too small ):

Got third place in the baking contest! Granted it was out of maybe 10 people, but I didn’t expect to get anything after seeing how pretty some of the cakes. I’m a bit annoyed because the rules said to have 4 individual desserts but a majority of the entries were full sized cakes. My tiny cakes didn’t look as good as I would’ve liked because my chocolate cake is super moist and crumbly. It would have looked much better if I could have just used a full size cake. 
Also some lady came with a massive cake with truffles and cookies and it looked like one of those instagram cakes and I know everybody hated her as much as I did (she obviously won). 

I’m a little bitter that I only won a tote bag instead of a gift card, but my ribbon does look pretty nice in my kitchen…

i’m so pissed off at myself lmfao i’ve been complaining for days that I can’t just sit donw and draw and now i finally do and it’s fuck oclock in the morning and nothing is going well and i want a bREAK I WNAT A BREAK OH MY FRICKING FUCK I WANT A BREAKKKSOIFHWEUIJHHEeruiuhuauewfh pa9uwefhlsakj

AU: VampireGradence

There are legends in the shadows of New York, that vampires wander in the nighttime when the virgin girls and boys are sleeping in their comfortable beds protected against the evil creatures of the Devil. It was amusing to say the least; most vampires have been killed thousands of years ago, except for a few. This one was 665 years old, six days away from turning 666 the infamous age.

Percival Graves was however not near looking like someone who was about to reach the ‘Devil age’ as they called it, he seemed to be in the middle thirties, around 35 years old. Tall, impressive, intimidating, he was all muscular arms and strong chest, thin lips that hide the most dangerous fangs, and eyes that could make a virgin girl to spread her legs.

It was hard, however to find virgins in these modern times, but there was always someone. That night, he was lurking into the shadows, walking under the night sky, searching for dinner. Vampires had to get used to impure blood but they still craved virgin blood, and they could smell it easily.



if they are not moirails I will consume my entire tablet