too tired dont care


this isnt a new anime or anything but,, please watch daiya

a gift for valentine’s day!

(they’re going on a fancy date)

(woah a wild traditional art appears! somehow i managed to wrangle up the spoons to draw this but the scan was absolutely horrid quality so i’m gonna reupload a better [colored] version soon. for now, enjoy this dodgy lineart)

me @ my brain: stop being so fucking manipulative all the time

my brain: lol u wild, wyd tho

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I love how occasionally when you're in the middle of discourse/ranting/whatever and you get attacked ppl will be like "omg I have to go protect animentality, send positivity and stuff" but like half the time just kinda go "thanks but I'm good it takes more than that to fuck with me" and idc if it's an act bc you're so good at it and it's beautiful and I laugh every time someone tries to protect you


It’s very sweet of them, and I of course appreciate all the support I get. I really do, it’s the only reason I keep coming back to this bullshit site.

But I’ve also gotten used to fighting alone.

And as much as I love support, I can stand on my own too.

you know what tumblr fandoms should consider more?


there needs to be more lesbians 


So-chan showing how Fuma is drinking from Mari’s bottle and doing an indirect kiss. 

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is it a delusion that i know for a fact that this world is a simulation, but i like just dont care? im too tired to care about all the signs the outside sends me. basically is it still a delusion if its like that? my delusions and paranoia have been going down for a long time. but my neg symptoms have gotten worse over time

It’s possible it’s still a delusion. Was it stronger/more distressing before? 

-Mod Harley



i have the same thing where i had really strong delusions and over time i just started to care less and less about it because like, so what if it’s a simulation? i can still live my life here.

i used to be your one and lonely. but now im just lonely

oh calamity-all time low//miserable at best-mayday parade//twin size mattress-the front bottoms//tiger teeth-walk the moon//i dont love you-my chemical romance//eyelids-PVRIS//youve go to hide your love away-the beatles//need you now- lady antebellum//i miss you-blink 182//photograph-ed sheeran//the boy who blocked his own shot-brand new//stay-mayday parade//everything we had-the academy is…//northern downpour-panic! at the disco

its funny how your smile used to be the sun and how i thought the stars were in your eyes. i used to pull you into the waves with me but now im left in the middle of the sea and i think im drowning in memories. we swore to never let each other go, but you left and i am here clinging on to anything i can save.

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