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Blue Beetle: Runaway

Imagine getting some fresh air late at night though your family think you’ve ran away so Jaime, your boyfriend, comes to find you.

Warnings: Scarab being Scarab


Jaime was asleep until his phone started ringing, what was most unexpected about it was that your parents/guardian was calling him. He reluctantly answered, still sleep deprived but didn’t even get a chance to speak once he’d accepted by he call.
“Jaime! Is (y/n) with you?!” They interrogated rather urgently.
“Uh, wha - no?” The teen groggily replied.
“Please No! Jaime - has she spoken to you? Or - or Tye?” They asked, worry building in their tone.
“No I haven’t seen her, is everything alright?” He inquired, his own concern increasing.
“(Y/N) is gone! We don’t know where but it’s almost midnight and she’s not home, I just -” They choked out, panic sparking in Jaime once hearing the explanation.
“Don’t worry - I’m going to find her.” he assured getting out of bed and throwing on a hoodie, exchanging sweatpants for a pair of jeans and racing to the window. Jaime hung up the phone before flying out clad in the Blue Beetle armour.
“Why are you concerning yourself with this Jaime Reyes?” Sounded the voice of scarab in his head.
“Because my ‘mate’ as you call her could be in trouble. That means I’m going to help her if needed.” Jaime responded.
“I see, I shall scan for any matching DNA signatures.” The bug calmly replied.

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