live most of your life on medication.  He didn’t feel quite like himself on his ADD meds. And he badly needed them in order to work at his job. Even with the meds his secretary had to work harder than most secretaries to accommodate him. Off his meds he literally could not complete a full sentence because his mind and interest raced from one topic to another so fast his mouth couldn’t keep up.  So he took “medication holidays” most weekend where he wouldn’t have to have many responsibilities that required concentration.  And his ADD was more severe than that of most people I met, so it wasn’t just a case of “I could function without my Ritalin, I just choose to take it or not on a whim.”  He could not function without it, he needed constant assistance from others without it.  And yet he still chose not to take it some days, because he found that he felt like too much of a different person on the meds, a person he couldn’t fully recognize or identify with.

As a result, he preferred to give his patients as little medication as he could get away with.  As in, the bare minimum to help the person function, and if it was not helping the function and he knew it, he would taper them off it altogether.

The nurses and psychiatric technicians who hung out behind the nurses station and gossiped constantly (but who suddenly were “busy charting” if a patient needed help)… I spent a lot of time in isolation rooms that had a door opening into the nurse’s stations.  And the nurses and psych techs loved to use neuroleptics (a.k.a. antipsychotics, major tranquilizers) and minor tranquilizers (a.k.a. sedatives, hypnotics, etc. stuff like Ativan/lorazepam) in order to incapacitate patients and make us easier to manage.  So one day, when I was tied down an isolation room just behind the nurse’s station, I heard them talking about Dr. R.’s decision to decrease one of my medications.  

Dr. R. had noticed, and written in his admission and discharge summaries, it went something like… “We’ve found that the amount of  medication required to control Amanda’s destructive behavior is uncomfortably close to, and sometimes exceeds, the amount of medication that renders her completely incapacitated.”  Well, yeah.  Neuroleptics work to control behavior.  And they are now and have been for at least ten years, been recommended for autistic people’s aggressive behavior towards ourselves or other people.  Eventually getting to the point where some doctors only know they’re prescribed “for autism” and prescribe them to all their autistic patients, which is horribly irresponsible.  Anyway, neuroleptics work to control autistic people’s behavior – and other people’s behavior.  They’re rampant in the developmental disability world for auties, people with intellectual disabilities, people with cerebral palsy, people with severe multiple handicaps, etc.  

And they work to control our behavior by disrupting the links between thinking and acting.  A person on neuroleptics may look tranquil, hence the word ‘tranquilizer’.  But on the inside, we may feel lost, confused, as if our mind has been scattered to the winds and we can’t find all the pieces and put them back together again, agitated, restless, furious, terrified, all these things at once.  But it won’t show on our face or body unless we get the side-effect of akathisia.  But so few people know about akathisia (severe restlessness that can escalate to violence) that they’ll take the akathisia as a reason to give more of the drugs that are causing it in the first place.  

Akathisia can become permanent, too – it’s a myth that tardive dyskinesia is the only permanent side-effect of neuroleptics.  (“Tardive” basically means symptoms that appear slowly rather than all at once.  The tardive movement and cognitive syndromes that can occur in neuroleptics are often permanent, even if you remove the drug.  There’s also acute versions of the same conditions, that do go away when you remove the drug.  Acute akathisia vs. tardive akathisia, for instance.)  The tardive syndromes I’m most aware of include:

  • Tardive dyskinesia, which can range from a slight involuntary movement at the edges of the tongue, to full-body contortions that are so severe they can inhibit breathing and kill people.
  • Tardive akathisia. That same psychological and motor restlessness, only it doesn’t go away once you stop the drug.
  • Tardive dystonia.  Any form of dystonia (a movement disorder, I’m too tired to Google it and give you information) that remains permanently after the drug has been discontinued.
  • Tardrive dementia.  Cognitive impairment that does not go away after the drug has been discontinued.

When I say “does not go away”, I don’t just mean the first year of being off of these drugs.  I mean that it doesn’t go away pretty much ever.  It may improve to an extent going off the drugs, but then plateau and stay at the same level.  It may actually get worse going off the drugs, because some of the drugs have effects that mask the full extent of the tardive dyskinesia or other tardive syndrome.

And did I mention that neuroleptics are generally a bad idea for autistic people with catatonia?  Yeah.  Not that they knew that when they were busy loading me full of thee drugs.  Because there were only two papers out on autistic catatonia at the time, and it didn’t even have the name autistic catatonia yet.  The first article that wasn’t a case study, came out about a year after I stopped neuroleptics.  But it explained why (I didn’t notice this, but my whole family did, so it must be real) the moment I went on neuroleptics – not even long-term, just my first dose of Thorazine  and Haldol for behavior control in a (different from the above) mental institution.  The moment I took them apparently my motor skills took a nosedive they’ve never recovered from.  It was like they accelerated the progression of the autistic catatonia.

I know someone else with autistic catatonia.  They were on Mellaril throughout a lot of their childhood.  It was only after someone decided to take them off of it, that they learned to use speech for communication.  They were twelve years old at the time.  In my case, I began showing obvious symptoms of autistic catatonia (not “catatonic traits that exist in all autistic people”, but actual deterioration of my motor and speech abilities) at the age of 11 or 12.  I was first given neuroleptics at the age of fourteen.  Which made me lose skills much faster.  When I went off of them at age nineteen, I had a period where everything got much, much worse, and then a gradual period of things getting better, and then I went back to my previous pattern of one step forward and three steps back, when it came to losing motor planning skills.

Anyway, I just remembered the scorn heaped on Dr. R. by the nurses, because he made it very difficult for them to use chemical restraints for their own convenience.  Shortly after this happened, they resorted to deliberately escalating situations – such as grabbing me and hauling me to the isolation room for no reason at all, with no warning at all – and if I struggled, at all, then I was a danger to others and it was okay for them to tie me down and drug me.  Dr. R. was not happy about this, so he assigned me and another patient who was getting treated similarly, a one-to-one aide from Visiting Nurses, who could take notice of anything the institution staff were doing to control me.  One day one of those aides saved my life, but that’s a long and traumatic story I have no interest in rehashing at the moment.

Suffice to say, for Dr. R.'s patients, “Decrease , that’s Dr. R…” was a good thing.  He didn’t always succeed, and he had all the dangerous biases that decades working as a psychiatrist would give a person.  But he tried.  He tried to give the smallest amount of a medication he could, that would still work, and he’d work with you on “drug holidays” if that’s what you and he felt you needed.  So despite his shortcomings – ones he shared with most in his profession, unfortunately – he was still the best psychiatrist I ever ran into.  It wasn’t just the ADD either – he grew up with a speech impediment and social problems, and he had attempted suicide at least once as a teen.  When he heard about the autistic community’s use of the word “cousins” (people who are not autistic but share many autistic traits, especially perceptual or social traits), he said he was a cousin.

And he’s the one who helped me get off my psych drugs in the end – all of them.  It was harrowing, even tapering slowly.  But we both acknowledged it had become a “the old lady who swallowed the fly” situation – most of the drugs were to treat side-effects of other drugs.  In psychiatry there’s an unfortunate tendency to look at side-effects as “this always existed and the drug just unmasked it”.  Like… my neurologist gave me a migraine drug once, Topamax, that changed my personality in a very severe way.  And when my friends told him what was going on, he just said “Discontinue it, immediately.”  Within psychiatry, those personality changes would’ve been said to be an underlying psychiatric condition that the Topamax unmasked, and I’d be given drugs to “treat” that condition, which would then “unmask” more conditions I didn’t really have, and so on.  So he helped me get off of everything.  He believed in me even when people were saying the withdrawal symptoms were proof I belonged on the drugs after all.  He stuck with me the entire year it took for me to get back to what was now normal to me.  He continued to make some major mistakes, but now that I was a legal adult and off of my meds enough to think clearly, I was able to get away from those mistakes in a way I hadn’t been able to as a child.

I never became the next Temple Grandin, which is what he wanted me to be.  But I think if he’s still around (he was old and had a heart condition, so he may well be dead), he’d be proud of what I’ve accomplished in self-advocacy and research alike.  And he’d be glad that my physical problems were finally being diagnosed for what they were – he’d early on had to help me fend off doctors who believed my physical problems were psychiatric in nature just because I had a developmental disability and a long psych history filled with diagnoses and misdiagnoses.  I hope he got a chance to watch at least some of that unfold.  I lost touch with him after he retired.

Anyway… I’m still proud of him for decreasing my meds and helping me get off of them, and believing in my ability to get off of them, even in the face of overwhelming pressure to do the opposite and have me so sedated (actually, at that point, twice the toxic dose of a neuroleptic, plus another neuroleptic on top of it) that I was falling asleep everywhere and having atonic or myoclonic seizures every few minutes when I was awake.

I’ve always been ambivalent about him – he seemed like a character in a book who is good but has a tragic flaw – but in this area, I am absolutely happy with the majority of decisions he made.  The majority, mind you.  But that’s more than I can say for any other psychiatrist I’ve ever had.  I really lucked out, because he was rarely on duty, and the night I came in I was assigned to him because he was on duty that night.  He instantly figured out that I was autistic (even though I was there for suicidal behavior), he saw me as something akin to an “idiot savant” (his words, not mine), and he developed a strong bond with both me and my family that carried us through some of the worst bullshit we encountered in the system.  Which was good because, as my mother pointed out, my parents were never educated in how to deal with an autistic teen with a seemingly sudden explosion  of neurologic and psychiatric problems.  And he decreased my meds when possible.



I went to this little discount bookstore in downtown phoenix the other weekend - you know, randomly checking out the city and stopping at anything that looked interesting - and I found this book with a ton of hand references from classic paintings and sculptures and old sketches and!! There’s no author! aha, I try to google it, but I can’t find the book anywhere to refer people about it. Maybe I just got tired of googling, too. It’s called “Sketch book The Hand” and I think is made by a company called Stoddart & Houghton? That is all I know. xP

Ah well. It was three bucks! 


and here’s the second part to the second installment of my AU, where callaghan is the backup and yama is the villain! i will probably just call it the AegisAU…

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some extra scenes: 

it seems like a certain CEO has a lot to answer for…stay tuned!