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Tumblr translations I've encountered through the past six months...

- “Do you have any proof?”
- “LMAO GOOGLE IT! I’m too tired to educate you 😴😴😴”

Translation: “No, I don’t have any proof, and the fact that you’ve made me realize I have come to this conclusion without any evidence bothers me.”

- “How are you being an activist?”
- “Have you not seen my posts!?!”

Translation: “I either am not able to actually be an activist or haven’t realized that participating in a hashtag isn’t activism.”

- “__________ is a Nazi and a fascist.”

Translation: “This person disagreed with me and I can’t define fascism.”

- “The right to free speech doesn’t prevent you from consequences!”

Translation: “What I’m saying is completely factual but don’t you dare make ME face consequences for what I say.”

- “Go back to Reddit!”

Translation: “I’ve blocked you for making me question my beliefs.”

- “Okay, I might have been wrong here but you are only proving my point…”

Translation: “You might have proven me wrong, but I’m in denial.”

- “That’s (insert prejudice of choice here).”

Translation: “You’ve drawn a character I like in a different shade of color / you disagreed with a minority or a woman / you shipped a character ‘incorrectly’ / I’ve been shown to be uneducated on the topic at hand, but I’m in denial / you listened to someone I disagree with.”

- “Reverse oppression isn’t real.”

Translation: “It’s okay when WE do it.”

- “Listen to minorities!”
- “This minority disagrees with you. Shouldn’t I listen to them?”
- “You have to realize your opinion isn’t the only one.”

Translation: “You’ve made me realize that people of a certain trait do not think the same and I don’t understand how that can be. I also didn’t realize 'listen’ doesn’t mean 'agree’ so I’m trying to block out this dissenting opinion of someone who I believe should agree with me based solely on the fact they are a minority.”

- “Bad post OP. Yikes.”

Translation: “Bad post OP. Yikes.”

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olá amo sua arte <3 será que consegues adivinhar que língua é essa? :p



(I’m too tired to guess lol and I really want to understand what everyone is sending me <3)

im still slightly drunk so before i go to bed im going to categorize what kind of drunks different ds9 characters would be

Sisko: philosophical/giggly drunk. Will go off on a tangent about some idea he’s been thinking on, which you WILL get lost halfway through, ending with a very serious look before dissolving into laughter.

Kira: a danger to herself and others drunk. will become convinced she is invulnerable and capable of anything, managing to rope others into her poorly thought out ideas.

Jadzia: happy go lucky drunk. just glad to be there. smiling all the time. will go along with whatever Kira is up to.

Julian: weepy, emotional drunk. every little thing starts him reminiscing over stuff from years ago. feels the need to tell everyone how important they are to him. huggy.

O’Brien: argumentative/fun drunk. can go either way. get him worked up over something and he won’t let go of it, but is otherwise just there for a good time.

Odo: you’ll never notice drunk. even if he could somehow get drunk he’d be so focused on not appearing to be so that no one can tell. the kind that would blackout before you’d guess he’d had anything to drink.

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Know any good webcomics? :)

loads! skin deep is an old favorite, been following that one since high school. gunnerkrigg court is also really good, and the last halloween, and sister claire, wilde life, paranatural, prague race, maggot boy, the world in deeper inspection, ninety nine righteous men, and fantomstien, all excellent. and kill six billion demons! that one’s really spectacular, lemme tell u


and here’s the second part to the second installment of my AU, where callaghan is the backup and yama is the villain! i will probably just call it the AegisAU…

other comics in this AU: [1] [2]

some extra scenes: 

it seems like a certain CEO has a lot to answer for…stay tuned! 

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Anon just loves to send me things I don’t know today… Sorry Anon. Too tired to google for an art prompt.

Better luck next time ^_^;;;