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Other World Love: Part 1

Pairings: Bucky x sister!Reader, twin! Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester. Natasha Rominoff, Steve Rogers, Vision, Bucky Barnes (Mention: Cas & Crowley)

Warnings: Shockingly none this part

Word Count:1.093

Summary: A witch sends the Reader to the Marvel universe as a sick joke to find her true love. Can she ever get back to her brothers? What happens when she finds love in a world that is not her own?

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You crept through the front door first as quietly as you could looking for the witch. You held your gun out in front of you with your right hand and balanced it on the wrist of your left. You gripped an angel blade tightly in your left fist. As he walked in the door after you, you glanced over at your twin, Sam and the pair of you paused for a moment to wait for Dean.

“(Y/N), take left; Sam, head right and I’ll go up.” Dean said quietly as he headed for the staircase in front of you. With one more silent exchange with your brother, you both nodded and headed off in separate directions in the dusty, sun lit house. The witch you were currently trying to hunt had been a royal pain for weeks. She had been granting ‘wishes’ to unsuspecting people but with massive loopholes involved. People who wanted millions of bucks found themselves surrounded by herds of deer; one man wanted fancy cars and was gifted an entire house full of expensive model toys. It hadn’t gotten to the point where anything severe had happened yet but you and your brothers didn’t want to let it get to that point.

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Ok but, Erin not only borrowing Holtz's clothes, but borrowing her crop top!!!!! (the mental image is just A+++) Poor Holtz probably wouldn't be able to handle it, like Erin comes down the stairs wearing it and she just ????? drops a wrench on her foot??????

YES! Erin getting slimed and realising she forgot to pack spare clothes because she was off doing something else when they got the call and Holtz being the only one to keep spare clothes at the firehouse because she regularly burns hers or otherwise causes them to be unwearable so she hands them to Erin and points her in the direction of the bathroom to change without registering what they are and tiny awkward Erin re-appears in a crop top that she could totally pull off but is too awkward in to do so properly (stunning smol gay Holtzy half to death) and then I see one of two ways forward:

1. Holtz gets a few celebratory drinks down Erin who becomes more comfortable and forgets what shes wearing and Holtz becomes more forward with her flirting than usual as her brain filter goes completely to mush but Erin blushes and giggles and loves it or…

2. Erin says something to bring Holtz back down to earth and Holtz totally fumbles about messing up her words and ends up offering to swap shirts with Erin so Erin can wear her bigger/oversized one which Erin accepts and before Holtz thinks about what she’s doing just takes her shirt off and then it’s Erin who goes all sjdkbfkrtj and they’re both staring at each other like… shit


“I’m gonna ship th’ damn horse t’ th’ auction,” His words are muttered and irritable, as he stumbles along. His leg hurts to high hell- as does most of his body, for a matter of fact- and he’s got the shakes like a drug addict that hasn’t had a fix in far too long. “N’ they c’n turn ‘s cowardly ass t’ glue n’… ‘n… i don’ fuckin’ know, but they c’n do somethin- oh shut up, y’ angry fuckin’ danger noodle.”

Greg had been out checking his herd- which had wandered over past Ronnie’s place again, and had been on his way to go back when the damn horse got spooked and dropped him right into a nest of snakes. A literal nest of snakes.

Greg had no fear of snakes, or great love of them either, but being dropped into a literal nest of snakes wasn’t what he envisioned for his day, and his breath rushed from his lungs as he cracked his tailbone on the hard stone, leaving him stunned and immobile for half a second too long. So when his horse stomped down out of reflex before he bolted, he hadn’t dodged, and took a hoof to his left leg- which squished it down onto one of the angry assholes he’d landed on.

Not only did his gelding probably at least bruise something in his leg, he got him bitten and then left him in the dust.

Most of Greg, and the McQuillin kids, were skeleton- save for their torso, and thighs. That meant that the fangs that sunk into him found purchase in one of the few meaty places he had.

Greg hadn’t been sure or not if the snake had been venomous, so he’d pinched it behind the head so it couldn’t get him again, and rolled the hell out of the snake nest, and then shoved the angrily hissing thing into a knotted up handkerchief so it couldn’t get him again, but as he made the long trek back towards his house- and Ronnie’s- he’d started to feel not so great.

Moving wasn’t the best idea, he knew, but his horse wasn’t going to come back, and his brothers wouldn’t come looking for a day at least- so walking would have to be done. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt- and he limped, his leg sore and probably at least bruised if not partially cracked, if he didn’t crack his tail bone too. Walking hurt, and everything sucked, and two hours into walking, he was definitely feeling the effects of whatever venom this snake had pumped into him.

He’d probably be dead, if he wasn’t made out of tougher stuff, he mused.

The bag clutched in his fingers hissed and bit at him again from where he held it closed, but found no purchase in the hard bone of his fingers.

“Tha’s right, ya lil’ asshole. Bite my fingers all ya want- ya can’t hurt th’ bone.”

His eye lights slid up, feverish sweat rolling down his brow, and he caught sight of Ronnie’s house. Well, better than trying to go for home.

Just wasn’t how he expected their second meeting to go after having not seen her for a couple of weeks.


*I’m guessing y’all aren't dating and are just roommates. So, let’s say you were walking out of the bedroom half-naked because you were getting ready for whatever and you assumed he wasn’t home*

N: N would probably feel a little embarrassed, but he would try and play it off. He would look away while smiling, and then tell you to put on some clothes before you catch a cold or something. After you fully clothe yourself, he would make nonstop “hot” jokes on your behalf. “Well! That was unexpected. Too much hotness.”

Leo: Leo would be stunned to see you half-naked. If he saw you half-naked in passing because he was walking around the house, then he would quickly turn around and walk the other way pretending to be busy. His face would have turned red though. After you clothe yourself, Leo would find it very hard to look at you without picturing you almost naked, but he would try to move past it. “So uhh…want some coffee?”

Ken: Anything could happen with Ken. He’s wide would probably grow wide, and he would probably stop breathing for like five seconds. Once he stops drooling over your almost-birthday suit, he would probably just stand there and continue talking to you like there isn’t a almost-naked girl just standing in front of him. “Woah…Oh, I just wanted to know what time your ass-I mean class was? I remember you telling me that you had some breasts-er-tests today…” Imagine that fool saying that with a sly smile and eyeing that specific body part when he says it and then finally looking at you when he’s done talking.

Ravi: Ravi is a gentleman, but how often does he get to see a half-naked girl in the flesh? Before he does the gentlemanly thing, he would give your body a nice, and long look. So long of look that you would melt under his gaze and most likely blush. His gaze would literally keep you frozen in that one spot, until he decides to look away and tell you to be careful next time. As he walks away, he’d turn back around and give you another look. “Be careful next time. You don’t know when I’ll end up coming back home. Oh, and you’re beautiful.”

HongBin: Abort! Abort! Upon seeing you half-naked, HongBin would freak out and run away to another part of the house—knocking over a vase and a couple of books, and tripping over the rug during his frantic escape. He’d freak out because seeing you barely dressed was so unexpected and no telling how long he would have stared if he let himself. You would most likely have to go and find him and explain to him that accidents happen and that you will make sure to be more careful next time. “I didn’t look! I promise! I mean, I wanted too, like I really, really wanted too. BUT I DIDN’T!”

Hyuk: Hyuk would be speechless and he would become momentarily frozen. He would know it’s wrong to stare at you in all your almost-naked glory, but he wouldn’t be able to pry his eyes from you right away. So, he would just stare into your eyes and talk to you until he regained the feeling in his legs. Once he does, he would just walk away with a shy smile and yell at you to put your clothes on. “Put your clothes on! Put lots and lots of clothes on! Maybe even a coat!” THROW A BLANKET OVER IT!

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(Homeboy fic! Can’t wait! Vote for it here!)

Wendy Darling and the noisy neighbors
Part III : The visitor 
Sequel to this and this. And yes, you can expect a part four. bc I’m a little bit in love with this. 
Once again, you can expect a lot of shenanigans and a severe lack of angst.

Peace had been achieved at great cost in Wendy Darling’s building. Ever since the musical incident (and its delightful follow-up,the cat incident), Wendy had done her best to avoid her neighbors and it had been very successful so far. Her last encounter with Peter had left an odd sensation in her stomach, but she had forgotten about it rather quickly : school had suddenly become hectic, and Wendy became very busy. She felt like she was barely home at all, always somewhere between classes, the library or group project meetings. She barely saw her roommates, her own bed and D’artameow. She honestly couldn’t wait for the end of the semester. 

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the ep10 au malec fic no one needs but im here to deliver anyway

Part One

After the portal closes, Magnus takes a deep breath.  He feels amazing.  Lightened, lifted, like lightning is running in his veins instead of blood.  Magic pulses up and down him, threatening to spill over at any moment.  He knows his cat eyes are out and can’t seem to keep them glamoured.  He’s out of practice.

That fact does nothing to dissuade the roaring smile that spreads itself across Magnus’ face.  He’s got it back!  So what if it’s a little rusty?  He’ll just go straight home and practice everything!  There’s nothing to keep him here, after all.  

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5x13 spoiler reaction

Kurt was half listening to the bickering between Santana and Rachel when he felt a gentle tug on his sleeve. He turned his head and smiled widely when he saw Blaine. The smile quickly became a frown, though, when he noticed the look on his fiance’s face. 

“You okay?” he asked quietly, earning half a shrug in return. 

“Uh… can you…? Can we…?" 

Blaine motioned to the door. Kurt nodded quickly and the two of them slipped out of the choir room without anyone noticing. 

The halls were busy with people so it took a while before the two of them found a quiet place. "What’s going on?” Kurt asked as soon as Blaine had closed the door of the empty science classroom. 

Blaine swallowed air. “It came." 

”…what ca…? Oh! Your NYADA letter?“ As Blaine nodded, Kurt felt his own heartbeat quicken. "And?" 

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Fic tag: It will also include notes on the fic and music and lyrics inspiration :)

Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5

Read it also on Ao3 or FF

Summary: Modern Art AU.  Killian Jones is a highly respected museum curator that focuses mainly on XIX century art. Emma Swan is a rising contemporary artist fiercely protective of her work. When Killian gets assigned to curate Emma’s first solo exhibition, things don’t necessarily start well but soon they will discover there is much to learn in art. And love.  

I want to thank jessbecauseiam for being an incredibly beta and startswithhope for helping me flesh out this idea in the first place and encouraging me to write it!  And spartanguard for the banner!

Chapter 6: Sketches

It really, really, really could happen
Yes, it really, really, really could happen
When the days they seem to fall through you, well just let them go
The Universal, Blur

Later that day, Emma found herself walking the streets, trying to find inspiration among the street art and graffiti. There were some new ones, with the same indecipherable tags as before. She stood in front of one of them, her eyes carefully following the clean line of the spray paint, mentally tracing the hand movement that made the sketch. It was an intricate design, yet she could see how it had been done in one fluid movement. It was breathtaking. Inspiring.  She tried to recreate the movement with her own hand and there was something in the flow that inspired her. Her mind quickly started imagining that same fluid movement against the copper plates. And then it hit her: what if she engraved like a graffiti? What if she could recreate the fluidity of those lines and tags in bigger copper plates and fill them with different colors to create just one print? Then she could also spray paint the copper plate… They would be one of a kind, they would be unique… perhaps not ephemeral, but never meant to be copied again. She quickly took some pictures of the graffiti with her phone before mentally making a list of everything she needed.

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hello, fellow shipper! i'm sending this ask to the hulkwidow blogs i adore most because i'm really curious and i want our tags full of optimist and pretty things! so... like your top 10 of things you like most about brucenat ship/relation/connection? :)

Title: Sobytie Bytiia
Words: 738
Notes: Bless you, anon! What a sweet and wonderful idea. I had initially started writing out my points in the form of meta, but others have already put it so beautifully that I decided to just take my thoughts and condense them into a short fanfic. 

So, here’s some angst and fluff in good measure. 

Her first time is with a man they have chosen for her.

But, well, what else? It would not do for a girl to squirm or cry or bleed while on a mission, while it matters, while there are things at stake besides personal pride and feeling, which does not matter in the least.

(Unless that squirming-crying act is what a situation requires, naturally. Then suddenly your gun is between his eyes, your knife is at his throat – and then, milaya, you can teach him a thing or two about blood.)

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