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1/4 Success!

Today, the local Humane Society called me today. I’ve been on their waiting list to adopt out Mom’s four young cats since March 7, after getting them all spayed and vaccinated. So they had a spot for one cat, and I hurried home to collect one, got it down there–and burst into tears when I had to say good-bye. It’s so awfully hard not to get attached. But seven cats is too many for me to care for adequately, especially given that Mom’s dog Honey is aggressive and has expanded her infrequent but alarming snap attacks to the cats as well as my little dog Rory.

I’m awfully tired of dealing with her after eight long months, but she’s un-adoptable, unless by a household with no other pets, and where she’ll be given the special twice-weekly baths (reduced to weekly pretty early on) and allergy medication (OTC Benadryl does the trick).

One less cat means I don’t have to buy three 3-dose packets of flea medicine at a time any more, and means I won’t go through food quite so fast, though one seventh is not that big of an impact, but with Mom’s hospital bills coming in, any bit helps. But this gives me hope that I’ll get calls for the others, too, until it’s just elderly Frankie, who’s an outdoor cat and shies from too-close interaction. She tolerates petting briefly, but prefers to sit a few feet away facing the same direction, flicking an ear at me now and then when we share the back deck. And my own two cats, who have patiently borne up under the horde of invaders.

161014 신나라 fansign

Order: Seokjin, Jimin, Hoseok, Taehyung, Namjoon, Jungkook, Yoongi
Seokjin: Oh hello, what’s your name?
Me: I’m 000~
Seokjin: 000~
Me: (Hands over pumpkin hat) Oppa pumpkin…
Seokjin: Huh?
Me: It’s Halloween (soon) and you were a pumpkin ㅋㅋ
Seokjin: Ah, right. If I’m a pumpkin again, it’d be amazing.
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Seokjin: Do you know kawaii? That’s me.
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[Post-it note: What hair color do you want to have next time?
Seokjin: The color that ARMYs likes.]
Seokjin: Do you know what’s ‘sorry’ in Japanese?
Me: ㅇㅅㅇ…?
Seokjin: It’s sumi~masen~
Me: (hands over corn chips) oppa, you like corn chips, right.
Seokjin: Ah thank you. How did you know that I like corn chips?
Staff: Let’s move on~
Seokjin: Bye~
Me: Bye ㅜㅜ

Jimin: Hello, what’s your name?
Me: I’m 000~
Jimin: 00ie~
Me: (so handsome…)
Jimin: (read the note) oppa is so handsome, why don’t you have a boyfriend?
Me: Because I’m in a women’s university and oppa is too handsome.
Jimin: How does me being handsome have anything to do with your boyfriend?
Me: I have become too picky (or have high standards)!
Jimin: (laughs) why, you don’t like any guys?
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Jimin: But still you should try date one and you could change your mind.
Me: (hands over the toy) oppa this… (shy)
Jimin: Thank you (laughs).
Staff: Let’s move on.
Jimin: Take care.
Me: Yes ㅜㅜ

Hoseok: Name~ (hehehe)
Me: I’m 000~
Hoseok: 00~
Me: (hands over flower crown) oppa, wear this…
Hoseok: (puts it on)
Me: (heart attack) (covers)
Hoseok: (새초롬)
Me: It looks like you really suit flowers.
Hoseok: Really? Hehe (V)
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ♥
Hoseok: (read the note) commuting to school is tiring?
Me: Yes… it takes 2 hours.
Hoseok: HUH?!! (scribbles down)
[Post-it note: Q: It’s tiring to commute to school T^T please give me some oppa’s hope hope energy!!
Hoseok: Take the hope!!]
Hoseok: (hope) take it!
Me: Hehehe
Hoseok: Fighting! (holds my hand)
Me: Thank you ㅜㅜ
Staff: Let’s move on~
Hoseok: (laughs and waves)
Me: (heart attack)

Taehyung: Hello, what’s your name?
Me: I’m 000.
Taehyung: 00ie~
Me: (hands over neck pillow) oppa this… ㅎ
Taehyung: (lowers his head)
Me: (puts it on him)
Taehyung: (read the note) Ha! Of course it’d be you!
[Post-it note question: if there’s only Jajangmyeon and me left on earth, which would you choose?!! Taehyung: You]
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Taehyung: How can you compare a human life with Jajangmyeon?
Me: (flustered) not life~
Taehyung: Eh?!
Me: It’s not life…
Taehyung: You made a mistake, didn’t you (firm)
Me: …???
Taehyung: You made a mistake, didn’t you~?
Me: Yes…
Taehyung: Try say 00ie made a mistake~
Me: 00ie made a mistake…
Taehyung: Hehe well done.
Staff: Let’s move on~
Taehyung: Bye~
Me: (heart attack)

Namjoon: Hi, what’s your name?
Me: I’m 000~
Namjoon: 00~
Me: (so… handsome…)
Namjoon: (read the note) where do you live?
Me: Me? I live in Gyeonggi! Gwangju.
Namjoon: Ah Gyeonggi, Gwangju~~
Me: Yes hehehe
Namjoon: What did you say your name was?
Me: It’s 00~
Namjoon: (stares at me and writes on post-it note)
Me: (hands over a lion notebook and a lion pen)
Namjoon: Euhaha! (He laughed brightly as soon as he saw it)
Me: If you write lyrics in here, it seems that you could write a lot, right?
Namjoon: Wah, this is really pretty… I really…
Me: (satisfied)
Namjoon: (picks up the lion pen) This is the first time seeing this, it must be a new product. Thank you 00-ssi~ (shakes hand) How do you go home? (worried)
Me: Home? I’ll leave in an hour~ (no)
Staff: Let’s move on~
Namjoon: Take care~
Me: Yes~
[Post-it note: Oppa is so handsome, I can’t concentrate on studying. What should I do? Please tell me to study in a way that would make my heart flutter.
Namjoon: You’ve got to study.]

Jungkook: Come on come on, what’s your name?
Me: I’m 000~
Jungkook: 00?
Me: 0!
Jungkook: Aha~
Jungkook: (read the note) (I wrote ‘am I your dongsaeng, noona or we’re the same age’, he didn’t write and said to me instead) Uhh… same age???
Me: Yeah, same age! I was the girl born in the year of ox at the SK fansign last time.
Jungkook: Ah, SK… handing out things?
Me: Yes, when asked if there was anyone that was born in the year of ox, I…
Jungkook: (remembers now) when we talked about that age and said Jin hyung was old~ So you were that person!
Me: Yes ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Jungkook: Yo friend~ So, now you’re a university student?
Me: Women’s university.
Jungkook: Wow? So cool.
Me: What’s cool about women’s university? ㅋㅋ
Jungkook: It’s cool! (thumps up)
Me: (stealthily takes out an air freshener)
Staff: Let’s move on~
Jungkook: What’s this?
Me: Air freshener!
Jungkook: Ah~~

Yoongi: What’s your name?
Me: I’m 000~
Yoongi: 00!
Me: (black hair… black… hair…)
Yoongi: (read the note) 4 years!
Me: Huh?
Yoongi: 4 years’ difference?
Me: Ah, yes!
Yoongi: You’re 20 years old, how do you feel being 20?
Me: It’s so tiring to attend school… it’s too far away…
Yoongi: What are you majoring in?
Me: Mass communication!
Yoongi: Oh~~Mass communication… please become a reporter.
Me: Ah, I’m more into being a writer!
Yoongi: Ah please become a writer (ㅋㅋㅋ)
Me: (hands over bath bomb) Oppa do you know what this is? Bath bomb ㅋㅋㅋ
Yoongi: Oh~ I’ll definitely use it (laughs)
Me: Yes ㅋㅋㅋ
Yoongi: I hope you become a great writer, bye take care.
[Post-it note: Oppa and I are 4 years apart, which means we have a good marital compatibility!!! Is this destiny…?!
Yoongi: Destiny ♥]


suckmydickseb  asked:

oH DAMN IM BACKK it's like 3 am and i am avoiding homework;););)););) i was wONDERIN G GG,, is it time to update the jealous!derek/ possessive!derek tag? bc god know im a slut for some dank ass smut so ;));););) iF NOT ITS ALL GOOD !! BYE GUYS:^)) (if you don't understand half of this it's okay bc i'm too tired to function) (please save me) ((i wnt 2 die) (i made some dank ass cake today too) (okay byeeeeeee💓) (wHAT DO YOU THINK OF IOS10?¿)

omfg go to bed lmao (here’s some jealous derek btw) and i didnt get ios10 yet

An Error as to Meaning or Intent by LacrimaDraconis (1/1 | 3,414 | NC17)

“Care to tell me why you were suddenly hell-bent on cockblocking me? That was a nice girl back at the club, and she was actually talking to me. So you better have a good explanation for basically hauling me out of there by the scruff of my neck.”

Derek exhaled heavily, and, rubbing a hand over his face, he suddenly looked tired. “Fine. I was jealous. There you have your fucking explanation.”

The Habits of My Heart by cloudsarefluffy (1/1 | 5,130 | R)

On Tumblr, Anon asked: I’d love to read established relationship Sterek where Stiles starts feeling insecure/worried because Derek has been working late/sneaking around but really he’s just been rebuilding the Hale house and getting everything ready to propose to Stiles. If you find some way to work in sex, jealous Derek, scent marking, regular marking, and manhandling that’d be even more awesome! Thanks so much for taking prompts! <3

It’s because the world is filled with beautiful people— specifically, people that aren’t Stiles. There are a lot of choices in Beacon Hills alone that would be better candidates for who could date, and even fuck Derek Hale, so Stiles is frighteningly aware of why it all just suddenly clicks together as he’s eating soggy spaghetti by himself one night.

don’t get jealous (it’s just puppy love) by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 2,635 | PG13)

He didn’t care what anyone said, he wasn’t jealous of the freaking dog. He wasn’t.

Or when Derek gets extremely jealous when Stiles gets a new puppy.

Talk Through It Like Adults by favefangirl (1/1 | 1,604 | PG13)

Derek is totally not jealous, the same way he is totally capable of handling his feelings like an adult and is totally capable of talking through things like an adult.

[Hilary Duff Lyric Redacted] by calrissian18 (1/1 | 40,096 | NC17)

Stiles hadn’t been in Beacon Hills in five years, hadn’t seen Derek in nearly as long, when he got the text:

New number: (+530) 365-2421


An abundance of overeating and geekery, dangerous caffeine/sugar cereal addictions, surprise werewolves, bird insults, purple-eyed shrimp, reincarnated serial killers (it’s cool, he has a leash), poorly played professional baseball, and a love story. In that order.

It’s hard to know which one of us is caving by sarcasticbones (23/23 | 42,601 | R)

Stiles is a badass, it just takes him some bumps and bruises to figure out.

Anti-Delena Comments on The Vampire Diaries page

Comment #1: “Feel so sorry for the actors..I am sure they know, how ridiculous and boring the plot sounds…"Damon is fiercely loyal”…lol..that sounded funny…“

Comment #2: "sooooooooo tired of Damon and Elena, Damon and Elena, Damon and blah, blah, blah, belch!!”

Comment #3: “Yeah, Delena killed the show for me half way through season 5. Damage is done I won’t be back for another very longgggggg season of whiney Delena.”

Comment #4: “I wonder how the actors really feel about the show? It seems like it is going to be so strong. The show really needs to give down the soap operaness. I feel like the role of Damon has just been completely destroyed. How are we supposed to believe he gives two sh*ts about his brother and believe he’s loyal when he helped his exgf within 24hrs. Of the relationship ending. Damon is only loyal to himself. I could forgive this if they admitted that it who Damon is. They’re trying I portray him as something he is not. Rest the writing for the show!!!”

Comment #5: “de is so boring now it was interesting in seasons 1 and early s2 but now all it is is a cycle of breaking uo to makeup. or not even makeup, they just have sex.”

Comment #6: Elena and Damon are annoying..they are better when they are apart and not loving each other only just caring about each other.

Comment #7: Sorry to say this show is so boring. I used to LOVE TVD’s. BUT, last season otherwise known as the “Delena Diaries” killed the show. Before the Delena start with the usual. No I am not a “Stelena” however looking back on the show’s seasons this was a great show when she was with Stefan. Damon was better when he was a manpig who slept with alottttt of gorgeous WOMEN. Plus this whole brothers doing it with the same chick is gross. Seen that sh- it on Jerry Springer. Last season I probably watched 6 out of the 22 episodes. I did read the recaps and found out basically I didn’t miss anything. Julie Plec and Caroline Dries have a weird and obvious crush on Ian. Unfortunately, they ruined the show because of it. It’s a fact that the ratings were at an all time low when they put Damon and Elena together. I won’t be back for season 6 and I am sure that I’m not alone. Sure the ratings will be ok for the first episode. Call it habit, curiosity or whatever. Judging from the clip it’s still the “Delena show” and people just can’t stand it. Good bye vampire diaries. You used to be such a GREAT show.

Comment #8: Totally agree, Delena has been the most boring storyline ever, I feel like they ruined Elenas character, made her more selfish and cruel. Shes lost Bonnie too and her younger brother is an alcoholic now. She has a right to grieve but what happened to the Elena who cared about others? This Elena is just BORING am really tired of her character.

Comment #9: Complete utter nonsense there is no good storyline hinted at all just Elena whining about her Damon. Elena as seen many people she loved and known all her life die Jeremy, Bonnie, Aunt Jenna and she never reacted like this. Hell even when Stefan died all she said was “Oh my God Stefan” and didn’t shed a single tear. Damon the guy she had a lot of sex with and spent half the time talking about how toxic they are for each, (which according to writers is supposed to make me believe that they are soul-mates) dies and she goes crazy and whines.What happend to the girl in season 1 who said I am not going to have my life revolve around a guy. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying she should not be upset but really?
Also Nina’s acting has gotten bad for me like she just doesn’t care anymore.I feel like she is overacting a lot especially last season and this trailer is the same. She is great actress though.
I want to stop watching but I really like Paul Wesley and will keep watching for him, and he seems to hate the show too.Whenever I see a ridiculous scene on tvd, I always imagine Paul’s reaction when he read the script.

Comment #10: Nina was a pretty good actress, especially for CW standards, but the writing has finally caught up to her. The problem with the show last season was that there was no clearly defined bad guy until the last three episodes. All I am getting is that the sole focus of the show will be Delena. The show has taken a nose dive since FORCING the two characters together. I still role my eyes at the “love that consumes you” line, when we heard for three seasons about Stelenas “epic love story.” When you add the fact that most of the Delena relationship was called “toxic,” about 80% of the time (even by the characters), it doesn’t help sell what the Plecster is trying to give to the audience. I will give TVD half a season, but it looks like even that is going to be torturous. I just want the love triangle to be 30-40% of the show and the rest about them coming together, and try to figure out how to defeat the big bad. I think doing that for a season would help a lot, it’s time for the love stories to take a back seat and not be the focus.

Comment #11: The face that the horrible rain kiss happened just confirms that Damon and Elena are PURE fanservice and these writers sold out this show for a bunch of teens. Absolutely pathetic.

Comment #12: The ratings have proven that because of Delena people just stopped watching. Now they’re putting them back together. TVD’s is done. Never thought I dislike this show, but I do. I’m done with the Delena Diaries. That was the last episode for me. I’m out.

Comment #13: Whose show is then exactly? Because it’s not the Tyler, Matt, Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline, Stefan, Alaric, Enzo show, it’s the Delena Diaries apparently. I’m sorry, but did we all forget that the title of the show is, The Vampire Diaries? Apparently the writers of this series has, because all it’s been lately is their own personal wet dream. I’m not a Stelena shipper, I’m not even invested in this show anymore, actually, I’m more invested in this comment I’m writing right now than I am in any of the storylines on TVD so far this season. This show has grown stale, repetitive and cliche. I used to like the chemistry between Damon and Elena, that was until the writers absolutely messed up the characters and it became ALL. ABOUT. THEM. If I wanted to watch a spineless, annoying chick spend all her time mooning over a stalker vampire type, I’d force myself to sit through Twilight again. So while you might think everyone complaining about Delena is a Stelena shipper, most of us are sitting back and hoping Stefan stays as far away from that train wreck as possible because Elena doesn’t DESERVE him. Maybe the old Elena, but the new one the writers have created, that annoying, selfish, idiotic, wishy-washy version walking around pretending her lifelong dream has been to become a doctor, that version can take another jump off of Wickery Bridge.

Comment #14: Don’t be a fool. It’s not just Stelenas, pretty much everyone who’s still watching this show are fed up and done with Delena shoved down their throats. No one but the now small Delena fanbase cares, just look at how the ratings collapsed ever since The Delena Diaries started. You only got that insipid kiss because the writers sold themselves to Twitter hashtags, sad but true.

i told myself i wouldnt do this again. i wouldnt let someone close to me, i wouldnt open up, i wouldnt make them know every inch of my body. i wouldnt let them know my thoughts without me speaking i wouldnt let them know my facial expressions and know what im thinking even before i have it figured out. i told myself that id know how to stop the pain before it became worse. i told myself i’d stop going to sleep at 4am to make sure i dont get that its over text while i was asleep, i stopped sleeping worried id get it when my eyes were shut out from the world. i told myself i wouldnt do this again and just when i thought i healed from the first storm the second one hit me. when things are good they’re good but when they’re bad i cant fucking breathe. i give and give and give never expecting anything back but sometimes its good to know that when you see me you smile a bit more than yesterday and sometimes i want a hug before you drop me off instead of a kiss and maybe im just tired of falling to sleep crying because i dont know what i did wrong, im tired of feeling like i do something wrong but fuck. i didnt know caring too much and making you my world was doing something wrong but i think now i understand you cant make people your world that only see you as their friday night, their temporary fun or even worse they dont even think of you when they say good bye.
—  id think of a title but my mind is still spinning 
Our Next Chapter- Jack G. (Part 18)

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 Part 17

(I know Sam didn’t start going to Magcon events until recently but let’s pretend he’s going to them at this point in time, for the story)


My nerves start taking over me as we head to the airport. I keep bouncing my knee up and down on the way there. I stare at the window, afraid if I make eye contact with anyone I will start crying. 

Once we get to the airport, the Jacks, Sam, Katherine and I make our way to security. Jack intertwines our fingers together as we stand in line. 

I am glad Katherine’s here with us because she’s my second mother. If I start stressing out or panicking, I know I can talk to her. 

We make our way through security and take a seat at our gate. I lean my head on Jack’s shoulder and he kisses the top of my head.

They start calling for boarding and we all stand up and head towards the gate. 

We walk to our seats and Jack puts our bags in the compartments above us. Jack, Katherine, and I were sitting in the three person row and Jack J. and Sam were sitting in the two person row next to us. Katherine takes the window seat, I sit in the middle, and Jack sits in the isle seat. I buckle my seat belt and relax in the seat.

We finally take off and I lift the arm rest up and cuddle up next to Jack. I wrap my arms around his and lay my head on his shoulder. 

“You feeling okay?” Jack asks. 

“Yeah, I’m just tired.” I mumble. 

Jack leans down and kisses me. He then lifts his arm up and wraps it around my waist. 

“Tell me if you start to feel sick, okay babe.” Jack says, kissing the top of my head. 

I snuggle deeper into his chest then fall asleep.


I wake up to the sound of a flight attendant on the over head speaker. I open my eyes and see a sleeping Jack. 

He’s probably the cutest sleeper. His mouth is slightly open and his hand is propping his head up. 

“Jack,” I whisper. 

“Babe, we’re landing.” I say nudging him. 

Jack opens his eyes and I smile spreads across his face.

Once we finally land we start heading towards the door to get picked up. We walk outside and slide into a limo. 

My head is pounding so I lay my head on Jack’s shoulder and shut my eyes.

Once we arrive at the hotel, I begin to feel nauseous. Fans are outside and it all is beginning to overwhelm me. 

“Sweetie, you don’t look to good.” Katherine says, rubbing my back as we enter the front doors. 

“I don’t feel that good.” I mumble.

“Jack, hold her while I get the key.” Katherine says, taking off to retrieve the hotel key. 

Jack rubs my back and kisses my forehead repeatedly. He helps me over to the elevator and we all stand inside. We make our way to the hotel room and I feel it coming up. 

I get out of Jack’s grip and run into the bathroom. I push my hair back and throw up everything I’ve eaten into the toilet. I soon feel someone take my hair out of my hands and start rubbing my back. I knew immediately it was Jack. I turn around and look at him. 

“Can you please get my toothbrush? It’s in the front pocket of my suitcase.”

Jack nods his head then kisses my cheek. 

He comes back with my toothbrush in hand. 

“Thank you.” I say softly, taking the toothbrush from his hand. 

I brush my teeth and Jack leads me out of the bathroom to a bed. 

“I’m sorry.” I say to Johnson, Sam, and Katherine. 

They all say a mix of ‘it’s fine.’ and 'don’t worry about it.’

I crawl into bed and pull the covers over me. Katherine comes over and sits on the edge of the bed. She starts playing with my hair. 

“Jack, go hang out with the other guys, I’ll be okay.” I say. 

“I don’t want to leave you.” He says. 

“Babe, it’s fine, please go." 

Jack comes over and kisses my head.

"If anything happens, come get me.” He says before walking out the door. 

Katherine goes back to pushing my hair off my forehead and rubbing my back. 

“How are you feeling now?” She asks. 

“Better.” I smile. 

“Do you want to go hang out with the guys now?" 

"Yeah. I’ll probably come back if I start feeling bad again.” I say, sitting up. 

“Text me if you come back. I’m going to talk to some of the other mom’s and get settled in my room." 

"I will.” I say. 

Katherine kisses my forehead and walks out of the room. I grab my phone and walk to Matt and Carter’s room. I knock on the door and Aaron opens it. 

“Hey, how are you?” Aaron asks pulling me into a hug. 

“I’m good.” I say.

I’ve talked to all the guys before. I have met most of them before as well. I’m close with Mahogany because I’ve gone to one Magcon event before and we’ve been friends since. 

I walk further in the room and see the guys spread out all over the room. Jack was leaning against the wall and sitting on the floor. I walk over and sit in his lap.

“How are you feeling?” He asks me.

“I’m doing okay. My head still hurts but I’m managing.”

“Excuse me, (Y/N). What am I chopped liver?” Mahogany yells. 

I stand up and walk over to hug her. 

“Sorry, I’m not feeling too well." 

"Don’t get me sick.” She says. 

“You can’t catch this. Don’t worry.” I giggle. 

I walk back over and sit in Jack’s lap. 

We hadn’t really talked about when we were going to tell them, but since everyone was here it seemed like the perfect time. 

“Should we tell them?” I whisper in Jack’s ear. He nods his head. 

“Yo, guys, (Y/N) and I have something to tell you.” Jack says, trying to capture everyones attention. 

“So, uhm, I’m pregnant.” I say, getting straight to the point. 

You can’t keep these guys attention long. 

“Are you serious?” Nash says. 

“I’m the god mother.” I hear Mahogany say. 

“Yeah, we don’t want many people to know, but you all are family.” Jack says. 

A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No one really knows what to say, but no one is really mad about it. 

I start to feel sick to my stomach again. 

“Jack, I’m starting to feel sick again.” I mumble. 

Jack stands up and picks me up in his arms, bridal style. 

“She doesn’t feel good and is tired. We’re staying in for then night. Bye guys.” Jack says on our way out. 

“Babe, you don’t have to stay with me. Go have fun.” I say.

“I need to make sure you’re taken care of and okay.” Jack says, kissing my forehead. 

Jack opens the door to our hotel room and lays me down on the bed. I crawl under the covers. Jack slips his shirt off and climbs under the covers and pulls me into his chest. 

“I love you Gilinsky.”

“I love you too (Y/L/N).”