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Criminal Minds Rewatch Thought #51

Even though I miss Hayley so much, I really, really liked Hotch with Beth. It was so nice to see him feeling happy again and I loved how much she genuinely cared about him and Jack.

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Day Forty-One

-I am disappointed to have a seven hour shift on Halloween. I am grateful to have it in the morning, while the clowns are still at their day job.

-A woman came through my lane, excitedly purchasing Thanksgiving dinnerware and Christmas-themed candy, and completely missing the point. 

-I greeted a small child. The small child raised his dukes and began growling. I understand, as I would fight myself on sight too.

-Christmas items have overtaken the store, not even waiting until the body of Halloween was dead, let alone cold. I found mugs that came with their own snugly knit sweaters, though, so that made me feel a little better.

-I wish every guest a happy Halloween. nine out of every ten looked at me, utterly confused, somehow having managed to forget what the month of Spooktober led up to.

-I stuck my tongue out at a small child. The girl laughed, and began trying with all of her might to escape from her cart and crawl over my conveyor belt. My immediate thought was that I had become a sort of pied piper through sticking my tongue out. My next thought was that my first thought would undoubtedly get me arrested.

-A guest was at my register. Another guest walked by. A poster fell and hit the ground between them. I asked each if they had dropped it. Neither had. No one else was around. Target: The Hauntening has begun.

-I went to purchase several pads of Halloween stickers to hand out, as all that I had at my register today were Christmas stickers. My manager saw what I was doing and purchased them himself for me. This is truly a classic example of a Halloween miracle.

-A man entered my lane with a large lightsaber, a rabbit mask, and a plan.

-I would like to offer a shout-out to the middle-aged women who go all out for Halloween. I see you, in your light-up, sequined, embroidered, homemade Halloween garb, and I appreciate what you do.

-An old man with either a very long scar or a very deep wrinkle threw a large bag of candy onto my counter with what seemed to be all of his force. He then commented, hoping that the candy had not broken. His actions show a contradictory hope.

-Having just finished grocery shopping, a woman arrived for a Target shopping trip. Every five minutes, she would circle back to the front of the lanes to look out at the parking lot, to ensure that no one had stolen her groceries out of the back of her truck. I believe everyone deserves a person who cares about them as much as this woman cared about her frozen mixed vegetables.

-I opened a fresh roll of coins to discover a definitively blood-stained dime. The Poltergeist of Target strikes again.

-I asked a boy with a Rubik’s cube if he could solve it. He misheard me, and handed it to me solve for him. I was able to solve one layer before a guest came up behind him. This was the worst-case scenario, as I live for the opportunity to show off my pointless talents that I have spent too much of my life honing.

-The most adorable young girl let me in on a secret and told me that she was going to be a scarecrow tonight. I told her that I was sure she would be scary. Taken aback, she vowed to me that she would be the a very nice scarecrow. The world needs more scarecrows like her. 

-I managed to offend a woman by wishing her a happy Halloween. She informed me that I should instead wish guests a merry Christmas, as that is more Christian. The only reason I did not reply with a rousing, “H A I L   S A T A N” was out of concern for her frail, fun-hating heart.


8 panel love story

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DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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eri-cheshire  asked:

Huum... Then how about Kitten meeting Papyrus (or the oposite, idk)? I kind of imagine then fighting each other... Like, for trainning? (0w0)

They won’t fight unless one attacks for some reason! Unless Papyrus wants to learn from Kitten.

But their first meet would probably go like this…

It’s been a while since Kitten has gotten an earnest compliment! So they show their appreciation through pats (like they do to young kids XD).

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So someone asked me for the Master list and I send the link. here is this List for those who use mobile 







Rap Monster


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Kiss Bang Love (Bawson AU)

So a few days ago I shitposted about an A&E show where the participants  share a blindfolded kiss before they meet. Naturally, trash that I am, this happened.

S/N: it’s actually a really cute show despite the cheesy title. I recommend it, especially if you like Married At First Sight, which was created by the same people.

Ginny takes small steps forward until Amelia stops her. “Okay you’re on your mark. Just stand here.”

“Is he here?” Ginny asks.

“Yeah but don’t talk to him yet. I’ve gotta get out of the shot.”

Amelia leaves the small area and Ginny tentatively reaches out to see if he’s close enough to touch. His chest is broad and firm and she’s intrigued as she works her way up to his shoulders then down to his hands. He’s big and solid, and maybe handy? He’s got some serious callouses.

Opposite her, Mike stands with his hands in his pockets, his blindfold already on. He’s equally unsure about this endeavor, but it seemed harmless enough when he heard. And he reasons whatever girl he’ll meet is probably pretty if the producers picked her to be on the show. A little smile curls his lips at the sound of her voice because she sounds pretty.

He closes his hands around hers. They’re thin, delicate, with long fingers and soft palms. Her arms are long, thin but muscular, and covered in silky skin that erupts in goosebumps at his touch. Her hair brushes his knuckles and he lets her shoulders go, runs his fingers through the ends of her bouncy curls that smell like fruit, lemons and strawberries if his nose is correct.

“Whenever you’re ready,” the director calls.

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The elder Affleck hung out in a back room for bit, then made his way to the front of the party. “Where’s Matt?” he asked, walking by a crowded dance floor in search of Matt Damon. Found him! His longtime pal was tucked in a corner with his wife, Luciana, who was dancing with Pataky.
—  Inside the Amazon Studios Golden Globes party x

Imagine:, Lucio, and Junkrat all staring intensely at a dry-erase board. Scratching their heads and chins in bewilderment. The board is covered in checkmarks, exes, hearts, question marks, and a confusing flow chart of arrows connecting various other heroes and overwatch agents.

At the top, next to a crudely drawn picture of Soldier: 76, written in all caps and underlined, is “OPERATION: GET GRANDPA LAID

The Juvia-Effect

I just couldn’t help it when I saw the beautiful and damn perfect Mashima drawing of Juvia in a High School uniform [you can see the whole image here] and I just HAD to write about it.

Gray watched as she walked with the other girls and, like always, his heart raced a bit too fast with the sight. She laughed at something Lucy had said and he could faintly hear it, as they were coming their way and his stupid stomach had its butterflies floating all around.

Juvia Lockser was at the same class as he was at Fairy Tail High School, they had known each other for a little over three years and she had never, not once, hid that she fell in love with him. Gray, on the other hand, had denied with every turn that he was falling in love with her while telling people that ‘no, they were not a couple’. Funny, though, that the moment his foster brother started to pay attention to her, every cell in his body was boiling in a jealousy he had never felt before.

She looked his way and smiled, goddamit, those butterflies were busy that morning.

But then again, she was beautiful and every man with blood in his veins would feel something when looked that way by a gorgeous woman. All his female friends were beautiful in their own unique ways, but Juvia… Juvia had something about her, some type of sparkle, perhaps?, that made people look at her and see how beautiful she was.

Even though she had a beautiful body – anyone who bothered to go to the swim club could see that easily – she dressed in a very conservative way. While the girls at school tried to flirt with the school laws about the skirt length and make it as small as possible, Juvia’s skirt reached even below her knees, and even so she put long dark socks un until above her knees so no one could actually see her legs (they were one of her best qualities, they seem to go on and on and on, much to his delight). And her blouse was a little baggy even around her chest (that everyone could see she was very accomplished in that area) and even that she diverted the attention to the Teru teru bozu doll she had over her tie. Her hair was usually loose, falling in waves on her back. But that morning she had chosen to put it in two braids, letting just a few short locks loose and her bangs falling over her eyes.

She didn’t get attention because of the skin she was showing, she got attention because she was freaking stunning.

Gray might’ve been a bit bias because she was his girlfriend and, in his mind, one of (if not the) most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

But no, he saw the looks she got, she saw guys and some girls look at her, amazed and some in lust. It was the Juvia-Effect, he liked to call, when people just couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Damn, he was caught in the Juvia-Effect more times than not! Damn her and that beautiful glow, vibe or whatever it was.

“Good morning, Gray-sama!” Juvia said happily when she met her boyfriend in front of their school while Lucy greeted her own boyfriend, Natsu, who was next to Gray, waiting for his girlfriend as well and the other girls went inside, leaving the couples. Juvia took a step closer to him and planted a small peck on his lips, chaste enough, but made him blush even so. “Why are you frowning so early in the morning?” She asked, amused.

“You changed your hair.” He told her and it was her turn to frown and she touched a braid, self-conscious.

“Oh, does it look bad? Juvia will undo it-”

“No.” He interrupted her, shaking his head. “Nothing like that, it looks really good, actually. I liked it. It suits you.” He was pleased to see her cheeks get pinker and she looked embarrassed to had been given a compliment by her boyfriend.

“Juvia will make sure to braid her hair more often, then.” She told him and Gray nodded. “Now let’s go to class. We can talk more about how you like Juvia’s hair on our date after school.” She chuckled and Gray saw her so radiant, he couldn’t help but to think again how pretty she was.

Then, he groaned. He was caught on the Juvia-Effect again and he didn’t think he never would be able not to be caught on it.

It was one hell of effect.

As Steuben was preparing to leave York, Henry Laurens had suggested to him that he seek out his son, Lt. Col. John Laurens. […] John Laurens fell in love with the Baron on sight. So, too, did Laurens’s best friend and fellow aide, Lt. Col. Alexander Hamilton. And the Prussian was equally smitten with them.
Here were two impressionable young men who understood his speech and who hung on his every word as he regaled them with tales of bloody battles decided by massive cavalry charges and the point of the bayonet, of warrior-kings and glittering courts. He could converse with them on topics ranging from infantry tactics to the works of Seneca, Cervantes, and Voltaire. He represented a touch of Enlightenment sophistication—something for which the young Laurens and Hamilton were starved—in the rough-hewn society of the camp, and they in turn helped him forget his homesickness. Steuben could relax in their presence. He regarded the two aides as his intellectual and social equals, and felt completely at home joking informally with them and being on the receiving end of their good-natured barbs. The bonds forged between Steuben, Laurens, and Hamilton would last to the end of their days—though for Laurens, sadly, that day was not far off

Paul D. Lockhart,

The Drillmaster of Valley Forge