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Behind Closed Doors (Steve x reader)

Happy Smut Saturday! Oh my god, I’m going to keep this thing going. Of course, I will post smut on any given day, but I will save the smuttiest of smut for Saturday nights. I hope you enjoy this very kinky and very smutty oneshot. I thought I’d give Steve some love, since he’s been lacking attention on my feed lately. God bless all your souls after this, you might need some holy water. xoxo


Description: Everyone thinks Steve is this sweet and gentlemanly guy that goes by his morals and honor. That is true. But, obviously, they aren’t intimate with him like you are. As his girlfriend, you can confidently say that he is no gentleman in the bedroom. 

Warnings: SMUT. DADDY KINK. ROPE BUNNY. (or would it be belt bunny?) ANYWAYS IT’S LITERALLY ALL SMUT. Oh, and cursing, along with unprotected sex (be careful out there)

“You got lucky, F/N. Steve’s a true gentleman. You honestly can’t find guys like that anymore. They’re all dick bags.” Natasha rolled her eyes. 

“Maybe it’s because he’s been preserved for seventy years?” You chuckled, shaking you head slightly. 

“That’s true. I wish there were more guys like him to pull out of the ice, so I can have one of my own.” You burst out laughing at what she said, and both of you were about to be rolling on the floor, dying of laughter. Your stomach was beginning to ache, when Steve walked in. 

“Speak of the devil.” Natasha was holding back a laugh, trying to catch her breath. You got up and met him at the door and pressed your hands against his chest, placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

“What’s all the commotion about?” He was leaning against the threshold of the door, a smirk on his face. 

“It’s nothing you need to worry about, babe.” You almost started giggling, but forced it down. “Natasha, we should get going. I’ll see you later.” 

“Alright, you lovebirds. I’ll see you guys later.” She was smirking. You just shook your head at her and waved goodbye, intertwining your hand with Steve’s. It wasn’t a long walk back to your room, it was literally down the hall from her’s. You and Steve shared a room, Tony finally allowing it after two years of dating. 

He opened the door for you, letting you walk in before him. He really was a gentleman, at least in public. But, when that bedroom door closed, he was anything but that. You plopped yourself on the bed, exhausted from the day.

“So, what were you guys talking about?” Steve’s curiosity was peeking through his usually strong, and “know all” demeanor. 

“Natasha was just talking about how I was lucky to have such gentleman for a boyfriend.” You were staring up at the ceiling, laying on your back. You got up on your elbows so you were looking at him. “But, I think we both know that’s not true.” You winked at him, earning a lust filled smirk in return. 

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Consider: Mrs. Hudson hiring John the handyman to fix up the flat after one of Sherlock's boredom fits, and Sherlock sees this gorgeous man with a stunning personality wrapped up in jeans and a too-tight t-shirt, and when he goes to pay, John just gives him a winning smile and a wink and is like "For you, no charge," and Sherlock is instantly smitten. He keeps finding (or making) broken things about that flat so that John has to keep coming back to fix them.

sherlock like [tearing the coffee table into pieces with his bare hands] oh No it broke 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

New Man



summary: it’s been a year, and dan and phil haven’t spoken since the night the door had slammed and their relationship was placed on its deathbed. dan knows phil isn’t happy. dan knows andrew isn’t phil’s type. he knows there are fewer things phil would rather do less than spend his free time in the gym, eat kale, and drive cars that probably cost more than his house. dan isn’t happy either, but there’s little he can do other than watch phil’s new life blossom from behind the glass of a phone screen.

(aka basically a fic based on ed sheeran’s absolute Banger of a song new man I highly recommend)

word count: 7k

warnings: alcohol, brief mention of smoking


“What are you doing tomorrow night?”

He freezes, his heart thudding.


“Are you around at all?” Phil prompts, and the lack of hesitation in his voice is almost disconcerting.

Dan skips a beat. He knows this is only the vodka talking, only the alcohol unzipping Phil’s reserved exterior and giving way to a pushy, over-enthusiastic and giggly side to his character, but there’s a part of him, albeit a very small part buried deep down, that desperately wants to say yes.

“Um-“ Dan gulps, his chest thumping. “Are you sure about that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” he sighs. “Let’s face it. We haven’t spoken in months, about anything, and you just pop up and phone me completely out of nowhere,” he gulps, before adding in a lower voice, “and it’s not like we ended on brilliant terms, either.”

“Which is why I’m saying we should meet up now,” Phil urges. “We both miss each other, don’t we?”

He’s twenty weeks deep, and apparently they went to Paris last summer.

His thumb slides idly along the glass, scrolling through filtered picture after filtered picture. The Eiffel Tower. The Louvre. A familiar face beside the River Seine, the city lights stretching into amber ribbons on the water’s surface. Some expensive-looking car parked on the side of the road, white shine and blacked-out windows. White wine on the balcony, the sunset a pastel cascade over the city. It looks as if they had a good time.

He lurks with great care, monitoring the movement of every muscle in his thumb in hopes of avoiding the dreaded double tap. Accidentally liking your ex’s new boyfriend’s pictures in itself is certainly one thing, but ones dating way back over five months ago is another.

It’s harder to look at Phil’s Instagram that far back. When there’s a red heart below the picture instead of a transparent one, it takes him a while to figure out whether or not he’d already liked the picture or if he’d slipped up.

He scrolls more. Cars, cars, four tattooed guys at some exotic-looking bar wearing matching grins, a beach, more fucking cars, gym selfie, gym selfie, and-

What the fuck?

He frowns at his phone screen, peering into the glass with narrowed eyes like he’s seeing properly for the first time.

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Krasivaya-Chapter 1

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years, you are deeply, completely in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister, what happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression?, Anxiety.

You wish he would see you, just once, but you were firmly in the friendzone. It was frustrating, and painful to know that you would never be more than just his friend. You were one of the guys. It didn’t matter how feminine you dressed, or how much makeup you wore, he would never see you.

“Mornin’, Krasivaya,” Bucky murmurs, slinging an arm around you as he escorts you to the kitchen for breakfast. “How’d ya sleep?” he inquires, the smile he graces you with melting your insides to a puddle of goo.

“Good, B. You?” you reply.

He smiles wickedly. “Didn’t get much sleep to be honest.”

You glance at him worriedly. “Nightmares? Why didnt F.R.I.D.A.Y wake me?”

He laughs in earnest. “Nah, baby girl, you’ll see.”

Furrowing your brows, confused at his upbeat demeanour, you enter the kitchen. The entire Avengers team is deep in the throws of breakfast. It’s loud and obnoxious, incoherent yelling and bickering morphing into a jovial atmosphere that has you smiling. You spot a flicker of blonde next to Steve, and Bucky disengages from you, beelining straight to the unfamiliar face.

Confused, you follow only to freeze in place when Bucky wraps his arms around the blonde, nuzzling into her neck, murmuring sweet nothings that leaves an acidic taste in your mouth.

What fresh hell?

“Melissa, this is (Y/N). She’s like my sister. (Y/N), this is my best girl Melissa.” He smiles at you, big and wide, and so happy.

Pain blooms in your chest and you suddenly can’t breathe. Hands curling into fists at your sides, you chance a glance at Steve. His smile is jovial, but his eyes show the truth. He’s well aware how much this is hurting you, but he plays his part as Bucky’s best friend.. Eyes flickering to Nat, she dips her head in silent support. She’s always thought Bucky an idiot for not seeing what was right in front of him.

Bracing yourself, you plaster on a fake smile. “Melissa, it’s wonderful to meet you,” you greet, some how managing to make it actually sound like the truth, even as you bleed from the hole in your heart.

She eyes you warily, before plastering an equally fake. “(Y/N), I’ve heard so much about you! I finally get to put a face to the name.”

She beams while you try and swallow the bile rising in your throat. You falter, your mind coming up blank. You can’t form words, can’t think past Bucky looking so hopelessly in love with this golden goddess.

Steve, thankfully comes to your rescue.

“You ready for training, doll?”

Bucky frowns. “She hasn’t even eaten yet, punk. Can’t you give her a five minutes?”

Your heart breaks a little more at the concern he directs toward you.

“Nah, Bucky. It’s fine. I’m not all that hungry, and Stevie and I have plans. Don’t need to throw up on him when he lands a punch to the middle.” You pat your belly. Training with Steve it wasn’t a matter of if he caught you, but when making the excuse for your lack of appetite one that had heads nodding all around the table. All except the most important one.

Bucky’s frown deepens. “We were supposed to hang out…” he trails off, the confused puppy eyes making you bite your lip to keep from caving. Then she speaks, making you hate her more.

“Leave them alone, babe.” Melissa eyes him coldly. Bucky relents, confused by the direction his impromptu introduction to his girlfriend has taken.

“I wanna join, Sestra,” Nat remarks. “With a little more practice, we can keep you from getting hit in the belly.”

You nod, sending her a grateful smile for playing along, and gather what remains of your wits. Steve rises from his chair, grabbing you by the waist, and tucks you beneath his shoulder, trying his best to lend comfort.

“We’ll meet ya in the gym, Nat. (Y/N) an I have things to discuss first,” Steve says, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

Bucky’s expression momentarily flickers at the sudden affection Steve is showering you with. His eyes harden with warning, a soft growl leaving his chest that he tries to cover with a cough.

Ignoring him completely, you let yourself be steered toward your bedroom, numb to the going ons around you. This couldn’t be happening. You knew you weren’t Bucky’s type. You were by no means as beautiful as Melissa. You didn’t have long legs and boobs for days.

You were plain. A little quirky. You had an unhealthy addiction to cupcakes, meaning your hips had a little extra on them. You were soft in a few places where, sure you kind of wished you weren’t, but it had never really bothered you before.

But seeing Melissa on Bucky’s arm, they fit. Two beautiful people. They belonged together. Still, couldn’t someone have warned you? Instead you’d been blindsided, hurting you that much more.

A soft sob escapes your throat, and Steve picks up his pace, throwing open the door to your bedroom and ushering you inside. He slams the door shut and pulls you into his chest, stroking your hair as you breakdown. The anguish of being overlooked, again, comes out in waves. You’re shaking, clutching at Steve’s shirt, while he makes shushing noises.

“Why am I never good enough, Stevie? Why can’t he see me?” you ask, your tears wetting his too tight t-shirt.

Steve doesn’t answer, he doesn’t know what to say. How to explain that you were the best kind of person, and there was no one better. He settles instead on trying his best to calm you down. Every bitter sob that escapes you drives a nail deeper into his heart. Tracing soothing circles onto your arms as you slowly come down from your hysteria, he asks, “Wanna skip training? Have a movie day with Nat and I?”

You hiccup, and shake your head yes.

He smiles brightly, grabbing his phone from his pocket, sending a quick text to Natasha. He leads you toward the bed, burritoing you gently into the blanket. Hooking up the laptop to the T.V, something you taught him because, let’s face it, Steve was electronically impuissant. He flicks to True Blood, your favorite show, and settles himself next to you. Picking up your cosily burritoed form and depositing you on his chest, his comforting presence briefly chases away the ache in your heart.

A tentative knock on the door and a “Sestra” reveals Nat, laden with all sorts of junk food. Wicked smile on her face, she bounds over to you, and Steve, throwing a packet of Oreos at you. “Let the pig out begin!” she yells dramatically, making you giggle. Grabbing  your hand, she squeezes briefly, Steve strokes your hair.

For the briefest moment you almost believe that everything will be okay.

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Write me Lovely part 5

Toothbrush. Leather jacket. $42.63 and a pocket knife.

Jughead held the plastic shopping bag filled with his life’s belongings loosely in fingers, shrugging the heavy leather jacket over his too tight black t shirt he wiggles uncomfortably. He’d gained a fair amount of muscle this time around and the clothes he had worn when he entered Prison were snug against his body.

The warden held out a pen and a clipboard, his release papers. He was out. This sentence had been especially brutal and Jughead felt the familiar sense of relief wash over his body, accompanying it however was a new emotion, nervous. What now? He didn’t want to go back, that lifestyle was done for him, he couldn’t sell drugs and follow gangs anymore, but what else could he do? Where else could he go? The Serpents were steady, they never moved, he always had a place to go, a job to do.

“You’re free to go Jones. Don’t wanna see you back in here.” The burly man with the stern expression stared at him.

A boyish grin crossed Jugheads face.
“No promises Craig.”

With a wave of his hand the warden walked away, a hint of a smile on his face.

The dark haired Serpent took a heavy breath, steadying himself on his feet, he headed towards the door. Towards the outside world.

“Yo! Jughead! Hold up!” Joaquin’s voice echoed through the prison walls.

Jughead turned quickly, nearly slamming into the long haired Latino.
“Where’s the fire? You gonna miss me that much?” He smirked cockily.

Joaquin shook his head and rolled his eyes, nearly panting he had run so fast
“Just thought you might need this, just showed up today. Figured you could use a little inspiration.” Jugheads friend had the most knowing eyes, he was wise beyond his years, with one final slap on the shoulder Joaquin began walking away

“See you in three months amigo!” He grinned, dissapearing behind the office doors.

Jughead flipped the envelope Joaquin had given him over in his hands, his chest tightening at the familiar scrawl. Quickly shoving the paper onto his jean pockets he moved outside and inhaled deeply. Fresh air was hard to come by in New York but he would take what he could get.

Finally he saw it. His bike. Shiny chrome and handlebars parked front and center in the parking lot practically calling his name. Reggie had come through again. Jughead nearly tripped over his feet, mounting his bike and instantly relaxing into his seat. Well alright, things weren’t so bad.

Jughead looked around the empty parking lot and dug the rumpled letter out of his pockets, it had been two weeks since he had heard from Betty, he knew things were going well with Hot dog and that the bakery was doing a little too well for her liking but he needed more. He wanted to hear how every aspect of her day was not just a pages worth, and two weeks was far too long for his greedy heart.

Dear Jughead,
I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to send you this letter! I’ve been swamped! I love my bakery and I love my job but.. I need a break! We’ve gotten so many out of town hipsters who think it’s “so in right now.” To take pictures of baked goods and post them on their Instachats and snapgrams, it’s ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong I love the business but sometimes I wish I could just shut my doors and only serve my town! Anyway, enough of my complaining, by the time you get this you could be free, I can’t wait until you get to breathe the fresh air and have pizza! By the way you definitely should have named Hot Dog pizza because this little pup is obsessed with pizza! Don’t worry I don’t feed him too much just a crust or two (or three) I think he’s very happy here! I’ve sent a picture, im thinking of making it my Christmas card! Your friend Reggie came back last week, I found him sitting on the steps of the bakery at six in the morning apparently he had a vraving for a croissant, he met Veronica. That boy blushed redder than a sun dried tomato and I think Ronnie almost fainted. I wish you could have seen it. I find myself wishing you could see a lot of things, I know it’s silly because we’ve never met but I feel like I can tell you anything, I hope you don’t think I’m some naive, foolish girl who puts too much into people. Perhaps I am though, none the less I can’t wait to meet you Jughead Jones. When you do get out please send me a new address! I promise I won’t be as annoying as I already am!
Hope to hear from you soon!
stay safe and be loved
-Betty Cooper

Jughead squeezed the letter in his hand, digging in the envelope and pulling out a shiny printed picture. In the middle of a bakery stood the most beautiful blonde woman jughead had ever seen. Silky golden hair falling past her shoulders, tan skin going perfectly with emerald green eyes and heart shaped lips. She had her thin arms wrapped around Hot dog, the white sheep dog grinning goofily at the camera his tongue flopping out of his mouth. Betty wore a yellow sundress and the most beautiful smile he had ever seen, her long toned legs bent as she rested her chin on the pups head.

He was going home, and home was Betty Cooper.

You’re Safe Now (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Description: Draco x reader. On the train home for the summer. Draco finds is  girlfriend curled up and in a compartment all on her own. When she  tells Draco that’s her father hits her, what will he especially when her  father sees them kiss at the station              

Draco x reader. They are dating. The reader is being abused by her stepfather. He spots her shopping in hogsmead with him. He spots something wrong with the way she’s acting. The she spots Draco and bolts into his arms.

Warnings:  Abuse, sensitive topic, slight cussing (please add to this if it’s necessary, I don’t want to hurt anyone so give me the heads up if I’m missing anything)

(Author’s Note: I merged these two together so I hope you don’t mind. This can be a sensitive topic to some so please don’t read it if it will hurt you in anyway.)

There it is again, that anxious feeling that makes my stomach twist  inside as worry clogs my mind, leaving little space for much else.

I’m lying across the train compartment seat, curled up slightly as anxiety claws away at my insides.

“(Y/N)?” Draco asks, his voice full of concern as he steps into the compartment.

He takes a seat, laying my head on his lap making my heartbeat calm at a pleasantness of a familiar feeling.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” He asks, taking curls of my hair and wrapping it a around his fingers loosely.

“Just a little bit travel sick,”I lie.

“Are you sure?”He asks with a look of disbelief but I nod.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine soon,”

“Um okay…”he says, unconvinced.

I don’t remember falling asleep but when I wake up the train is coming to a slow stop and Draco is shaking me gently.

“(Y/N), we’re here,”He whispers and I slowly sit up right.

Out  the compartment window I can see all the parents smiling and waving as  the train finally comes to completely halt and I hear the doors open.

I  spot him instantly outside. His eyes look ahead with no interest in   them and his chin is stubbly. He’s wearing his usual too tight t-shirt   and jeans as he stand with my mother.

The fear that I had forgotten during my sleep now comes back at the sight of him.

“You  don’t look to good, are you sure you’re okay?”Draco asks, putting a   reassuring hand on my back but not even this can calm me down now that   that horrid man is here.

“Yeah, just a little dizzy.” I assure him “I’m going to say bye now because I have to go quickly,”

Draco looks at me confused but leans down and places a soft kiss on my lips.

“Okay Princess, I’ll write to you,”he says and for some reason I can feel tears brimming my eyes.

“Love you,”I say, hopping out of the compartment and grabbing my bags but I hear his reply from behind me.

“I love you too, don’t forget it,”

I  smile a little before leaving the train. Leaving my connection to all the things I love and stepping into  the arms of my worst nightmare.

“(Y/N)!” My Mum  cries as I drag my luggage and owl towards them. My mother’s smile  makes me forget my fear for a moment as I fall into her embrace.

“Hello,”I say with a smile as she pulls away.

“Oh I’ve missed you!” She squeals making me laugh.

“I’ve missed you to Mum,”

“Move it kid, we haven’t  got all day,” David, my stepfather, grunts, beginning to walk away from us.

My  stomach twists again at the sound of his voice and my mother sends me a  look of ‘sorry’ and I shake my head telling her it’s fine.

The ride home is silent. There is no questions of how my school year has been and I don’t as anything about their time when I was away either.

A few days into the holiday, my mother leaves to go back to work, leaving me with that man.

I  tiptoe down the stairs, cautious of the sleeping dragon who guards the  couch, or rather David who has fallen asleep while reading his paper in  the living room.

I sneak through the living  room without making him stir and arrive in the kitchen without making a   noise until I lean up to the cupboard and a glass comes hurtling to the work top.

Smashed glass glittering the counter and I can hear the  monster wake with a grunt.

“What was that?”he barks making me cringe back as he thuds into the kitchen.

“Sorry, I dropped a glass.”I explain as a panic fills thoughts as he steps closer to me with a angry glare.

“They cost money!”he spits “How are you supposed to pay for that?”

“I’ll pay for it!”I assure but he clenches his fists.

“Not  good enough! All you do when you get back is break things you stupid   little bitch,”He spits and I quiver back but his fist collides with my   jaw and I tumble over from the force.

I can tell that I’ll have a bruise.

“I  don’t know why your Mother bothers picking you up from the loony   school!” He roars, slamming his foot into my side making me yelp.

Sorry…”I whimper and he grunts before turning away again and stomping to the living room.

When  I hear heavy snores coming from the couch I drag my self upstairs and  collapse onto my bed. Sinking into myself in a mixture of wretched  sadness and total embarrassment.

Over the school year I have forget just how short tempered David is.

All  this pain over a glass makes me feel embarrassed for the tears that   threaten to fall. I’m a witch that can cast spells and make potions but a  simple shattered glass has made me misrable.

                                                                                                                                                                                  I suppose It’s the  shock of reality again, the shock of remembering what always happens  during the summer break, the shock of realisation that it didn’t  disappear by magic during my absence from his presence.

As my heart rate quickens again from panic rising in my chest, I let  my mind wander to the thing I love the most to clam me down.

I think of Draco.

I  think of his perfect blonde hair that turns wavy when wet and how it   compliments his grey eyes. I think of the way our kisses linger when we say goodnight, not wanting to let go.

I think of how horribly I miss him  right now as I lay in bed, forcing back my tears.

A  few days later the bruise that coated my jaw fades but is quickly   replaced by a new one after my owl flew into the kitchen and spilled his  coffee. I had jumped  in front of the poor bird before he tried to grab  it.

Two weeks pass and I have a growing collection of dark purple bruises along my arms and side. All for my silly mistakes.

My desire to see Draco grows with each new mark on my body.

As  far as my mother is aware David is just grumpy, she seems not to notice  what is happening everyday when she leaves for work and inside it hurts  me to think she doesn’t care but I know she just doesn’t know, which  hurts more a little.

“Come on Freak, you Mum   says we need to go to your freak village to get you books or some crap, ”  David announces as I enter the room.  

What’s mum thinking?

Why is he even agreeing to go?

I  don’t ask him, I’m to afraid of the consequences. Instead I clamber   upstairs and grab my money and a jacket before I rush down stairs to   join David who looks ahead with little interest.

When  we arrive at Hogsmeade David doesn’t stop talking about how many “freaks”  are here and I begin to realise just how long a day this will be with  him following me around.

David doesn’t shut up, making rude comments in everything as we pass through shops.

“Your  mum is right, you fit right in here, with the rest of the mutants,”he comments and I can feel anger boiling in me and I can tell I will snap if I have to listen to another stupid remark.

As we leave the book store I feel anger bubbling in the pit of my stomach as David scoffs at my books.

“Must you comment on everything you see?”I snap and he turn on me with a mixture and anger and amusement.

“What are  you going to do? Turn me into a frog?”

“I’ll sure as hell try,”I growl, a surge of confidence rushes through my veins.

“Watch  your tongue Freak, I can make your life hell,” he spits and I can feel  he’s not bluffing and I begin to come down from my sudden confidence   high and shrink away from him as he moves closer to me with a deathly   glare.

“I-I-I um…”I stutter, suddenly  realising what my outburst will mean when I arrive home and I start  panic again, the same tears brimming my eyes.

“Don’t  cry you foolish girl!”he hisses, bringing his hand down towards my  cheek but before it touches my skin I see a flash of blonde.

“Draco?”I shout, ducking out of Davids way and running eagerly towards Draco.

“(Y/N)?”he asks as I latch onto him.

He pulls back and looks in my eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Suddenly  I can’t hold it back anymore and the tears I’ve held in for so long,   that have been constantly threatening to fall since my return from   Hogwarts come pouring out my eyes and cascade down my blushing cheeks.

“My st-tepdad,”I explain through sobs, ignoring the strange looks I’m getting from people passing by.

“Listen, Princess I need you to calm down, what did he do?”he says gently but then his fingers trace over my bruised jaw.

"Sorry…”I sniff, embarrassment taking a hold of me.

“You  don’t need to apologise, I can figure the rest out now.”He says pushing  me behind him and storming towards a confused David, fists clenched as  he goes.

Then there is a smack when his fist collides with Davids face and I go running towards him.

“Stop Draco! He’s not worth it!”I shout as I pull Draco back.

“Yeah but he deserves it!”He says lunging forward again but I push him back with all my strength.

"No leave it,”I warn and he stops, his breathing slowly going back to normal.

“Some knight in shinning armor he is,”David comments.

This  time I swing at him with all my might and ignore the wincing pain that  hits my fist as it smacks across David’s face and I turn around again,  falling straight into Draco’s arms who wraps his arm around me   protectively.

“Never speak or touch to her again,”Draco spits, putting an arm round my shoulder and leading me away from a red faced David and confused crowd of people.

Later I’m curled up on Draco’s bed in the manor as Draco goes to find me an old t-shirt.

“(Y/N), you should have told me,”Draco says as he flings me one of his t-shirts.

“I know, it’s just… hard,”I explain as I pull his shirt on, it acts as I nightie on me.

“I  could’ve helped,”he says, sitting next to me and letting me lie my head on his chest, listening to his steady heart beat. “You shouldn’t have  had to go through that,”

“I don’t know why mum married him,”

“I’m sure she has her reasons,”

"I’m scared and weak,”I mutter and he rests his chin on my head.

“You aren’t weak,”he says softly “You are so strong and brave,”

“I’m not,”I mumble and he sighs. Putting and hand under my chin, he turns me slowly to face him.

“To  keep that to yourself shows strength, even if slightly stupid. He must  have hurt you so much and you never once complained until today when. But I wish you had told someone, anyone that could have  helped because to know you were suffering all this time hurts me.”

“I’m sorry,”I say and he shakes his head before his lips touch mine gently.

“Don’t apologise, you’re safe now,”

“I love you,”

“I love you too, Princess,”

It’s silent for a moment after that until I hear Draco laughing.

“What?”I ask, confused by this a bit.

“That was some punch,”he laughs and I giggle.

“It felt amazing,”

He laugh before kissing me on the forehead.

“Good night, (Y/N).”

“Good night, Draco,”

We soon drift into a pleasant sleep and for the first time since leaving Hogwarts I feel at home again.

( Author’s Note: Sorry this one isn’t too good, It was rushed a little)

Healthy Habits

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Summary: Sam x Reader: Sam tries to convince the reader to leave her bed and join him on his morning run. 

Word Count: 1148

Triggers: None really (maybe some implied smut to follow?)

Y/N = Your name Y/H/C = Your hair colour Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Note: This is a shorter drabble based on an image imagine from @spnfeelstrain​“Imagine Sam trying to convince you to go jogging”.

“Come on (Y/N), it’s not that bad once you get started,” Sam Winchester, your greek God of a boyfriend, was smiling over at where you were still lazily lounging on the bed. Already dressed in his usual work out clothes he’d once more tried his luck at getting you to join him on his usual morning jog. Which, honestly, if he really knew you, he shouldn’t even be attempting to do. You were clearly a lost cause.

“And willingly give up my warm bed? Are you insane?” You groaned at you stretched on the bed you shared with the hunter, eyes barely open as you looked over at the big guy. You loved him, but hell… With how chipper he was in the mornings before even having a cup of coffee you did sometimes fear he was actually deranged. Your mornings usually consisted of a hostage style negotiation with your own mind to get out of bed after stretching and snoozing for an extra thirty minutes and then a metric fuck-ton of coffee to restart your brain from sleep mode. Not smiles, rainbows, and unicorn farts, and definitely not running.

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Okay okay okay, first off: I REALLY LOVE YOUR WRITING YOU'RE LIKE MY NEW FOUND SENPAI WHEN IT COMES TO VIKTUURI FICS AAAAAAAAAH <3 Second: I don't know if anyone said it but Broadway AU?? I haven't found even one of that and i'm kinda sad


Yuuri Katsuki manages the lights.

And he does so in a too-tight black t-shirt, in too-tight black jeans, and in too-tight clothing in general. Victor realizes, yes, that it makes sense for the stage and sound crew to wear black clothing, but he doesn’t see why said clothing must show off every curve of Yuuri Katsuki’s body.

It feels like the universe is either trying to tempt him or torture him.

He also doesn’t see how it’s fair that Yuuri can see him underneath the spotlight, but he can’t see Yuuri up there controlling it. But he knows Yuuri is watching, so whenever they’re testing lightning or sound he’ll give him an award-winning smile (quite literally) and a friendly wave.

(The first time he does that, the spotlight turns off for a second, and there’s flustered apologies coming from the black-haired man as he speaks to the director, Yakov. Victor only smiles harder.)

Victor will find any excuse to make his way back there during breaks. Yakov dislikes him ‘flirting with the stage crew’–a phrase that only seems to make Yuuri’s cheeks turn more adorably red–since it ‘distracts everyone from the tasks at hand.’

Victor somehow finds himself back there anyway.

He also somehow finds himself asking Yuuri Katsuki out, and he also somehow hear Yuuri Katsuki saying yes, which is a miracle and a blessing and the best moment of his life all wrapped into one.

“Playtime” (Hoshi Fluff/Smut)

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Title: Playtime

Featuring: Hoshi (Seventeen) x Reader

POV: Third person

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Hoshi just won’t let you rest, but you don’t really mind.

Requested by @heon94 ! Hope you enjoy :)

It had been a long morning without much sleep the night before, and her bed was calling to her for an afternoon cat-nap. When she found a moment, she slipped under the covers and turned on her side, sighing deeply into the soft down comforter that hugged her in warmth. Her eyes closed and she let herself relax into impending sleep.

Just then, the door creaked, and a second later, a body plopped down on the bed behind her.

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Code Name: Winghead

Universe: MCU

Rating: G

Note: welcome to whose fic is it anyway where the timeline’s made up and the canon doesn’t matter (or: the au where no one’s a superhero and everyone’s around the same age)

for the @capim-tinybang​ // inspired by @robintcj’s wonderful art

Tony wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Pepper’s incessant nagging — which could be said about most events he had to attend, really: press conferences, charity galas, board meetings. But never in a million years did Tony think he’d be talked into going to his high school reunion.

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Quicktaser - 9

for @littleplebe

9.  Roleplay (Pietro is a plumber and Darcy needs…idk.  Something)  

This is due to a little discussion we had in group chat.  I regret NOTHING.  

Also, this is super long.  And I didn’t even get to the smut yet.  So mark this down as to be continued.  

Darcy was absolutely expecting Pietro to come over, she just wasn’t expecting what she saw when she opened the door.  

Her cocky, self-assured, hotter-than-should-be-allowed boyfriend in a pair of tight jeans, a white t-shirt and an honest to god tool belt.  

He ran his hand through his hair, he wore it kind of long these days, but it was down in his face, rather than pulled back in a low ponytail like usual.  “You said you needed something fixed, ma’am?”  He arched an eyebrow and winked.  

Darcy’s eyes went wide.  Oh holy fuck, he was doing it.  The thing.  THE THING.  The thing she’d told him a few nights before in a bout of post-coital bliss.  The thing that she didn’t think he took seriously.  The handyman fantasy thing!  

“Uhh…” she mumbled, too drunk on the sight of Pietro in a too-tight t-shirt to think clearly.  

Luckily, he had everything taken care of.  “Something about a…” he trailed off as he walked inside. “Something in your bedroom?”  

“The fan,” she blurted.  “It’s…it’s on the ceiling.”  

He grinned and gestured for her to lead the way.  

She was watching him flip the switch and tug on the chain soon after.  “Seems fine to me…”

Oh holy fuck, he was amazing.  

“Well, I mean…it’s probably just being good ‘cause you’re here.”  

“Maybe I should wait around, then…do you have anything else you’d like me to check out?” he asked, his voice dropping to a low murmur for the last part.  

She was pretty sure her panties hit the floor sometime around then.  

To be continued….

Take a Vacation (Part 1)

Steve x Reader

Word Count: ~2200

Warnings: None that I can think of at this part. Boner mention? Yeah… Next part is NSFW.

A/N: For my darling @theoneandonlysaucymo since she was having a bad day. I hope this makes up for it!!!! Sorry it took me so long, its been a long week with only one day off from work. I had to break this into two parts, but they’ll be back to back so don’t you worry!! <3

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  To say you were surprised when Steve called you to the conference room was an understatement. You took a moment to prepare yourself for another mission, straightening out your shoulders after rolling them slightly. You couldn’t let him know how tired you were, that wasn’t going to happen.

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kavesinisukka said:
Prompt time: I’ve been wanting Derek to come back to BH with that ridiculous 70s pornstache Hoechlin has in his new movie. And Stiles just being unable to get over it.

Okay, this is just ridiculous, I hope you enjoy it :)

“I don’t understand,” Stiles says, sitting on top of the picnic table in his backyard.  He frames out Derek’s face with his hands, squints his eyes a little, like maybe he’s imagining it. Nope, still happening. “Do you think he lost a bet with Cora?” His hair is feathering, he looks like he should be wearing tube socks and a brown leather jacket. He’s a pair of BluBlockers away from being a 70s porn star, it’s ridiculous.

“He seems more relaxed,” Scott offers with a shrug.  He’s tapping his fingers on his knees and staring at the burgers his dad’s grilling and probably only paying sixty percent attention to what Stiles is actually saying.

That Derek has shown up after nearly a year of being gone and is suddenly chewing gum. How his big shoulders hang loosely under a too-tight ringer t-shirt.  How he throws his head back when he laughs, and blushes when Stiles’s dad claps him on the shoulder, and how there’s a big hairy mustache over his upper lip and no one is mentioning it.  No one is bringing it up at all, how there’s possibly a dead animal attached to Derek’s face now; it’s big enough to be a squirrel or a small kitten or a ferret—what is happening here?

And the real tragedy of this entire situation, the thing that is hurting Stiles, deep down inside, is that whatever is going on with Derek is totally doing it for him.  Crap.

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“My jacket?” I ask disbelievingly. “I like it,” he says, a cigarette hanging between his lips.(…)“It’s a trophy,” Brendon muses, putting the jacket on with a pleased grin. To be fair, it looks good on him too, over the tight, white t-shirt he put on after the show. (…)“Enjoy the jacket.” “Of course I will. It smells like you,” he says after a beat, and my stomach drops as I try to take that in. “I’ve missed that, the smell of you on me, and reminds me of us, what we had, whatever we were. We were good together.” “We were a disaster.” “Then why do I want you to stay?” 

THROAM Vol.3: A Kingdom by the Sea


Beat biceps groing in a too tight t-shirt…. grow grow grow

Dirty Talk- Part 3

Summary: Reader and Dean have a sexy Skype date.

Word Count: 2000ish

Warning: smut, video chat sex, dirty talking 

Part 1 Part 2

“Hey, sweetheart.”

          You grinned at the teasing drawl in his voice before you even really saw him on your computer screen.

          “Hey yourself,” you answered. “Where’s Sam?”

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