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With as many kids as Bruce has adopted it’s highly possible that the media has made at least one reference to it, probably something along the lines of: “Bruce Wayne buys houses like he adopts children.”

Contrary to how his family feels (they think it’s hilarious) Bruce actually likes it. The first time he uses the phrase in reference to himself his family is Horrified (and in Damian’s case Offended). “I’ve been buying shares of Apple like I adopt kids.”

They all assumed it was a fluke, a slip of the tongue, until it happened again. Tim and Damian had been fighting and ended up ruining a set of Batarangs. Bruce sighed making a note to replace the set mumbling “I collect these like I collect kids.”

The line stopped Tim mid swing at Damian, both turning to stare slack jawed at Bruce.

“Father, I’m not sure you’re aware of what you’ve said.”

“What’s the matter with what I said?”

It gets to be a habit, and no one can figure out why he likes it. Has he become aware of his habit? Is he some how purposefully making fun of himself? Jason swears it’s to remind himself not to adopt any more children. At last they all corner him in his office, Bruce looking confused from his desk as his children march in one by one.

“Why?” is how Tim starts it.

“Why?” Bruce frowns.

“Adoption. Why do you keep making the joke?” Cassandra clarifies.

Dick adds, “You’re not embarrassed of us are you?”

If their question surprised him it doesn’t show as Bruce sits silent at his desk, watching his children for a moment. “It reminds me of how proud I am of each of you.” He let his gaze rest on each of his children, pausing a beat longer on Damian to remind his son that yes he meant him too.

After that it wasn’t rare to hear the Wayne kids making a joke about their father’s adoption skills.

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

As much as I am grateful to have finally gotten Ymir’s backstory, there’s still something that’s got me curious and I can’t let go of: her titan form. Many people have noted her resemblance to the devil figure in the myth, both seen in Frieda’s book and the one Grisha’s father had.

I can’t readily brush this off as a coincidence. There was so much focus on her speculated relation to Ymir Fritz that her resemblance to the devil here got put on the back-burner. 

There’s another peculiar matter that once received plenty of attention in the past: her resemblance to the titans of Zeke, Grisha, and Eren.

Now we know Zeke is indeed closely related to Grisha and Eren, and for the longest time I thought Ymir would also have some relation to the Jaegers, if distant. But there hasn’t been any blatant evidence pointing to that lately. She never knew what her family name was, which at least opens up that possibility. 

Now, I have an absurd idea on how both these points relate: Ymir, Grisha, Zeke, and Eren are all direct descendants of the devil – the one from the legend of Ymir Fritz.

That isn’t to say all these characters are meant to be evil or something simple like that. After all, there is no absolute good or evil in this story. It’s more about their tendency to upset the status quo and act as keys to the story. At face value, that doesn’t have a direct relation to the role of the devil, but it takes some explaining. 

I had been thinking of this particular interview with Isayama, where he referenced the epic poem Paradise Lost when discussing the role of the Colossal Titan as the God of the SnK world. Living in heaven meant perpetual happiness, but was also considered living as a slave to God. It’s clear how this notion relates to the SnK world: the people in the walls live contently in their own world, but it’s not something to be celebrated. The narrative frames that complacency in a negative light. Eren infamously referred to this style of living as being the same as cattle. They are ruled by the titans. The Colossal Titan isn’t the only godlike being – the 145th Fritz King is called that in story by Rod Reiss, along with any of the royals who held the Progenitor’s power over the years. Everyone’s freedom was restricted because the king chose not to fight and hid away in his own utopia, where he took the people’s memories…on an island called Paradis.

In the same interview, Isayama stated that those who chose to go outside the safety of the walls are the ones who have chosen freedom. They go into hell willingly rather than being confined to the king’s bastardized version of heaven. In Paradise Lost, those that chose the freedom of hell were called devils. From this perspective, being called a devil means you’re willing to fight rather than be complacent with the unjust world. They are the ones who initiate drastic change, even if it means causing chaos. 

With that in mind, being a direct descendant of the devil symbolizes that ideology. The likes of Zeke, Grisha, Eren, and Ymir all act(ed) as keys which resulted in significant changes affecting the direction of the story. That isn’t to say they are the only ones that have done so, but this is specifically about them and their relation to the devil. Whatever that devil was, anyway.

Change isn’t always great, though. The devil in the legend gave Ymir Fritz the power to turn into a titan, and everyone of the same race as her had their biology altered to be able to do the same. After her death, the ensuing chaos for nearly 2000 years using that power was hardly anything good. 

For that reason, Zeke is an interesting case. He isn’t on the side of the protagonists, so he isn’t fighting for their freedom. However, he is furious about the way of life in the walls that the king dictated. He, too, doesn’t approve of the king’s ideology to hide away from the world in a so-called utopia. There’s only disdain for those he perceives as being unimaginative and unchanging in their ways.

He’s at a crossroads of sorts, because he would be a direct descendant of both the devil and the Fritz line. The former represents chaos and change, while the latter is order and stagnation. Both of those can be for better or for worse, as seen with the king’s way of living in peace. Zeke’s got the chaotic part down, but he has no desire the help the Eldians. He’s gone with the Marleyan belief that these people must be wiped out. Even the 145th Fritz king believed his own people deserved to perish. 

I’m personally a big supporter of the idea that Zeke will eventually help out Eren to use the coordinate, and recognize that his disdain for all Eldians is flawed. He wants to end the cursed history, but his way of doing so would only perpetuate the cycle of violence and revenge that’s been happening since the death of Ymir Fritz. 

There’s also something amusing about Ymir, a descendant of the devil, falling in love with Historia, a descendant of the Fritz (I’m going back to the idea that Reiss = Fritz). Two bloodlines that symbolize completely different ideologies. The world is funny that way.

As part of the lgbt+ community episode 7 has legitimately made me cry; finally having this sort of relationship without it being fetishized, having a genuine healthy and romantic love between victor and yuuri shown and told in such a sweet story; it really is making me so emotional to have this kind of representation in an industry that is known for queer-baiting and not taking queer relationships seriously. This is such a move forward and i’m so happy and proud of yuri on ice

Growing Up with SVT|S.Coups

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// part 1/13 in the Growing Up with SVT series

// S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | THE8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino

  • okay here we go
  • you and coups were the unexpected pair when growing up
  • yet it was so right
  • your moms knew each other from pregnancy yoga or something like that
  • and they became close friends
  • so you’ve basically known each other all your lives
  • you played together as toddlers and were babysat together so your moms could hang out
  • so you’re a lot like siblings, in a way
  • you always went to the same schools
  • it was when high school came around that you thought you might grow apart 
  • ‘Cheol was very sociable and played a lot of sports
  • so he easily integrated the popular cliques
  • he started dating and joining the school teams
  • you, of course, started joining clubs and making friends on your side too
  • you two growing apart was something you actually expected as you grew older
  • but Seungcheol isn’t that kind of friend
  • he’d still talk to you a lot
  • he’d even walk you to class and carry your bag for you
  • he’d sit with you in classes you shared
  • at first people thought you might be dating
  • but it was made clear that you were just close friends
  • having Seungcheol as a friend while growing up would’ve been wonderful okay
  • you’d care about each other so much and always have each other’s back
  • he’d chase away the bullies that would get to you
  • and you’d have a serious talk with whoever could break his heart
  • bc you knew you’d be the one picking up the pieces
  • anytime something bad happened, you’d go to each other
  • i know Seungcheol is really mature and responsible
  • but he can also get upset
  • and when that happens, you’re the one he goes to
  • the first time he got rejected by a girl
  • when he almost got kicked out of the basketball team bc of his grade
  • which you helped him with, ofc
  • when another boy in is 4th grade class was being a dick to him and he couldn’t do anything about it
  • he always came to you
  • he knows you’re reliable and understanding
  • even though you don’t hang out a lot at school
  • you’re always on the back of his mind
  • the smallest things remind him of you
  • as you get older you watch him work at his dream
  • you even helped him pick a song for his audition
  • you probably went with him too
  • you were the first to know when he got accepted
  • imagine coups calling you, in tears, bc he got in and he could actually make it
  • he’d constantly be updating you on his training
  • even though you follow 17tv religiously
  • you’re so happy when you hear he’s gonna debut and he’s gonna be the leader of his groups
  • he’s so nervous but you believe in him
  • and maybe it’s enough to keep him going
  • imagine when ‘Cheol finally has a break from practice
  • which means he can visit
  • you guys go sit in a park or at one of you guys’ house
  • it doesn’t really matter where bc catching up is catching up and you guys are just so happy to see each other irl again
  • his schedule is so busy these days that you barely have time to skype, let alone see each other
  • still, neither or you are complaining bc you worked on his dream so hard, both of you, so you can only be happy that it’s finally coming true and that SVT is gaining so much popularity
  • you could tease him about his fans, though
  • “right, Daddy?”
  • ‘Cheol would just turn bright red with embarrassment bc how did this even happen
  • he knew the idol life was something else but daddy, really? lmao what’s a fourth wall
  • sigh, those kids 
  • so you’re just sitting there, anywhere, and catching up
  • mostly him catching up on what you’ve been doing since you know pretty much where he is all the time, with the fansites and fancafe, and shows and stuff
  • he listens to you very carefully, ofc
  • you never feel like anyone listens to you quite like he does. like that feeling when someone looks at you and even though you might not make sense or be clear, you know they’re listening and they understand and it’s just great
  • when you’re done telling him about your life you start remembering things from your childhood together
  • and Coups reminds you of that time in middle school when he “saved” you from bullies
  • “i faced them like a real man”
  • “you were like 10, ‘Cheol”
  • “i still scared them away”
  • “you got beaten up, and the teachers came running bc i was screaming and crying”
  • “i’m trying to tell you how epic our childhood was, y/n, please help me here”
  • as you think about that time you can’t help but smile widely and shake your head
  • these boys had been bullying you for not letting them take something of yours ; you barely remembered what it was now
  • it was a stupid fight and you’d tried to stand your ground on your own
  • but there were three of them, and they were very insistent
  • that was when Coups had shown up
  • in all his glorious 137cm and two missing teeth
  • he’d tried to menace the bullies
  • he’d confronted and insulted them for trying to mess with you
  • so the bullies had ganged up on him and beat him up
  • you’d screamed, which had drawn attention to your corner of the schoolyard
  • the teachers were quick to intervene and the bullies had gotten in trouble after that
  • as you and Seungcheol walked back home that day, you thanked him but you also called him an idiot
  • he’d voluntarily put himself in danger/trouble for you, and that was very stupid of him
  • as you told him this, all kinds of upset at seeing his bruised face
  • he just smiled at you, brightly than ever
  • “you know i always got your back, y/n. always.”

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Okay, but imagine if...

Cedric Diggory hadn’t died.

Imagine, just for a moment, that when they take the portkey, instead of an Avada Kedavra, it’s a Stupefy that hits him. Or that the AK misses him by an inch, hits a grave instead, knocks him out for a second.

Imagine that everybody forgets about the Hufflepuff boy out cold on the floor, because they are so intent on resurrecting Voldemort. Peter forgets as he ties Harry to that statue. Voldemort forgets as he is dumped into a cauldron full of flesh and bone and blood. And every death eater that comes sooner or later, well, no one tells them about the boy either - there are more pressing concerns.

However, Harry doesn’t forget. Because Harry has been in that sort of situation since he was eleven. He’s used to looking out for others, by now. Hermione and the Troll, Ron on the chess game, Ginny in the Chamber, Sirius and Hagrid and even Buckbeak- Harry always looks out for everyone, and never forgets about anyone, even if they are not really his friends.

So while he stares in horror, while he’s powerless and sees his greatest foe come back to life, a tiny part of his mind is screaming at him to check on Cedric, to get them out of here. Both. Alive.

Now let’s say that the ceremony, and the Death Eater meeting after the resurrection takes time. Lots of it. Let’s say that Voldemort, being the drama queen he obviously is, takes his time, and enjoys every single second of attention he gets from his followers and that Potter brat.

Let’s say he takes enough time for Cedric to come back to consciousness.

He awakes, lying in the grass and dirt, surrounded by bits of stone, his head aching and confused. The cup is laying about, not too far from him, and he could take it to go back but- he’s a Hufflepuff. He’s loyal. He doesn’t forget either, and that’s why, even if he’s confused about why or how he’s here, he doesn’t take the cup and goes searching for Harry.

Now, the tournament is a vicious thing, isn’t it ? Who’s to say to poor confused Cedric that this is not one more, secret, task ?

So Cedric goes looking, wand in hand, ready to fight, because he’s a Hogwart champion - and really, a Graveyard ? That’s creepy. And because he’s on his guard, and he’s moving around silently, no one notices him creeping behind one of the graves. No one notices the Hufflepuff boy, his horrified expression, and his frantic gaze as he slowly understands that no, that wasn’t a task, and that wasn’t a dream either.

Maybe not even Harry, or maybe he does, but that’s not the important thing.

The important thing is that being in Hufflepuff doesn’t make you stupid at all. The important thing is that Cedric is a champion, and smart, and a quick thinker and a hard worker.

The important thing is that Cedric thinks fast, and casts an ‘Accio’ on the cup as he runs towards Harry while he duels Voldemort.

He breaks through the crowd of amazed and struck Death Eaters, catches Harry’s arm with one hand, and with Seeker reflexes, catches the cup with the other.

Cedric lives, and both Harry and him go back to Hogwarts, terrified, bloody, and flinching away from the sudden noise coming from the public. They both live, and thus no one notices that something is amiss immediately, no one sees their wild glances around - as if someone was still out to kill them. The public cheers, and sings the victory of both Hogwart’s champions, and they are suddenly hugged by their families - the Diggorys and Weasleys.

No one notices, and that’s why when the noise dies down, and someone casts a sonorus on them to ask them how they feel about that victory, everyone hears them say, in a still disbelieving and trembling voice.

“He’s back.”

Obviously, everyone is confused, but they start talking, a bit over each other really, but they are in shock - and they say he’s back, Voldemort’s back, and he took my blood, and we were in a graveyard, and I was knocked out, missed most of the ritual, but it was him, yeah, and there were Death Eaters, in a circle, torturing Harry, horrible, had to get away, he’s back, he’s back.

And that’s when the people notice their faces, the blood, Harry twitching fingers - cruciatus - and their wands still clenched in their fingers, as if ready to attack anyone on sight.

This time, though, Harry doesn’t get ushered away by fake-Moody - because Cedric still has a hand gripping his arm, and wont let go for the world. He tells Dumbledore, and their families, though, when the Headmaster asks them to talk “More calmly and clearly, please, young men” at the Infirmary. Barty Crouch Jr is still apprehended, and the real Moody discovered, and it puts their incredible tale in a new, horrific and real, light.

Imagine if Cedric Diggory lived.

Two witnesses of His return. One is Harry Potter, Hero and Saviour of the Wizarding world. The second is beloved Hufflepuff Prefect Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts Champion. Even if people didn’t believe the first, they would believe the second, and vice versa.

Obviously, the ministry doesn’t take it well, but Amos Diggory and the Weasleys, and Dumbledore make a move together. Susan Bones helps her fellow Hufflepuff by contacting her aunt. Together, they get memory evidence - and they even agree on submitting to truth serum.

Because if Harry alone couldn’t do it - or had no idea he could - Cedric is there, and his father works at the Ministry, and he’s a seventh year. He knows more, and he has people ready to help him - and if he asks them, to help Harry Potter.

Sure, the ministry would try to get all this under the rug, but they couldn’t. Because Weasleys, and Diggorys, and Dumbledore, and Bones, and even Longbottom and soon every name that has a contact in Hogwarts - except some of the Death Eaters - are pushing for the truth to get out, and with a bit of blackmail, Rita helps - and this time, the Daily Prophet can’t repress all of them.

Imagine if Cedric Diggory lived, and how the war would have turned.

Imagine just.